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Hickenlooper sign three gun bills

We’ve already covered how two gun-grabbing Colorado Democrats are facing recalls thanks to their ardent support of Centennial State civilian disarmament. Those recall votes will take place, unless the Democrats in question can derail those efforts with some legal legerdemain. On Wednesday, the first attempt at that kind of trickery was smacked down . . .

From Fox News:

The secretary of state’s office ruled against Senate President John Morse of Colorado Springs, who wanted his recall effort invalidated because of a technical error by his opponents.

Deputy secretary of state Suzanne Staiert also rejected a request by Democratic Sen. Angela Giron of Pueblo to have her recall challenge shifted to a new venue because she said Republican Secretary of State Scott Gessler wouldn’t fairly decide her case.

The twin decisions mean appeals and more legal wrangling over what could be the first state legislative recall elections in Colorado history.

One would think that a representative of the people, ostensibly a public servant, would relish the chance to make their case to their constituents and prove that their actions mirror the will of the people they purport to represent. And a recall election would give them just that chance.

But instead, it looks like these Dems can read the writing on the wall and know damned good and well that they’ve done something the people they represent don’t approve of. They pushed their own gun control agenda instead of accurately representing their districts, and that light they see at the end of the tunnel is a train headed their way.

BRB. Gonna pop some popcorn.

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    • I actually still have an old webster’s dictionary on my desk that I look through weekly just looking at the words I never knew, and I try to use a new one once in awhile.

  1. Nice to see politicians shaking in their boots. They know they did wrong and watching them dig their own graves is fun.

    • John Morse is a cry baby. I told him so. You picked the fight crybaby.

      Recalls 2013

      Backlash 2014

      Molon labe

    • “They know they did wrong ”

      WRONG. They know they got caught.

      Anytime a legislator facing recall tries by hook or crook to derail said legitimate recall, he/she should first lose their seat. Then they should lose their state citizenship.

    • I am in Colorado and I’m telling you that “recall Hickenlooper” is next. He was the one that signed it and finalized it.

      • I too am a Coloradoan. I hope Hickenlooper is recalled and soon. I’ll do my part to help. Hick was also the one that asked Morse to introduce the bill requiring rural electrics to substantially increase alternative energy over next few years – which according to our rural electric provider will increase our utilities by at least $1000/meter per year!

  2. Maybe they will fly in Sen Joe “I am pro-2A, Really, I am” Manchin in on Bloomberg’s private jet to lead their supporters in a rally, which will turn the opinion of the electorate. Or not.

    • The mistake these pandering Colorado Democrats made is believing Bloomberg, Biden and crew can accurately assess what will fly in Colorado just because the grabbers can get away with it (cram it down peoples throats) in their own entrenched liberal progressive strongholds.

      New York City dwellers may have been lured and led into accepting the statist agenda, but that may not be so easy in states with a strong independent self reliant heritage; at least not ’til Democrat sheeple tilt the balance of power with urban overgrowth and thoroughly dilute rural representative strength a la California and NY Sate.

      Re: “Gonna pop some popcorn.”
      I’ll bring the nachos and soda.

      • New York City dwellers may have been lured and led into accepting the statist agenda,

        From everything I could tell, they(as in Cuomo and his cronies) snuck/rammed the regulations through without letting the people read and understand them or really even let them vote.

        • True, but I believe Roscoe is referring to the general sheepleness of New Yorkers RE: the absurdly high state and city income taxes, general acceptance of 4th Amendment violations through stop and frisk, Mikey’s absurd proposals like soda size limits…not just the SAFE Act fiasco.

        • Some of the sheeple there, think their borough presidents are in charge, and NOT the NYC mayor. Those presidents are just advisers and ceremonial leaders to Bloomers’ Mayoral job position.

  3. I am in CO and got this email yesterday – apparently Morse is suing for an injunction. I have nothing to do with this group, but they may need some help:

    Another Victory… but We Need Your Help Now

    Today, the Secretary of State’s office rejected Senator John Morse’s argument that more than 10,000 citizens’ signatures should be thrown out. The validity of our effort was found to be legal and Constitutional, and we were cleared to move forward with Colorado’s first-ever Recall election.

    However, immediately following the announcement, the Morse camp implied that they will sue for an injunction with the same intent of grinding us down with legal costs until we literally cannot afford to fight back. Rather than let the recall proceed and allow the voice of Colorado to be heard in an undeniable, public venue, Morse and his party will continue to drag us into court over minutiae, playing legal games and delaying justice for the people of his own district as long as legally possible. Not satisfied with simply ignoring his constituency, he is now bent on maliciously silencing them entirely.

    Against all odds, we delivered more than enough signatures to force a recall – a nearly impossible feat, to be sure, and something that no one has ever done in 137 years. But without financial support, we cannot carry this much further. We will continue to fight these challenges as long as we can but we are average citizens with limited – and now nearly exhausted – resources.

    Now we need your help.

    We cannot continue to do this without your active participation in paying for the legal defense against Senator Morse’s attacks. We are asking you to help us support the burden of our freedoms, to show that the consent of the governed is not optional and to prove that average citizens do have the ability to hold politicians accountable for their actions.

    Please answer this call to arms. Go to and donate whatever you can today.

    With Sincerest Thanks,

    The Basic Freedom Defense Fund

    • Earmarks of the current grabber effort led by Bloomberg and crew; pound ’em with overwhelming costs until they can’t afford to resist.

      And y’all thought capitalists were bad…these people aren’t effected by a balance sheet, they’re self righteous progressives who will spare no expense (of Bloomies bankroll, fundraising, and USG tax dollars) to overwhelm common citizens until they can’t afford to resist any longer. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the term “pound them into submission” hasn’t been used frequently in the grabbers offices.

    • @ Safety First!
      Thanks for the link.

      I reside in CA but these intrusions into our liberties hurt us all if they succeed anywhere. I just made a donation and I encourage all who value their firearms and 2A freedoms to do so also. You can donate specifically to the John Morse Recall, or to the general defense of our freedoms fight.

  4. A politician that will use every means available to preserve their power and associated wealth? Whoda thunk it?

    It amazes me that people believe their political party is so much more noble than the other.

  5. Will be interesting to see how much fight is left in these rabid anti-gun state politicians after the first one is booted out on a recall. This is the best chance we have to stop other states from following Colorado.

    I made another contribution yesterday to assist Basic Freedom Defense with these legal battles and would ask others to do the same. It’s long past time to put our money where our mouth is.

  6. All you folks in Wyoming, Alaska, Vermont, Arkansas, Texas, etc, we need to fight these battles in Illinois and California and New York so that it does not spread past our marginal firewalls of Colorado, Oregon, Nevada, Florida etc.

    In other words, if you live confident in the politics of your own state. Make sure the battle lines stay far away from you. Make sure the sphere of influence doesn’t decline. Support those groups on the frontlines of Colorado, Illinois, and Connecticut and similar.

    • i think the battle in CO is more important than the ca, ny, etc fight. ca is way to far lost, CO is savable. if we win the CO fight, it would make positions think twice before infringing on our rights.

      • I think Cali, New York, and most of the north east are lost. Maybe 2014 will prove me wrong, who knows. $50 donated to the recall fund, these people have to be stopped in Colorado. Its the biggest message we can send that the MSM can’t ignore. Dismiss like Prism maybe, but not ignore.

  7. After the appeals, court cases, challenges, blah blah political bullcrap. Expect the recall elections to happen sometime in 2019.

  8. SOP. One day before the election, some democRat magistrate in a town with population 75 will issue a temporary injunction until she can hold hearings at some undetermined time in the future.

    • ... some democRat magistrate in a town with population 75 will issue be coached, financially supported and personally incented to issue a temporary injunction until she can hold hearings at some undetermined time in the future.

      We’re already seeing this game. Who’s behind the “legal” work on the bogus challenge to the petition? Worse, along with chewing up effort and time to address the filing, without a media operation for The Good Guys you get a page 1 story and a page 8 retraction. The challenge leaves a nagging memory that The Good Guys did something shady, and a distracting talking point to use in any discussion later.

      It’s like an aircraft carrier – powerful, but needs rings of protection to get where it can do some good. Costs, and thus funding need to go like this:

      – $X to address the issue.
      – $2X to jump through the procedural hoops.
      – $4X for the legal operation protecting the work.
      – $8X for the supporting media shop.

      It’s not about addressing the issue. For us to win, they need to get pummeled – “Hit back twice as hard”, as someone said – on every shady tactic they use. It needs to cost them for even trying a dirty trick

  9. I don’t understand how these recalls are possible when 90% of the people support new gun control laws.

  10. Donated.

    Pardon the pseudonym. Of course the panopticon operators already know who I really am via financial records and Interweb intercepts, BUT, no reason to make it available to some tech-challenged hacktivists as well.

    Look, the bad guys throw national money, research, expertise, and experts at local actions where resources can make a difference. Safe New York anti-gunners’ money funnels to where there’s a possible win somewhere else. Since the gun rights agenda is *not* embedded in a larger competent party or movement, we gotta coordinate ourselves.

    Fortunately for us, there’s an interweb, with info, payment systems, and things like Kickstarter. In some ways this is better. As a point of view without a designated leader it’s that much harder for them to make the messenger the message.

      • Yeah, not for me.

        Per my other comment about spinning up legal and media “SWATting” needs to be bad behavior that costs the bad actors, vs. something they get away with.

        One citizen-blogger doing it on the side, as a hobby, or as a personal microbusiness doesn’t have the resources to respond when they get SWATted. There needs to be enough legal & media expertise, with adequate funding, to work through the layers of delay and obfuscation, feeding the press every step of the way.

        I wonder if a co-op is the way to fund this kind of thing. An ongoing legal and media op, with a bucket of funds available as needed, and a “mutual defense agreement”, to link, post, and publicize the BS whoever it happens to. Hmmmmmm….

  11. If there was any doubt about why Sen. Morse has to go, I think his filing
    a law suit to derail or override the will of the people is the cherry on top.
    If you must resort to this manner of legal loopholery, then you’ve proven
    to all that you don’t deserve the job you have, right now. Anyone who
    places their rights ahead of the rights of the people, is unfit to serve.
    A more obvious need for “loser pays” tort reform, would be hard to find.
    I’ll be kicking-in some cash.

  12. The more they fight it, the more bad PR they generate… And the Closer they pussh it to the regular election.

  13. “You see that flash of light in the corner of your eye? That’s your career dissipation light. It just went into high gear.” (Backdraft)

  14. Somebody needs to start a “Take your pro-gun sheriff to the range” day.

    Maybe if there was more ammo, a shoot-a-thon for donating prize money to pro-gun groups.

    • As a resident who is struggling to stay free here in Colorado, sincere thanks go out to all of you who have donated to the cause. Saaaaalute!

  15. Nooses, NOT recalls, are what’s most urgently needed in Amerika these days.

    Nooses would send the correct, unmistakable message.

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