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On CNN right now, one person is reporting that a number of military veterans were present at the community college at the time of the shooting earlier today. They report that the veterans wanted to leave the classroom to try and stop the shooter, but the staff at the college stopped them from leaving the classroom. An audio recording of the incident indicates that it took five minutes from the initial radio call for the police to engage the shooter.

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    • Exactly. Stopped them? The only person that stopping me is a cop who cuffs me with a knee on the back of my neck or a jail cell. Jesus people, grow a pair!

    • This needs to be asked twice.

      Exactly how did they stop them from leaving? Hold them at gun point?

    • I’d bet that school policy/procedure is to lock/bar all doors when the alarm sounds. Might not have time to get the key from the teacher to unlock the door.

      Locking the doors sure seems to be a bad idea. What if the shooter was really an arsonist?

      • I’m pretty sure they didn’t ask, they started to go out and the teachers and other students got them to stay.

    • So, traveling half way round the world to kill Taliban couldn’t stop them, but apparently some nebbish college professor could? Sounds like the appeal to authority to me. They’ll kill if ordered to by a higher power, and they’ll stay put for the same reason. Sheep, veterans or not. I could give a rats ar$e about what they did in the sand box, which gave us mass exodus of refugees and ISIS, but when we do need them to protect us they’re doing as ordered, as usual. Unlawful orders aren’t to be followed in any case. Support the civvies man. Soldiers and cops are out for themselves and each other, not us. Their duty in deed is to the next grunt or cop, only in lip service to us.

      • I’ll tell you what hero why don’t you post your address and I’ll come and you can say that to my face you POS. Then I can kick your teeth in while you cry like a little bltch

        • Wow, you need to learn some self-control or one day we’ll be reading about you on TTAG.

        • I am with you brother, he’s an asshat. He likes to run his mouth but don’t have any balls, his daddy kept them, its the liberal way….

        • That sounds exactly like a government thug. The problem is that, as usual, you wouldn’t have the guts to fight them one on one. You’d only “fight” them by having you and two dozen of your fellow thugs attack them while they’re sleeping – because that’s what “brave heroes” do. This, along with your blind obedience to corrupt politicians and complete lack of ethics, are why I have absolutely zero respect for soldiers or cops. Hell, even actual terrorists are more respectable than you because they’re at least willing to go up against greater numbers with much better firepower.

        • If you are a vet, that guy was a dick! I wish you could kick his teeth in!

          Thanks for your service

        • Don’t play his game brother. He is yet another internet troll. Probably “good riddance” or “sexy rexy” with a new name. You will see him on everything that says anything about veterans until he gets himself blocked again. He is an obvious anarchist, and although I understand his political leanings he goes about it like an asshat. Just ignore him.

      • You think that the removal of Sadam Hussain caused the Iranian and Saudi proxy war??

        Lol, ok. Maybe try figuring out what is actually going on

      • Were you born this stupid or was it breast feed to you by you daddy? Your an ass hat. As soon as they would have left those pansy assed teachers would have sued them for “escalating” the situation. Fucktard. Its easy for someone like you that sits and watches porn all day to criticize someone that you obliviously are intimidated by, You couldn’t join the military so make fun of those that did. Let me ask you a question “tough guy” and I use that term sarcasticly , if the shooter had a gun and it was a “gun free zone” just what EXACTLY were they supposed to do? By your liberal logic they should have rushed out and died right? Better that what your pansy ass would have done, at least they cared enough to want to help. But the way you liberals run the place, under your rules, they would have stopped him and then gone to jail for infringing on his rights as a muslim to shoot Christians. DUDE your an idiot!

      • This entire “story” was probably intended to discredit any member of society that is assumed to be able to “take care of people.” This is probably anti-gun CNN’s attempt to make it appear as though NOBODY could have saved them, meaning that gun control is the only possibly solution.

        I don’t see this as a real story, or one that makes sense. Every veteran I know would have gone through anything in their way to get out and help. This story reeks of a smear campaign.

      • From a current enlisted member to you, piss off. There will never be a time that a vet or Soldier turns their back to the U.S. populous, and speaking from experience, especially not towards pieces of shit like yourself who want to feed the hatred that’s ripping this country apart right now. You are a prime example of everything that is wrong with this country right now. Take your sense of entitlement and self righteous attitude and get the f#!$ out if you think we’re so out to get you and that the country is such shit.

        • Thanks for the laugh. I’m sure when we hit the 7th? 8th? Time in 100 years of US soldiers shooting unarmed Americans on US soil, you’ll still lie and insist that you’re here to protect us and that you aren’t just lapdogs for corrupt politicians.

      • You are an idiot and if you don’t support law or soldiers go live in the ocean on a boat by yourself and hopefully die as soon as possible

      • I was one of the grunts you speak of and your right I’m loyal to the guy to the left and right of me because they’d do the same and unless you strapped on those boots and lived that life then shut the hell up or better yet go join the ranks of the goat fuckers

      • Oh really? Because last time *I* Checked, us veterans and those still presently in the armed forces alike Stood up for your freedom to say us veterans are there only for “each other”. I know what I signed up for – to make sure assholes like you keep your freedoms. We protect each other only because we need the people to our left and right to make sure the job is done.

  1. College students are, by definition, adults, yes? Especially if they are veterans?

    By what authority do “school staff” stop adults from doing anything?

    • If this is true I look forward to hearing school staff explain how righteous men were told not to stop the evil doer. If they had a CCW were they told they would be expelled for trying to save lives?

    • The same reasoning that means that we have no Constitutional or Property rights on campus. The college does what it wants.

    • I don’t think this question is the most fruitful to ask.

      I think it’s more fruitful to ask is: What do our “elite” betters – employees of community colleges – have against the notion of “defense of others”? Are citizens at liberty to go where they may lawfully be? i.e., another place on the campus where they are duly enrolled? Are they at liberty – as adults – to compromise their personal safety in a realistic hope of reducing casualties among others?

      If these students who were forbidden to help were veterans they were presumably trained-to-arms. They might have been only clerk-typists; or, they might have been SEALS or Rangers, etc. Who are community college employees to qualify veterans as to their abilities in hand-to-hand combat?

      I don’t know why these vets were inhibited by college employees. Were they SEALS I might be just as puzzled as you are. Were they clerk-typists, I might understand better. Somewhere between; the emotions that drove their decisions as to whether to comply would doubtlessly be mixed. But pursuing these questions could only play into the hands of the Antis. There, you see: Only the Authority of the State can be allowed to intervene. You see, even our Veterans accept this obvious societal conclusion.

      We want to take the discussion in a more profitable direction.

    • >Especially if they are veterans?

      That’s funny, since the military expects infantile obedience from all welfare recipients.

      • still waiting on my handouts for my years of obedience… any idea how I might get things expedited or are you just pretending to be an expert in veterans’ benefits?

        • Money paid for contractual obligations just like any other job. Pretty sure you don’t know the definition of “welfare”.

          Anyone who works any job is paid with money out of someone else’s pocket. You wouldn’t be able to live the life you currently live without any of those other people. Is that “welfare”?

  2. Uuuhhhh no. You punch that idiot in the NECK and go out there and deal with the situation. Don’t let some statist weakling cost the lives of MORE people with their stupidity.

    And yeah, I get that it could make it worse. But better to at least TRY than sit and hope you don’t get butchered.

  3. Yeah, I doubt that any school employee could successfully hold me back from intervening in such a scenario. I’m sure there will be additional details that help make more sense of the proceedings, but based on the initial statements about holding back the veterans from helping resolve the threat it seems highly unusual – like if the veterans weren’t armed but were bravely willing to engage the shooter anyway. I would have discouraged an imprudent unarmed assault too.

    The Truth will reveal the circumstances and actions soon enough and we’ll have the opportunity to learn from it. Let’s try and pre-empt the highly-imperfect MSM by issuing our own “writers’ guidelines” on how to accurately report active shooter incidents. When they realize that what they say and how they say it can make a real difference in the way their articles are perceived and acted on, it may be a learning moment for the media too.

  4. What a damn disgrace. I would have punched any asshole who tried to stop me in the throat. But, I can respect that you might not want to start a fight in the middle of a mass shooting. Their choice to comply does not shame them, only the people who forced them to make it.

  5. We don’t really know what transpired (it’s CNN), but I wonder if any of those veterans were carrying in defiance of the stupid weapons policy.

  6. I can see the scenario where some scared, distraught, bed wetting fool thinks they are going to save my life by barring the door from me. They may find keeping me in to be as important to me as getting out and they may be willing to fight for it. Now I have to beat down some hippie that just thinks they are trying to save my life, just to get out the door to save a life. That’s a hard call, and I know that I’ll have to hurt them to maybe save someone else. That may not stop me, but it’s going to slow me down. And maybe that’s all it took.
    Of course, that’s all complete and utter total speculation, without any facts or evidence to back it up in any way. Just one of the infinite ways it could have gone down.

    • We don’t know yet.

      *IF* they had some way of preventing the veterans from leaving to deal with the shooter, the nation-wide outrage of veterans *will* be heard.

      In spades.

    • You REALLY need to rid yourself of the stupid habit of calling everyone a “hippie”. It describes something from another time. And I could understand someone just sizing you up as feeble-minded.

      However, I absolutely agree with you otherwise. “Bed-wetter” as a descriptor pretty much hits the mark. The use the language of saving lives, but their “solutions” are those of losers who would just as soon see everyone killed, including themselves, and thinking they are doing something about “gun violence”.

      God, what fools. We need to wrest our schools away with defeatist creeps such as this one.

  7. The shooter posted, last night, on 4chan that he planned to shoot up a school in the pacific northwest and told other forum members in that area to stay home from school.

    • He was also told to force all the students in each class to gather in one corner to make shooting/killing them easier. Know what the school did? Make all the students gather in a corner.

      • God… they clearly have a manual about how to help school shooters succeed. A few hundred lives in the service of total victim disarmament? It’s worth it to them!

  8. This is true.
    But think about this..
    If a student had went out and took out the bad guy they would have probably arrested him for being in a “gun free zone”.

    Until they take those dang stickers down.. This WILL continue.

  9. Hmm, a lot of chest-thumping going on here. I’d like to remind everyone that:

    1) We don’t have all the facts yet.

    2) Unless you’ve actually been in this situation, you really DON’T know how you’d respond.

    3) The school’s pre-planned response to an active shooter was almost certainly “shelter in place,” so the staff would have been executing that plan. Note that this is pretty much EVERY organization’s pre-planned response to an active shooter, including the military.

    Don’t blame the staff for doing what they were trained to do. Blame the people who developed the plan.

    At the end of the day, we need to change our tactics for dealing with these situations, just like the police did after Columbine. And obviously, the new tactics need to involve arming up and fighting back.

    • Thanks PHD, I had to make sure to read through to make sure someone was going to throw cold water on all the heroes that couldn’t have been stopped by mere administrators.

      I’m a retired SF soldier and was damned good at what I did. Would I go running into that classroom? Hell no. He had every advantage in that room. He knew anyone that came in that one door that he had an eye on was an enemy of his. The hero would have taken seconds to enter the door, scan the whole room, ID the shooter out of everyone in there, swing his firearm to aim and engage. Why do you think assaulters go in with at least 4 people and flashbangs. The cops may have gone in (and it sounds like they engaged fast and bravely), but I’m sure there was at least 2 to divide his attention.

      There is nothing wrong with, and in fact I admire the protector that seals the room they are in, and protects the lives of those he can immediately secure. Call 911, observe and report strong facts to help the entry teams as they come in. Calm others and bring as many people under your protection as you can.

      If you are actually in the room where this occurs, then hero up. You have no choice. Don’t lay down if he orders you to, attack immediately (if you can get over the shock) I hope I could, but I’ve never been attacked in a classroom, so I don’t know how I’d react.

      Pray for the victims

    • The people who stopped the veterans are very unlikely to be the exact same people who developed the plan.

    • If that is true they had better not admit it because they will probably be dismissed from that school and blackballed from any other schools run by Bleeding Heart Liberal Gun Grabbers.

  10. Allow campus carry. With at least one student in every class carying, you shelter in place and aim at the door till the cops get there. Limits the shooter to one room because every closed door probably has a gun behind it.

    • Agreed. Sheltering in place while armed maximizes the defender’s chances (use of barricades and interlocking fields of fire if multiple defenders are armed), avoids friendly fire from responding police, and keeps hallways clear to minimize response time by police and paramedics.

      But this only works if every classroom has concealed carriers. If the rate of concealed carry is less than, say 1 in 20, “running to the sound of the gunfire” may be the better way to stop the threat, even though it puts the defenders at much greater risk (from the active shooter, other defenders, and police).

    • WILD WEST!! We can’t have that! Never mind there’s no precedent for that in about 140 years.

  11. the Anti- American Treasonous Democrats are blood dancing in Oregon tonight, now they can make everyone cowards and weasels, by changing the gun laws, speaking of which Oregon’s new gun laws haven’t worked well!
    Funny how when the democratic party turds start the hump for more gun laws the get a weak mined individual do do just what they want, someone to pull the trigger in a gun free zone. if it was me I would put a class action suit against the school for not providing protection for my personnel safety and classmates!

  12. If I was somewhere involved in a shooting incident, I would leave. I might leave to shoot the bastard, or I might leave to avoid getting shot, or I might leave simply to get out of Dodge, but I would leave. And anyone who tried to physically stop me could see me in court after they awaken from their coma.

    • Actually, given the location of the college, that’s a pretty impressive response time — I was expecting fifteen minutes.

  13. Not against vets jumping into a fight…. but during a lock down anyone roaming the halls might be mistaken as a shooter. Just saying this would be a headache for cops looking for a threat.

    • Not necessarily convinced of this proposition. If several vets are charging down a hallway they are apt to be in a formation that the police will recognized as organized. That might lead them to hesitate to fire until they could assess the intentions of the vets.

      In any case, when shit happens you have to make the best of things. Friendly-fire happens.

  14. Not gonna’ weigh in on this until I hear even a slight verification. ONE good guy with a gun(I got to hear Barry Soetoro whine and put on his frowny face)…

  15. This link to the community college security website is overloaded now. Concealed Carry is permitted with “Permission”. Any bets as to how the “Permission” process goes there?

  16. Um, if I determine I need to do something to save my life or the life of someone else, no government lackey is going to stop me. I doubt this story is true.

  17. Everyone in this country needs the mentality of the 3 u.s. soldiers that stopped the terror attack on the train in france. If your gonna go down, armed or not go down swinging. It’s a citizens responsibility to fight all acts of terror. Not giving any legal advise but to me anyone shooting unarmed people in this country deserves summary execution, and no mention ever of their name or reasoning in the press….



  19. This entire “story” was probably intended to discredit any member of society that is assumed to be able to “take care of people.” This is probably anti-gun CNN’s attempt to make it appear as though NOBODY could have saved them, meaning that gun control is the only possibly solution.

    I don’t see this as a real story, or one that makes sense. Every veteran I know would have gone through anything in their way to get out and help. This story reeks of a smear campaign.

  20. First. Is the report accurate? Second. Vets in college, you can assume they’re law abiding and since it was a gun free zone they weren’t armed. Third. If this school was like the one’s I worked at the teachers locked the sturdy classroom doors at the first sign of trouble. Fourth, Were the vets supposed to assualt the teacher to get the keys back? Face criminal charges and lawsuits afterwards?

    And finally. Had the vets, unarmed, gone boiling out to face the shooter would it have left the others in the class exposed to a gunman seeking revenge?

  21. I understand why they were told to stay in place, this is not a war zone this is an urban area the police are looking for one specific target the only way they can identify this target is by the weapon that it is caring. If you have 4-5 people running around with guns the police don’t know who the bad guy is, therefore they cannot engage the target.
    It sounds good to send them out after the shooter but realistically it could have turned into a bloodbath with the police shooting the wrong person, police officers and military personnel wear uniforms to identify themselves civilians wear civilian clothes.

  22. I’m seeing a lack of imagination here.

    Vets who’ve seen combat will be smart enough to come up with a plan — they’re not going to charge in mindlessly. Nor are they going to go charging in without at least some cover — for example, chairs or even desks. And even if not carrying, they won’t be unarmed; even the barest classroom has something that can serve as a weapon.

    To me, whoever locked that door and kept the vets from acting is responsible for some deaths and injuries.

  23. Does anyone remember 911 and what the passengers did to those terrorist? Gun control = TREASON. The school shooting is tragic and about as far away from Texas with its lawful campus carry. Why didn’t this dirtbag go to Texas to show how tough he really is? THIS is why people should not be harassed about carrying guns.
    No double standards put DC politicians on Obamacare and SS.Thanks for your support and vote. Pass the word.

  24. Courage and physical ability to take on active shooter but held back by pantywaist bureaucrats ? Somehow this is not working out for me.

  25. Come on now how long has social media been out..haven’t y’all figured out arguing about political matters on online isn’t going to solve anything. Both parties in the end won’t sway either way and u end up both vivid.. So why.. But I know why it’s just typical social media … Anyways reason being for a post in the first place is not all people in college are kids … And especially when its a veterans .. Veterans aren’t kids.. And a smart veteran with other “kids” and teacher persuasions probably stop them from going after the shooter.. Last but not least veterans that have been in combat are smart enough to pick their battles he isn’t going to confront an armed active shooter defenseless..we aren’t superman..or the fact that we aren’t above the law or rule..hmm why didn’t smuchatally try to stop the shooter was he not also in the same situation as the veteran anyways.. Point stated now have some respect and stfu.. For the people that lost a love one. Rest in peace semper fidelis

    • Come on now how long has social media been out..haven’t y’all figured out arguing about political matters on online isn’t going to solve anything.

      Way to move the goalposts. How old (or naive) are you? The goal isn’t to solve the problem (although that would be great!). The goal is to present one’s point of view, and in doing so challenge another person to rethink his position. Sometimes he changes his position.

      If you’ve never encountered that in your life, that tells me a lot about you.

      • Hey if the goal isn’t about solving a problem or the fact that u have a point of view what is the point … Just debate and argue no reason? The reason for my post isn’t to get someone ‘s panties in a bunch or get involved with small minded people who likes to talk.. And argue carry on sir do you!
        P.s. of all the countless times u try to sway someone’s position how many of it was successful online? Enough said.

        • Do you have a rational thought in your head?

          if the goal isn’t about solving a problem or the fact that u have a point of view what is the point

          where did you come up with the second half of your statement? Out of thin air? You’re making a strawman argument, and not a very good one since the second half is one of the primary reasons, to present your point of view (which I stated as has everyone else in history. You are psychologically ill).

          Just debate and argue no reason? And argue carry on sir do you! P.s. of all the countless times u try to sway someone’s position how many of it was successful online? Enough said.

          I surmise you don’t “get it.” I come to that conclusion because of a) your poor reasoning, b) your poor grammar, c) your poor spelling, and d) your poor logic. Let’s take your last point. What if only one in one hundred of my arguments is persuasive. (I submit it’s better than that, but let’s go with that). That’s not a lot, but isn’t that enough? Or are you arguing that I should simply shut up because few people–only one in one hundred–accept or recognize my arguments?

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