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I’ll just leave this right here. Discuss.

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      • Well a sewer has a functional use at least. And unlike our media, when it’s stopped up with shit, you just drain it out.

    • If you have a media outlet, it should be required that you pay a $200 tax stamp in order to talk about guns. The chief LEO in the area should be able to refuse to sign your paperwork if he/she deems that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    • It looks like the biggest difference between a terrorist hell bent on martyrdom and a survivalist prepper is food and water storage .
      Pay attention NSA .

  1. Man, I know that speed counts for more than mass in the whole force equation and all, but that is getting a little ridiculous, don’t you think? It’s all about shot placement, I guess.

  2. “.22mm long rifle rounds”
    Typical, mathematically challenged and ballistically ignorant media.

    Definitely looks like he was running low on ammo.

    • .223mm is what all operators load their clipazines with, especially Glock brand Glock clipazines.

      Don’t all you guys live to shoot .223 milimeter rounds?

      Good gravy, these people are freaking idiots, and they are the ones calling for gun control?

      Someone needs to keep them away from guns, I wouldn’t trust them to handle a ball point pen without hurting themselves.

      • I don’t want to start a .9mm vs. .22mm caliber war here, but with the self defense rounds on the market today there is no reason why anybody would need a bigger caliber than .22mm.

        Speaking of, I need to head to CockSucker’s, I mean Dick’s Sporting Goods, and buy a 7 pack to stick in my NY compliant, ISIS certified, black clipazine of mass destruction to stick in the gun that has the shoulder thing that goes up so I can exercise my 2nd amendment constitutional right to hunt, just like the founding fathers properly intended.

        • Wait… you found someone selling .22mmLR? It hasn’t been scooped up by some dickhead who’s going to flip it at a gunshow?

        • I’ve never tried 0.9mm or 0.22mm. I prefer 0.5mm. It creates a decent thickness line, without being too easy to smudge. 0.7mm gets a bit smudgy.
          We are talking about graphite for our mechanical pencils, right?

      • Next thing you know they will ban ball point pins because they are dangerous and scary. Not to mention they are the leading cause of miss spelled words haha

    • These are the same people who pass all the gun legislation, as if they were experts on the subject. It’s clear that they have no clue what they’re talking about. And yet there they are, proclaiming they know best what’s good for us…Why do the dumbest people insist on having an opinion on everything?

      • Maybe we can use that.
        Agree to a ban on all .9mm, .22mm, .45mm, etc. ammo and all guns that fire this ammo, in exchange for a prohibition on banning all other ammo.

  3. Evidently they did not start stocking up until after the Great .22LR Drought began, since they had so much more centerfire than rimfire ammunition.

    • I’ve pointed out a couple of times that a .45mm round is half the size of a .9mm, but I never even imagined they’d go and cut that in half too. I guess it might come in handy if you’re hunting the elusive Higgs boson.

    • It was her stash of sowing needles. For repairing bullet holes in her Burka between each planned attack. There’s a run on needles as we speak, before Obama is due to make a speech admonishing congress to “do something” about them.

  4. What are “ballistics”? And where did they get those killer .9 mm round? Where are the guns? From the pictures of their “arsenal” I thought they had a .45–where is the ammo?

    Another question I have is “who cares”? It’s like the Aurora shooter–he may have had thousands of rounds of ammo in his apartment, but it’s not like he took them with him to the theater. Answer: Only gun banners care.

    Final question: Why is the news so all hot and bothered over this story? I mean, the perps are dead. Who cares about where the guns came from? The only question worth investigating is whether there were accomplices, or communications with terrorists overseas, which is for the FBI, not the local fuzz.

    • I think the reason is that they think guns only exist to kill people (seems like I heard that somewhere), so this shows those people planned to kill thousands of people. Those of us accustomed to economies of scale know it’s about getting to shoot more for cheaper. All the gnashing of teeth over 4 guns and a few thousand rounds of ammo leaves me wondering what they’d think of my meager stash, once they regained consciousness.

      • Not that there would be any reason to, but the thought of how these jackholes would describe my garage leaves me cold.

        Not only do I have an “arsenal” and “thousands of rounds of ammunition”, I reload, so I have “multiple pounds of highly explosive gunpowder” and “thousands of bullets” and “ammunition making components”.

        “Over a dozen firearms, many of them Weapons Of War.”

        Never mind that the scariest “weapons of war” I have are bolt action rifles from the 20’s and 40’s and a lever action designed in 1894.

        I am the evilist doer suburban Seattle has ever seen. I wet my pants just thinking about all the potential for mayhem I have living right under my own roof.

        • You are making me very jealous. I thought I was doing pretty good (after the long drought) getting up 1000 rounds–and then both the kids came home for the holidays.

  5. Somewhere there’s a hobo camp filled to the brim with folks who used to be employed as fact checkers.
    Mainstream news is nothing more than a pretty face reading the unverified Tweets of randos.

    • You say this like you are joking, but it’s very much happening.

      Shep smith reporting on news from Boston Marathon I clearly remember for long periods of time just standing there reading out tweets.

      Soledad O’brien I recall (can’t recall the exact subject) debating with someone while she was looking up the very information on Wikipedia on the tablet in front of her.

      And yet so many in the liv crowd just mindlessly suck it all in…

      • I’d guess their baby inherits them. No wonder that custody battle is heating up the likes of which hasn’t been seen since Anna Nicole Smith died.

        • By the time old sleepy eyes family gets finished with lawyers and class action lawsuits they won’t have enough to by a single .22mmLR round . Those rascals are real stingers , I’ve heard they have a velocity of about 5,640 fps and 14fpe at 10 yards .

    • Makes me worried that I should expect a raid. If they created that much panic with “several hundred rounds”, I could probably take over the country with 5k.

  6. CNN: “Look at us, we are idiots in math and ballistics.
    We don’t know the difference between
    .223 mm
    .223 inches.

    La. La. La. La. La. La.

    We flunked Math in school.
    That’s why we became “Journalists”.

    • Yep.

      All these suave liberal arts majors used to make fun of engineers in college.

      After this, now who is laughing, hmmm?

    • Cartridges that size do really give a new meaning to mouse gun. Or BUG.

      With eyes like that can bugs even use a red dot?

  7. Ohhh man! How am I supposed to compensate for my small penis with .22mm “long” rounds now? It’s hopeless I say, hopeless!!

    • What are you saying ?
      Those make the Governor look bigger man .
      Just hold em next to old Governor next time you take a wiz and feel better .
      My brother used to do that with those mini cassettes but they kept getting wet .
      Wright 30.06 on the palm of your hand in marker before you do this , I believe the .22mm LR is a boat tail .

  8. Idiots! Politicians, with the same level of intelligence, are the ones that come up with all the bullshit laws. They wonder why we have so much contempt for them.

  9. People talk about having a few thousand rounds like its unusual. What, like you’re gonna go to the store before you shoot every damn time?! Not to mention that no round smaller than a millimeter could possibly be ‘high powered.’ Seems like there is not a whole lotta brains in certain parts of the media.

  10. Aren’t a lot of these people always telling us how much better Europe does things? Wouldn’t part of being more European be knowing how the metric system works? Maybe figure out what the “mm” stands for? See if it’s plausible that a bullet could be some fraction of that?

  11. We have NO idea what we are talking about…………suggest NOT this be reason for you to question our demands on firearms.

  12. I always laugh when they give the “arsenal” stats. And that “they had 4000 rounds of ammo!” {clutches pearls} “No one needs that much ammo unless they are plotting a mass shooting!”

    I want to strangle the media when this kind of crap comes up. I’m running low on my stockpile… only have 1000 rounds of .223, 2000 rounds of 7.62×39, 1000 9mm, 800 7.62x54r, 3000 .22LR and the ability to manufacturer 6,000 rounds of .45acp.

    See? Running low…

    • You’re doing it all wrong. If you get the .223mm and .9mm stuff, you won’t need nearly as much storage space!

    • Hello Dawg ,
      This is Butch at the NSA , I mean , local Lions Club , and we were wondering if you could do a brief survey for our save the blind foundation . just a few questions sir , it’ll only take a few minutes of your time sir .

  13. You know what? Let them ban .9mm, .223mm, and .22mm long rifle rounds. Once the ban passes, and they learn these aren’t valid calibers, then we can laugh in their faces. The only issue: we’d be allowing a legal precedence for banning ammunition.

  14. Fvck. They can’t get anything right.

    If they would just stop and think about it – 0.223 millimeters? That’s an insanely small bullet – can’t be right – right??!

    Several hundred 22 rounds? One box generally has several hundred rounds in it.

  15. I swear every time I step up to the gun counter at my local store and ask if they have .22mm ammo they tell me no, they don’t. Yet these terrorist guys had hundreds of rounds of .22mm. I sense a deeper conspiracy afoot, and the retailers are in on it!

  16. Maybe that’s problem I had, loaded .22mm in a 10-22 magazine and it fell right out. but on the plus side it held like 672 rounds! And these emptyheads are who some people get their news from? Just the facts, Mam..

  17. Only weapons of war use .22mm. 9mm, and .223mm.

    Of course, we don’t have anything that shoots that high power stuff.

    Idiocracy starts under this “Presdint”.

  18. 2500rd of 223? Wonder how many terrorists here on TTAG have a bigger arsenal of assault shoulder clip thingys?

  19. If (D)erka (D)erkas keep me from being able to hand load 37mm flares then I might have to get my own jihad on.

    See liberal (D)bags, and their muslim buddies causing jihad. Somebody call CNN [call them a-holes].

  20. .22mm Long Rilfe? Damn, I have trouble just finding .22 Long Rifle in stores to even buy hundreds of rounds of that, so .22mm Long Rifle must be rarers than original Colt Patersons!

  21. Gotta say that’s not much ammo compared to what many of us sport shooters have, what with deals and all to buy in bulk. 22mm LR, huh?

  22. In various NPR reports, I heard .223 referred to “23 caliber ammunition” and “two-hundred-and-twenty-three rounds.” In the latter statement, I’m not sure the “journalist” knew if he was talking about the type or quantity of ammunition he was reporting on. Honestly, he probably didn’t even care. Also heard on NPR: “assault rifles,” “assault clothing,” “assault ammunition,” “military ammunition,” “automatic handguns,” and “heavily armed with two assault rifles and two automatic pistols.”

    Where can I get some dam bait?

    • Yea, it is to laugh listening to NPR. They’re just as dumb as any of them.

      They love to sound to authoritative and erudite, what with their highly processed audio and high dynamic range.

      And when they run into numbers, math, statistics and science… suddenly the jig is up – at least to any listener who has some experience with math and science.

  23. And the folks they murdered threw the happy couple a baby shower…sorry not in a chuckling mood…

  24. So the reporters for this article done graduated from the sixth grade with a degree in brain surgery and being a double knot spy.

    • “Naught,” the line is “Double Naught Spy.”

      “Funny” story, when I first got my Texas CHL, I facetiously called it my “Double Naught Spy” license.

  25. Millions of knowledgeable gun owners in this country, not one is willing to help them correct these extremely elementary mistakes.

    That says a lot about how polarized we are on this issue and how little they know about it. Sadly many of them would consider it a point of pride to be so ignorant about these “evil weapons of mass destruction”.

    • 20+ years ago, I tried. After seeing errors similar to this, and even worse (about semi vs. full auto, a complete lack of comprehension about bolt actions and revolvers vs. pistols) I talked with two editors and several reporters in California over wild errors like this about guns, ammunition, etc. I approached them (by a phone call) and offered to help teach them what they were writing about – on my time, and my dime.

      What response did I get? Sneering, derisive dismissal – from everyone involved.

      So, as a result now, when I see stuff like this, if I send any feedback into a news organization, I ridicule and belittle them. I’ve had my fill of these jacksnipes.

    • There’s some Vietnam vet who writes for a relatively well-known rag out of South Carolina, often about gun-related topics. As the resident “expert” on guns, he himself is pro-gun control and writes with a very leftward slant. Anyway … in some article last year, he talked about how “high capacity clips” are unnecessary for everyone but soldiers, and those of us who disagree with him are dumb to do so. I wrote to him and, in a very professional yet blunt manner, said that resident gun experts should know the difference between magazines and clips. He actually replied. His reply? Calling me a coward for not serving in the military like he did.


  26. Well,
    Other than the pipe bombs, almost enough for a good Saturday family outing at the range.

    Oh wait…don’t have something that fires a .22MM round. That’s about what, the size of a needle’s point?

    Too bad so many that watch CNN are as ignorant as CNN.
    But that’s clearly because they watch CNN.

  27. To decry this as ignorance of firearms is missing the point, this is ignorance of basic units of measure. You don’t need to be a firearms expert to know that:

    -.223mm is roughly the size of a fine gauge hypodermic needle.

    -223mm is the size of a cantaloupe.

    -.223″ is the size of a pea.

    -223″ is the size of a room.

    One of these, and only one, is a plausible size for a small arms projectile.

    • Exactly! This is what I was trying to get at above. What’s a millimeter? How big is it? Knowing that, does it make sense that a bullet would be less than a quarter of one? Or nine tenths of one, for that matter?

      If not, then maybe you don’t have the caliber designation quite right. Maybe check?

  28. .223 mm ammunition? Isn’t that armor piercing?? They must’ve bought that using the gun show loophole

  29. Gentleman! You simply don’t understand. These calibers are for the new *Multiautomatic Round Weapons that are easily available”. …and you call yourselves “gun guys.”…..pffft

  30. Thanks for the images. best laugh of the day. .223mm, .9mm…I thought these were urban liberal media legends.

  31. “I’ll never need the metric system, it’s useless.”

    That being said did anyone catch where they said that 5.56 was twice as big as .223?

  32. Haha. Tiny bullets indeed! They couldn’t even get 9mm right! They obviously don’t understand the metric system or decimal points.

    It’s scary that people actually trust these clowns in the MSM and vote accordingly.

  33. Some wildcatter just had a light bulb turn on in his head. 1 grain .223mm bullet in a necked down 308Win case in a 50″ bbl, ought to get 10,000fps?

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