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Shortly following the acquittal of George Zimmerman, the man was reportedly getting more than 400 death threats per minute including those coming over the social networking site Twitter. But during that whole week, CNN remained silent about the hate flowing towards Zimmerman, instead feeding the flames with a constant drumbeat of Piers Morgan opening his big yap. Weeks later, a feminist in England started getting rape threats over some proposals to change the English currency and CNN is all over it. So the same news organization that employs the likes of Nancy Grace and Piers Morgan, some of the biggest instigators of hatred toward George Zimmerman, is now up in arms (figuratively speaking) over the rape threats and demanding that Twitter “do something.” CNN apparently lacks the self-awareness to perceive their own blatant double standard.

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  1. biased against media bias? what’s new. what was that about a blatant double standard? when TTAG is filled with posts that are filled with opinion and nothing to do with guns, it becomes just like any other media outlet.

    • Anything GZ related has to do with guns, because self defense law affects us (the ‘people of the gun’). But… yeah… this story is only subjectively/tenuously connected to GZ so I get what you’re saying. I still don’t mind seeing it.

    • … “TTAG is filled with posts that are filled with opinion and nothing to do with guns, it becomes just like any other media outlet.” It is all about guns only with opinions allowed, unlike the biased MSM. You are correct about a double standard, aka, hypocrisy, but pointed in the wrong direction.

      • I refuse to vote for anyone unless they are willing to represent my ideals and do so with no monitary gain.

  2. Femminism, Ecoism, Enviroism, Victimism, Animalism, Relitivism have been well proven (Vernona Files) to be commie funded fronts both past and present.
    Yes, it is a conspiracy, a Vast Left Wing Conspiracy

  3. Who still watches CNN? Can we find all twelve of those people and change the batteries in their remote or something?

    • I wish cable was pay-per-channel or something like that, so that my bill would be much less, without such useless channels as CNN, MSNBC and other crap filler that nobody watches anyway. Let those 12 people support that hate spewing propaganda if they want.

      • There was a bill introduced into the Senate a couple weeks ago to force cable providers to sell channels “al la carte.” I’m interested to see where it goes.

        • That would kill the TV provider industry! They need tons of crap channels with nothing good on so they can push their premium services with the channels you actually want to watch. Then again the likes of Netflix has taken its bite out of the traditional TV model, and recording and on-demand programming is becoming more popular.

    • It’s not just CNN and it’s not just Bill Mahr, the satalite providers put all the alphabet news networks, Al Jazera, Current, FST et al in the basic package, but if you want Fox News you have to pay extra. It’s a 20-1 ratio of Progressive Propaganda to One network that has it’s own in-house Progressive talking heads who push the Leftist Agenda

  4. It’s not because they don’t care about the Zimmerman threats; it’s because they agree with them.

  5. Ah, I love this double standard. It’s racists/against the law only when I want it to be.

    What a load of sh!t…

    • Remember when O. J. was acquitted, and all the white people protested and raised hell all over the country and the attorney general and the Dept. of Justice and THE President decided to get involved?…………………me neither.

      • And the evidence against OJ couldn’t have been much better without an actual video tape of the murder.

    • Racism can never support anyone that is “white”, whatever they define “white” as that day. Never mind some groups make racism their bread and butter. In the GZ case it’s racist if “the black community”* doesn’t win. For all intents and purposes it’s “the black community” against the rest of the world and racism can’t favor the rest of the world.

      *I put this in quotes because I have no idea what the “appropriate” term is these days.

    • If that broke surface with my hook in it’s mouth I’d cut the line. Probably cause me to give up fishing. Take up drinking again.

      • Take up drinking again? OMG, do you mean that you quit?

        We need to have an intervention. I’ll bring the bourbon.

        • Hi, my name is jwm and I’m not an alcoholic. Yet. But with help and encouragement I feel that I could be.

          Ralph, I don’t smoke or drink or do drugs that a doctor doesn’t approve. Haven’t for years. I’m a boring old grampa.

    • Whenever I need to vomit I just look at Nancy Grace or listen to her talk. If it weren’t for CNN she would be on the phone trying to sell magazines.

  6. Just another example to use to destroy their credibility with those that do not pay much attention. In daily conversations, there is usually something to lead into news or tv. When that happens site these examples and explain why this means the msm is deliberately trying to mislead.

  7. The name of this site is the Truth About Guns, not the Truth About Liberal Media Bias and Blatant Hypocrisy. I dislike CNN and the blatant double standard in the MSM. However, I feel this sight does not do itself credit by focusing on stories tenuously tied to guns through a double standard related to a news story not even about GZ.

      • Gun politics affects all gun owners. It is reported on, mostly misrepresented and influenced by the media. Anyhing related to gun issues that impacts the gun owners in any fashion is fair game in my book, including media bias.

    • TO: crzapy
      RE: Maybe….

      ….it has something to do with the idea that too many women are against firearms because they are dumber than dirt.

      They’d rather be raped and strangled with their own panty hose than live to explain to the police how their attacker got that fatal gun shot wound.


      [The Truth will out… women are self-destructive fools.]

      P.S. The ‘problem’ is that they want the rest of US to join them in their suicidal efforts….

      P.P.S. But most women of thist sort have already KILLED their own chidren. So they have no reason to live…..

      • I’m sure that’ll encourage female intrest and participation on this forum.

        I thought we wanted to expand the pro gun ranks, not chase away those who might otherwise develop an interest in guns and shooting.

        • TO: Roscoe
          RE: You Don’t Quite ‘Get It’

          I’m sure that’ll encourage female intrest and participation on this forum. — Roscoe

          We do. But not the sort as this CNN twit. They’ll never accept reality.


          Because most women, i.e., not ALL women, are herd animals. They follow whatever the alpha-female of their clique says. They don’t—probably can’t—think for themselves.

          How can I say this? I’ve been the secretary for the state-level garden club for several years. I’ve SEEN it in action. Suggestions I make are never adopted. But similar suggestions made by other—female—leaders are automatically adopted. [NOTE: This also implies a touch of misandry.]

          And not only there, but in other venues as well.

          Doubt this? Look at the rank hypocrisy of NOW. If a conservative does what Bill Clinton did with Monica, they’re all over it like ugly on an ape. But Bill and now Filner and Weinger do gets a pass.

          Hope that helps….


          [The Truth will out….not that anyone pays any attention to it.]

          P.S. The women we want here are those that aren’t the herd animals I talked about above.

    • CRZAPY
      I guess to you the 2nd Amendment exists in a legal vacume.
      Here’s a tip; 2ndA is part of the US Constitution, the drive to destroy the 2ndA is intended to lead to the Total Destruction of the entire Constitution and America as a nation. You knew that already, right? Which would explain your compulsion to stop the free exchange of ideas, here and everywhere else.

    • @crzapy: Site. Not sight.

      And if there’s a post you don’t like, don’t read it. But don’t try to set editorial policy for the rest of us, ‘kay?

  8. TO: CNN & Other Feminists

    Rape, v., Assault with a ‘friendly weapon’. — Source, Playboy magazine, c. 1970s.

    Go F yourselfs…..real men won’t do it for you. Not even as a ‘hate f—‘.


    [The Truth will out feminists are hypocrites of the most vile form.]

    P.S. Does this have anything to do with the scientific research done that reports women have ‘small minds’?

  9. She looks like David Bowtie in Labyrinth, and not in a good way. But hey honey, smile like a doughnut for me. Good. Thankkkksssss

  10. You know – I also follow the MSM coverage or mis-coverage of religion news.

    There has been no little discussion in those circles about how the MSM is abandoning even the pretense of objective review and is knowingly headed toward advocacy. This is especially true in the discussions of same-sex marriage and abortion-rights debates.

    Apparently – some editorial boards are beginning to believe that news organizations actually have a moral responsibility toward, so-called, progressivism. And since the MSM cannot seem to break the, “GZ is a racist who decided to shoot TM and then made up the story to get away with it” narrative – they feel like their still advocating against George Wallace.

    • Who’s morals; the progressives?

      I don’t think that’s their strength. Liberal progressives can hardly lay claim to any moral compass. It’s more like anything goes, or rather, anything we say goes, goes.

      • Big media has chosen to take sides and obligate itself to support the progressive agenda. This is because of the collectively learned lefty attitude that exists in the media. Those who don’t go along are as a rule…looked upon unfavorably.

        The liberal oriented media mantra is that big government and a progressive society is what is best for America. That attitude is expressed in the left slant applied to what is chosen for reporting and how it is presented.

        “moral responsibility”?

        Maybe; but I’m more inclined to see the lefty media types, from executive down to the lowliest reporter, have chosen their “side” and are doing all they can to further their side’s agenda.

        That is, until it threatens the freedoms that big media itself holds most dear.

  11. What will it take to get Nancy Grace and Piers Morgan to go back to their home planets? Might as well send little Donnie Trump too. His daughter can stay.

    • I almost puked at the sight of her…I can’t believe she has a show. furthermore..I can’t believe anyone watches it…

  12. Whew! Before I read the article, I thought someone was making rape threats toward Nancy Grace. That’d have to be some kind of masochist to put himself through an ordeal like that.

  13. CNN used to be the authority on global news. Now, they never even come on my TV unless I am flipping passed them, quickly.

    • yep, I remember watching CNN in the 80s and 90s when it was a real news desk with real anchors covering 24/7 real news from around the globe.

      what a joke CNN is today. it’s like watching People Magazine for Politics.

      even CNN’s spin-off, Head Line News, has very little news and a huge dose of opinionated, over-fluffed harpies.

  14. Call your TV provider, tell them your dropping their service because of news channels they force on you, go through with your decision, switch providers if you must but send a message where it counts, their wallets

    • I just don’t have cable, period. And I’ll never pay money for a “news” paper for as long as I live…

  15. “There is another class of coloured people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs — partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”
    ― Booker T. Washington

  16. People watch CNN? Man, I haven’t had TV in at least 10 years. I don’t even know anyone in my office that watches CNN or MSNBC. A couple people watch fox, but that’s about it, and that’s a super small percentage of the office. The vast majority here (it’s mostly young people, 35 or younger) use netflix or hulu or simply don’t watch television shows, especially television “news”. I think in another 20 years msnbc, headline news, cnn, etc, will be dead. And they know it.

  17. CNN lacks the self-awareness to perceive its own ass with a magnifying glass and a map. Color me shocked.

  18. After giving it some thought, I’m not sure CNN rises to the honesty of a double standard.

  19. I like the way Nancy Grace opens her mouth so big, you could shove Obama’s dick in there as well as a broom handle and not cause that harpy to gag a bit. She’s the eighth natural wonder of the progressive movement!!!

  20. The mass media practices double-standard “moralized” reporting. They may or not be aware of it. If they are aware of the flaw in their logical reasoning or behavior they would probably rationalize it away.

    The mass media whines and rants about the so-called “glass ceiling” issue putting it down to sexual discrimination and not life-style or other issues. Yet, the mass media has no interest in reporting the “glass floor” that tens and tens of millions of men and boys have fallen through because society and government and womyn as a group are unconcerned about males the disposable commodity sex.

    Two examples of society’s lack of concern for the “glass-floor” are the huge numbers of American males sentenced to prisons and the huge numbers of male who are homeless. Why isn’t society doing more and caring more about males as it does for females?

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