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Twitter war! (courtesy

The Campaign to Stop Gun Violence (CSVG) and CNN host Jake Tapper got into a Twitter war over whether or not your humble scribe was booked on The Lead this afternoon to discuss the Metcalf imbroglio. [Click here for the full exchange.] I’m wondering if Tapper was under pressure to cancel my appearance (given that I’m a “insurrectionist & misogynist”) and now denies the interview was ever planned. That doesn’t make much sense, but the only other explanation is that Mr. Tapper and his staff had a failure to communicate. From our end the truth of the matter is pretty simple . . .

Truth be told, CNN producer Elizabeth Chmurak and I exchanged seven emails in all. We also had two rather congenial phone calls. Here’s the last communication:


So there you have it. But the question remains did CNN cave or did a typhoon blow away their plans? In any case, it’s fun to see the antis tussle with a member of the mainstream media over whether or not a gun rights advocate should have access to the airwaves (or whatever they’re called these days). To Jake: anytime bro’. To CSGV: say that to my face. Seriously. Let’s debate this in the open, face-to-face. Ping [email protected].

Twitter exchange (courtesy

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      • At this point I freely admit to always checking the comment section for Diggler’s posts. Gems of humor they are indeed. I wish you well sir in your quest for an evening with Shannon Watts (TM by you) aka SUNSHINE.

  1. Look who came out to play on their twitter!

    Rebecca Schoenkopf‏@commiegirl12h
    @CSGV @jaketapper That’s the site that thought raping me would solve my un-Americanness, and also my murder-suicide. Just for future ref.

    Actually that was a reader, I believe. Don’t hold RF or TTAG responsible for our shenanigans. Though I did suggest that her value to society would have been greater if she had started and ended life as a b**w j*b. I am forced to stand by that assertion.

        • Both sides are dishonest and sometimes people should think before type and ask does that help our cause.

        • You know Shawn I am starting to agree with you.

          “Rebecca Schoenkopf‏@commiegirl13h
          @CSGV @jaketapper That’s the site that thought raping me would solve my un-Americanness, and also my murder-suicide. Just for future ref.”

          “Jake Tapper‏@jaketapper3h
          @commiegirl1 good to know”

          I am the first to admit that I personally enjoy being a nasty, intolerable a$$hole to anyone who tries to reduce my liberty. They deserve it. That having been said, maybe I haven’t done a good enough job of analyzing the consequences. Had it been a liberal statist who has said those things, you had better bet that it would have been promptly swept under the rug and publicly debunked if possible. Hell, just look at little miss potty mouth’s piece about the open carrier in AZ. Does anyone question her slurs or hate-filled rants? However, once someone on OUR side says something it is picked up and ran with. No questions asked. Just like the above tweets demonstrate.

          A sad state of affairs. I will be more mindful of what I write in the future. Our enemies (deliberate word choice) will always slant, deceive and obfuscate. I will try not to give them any more ammunition.

      • right – you are so right. She didn’t say she deserved to be raped. No, she told the victim that if she had been armed, it would not have helped her. . . . . translation: sit back and enjoy the ride.

  2. This may be a strange coincidence, but… Emily Miller posted on her Facebook page that:

    I’ll be on CNN at 3pm ET to discuss the “Guns and Ammo” magazine controversy and First vs Second Amendment rights.

    Gee, I wonder if Shannon likes Emily any more than she likes Robert? I doubt it.

    • Agreed several friends of mine have been put on Facebook time out for making logical pro-gun points on Rachel Maddow’s FB page. Pew Research did a study and found liberals are more likely to ban, defriend than conservatives. I find that conservatives love to argue because vs. liberals will argue for a second and start calling you a racist/radical/ etc.

  3. I doubt they canceled you because of an anti-gun bias. If that was the case they probably would’ve communicated it to CSGV to get them to shut up.

    Their excuse sounds reasonable enough.

    This is good stuff, though. I’m glad the antis are dumb enough to piss off CNN’s Chief Washington Correspondent and the anchor of one of their weekday shows.

    • There is a paradigm at the 24hr networks to have each show cover the day’s “it” story as ‘breaking’ – even if it happened hours before the shoe’s time slot.

      • Well, since my SO is from the Philippines I recorded it (nice to be able to do that remotely) and watched it once I got home. Nothing really informative IMO. But to be fair we get The Filipino Channel so she was getting much more in-depth coverage all day.

  4. Wow, RF. I knew that you were a hypnotherapist, but didn’t know that you were also a licensed misogynist! I hope that you can do acupressure, ’cause my shoulder is killing me.

    Now, if you were also a proctologist, you might be able to save the assh0les at CSGV.

    • Ok, I had to look up the meaning of misogynist. My education was more math/science oriented. Anyhow, apparently Ms. Rebecca feels that anyone that doesn’t like her whining, self-centered, close minded, vulgar, over the top behavour must therefore hate ALL women? Interesting…… so using HER logic, she must be a man hating lesbian feminist who desires to live on a planet populated by 6 foot tall amazon woman warriors devoid of maleness and with a never ending Anne Murray sound track playing in the background.

  5. Looks like the metrosexual,pseudo-intellectual club isn’t gellin today.Problems in utopia? (***pops some Orville Popcorn***)

  6. If Journalism doesn’t have the conviction to say “Suck it, we’ll have on who we want to have on” then Journalism is bound to wither away and die. Oh wait…

  7. Insurrectionist, misogynist…? C’mon CSGV, you can do better than that…..why not just toss out the terrorist or taliban comparison. Because clearly that seems to be what you think of people that value their rights.

        • So, uh, it’s 16:15 on the East Coast; is CNN talking about the typhoon?

          Edit: this was meant to be a stand alone post. Sorry 🙁 I had intended to respond to Mr. Third Herd with a lol, but my iPad reverted to mobile mode and I got distracted.

  8. real reporters would not care who they pissed off. but thats CNN, just an extension of someone’s lobby group. their ratings are lagging, because these groups are more interested in getting the message out that watching. if nobody watches, is the message out?

    mysogenist *and* insurrectionist. wow. the more they attack you the more they fear you. they must really fear you

  9. well too bad you redacted the email. the producer deserves an email campaign from the Armed intelligensia regarding her lack of journalistic integrity, honesty, and her anti self defense bias.

    • That was my suggestion. Other than the apparent communication issues between her and Tapper, she hasn’t really done anything wrong. If they spiked the interview with RF for nefarious reasons, then the typhoon thing was a little white lie. If her job was to “just get rid of him,” she did it as softly as possible. I really can’t fault that.

  10. I will say my perception of Jake Tapper is that he is remarkably fair and straightforward. I’m willing to believe that it was a crossed wire or change of plans. Also wouldn’t suprise me if someone higher up made the descision to have Miller (who is already an established CNN contributor, if my memory serves) rather than a new media powerhouse chime in. It would be like Fox telling Krauthammer to keep it at the house, Matt Drudge was gonna be on talking about whatever.

    • It’s kind of a fair point. Cable news tends to be way too much of two “experts” talking about a story instead of interviewing the folks who were actually there. Ok, RF has a well-informed and thought out viewpoint, but it’s really still just another viewpoint.

  11. Cliff notes:
    RF posts he’s gonna be on CNN’s Jake Tapper show
    Anti-gun orgs go ape-sh*t on Twitter
    Jake responds to the negative
    Antis get more ape-sh*t
    Jake calls them liars
    Antis disparage RF, calling him insurrectionist, misogynist, that he bullies and threatens.
    RF contacted by CNN, calling it off for possible breaking news on Typhoon Mary*.
    RF releases info pertaining to the request to be on.
    Anti’s express relief that someone counter to their purpose is stifled.
    CNN books Emily Miller

    Bravo, CNN. Brah-vo. 😐

  12. Swapping RF for Emily Miller takes all the air out of the “misogynist” fight and lets them argue about guns, not RF or RF’s website. Seems like a win to me. (except for RF personally, who hopefully doesn’t mind taking one for the team.)

    • Every effort must be made to fight the “misogynist” labeling.

      Once the pro2A crowd is labeled as women-hating, it’s all over. Credibility gone.

      The rejection of RF’s appearance is a shot across the bow. It will all be downhill from here.

        • Being both a racist and a misogynist would be like being a proctologist and a gynecologist. You wouldn’t know which way to turn.

        • So… If we are all racists, then Shannon Watts mind will be blown (in more than one way) when she finally meets our Mr. Dirk Diggler, right?

        • exactly. Shannon Watts(TM)(aka SUNSHINE) is gonna love me. I know it. 🙂

          Meeting me would be like any other weekend she and John spend in the rougher side of Indianapolis trolling for young bucks, except, I am older, don’t need cab fare, know how to order and sample fine wine and actually appreciate foie gras. Perhaps it will be love. Or perhaps she will appreciate that I can stay to cuddle and have a conversation about the implications of an armed conflict in Syria as opposed to what they normally get . . . .

    • And lets not forget that Emily is certainly more acceptable than RF from CNN editorial standards — i.e. she’s much more pleasing to the eye. Of course, that fails to explain the continued presence of Candy Crowley but I digress…

      • (I eat lots of) Candy Crowley is a diversity candidate (bridge trolls are the new “in” factor now, didn’t you know??)

  13. So, I get where the “insurrectionist” part comes into play. The idea that you’re a person who rises up against authority, being that you refute government’s “authority” to further trample the 2nd Amendm… I mean, create reasonable regulations and restrictions…

    But, where does the “misogynist” accusation come from?

    • – Links to Israeli models?

      – Lots of Kirstin Joy Weiss?

      Of course, bloggers like Wonkette can use salacious pics to pimp her stories about sugar babies and buttseccs, but she’s a leftie and a girl, so it’s all good.

      • You are belittling the danger here by pointing to the obvious. RFs links to scantily clad women have exactly ZERO to do with it!

        Labeling TTAG as misogynistic gives the girls against guns an advantage, puts them on a elevated plane of credibility with the Liberal media vs the pro2A men.

        I predicted two weeks ago that this would be their next move and here it is. Prepare to counter or lose the war.

      • Marriam Webster: Main Entry: mi·sog·y·nis·tic
        Pronunciation: \mə-ˌsäj-ə-ˈnis-tik\
        Function: adjective
        : having or showing a hatred and distrust of women

        To enjoy looking an attractive woman isn’t hating or mistrusting women, it’s quite the opposite actually. Males being attracted to women and wanting to look at them isn’t misogynistic, it’s called being a heterosexual male- one could even argue it’s the driving force of how species lives on.

  14. I told you guys about two weeks ago, it was only a matter of time before the girls against guns crowd started labeling all of the pro2A men as “misogynists”.

    That is not a good thing, at all.

    Time to take the gloves off, that’s all I’m saying. Letting them continue to punch you because “real men don’t hit women” is the wrong answer.

    • Wait. Are you suggesting we sidestep being labeled misogynistic by taking our gloves off and beating women? Perhaps we ought to rework that metaphor…

      • I am of course speaking figuratively.

        But what I am saying is they are fighting dirty and we continue, as a group, to take the honourable “high road” because we have truth and history on our side.

        Unfortunately this is the incorrect approach.

        Time to take the gloves off. They have struck us all, hard, in the face. You may not realize it yet, but this is a blow to the kidneys that will knock us all on our collective ass.

        Are we to strike back or “be honorable”?

        Strike back is the right answer.

        • Example quotes:

          “The bayonet, lance, and sabre were absolutely terrifying to troops who were unused to facing them. It was one thing to take one’s chances with a musketry volley, where one’s chances of survival were pure luck, an impersonal lottery. A bayonet, on the other hand, has a sharp point on one end, a determined soldier on the other, and he wants you. That’s how it should be with the Feinsteins, Kennedys, Rowans, and Clintons: “I know you are in not only a weak and indefensible position, but in a dishonest and hypocrital one. I want your sorry backside; I am coming, not merely to debate with you, but to destroy you, to leave your political credibility, if not your sorry excuse for a career, in the ash heap of history.””

          “Back to the analogy of “using the bayonet.” In the 18th and 19th century, a charge with cold arms- the bayonet, lance, or sabre- could be carried home only against demoralized, poorly-trained, or cowardly troops. No commander in his right mind would order a rush, for example, against a steady line or square of Wellington’s Redcoats. But we can imagine Marshal Suvorov looking at an equivocating, evading, doubletalking mass and yelling with delight, “Cossack bait!” or “Give ’em the cold steel!” In the political arena, we are of course talking about people in weak, indefensible, or intellectually dishonest positions: the Feinsteins, Kennedys, Rowans, and Clintons. In such a case, there is no need to be polite, respectful, or even circumspect; one can and should roll right over them. “

      • There’s no part of being an honorable man that says you have to let a vicious female kick you in the balls.

        In an emotional fight, men at the same kind of disadvantage that women would be in a physical one. If we can’t get women to fight for us, we’re probably going to lose this one. We all — men and women, as gun owners — have something truly important to protect, so we had better get our fight on.

  15. According to today’s headline at Breitbart, “CNN throws in the towel; moves away from news”

    This new focus will be towards “a variety of unscripted formats, including other travel shows, and ‘immersive’ nonfiction programs.”

  16. I haven’t followed this closely so I may be off base but when looking at that twitter exchange earlier between CSGV and CNN, I thought… “Oh look! Liberals lying to liberals. Look at the denial. It never ends with them.” lol

  17. Wait, did someone from CNN just scold someone else for being careless with facts?

    Sorry if someone else already pointed this out. And regardless, good on Jake and Sean for calling these alarmist vultures for being what they are.

    • If we all watched it would triple their viewership and all their celebutards would demand a raise, or a second limo, Overwhelm Their System!

  18. I would like to know just what the hell is wrong with being a man, liking guns, and having strong biases against screeching harpies? What on Earth could be more natural than that?

    • besides ugly women who don’t shave their legs, pits or nether regions who listen to folk music, commingle over a bottle of peach flavored Boone’s Farm wine, and have fine arts degrees from women’s colleges that empower them to become man-hating bloggers with a readership 1/100th of TTAG?

  19. I set the DVR in hopes of seeing RF. I think that is the only time my cable box was tuned to that station. The only thing gun related was 3D printing 1911s. Tapper caves to the base.

  20. Wow, liberal organizations are all the same. News agencies are supposed to be unbiased and objective. They are supposed to get both sides of every story. CSGV doesn’t care, they only want their side to be heard, so people can be brainwashed to thinking like them. And of course they’ll manipulate stats and only tell the pro’s of gun control, never the cons.

        • “Well, that’s not applicable, since we don’t have slaves any more, right?”

          WE don’t but whether or not government is setting up its own plantation is certainly debatable. 😉

        • Well, that’s obvious to those who are aware. I wonder if the Obammunists will ever figure out that he’s the incarnation of the worst of Simon Legree and Uncle Tom wrapped into the most egregious Double-Stuf Oreo Cookie™ in history.

        • @Rich Grise: I kind of figured that we saw pretty much eye-to-eye on the government and servitude correlation. All though the current administration (the last one was pretty bad too) appears to me as escalating the power grab to perhaps the greatest degree ever in the modern history of our nation; that’s the eventual nature of all government. In that thinking, we likely agree as well. 🙂


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