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Boonville, Missouri–based CMMG Inc. has released and is shipping its 10mm Banshee semi-auto pistols and short-barrel rifles with its radial delayed blowback operating system and last-round bolt hold open feature.

CMMG’s patent-pending radial delayed blowback operating system incorporates a mechanical delay that forces the bolt to rotate, momentarily slowing the bolt carrier group, which allows chamber pressures to fall before cycling.

This mechanical delay allows for reliable function with a variety of ammunition and removes the need for a heavy bolt, buffer and spring typically required in direct blowback systems.

The manufacturer claims the radial delayed blowback design cuts felt recoil, produces cleaner function, and reduces bolt velocity, allowing for faster follow-up shots.

“From the moment we first introduced the Radial Delayed Blowback operating system back in 2017, our customers have repeatedly requested that we use this innovative system to chamber 10mm,” said Chris Reinkemeyer, CEO/CFO at CMMG. Not only do our 10mm offerings work with the wide range of ammunition available today, they also tame the felt recoil by a significant margin.”

CMMG developed a unique bolt catch linkage system (U.S. Pat. No. 9952011) to allow the last-round bolt hold open feature to be compatible with the 10mm and other pistol cartridges. This feature provides familiarity for AR users while changing magazines for faster reloads.

The 10mm will be offered with an 8-inch barrel, starting at 5 pounds 9 ounces (unloaded) and an overall length of 24.3 inches. One 30-round factory SGM TACTICAL 10mm magazine (GLOCK®compatible) ships with the firearm where allowed. To maximize performance and reduce recoil for the varying power levels of 10mm ammunition, the BANSHEE 10mm (Mk10) ships with an H3 buffer pre-installed and an additional standard carbine in the box.

Mk10 Description


Series MSRP
BANSHEE 100 Pistol $1,299.95
BANSHEE 100 SBR $1,349.95
BANSHEE 200 Pistol $1,449.95
BANSHEE 200 SBR $1,449.95
BANSHEE 300 Pistol $1,649.95
BANSHEE 300 SBR $1,649.95

Jeff Cooper developed the 10mm in 1983. The original 10mm produced more than 600 pounds of energy while pushing a 170-grain hollow point at 1300 feet per second.


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  1. Come on CMMG, make a carbine version for crying out loud! Could have been one of my Christmas presents.

    • I was thinking the same. Why is it that no one (else) seems to make a semi-auto carbine with 16-inch barrel chambered in 10mm Auto?

      And why can’t they make it fairly light weight? I am having a hard time understanding why it would weigh much more than 4 pounds.

      Yes, I know that Hi-Point makes a carbine in 10mm Auto. I would like an option from a different company. (Or I would like Hi-Point to make a 10mm Auto carbine that takes 20+ round magazines and weighs less than 5 pounds.)

      • I have been contemplating building one on a Quarter Circle 10 upper and lower just to be able to get what I’m looking for.

          • 16″ barrel of course, 15″ BCM mlok handguard, most likely Geissele Hi-Speed National Match trigger (because I already have 4 of them and regard it as one of the best triggers on the market). Bolt would most likely come from Quarter Circle 10. If the Geissele Super 42 spring and buffer with 3 tungsten weights will work that’s what I would prefer (currently running three of them), Magpul ACS-L stock and MOE grip. Haven’t decided on muzzle device. That’s the gist of it. No idea on optics or just open sights, most likely both.

        • Holy bankruptcy Batman! The pistol caliber components that I briefly viewed at Quarter Circle 10 are not priced for the faint of heart.

          I also did not see anything in 10mm. They had .40 S&W. While a .40 S&W bolt should handle 10mm Auto just fine, a barrel that is chambered for .40 S&W will not handle 10mm Auto cartridges. Not sure what you would do for a barrel.

          • No they are not priced lightly but they are highly regarded as legit receivers for PCC’s. Check out receiver sets and scroll to the bottom and click 45 ACP as a filter. This should bring up their rear charging and side charging receiver sets that are suitable for both 45 acp and 10mm. My understanding is the 40 S&W bolt is suitable for 10mm. I haven’t looked at their barrels lately. At one time they had 10mm barrels. Something I would like see is a receiver set that would accept 10mm MP5 mags. Quarter Circle 10 has a receiver set for 9mm the accepts 9mm MP5 mags.

  2. I can build 3 9mm carbines for that much money. CMMG always seems to be expensive. There prices on 22lr uppers and barrels are alot more than other companies.

  3. I like this. A bit pricey, but if I had the money to dump into it as a my-new-favorite trunk gun, this might be it.

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