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The city of Chicago has been dragged kicking and screaming into compliance with the US Constitution over the last few years. First their unconstitutional gun control scheme was struck down, then they were forced to accept concealed carry. In response, Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel has reportedly started plotting a way to enact yet more restrictions on firearms ownership in the City of Big Shoulders. Specifically, Rahm is reportedly about to introduce 72-hour waiting periods for handguns, required quarterly reviews of all gun store records, and that every firearms sale in the city be recorded on video tape. “To discourage traffickers,” he says.

From the Chciago Tribune:

Under a plan Emanuel is preparing to introduce, gun dealers would videotape the sales “to discourage traffickers and buyers who use false identification,” according to a report from the city detailing the specifics of the ordinance.

In addition, the proposal would require a 72-hour waiting period for purchasing handguns and 24 hours for rifles and shotguns.  A dealer would be able to sell only one handgun per month per buyer, and the store records would be subject to quarterly audits to discourage trafficking.

If a business license is revoked for failing to follow the law, “former key employees and managers cannot reopen immediately in the same location.” 

The reason for the renewed interest in gun control laws isn’t just to satisfy his need for total control over his subjects, there’s a political side, too. The Tribune attributes these latest machinations to the mayor’s growing unpopularity in some communities due to the continued violence in Chicago’s streets and Rahm’s apparent impotence in doing anything about it. The people are screaming for Emanuel to do something to make them safer, and instead of hiring more police officers or other effective crime prevention methods, his idea is to pass another gun control law.

Even the Tribune knows that it won’t work, though.

It’s unclear to what extant the rules would curb Chicago’s gun violence, since many of the weapons used in crimes find their way into the city from stores in the suburbs, in Indiana or in southern states.

The problem isn’t firearms. Yes, guns are used in the commission of these crimes, but guns are readily available anywhere in the United States and only Chicago is seeing this level of violence. This is a cultural issue, a self-sustaining boiling pot of violence isolated to specific areas in the city of Chicago. But as always, the Democratic mayor wants to treat the symptom instead of the disease.

It won’t work. He knows it and we know it. Crime will continue despite these new restrictions. All they will accomplish is discouraging law abiding citizens from arming themselves and keeping them from being able to defend themselves and their families in an increasingly violent city. A year from now, when Chicago is still bleeding, Rahm will again blame the guns and continue to ignore the real issues. It’s all he knows how to do.

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  1. “To discourage traffickers,” he says

    Hell if he wants to locate said traffickers he can look up his old buddy. The one who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC.

      • Well, as opposed to “de jure”–they aren’t going to officially call it a ‘registry”, but that’s what it will be in fact.

    • The problem isn’t firearms. Yes, guns are used in the commission of these crimes, but guns are readily available anywhere in the United States and only Chicago is seeing this level of violence. This is a cultural issue, a self-sustaining boiling pot of violence isolated to specific areas in the city of Chicago. But as always, the Democratic mayor wants to treat the symptom instead of the disease.

      • It’s Nixon’s war on drugs, on top of Anslingers Reefer Madness. It’s a reenactment of the Al Capones and Eliot Nesses of Prohibition I.

        End the insane war on drugs, and the violence will stopdrop to the level of ordinary everyday street muggings and robberies/burglaries that happen everywhere all of the time anyway. And of course, restoration of Constitutional Carry will Darwinize the thugs that don’t get the memo.

  2. “If a business license is revoked for failing to follow the law, “former key employees and managers cannot reopen immediately in the same location.”

    AKA the Red Jacket Clause


    • And I guarantee every gun shop that opens in Chicago, upon its first quarterly review, they will find SOME reason to pull their license and shut them down.
      Combine that with extensive restrictions on where they’re allowed to set up shop, and they’ll still be able to effectively ban gun sales inside Chicago.

  3. People deserve what they get. I have no sympathy for people who vote in a fascist, allow him to stay in office, and obey his illegal laws. Subjects of Chicago and other Constitution-free cesspools, you’re being raped, pillaged, and murdered because of your own doings. You reap what you sow, and you deserve it, until YOU decide enough is enough and grow a brain.

    • They didn’t call Nixon’s insane War on (some) Drugs down on themselves, and that’s at the root of most of the violence and increasing militarization of the police around the country.

      • Whatever its failings, the War on Drugs did not cause the people of Chicago to continuously vote the likes of Rahm Emanuel into office

        • No, of course not. But it is responsible for the violence, and he’s not doing anything to help the situation. At least with the RKBA, people can protect themselves from being collateral damage.

      • First, if that were true, then we’d see that level of drug-related violence throughout the country. Yet, there are plenty of places with far lower murder rates than anti-gun Chicago or even guns-everywhere Houston.

        But, hey, let’s assume you’re correct. Then any bills legalizing drugs should probably come with massive funding for community colleges, too. After all, if the drug trade is legalized, it will quickly conquered by professionally run corporations with sophisticated and efficient manufacturing and supply chain methodologies. Your basic street dealer, unable to compete, will no doubt retire from the business, renounce violence as the centerpiece of his career, and hightail it to the local community college for vocational training, right?

        Funny thing is, the arguments in favor of repealing Prohibition all sounded just like yours claimed all the violence cease if only the booze flowed freely and legally. How’d that work out? I know, I know, the government cracked down on drugs and created a new illicit market. Whatever……

        Face it, vicious thugs are never going to beat their gats into plowshares. They’re going to find some illegal activity they can profit from, or they’ll work some legal activity from an illegal angle and profit from that. All the while wielding violence as a competitive advantage. It never ends with legalization of anything.

        • “Your basic street dealer, unable to compete, will no doubt retire from the business, renounce violence as the centerpiece of his career, and hightail it to the local community college for vocational training, right?”

          You’re inverting the incentives.

          The typical incentive to enter the drug trades are the obscenely high profits relative to the risks. The typical incentive for a dealer to turn to violence is due to an utter lack of legal protections and contract enforcement. If the remaining illegal businesses are much higher risk or much lower profit then the incentive for violence is decreased.

        • No, I’m a libertarian. Why do you hate freedom? Are you one of the ones who counts the Bill of Rights 2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2?

          Or, a better question, exactly which Enumerated Power authorized the Congress to imprison people for smoking dried flowers?

        • Yeah, Rich, I have wondered about that for 30 years now. Prohibition at least required a constitutional amendment, the war on drugs only needed a presidential TV address. How did that work? Still, I think the way back remains the same, a constitutional amendment legalizing all drugs. Possession, purchase, sale, creation, use, everything protected by amendment.

    • My Daughter and family live there, an she is still puzzled on how he became Mayor. You all have to remember one thing. and I quote “These who cast the votes decide nothing. These who count the votes decide everything.” Joseph Stalin. You have to remember who owns the Company that tally’s the votes from our electronic voting machines, George Soros. Now tell me we are going to have a legitimate election.

  4. Hate to sound flippant by saying this, but anyone still living in Chicago deserves this kind of treatment from their “betters.”

    • People need to evacuate that city like Detroit. Let that King of Crisis Exploitation reign over hollowed out husk of a formerly great metropolis.

      • My first thought (apart from “Yeah, Rahm loves him some gun control”) was that this might be a screen. Concealed carry kicks in fully, crime rates go down. So the machine wants to make a big deal of getting some fresh laws on the books so they can claim victory when crime goes down due to the little people being allowed to defend themselves.

    • Exactly what I was going to say. Sadly, most Chicagoans have no idea what Illinois law already requires.

    • Yup…

      In other news, I got an email today from my local (R) State Rep warning of incoming minimum wage hike and soda tax. So yea, typical day in IL

    • Cali takes the lead with a 240 hour waiting period for both handguns and long guns.

  5. What big city mayor doesn’t point the finger to blame anything else for their own impotence or unwillingness to property allocate their police budgets? Chicago with Rahm, Milwaukee with Barrett, it’s the same “someone else needs to solve our violence problem” even though they sought out positions of leadership. Apparently, it’s all about collecting a fat paycheck and monster benes while doing little to no work, a glorified government welfare recipient.

  6. Illinois already had a 72 hr waiting period for handguns and 24 hr wait for long guns.

    Once again Chicago is going to make a law that is already in effect statewide (Chicago city council recently passed an anti “upskirt” photography law that has less of a penalty than the existing statewide law).

    As for the gun stores there are NONE in Chicago currently not even for LEOs.

    Rahm is just doing this for publicity IMHO.


    • Higher taxes, too. one must fund all of this theater.

      Maybe this is a ploy to prevent stores from setting up in the county by making it onerous to the proprieter and customer and more expensive?

      • That is exactly the point of this. Make it as difficult as possible to set up, and if you do manage to do it, shut you down at the first opportunity.

    • ok – so is this “new” chicago law now pre-empted in IL ? and hence, the penalties cannot be applied?

  7. “It’s unclear to what extant the rules would curb Chicago’s gun violence, since many of the weapons used in crimes find their way into the city from stores in the suburbs, in Indiana or in southern states.”

    Or they are STOLEN, or bought ILLEGALLY within city limits anyway. More of the “its not us, its the lax gun laws around us” bull from the more than equals running Chiraq.

    • No, they “find their way,” sort of like how a gun magically “goes off” or commits “gun violence.”

  8. It always annoys me when they talk about guns coming into Chicago (or New York City) from ‘out-of-state’, the ATF certainly has the information on how many of the traced guns were ‘stolen’, and probably has the information on how many of the guns were stolen in the same area where they were purchased, versus being stolen after the original owner had moved.

    Data in regards to this that I have been trying to find:

    How many firearms are stolen in Chicago, New York or other cities per year? That information appears to be completely unavailable.

    How many firearms that were ‘crime guns’ in Chicago, New York, etc and traced as originally being purchased ‘out-of-state’ were stolen? How many were stolen while still ‘out-of-state’? How many were stolen after the owner moved to Chicago or New York (or other cities).

    The information is simply not available. The closest I have been able to get is national information:

    An annual average of 232,400 firearms were stolen “during burglaries and other property crimes” from 2005 – 2010. This information was drawn from the National Crime Victimization Survey.

    “On average, firearms were stolen in an annual average of about 4% of
    the 2.4 million burglaries occurring each year, in 2% of the 529,200
    robberies, and in less than 1% of the 13.6 million other crimes involving
    theft from 2005 through 2010”

    Looking at Chicago; it has a population of about 2.7 million. Burglary rate is 1,755.9 per 100,000 so about 15,377 burglaries per year, 4% of that means in ‘approximately’ 615 of those burglaries, one or more firearms were stolen. But this is not a precise figure by any means because 4% is the national figure, it MIGHT be higher or lower in Chicago. We have no way of knowing because that actual number of firearms reported stolen is kept secret. The number would be an under-report in any case, although the BJS study says that the percentage of burglaries involving a firearm that are reported are higher than reports of burglaries in which there was no firearm stolen. But not by a large amount. Burglaries are reported to the police in the vast majority of cases.

    “At least one handgun was stolen in 63% of burglaries involving gun
    theft. In 19% of burglaries, a handgun was stolen along with another type of firearm. About 39% of burglaries involving gun theft resulted in the theft of multiple guns, compared to about 15% of other property crimes involving gun theft. An average of about three guns were stolen during burglaries involving the theft of multiple guns, and about two guns were stolen during other property crimes involving multiple gun thefts.”

    Again, general national data so we can apply it specifically to Chicago only with a grain of salt, but that would mean: 387 burglaries would have involved at least one handgun being stolen. 116 would have included a handgun being stolen along with another type of firearm. Since it states an average of three guns were stolen during burglaries involving multiple guns we can multiply the 116 by 3 and add the 387 to arrive at (very approximately) 735 guns being stolen in Chicago, per year.

    ATF says the average ‘time to crime’ for a gun is around 12 years and for Illinois it is 11.12 years (

    So, now we are getting super-approximate but, that would mean about 8,173 guns being ‘possibly stolen within Chicago’ during those 11.12 years. Yes, I know the assumptions are getting somewhat thin at this point, but we have no better data available.

    The number of ‘crime guns’ recovered and traced (successful or not) by the ATF in ALL of Illinois? 11,681.

    That means it is POSSIBLE that guns stolen in Chicago account for around 70% of ALL ‘crime guns’ recovered in all of Illinois.

    The problem is that in order to come to this conclusion we have to project a LOT of national statistics onto Chicago-specific statistics, and it really only leads us to a ‘possibility’ rather than a definite conclusion.

    The data PROBABLY exists to know the truth, but as far as I can tell it has not been made available to the public, and it SEEMS to me that it is being intentionally kept secret.

    I am not generally one for conspiracy theories either.

      • I would just love to see you try to explain it in fewer words without diminishing the content. Just because you have obviously shown yourself incapable of an attention longer than that of a common Goldfish, doesn’t mean it’s “bullshit”, either. Not to mention, in all likelihood, that it’s infinitely more informative than anything you could ever pull from your sweet cherry ass, too, cupcake.

        If you don’t want to take the time to read all of the factual information that’s out there, then there’s no way in Hell you’ll ever be able to put together an informed opinion on literally anything. But, that’s not even your purpose here, is it?

  9. +1John & Nukem. All this BS is in place at Chuck’s Gun Shop in Riverdale. Bought my first gun at Chuck’s and was told only one gun per month. I doubt there will EVER be a gun shop in Chicago. This is just bad theater from Rahm. Chuck’s gets a lot of abuse from Jesse Jackson & a##holes like Father Phleger. The gubmint too. They continue to do huge business. And they have no intention of moving.

  10. I asked a 25 year old woman in the office if she knew why everything consumable by humans had a seal that was tamper proof. She said “I don’t know. I never thought about it.”. I said it’s because in 1982 an idiot in Elk Grove Illinois thought it would be fun to buy Tylenol bottles, replace the capsule contents with Cyanide and put them back on store shelves.
    People are going to kill people no matter what you ban.

  11. Tiny is just paying lip service and wants to be seen as doing something, but everyone knows that these proposals will do jack.

    The goal of this crap is to make owning and operating a gun shop within the city limits so onerous and difficult that no one will bother. Of course, the more onerous it is the more likely it’ll be that more laws will be struck down and it’ll have the complete opposite affect – which of course would be hilarious.

    Illustrating Chicago Crime, Murder and Mayhem at

    • Well, at least they don’t have any Chick Fil-A’s in Chicago. That ought to make them feel better about themselves. Have to agree with Rahm, they sure don’t represent “Chicago values.” Thank goodness.

      • I eat at one about once month. Right on State Street. Seeing the long line there always puts a smile on my face.

      • Always gotta laugh at that classic leftist narcissism, thinking it’s an insult to tell someone that they don’t share their “values.” If someone told me I actually did share a leftist’s values, I’d consider it an insult.

        If a leftist hates you, you know you’re doing the right thing.

  12. Every meeting every Chicago elected official has should be A/V recorded to reduce bribery and corruption.

    • You might have a new econ development concept there. Think of the size server farm would have to construct to store all illegal data, the jobs you could create.

    • This. I’d be OK with the videotaping as long as:

      1. Rahm will agree to video tape every meeting he has with everyone. The video will be broadcast in real-time, let’s say on C-SPAN.

      2. Rahm will agree to video EVERY voter (and their vote cast) in every precinct in every election.

  13. Ok… Illinois already has a 72 hour wait on handguns and 24 hours on long guns. I’ve yet to see a gun shop without security camera’s – footage of which is easily subpoenaed. And FFL’s are already regularly audited.

    If he really wanted to do something about crime, he should hire the police chief from Detroit.

    • The audits in this case are A: to create a citywide registration and B: to look for an excuse to shut down any shop that manages to get started.

    • I highly doubt Chief Craig will want to rub Tiny Dancer’s feet and tell him his leotard makes IT look so much bigger like McStreetlight does

  14. Gene-there are already guns shops & ranges in Cook County,Illinois. Just NONE in the city of Chicago. Nothing will change.

  15. Sad to say, but the only way Chicago and places like it can curb this problem, is to go in with the National Guard the same way that Boston/Watertown did after the marathon bombings, and ice any person on the street with their pants hung low enough to leave their underwear visible – plumbers exempted.

  16. I predict a surge in Guy Fawkes masks – or maybe even rentals at the gun store. “Here, put on this mask and look into the video camera.”

  17. Cold as this is, I have very little sympathy for the good folks of Chicago. At the end of the day, they voted for the anti gun idiots. Reap what you sow. Elected politicians say a lot about a community. The people of Chicago want gun control, plain and simple, despite the painfully obvious fact that all it has done is made their city less safe. And most of them are still saying that more gun control is somehow the answer.

    • the chicago individuals whom you might see eye to eye with do not seek your sympathy.

  18. I’m sick to death of “lets do something, ANYTHING” The problem, as we all well know, ANYTHING doesn’t work, because ANYTHING never addresses the problem. Then it’s more anythings and more anythings and then the gun grabbers who are spoon feeding us Sugar Frosted Anythings for breakfast, wonder why us ” us gun nuts” are telling them to eat shit!
    It’s because we are not going to eat continuous nothings for breakfast while they try to tell us that “we’ll like it and it’s and it’s good for us.

  19. Rahm Emanuel is a great example of the difference between a leader and a bully.

  20. Wow. I guess that’s code for tax-increase to cover the cost for all the surveillance gear posted at every back alley and crack house where the problem-guns are sold.

    I’m almost convinced that Rahm Emmanual and his cronies are working for Rick Perry and Greg Abbott. /sarc

  21. Thank God. THIS will finally stem the violence. All the gun control laws before just made it worse, but THIS one will fix it all.

  22. Ramrod just won’t get it. Chicago’s political machine has not and will not learn until they are ousted from their offices.

  23. Chicago is a lost cause.No matter what you do the stupid librals don t get it Period .They want only gangs to have guns and you are supposed to carry “mug” money so when you get robbed you might be able to buy your life! Stupid ignorant politicians and cops”just get killed til we get there ma’am!”

  24. This is just more smoke and mirrors by the self-anointed savior of Chicago. The city has so many problems that escape the news because he keeps diverting the sycophantic media with garbage like this, throwing the focus off of his mismanagement and cronyism. Most of the so-called journalists in this country today are pathetic wannabe celebrities, not journalists.

  25. The shop’s bound book is a Federal record. Can the Chi PD legally demand to see it?

  26. The problem is not the guns! They have some of the strictest gun laws yet they have the highest amount of crime…. Why don’t you let the good guys have guns to protect themselves. If criminals know that the law abiding citizen they are about to rob could have a gun they might rethink what they were about to just do. Let criminals be afraid that a lot of people are carrying guns and I can promise that the crime rates will go down!

  27. I think that the idea about video taping is a pretty neat idea. As a matter of fact, I think it’d be a great way to fight corruption not just for individuals and dealers during firearms transactions, but as a way to battle corruption among city officials and companies/donors/interest groups when they transact city business or political business. Whenever anyone from city hall has a meeting or a phone call or exchages email with anyone I think it’d be great if it were both streamed live and archived for all time. They’re really on to something, maybe it could go all the way up to national government business.

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