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It looks like our Dear Leader may be one step closer to once again owning a Caracal pistol, as the company is set to expand its operations in the US. Their office in Boise will contain 2,679 square feet of sales, marketing, and warehouse space. The company will be in good company there in the Boise area — Idaho in general, actually — surrounded by many other gun, gear, and ammunition manufacturers. Caracal’s press release follows . . .

Caracal Opens U.S. Offices For North American Sales And Marketing Operations

BOISE, ID – Caracal today announced that it has established offices in Boise, Idaho for its North American sales, marketing and business operations in a move designed to better serve customers and position Caracal for long-term growth in the United States firearms industry. Caracal USA offices are located at 6051 West Corporal Lane in Boise, Idaho 83704. The facility will provide Caracal USA with 2,679 square feet of combined office and warehouse space.

President of Caracal USA Christopher Sirois said “This is history in the making.” In January Caracal announced a partnership with Wilcox Industries in Newington, New Hampshire to manufacture Caracal products for the first time in the United States.

“The opening of Caracal USA offices in Idaho further signifies Caracal’s commitment to provide products and services to customers in the United States and demonstrates our considerable progress to date,” said Director of Marketing Jae Gillentine.

“With offices up and running at the New Hampshire manufacturing facility and now with the Boise, Idaho operations office, Caracal is centralized to both our materials and suppliers for manufacturing, and our customers for after sale care and support. We are pleased to be able to offer a true product support mechanism to the U.S. market,” said Caracal USA Vice President of Operations Jeffrey Spalding.

Gun related industries are thriving in Idaho, which reportedly hosts at least 180 firearms and ammunition makers. In 2015, USA Today ranked the City of Meridian, located just outside of Boise, as the best city in the United States to live in.


Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Caracal International is the region’s leading OEM small arms producer.

Caracal USA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Caracal International and the exclusive importer and manufacturer of Caracal products in the United States.

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  1. Should we be spending any money in the middle east? It troubles me to buy something from Turkey or Dubai, or any of those places. My business travels told me that the disgust these people have for Americans, or any non-Muslims, is so far worse than any of the news outlets admits.

    • I have the same misgivings; particularly with what’s happening in Turkey these days. I wouldn’t buy a Canick, Stoeger or Zenith firearm. And, I’d have to think long and hard before buying a Caracal. I prefer to support businesses that agree with my political and world views.

  2. 2,700 (approx) sq. feet of space is the size of a decent single-family home.

    Now, they’re not doing any manufacturing there that I’m aware of, just warranty work, for all-up warehouse and administrative space, that’s not a lot.

    Their location in Idaho’s ‘Gun Forest’ (a play on the N.E. ‘Gun Valley’) really only helps with staffing, doesn’t it?

    EDIT – OK, It likely *really* helps with taxes…

    • In the middle of the press release they mention that partnership for manufacturing that will happen in NH. Looks like, yeah, ID will house Caracal USA HQ and sales/CS personnel. You can store a lot of firearms in half that square footage if done right, but it’s a bit cramped as a warehouse & distribution center if that’s the goal there.

  3. Out of curiosity…why is this polymer pistol the bees knees vs Glock or any other polymer pistol?

  4. People probably like the low bore axis and ergonomic grip…looks more comfortable than a glock.

  5. That’s a pretty small building for all of that.
    Hope they are on the right track.

  6. I may have to try one of these, based on RF’s utter smitteness with the Caracal. Not in California, though, as I don’t think they let you off any longer if things aren’t just right legally.

    • So, it’s just not physically possible for you to post a single comment without an oblique reference to the one time a California cop let you go with a warning for illegally carrying a gun? That’s like four or five I’ve seen just today.

  7. Doubt that I’d buy one, since my G19 and I are old, familiar friends after 25 years.
    But primarily, I’m almost certain that any of my money spent on a Caracal will go support radical Wahabist madrassas around the world, dedicated to killing me and my family and wiping out my culture.
    No thanks.

  8. I’ve always said Robert should have kept his Caracal as long as it kept working properly. IF Caracal succeeds in re-establishing itself in the US then maybe it might be worth considering sending it in. But even then I’d be mighty reluctant to do so if I knew it wasn’t coming back.


    • I’d consider it a liability issue. Keeping and using a gun that was recalled specifically for safety problems? Seems like a good way to be on the wrong end of a losing lawsuit.

      • I agree, but it’s more than just a liability problem.

        The Caracals were recalled because of drop-safe issues and also slide breakage when firing.

        As far as being drop-safe is concerned, the only way to make sure that the pistol was working properly would be to drop it and hope it didn’t go off. Not a good idea.

        Having the slide “break apart” (that’s Caracal’s actual language) at the range might be injurious, but having it break apart during a self-defense situation might be deadly.

        • I had forgotten that slide fractures were one of the reasons for the recall. I also meant to say that IMO he should have kept it but not fired it. But only because he (presumably) could afford to take the financial loss. In any case….I stand corrected. Would somebody kindly pass the plate of shoe leather? I need to chew on a piece for a while 🙂


  9. Huh, I wonder if they’re hiring…

    That address is like 500 yards from where I went to junior high (Which was bulldozed several years ago for being a crummy old building)

  10. I’d buy it. Not worried about being Arab either. Got my eye on some Turkish delights too. The whole world hates us and wants to kill us. And I don’t think any country is worse than China(phone,TV and every appliance). Buy it RF!

  11. I lived in the Middle East for 9 years, I wouldn’t buy anything made there, least of all something that can seriously injure or kill you if manufactured wrong. Everything there and I mean everything built there is built with unskilled slave labor from the Indian subcontinent. They could probably hire skilled gunsmiths from India but they would expect a fair wage and to be treated like a human. Instead they will indenture some guy who knows a little about not much and declare him a “gunsmith”

    I wouldn’t fire one of those with someone elses hands.

  12. I don’t understand the fascination with this company’s pistol. I really don’t. And the type and severity of the problems with their last model would certainly discourage me from looking at any current of future products. The kicker is that the money spent on these goes to a region of the world that absolutely hates the USA and all it stands for (except our money)

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