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They screeched about shootouts in classrooms. They claimed their students cried at the thought of people with guns in lecture halls. “It’ll chill free speech!” they predicted, if the state allowed licensed students to carry guns on campus. They even sued to try to block the law.

And now, after two years of uneventful campus carry, three University of Texas-Austin professors have nothing to say about it.

It’s true. Instead of admitting that none of their their dire predictions have come to pass, three special snowflake educators are refusing to even talk about it. Professors Lisa Moore, Jennifer Glass and Mia Carter of UT-Austin stayed stum when asked about two years of campus carry, not to mention the conspicuous lack of blood on campus, stifled speech or blubbering students.

The Campus Fix reported on the profs’ reticence:

Professors who previously sued their university claiming campus concealed carry would have a chilling effect on free speech there will not comment on the effect that guns have had on campus life since the policy was instated.

Lisa Moore, Jennifer Glass and Mia Carter, three University of Texas at Austin professors, filed a lawsuit against the university in 2016 seeking to overturn the state’s campus carry law that permitted individuals to carry concealed weapons into public university buildings. The professors claimed the possibility of a gun being in their classrooms would violate their First Amendment rights, including that of academic freedom.

A district court eventually tossed out the lawsuit, with the judge asserting that the plaintiffs “[did] not specify a subject matter or point of view they feel they must eschew as a result of the Campus Carry Law and Campus Carry Policy, or point to a specific harm they have suffered or will suffer as a result of the law and policy.”

It could be worse. The three could be like the global warming acolytes who continually parrot their doomsday, sky-is-falling warnings even after their earlier predictions failed to pan out.

Though the professors predicted disastrous results from the campus concealed carry law, they were unwilling to speak about its effects on their campus.

Mia Carter did not respond to multiple requests for comment via email. Reached via email, Lisa Moore said: “I’m not able to help, I’m sorry,” without giving further explanation.

Asked about her experiences on the school’s campus over the past year, Jennifer Glass told The Fix that she had not done any undergraduate teaching this past year and was thus not able to comment. Glass did not answer followup questions regarding the campus climate and whether or not guns had had any effect on it over the past few years, inside or outside the classroom.

Three years ago, Professor Glass was a whole lot chattier about the prospect of licensed carry on the UT campus. She offered these remarks to the UK Telegraph:

‘We don’t know how many people will not apply for jobs here because of this,’ Glass says. ‘We don’t know how many students were admitted and won’t come because their parents are afraid to send them here. UT is a prominent, high-level, research-intensive university. These are very difficult to build and exceedingly easy to destroy.’

Professor Moore said some of her students began to bawl at the thought of someone with a gun sitting in the same very room with them. Because, you know, those guns might “go off.” All by themselves.

Again, from the UK Telegraph:

‘My students were looking at me with saucer eyes,’ Moore recalls. ‘Three of them started to cry. They all had questions. The awareness that that day in that class there may be someone who had a handgun sitting in the room with them was incredibly distracting. We didn’t talk much about Jane Austen that day.’

Despite the dark prognostications, though, the sky didn’t fall in Texas after the legislature allowed card-carrying good boys and girls to carry on the state’s campuses. Just as it continues not to fall in the other states that have allowed students to carry in their schools.

A dozen states permit concealed carry on campuses for students, but sadly they remain a minority. This is, in part, due to the Chicken Little predictions by those like Professors Moore, Glass and Carter who don’t vigorously support everyone’s right to self-defense. And don’t would rather spread fear than facts.

Each year, more states move to approve campus carry for students and staff.

Faster please.

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  1. Libtards will never have anything to say when their predictions prove to be lies. If they didn’t lie they would have nothing to say.

    What I would like to know is how many students didn’t sign up for the snowflake’s classes when they found out that the instructor was a libtard?

    • Drip, drip, drip. Hear the Libtards arguments melting in the light of reality. Apparently, these Libtard profs continue to remain delusional about gun violence. To the drips I say, “HA! HA! HA!

  2. Claimed it would cripple free speech… but they refuse to comment on nothing happening out of the ordinary.

    LOL. Can’t make that shit up. At least one idiot professor would’ve been expected to come up with non existent issues and how his/her performance and ability to teach has been hindered by the thought of random students abiding by the law…

    “MuH fRee sPEecH” – liberals
    “Do you have a comment?” – media
    “…” – liberals

  3. Funny how those in the ivory towers of higher learning have no problem chilling free speech when it contradicts their diatribe. They predicted the same thing Florida decades ago when “shall issue” became law. The streets will run with blood they said. We still wait with baited breath as the crickets chirp.

    • Look at what happens to any conservative comment. The commenter will be blacklisted from the campus. But speech promoting socialism and Che Guevaras place as a pop culture icon will be packed to the rafters.

    • I’m in full support of denying dangerous weapons to dangerous, mentally ill individuals I suggest starting with duct taping Liberal academics’ mouths.

  4. The Totalitarian Professors were unable to force their will on free students,a win win for freedom and liberty.

  5. The learned “professors” with no real world experience have been schooled the last two years and are not pleased by experience. Having been dethroned from their near god-like position on campus and then their predictions failing they are left with nothing but embarrassment, serves them right.

      • “No, no, no…. you have it all wrong. The Ministry of Truth isn’t a consequence, it’s a feature!”
        – Professors Moore, Glass and Carter

  6. My daughter dropped out of community college mid-way through the first semester. She could not abide the thought control. She was pummelled on a essay in which she said that men’s and women’s brains have developed differently because their bodies have differing biological and social purposes. She is usually an ‘A’ student, but received a ‘D’ on that essay.

    Just one example of the propaganda and mind control in public education.

    Now, she is in another University, and doing quite well.

    • She could try to become a fiction author, and work on convincingly peddling bull $#!+. She can take the course and tell them what they want to hear. The higher the grade, the more convincing the fiction…… or is it the other way around?

  7. “Somehow, “I told you so…” just doesn’t quite say it!” -Will Smith in “I, Robot”

  8. Guess they were right, it hurt free speech. Now after 2 yrs of campus carry the left is afraid to admit the Right was Right Again….Bah Ha Ha

  9. Now that the ” blood in the streets ” myth has proven false with carry license, open carry, campus carry lets proceed to constitutional carry in all 50 states.

  10. “An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life.” (Heinlein)

  11. Im going to assume that whatever liberal arts these professors purport to teach don’t spend much time explaining the concepts behind Bayesian probability. Just a hunch…

  12. They’re just ticked that they can’t give reality a failing grade for not conforming to a preferred political position.

  13. Not only were their ignorant prejudices unfounded, they went to court in an attempt to enforce their prejudice upon others.

  14. What I want to know is; If UT Austin is “research intensive”, what kind of “research”?
    The one proff said “we couldn’t talk about Jane Austen”?
    WTF kind of “research intensive” crap is that?
    Research intensive makes me think of rocket science, not Jane Austen.
    PS Glad she/it got her panties twisted!
    Jane Austen????

    • None of the three are what I would call a rocket scientist. In fact, the hard sciences are clearly way too hard for them, I would just as soon they decamp to Jane Austin land and STFU.

      • It’s often seen how Humanities faculties fight tooth-and-nail to keep their positions on the boards. If the don’t they will be seen as the useless and unproductive section they really are.

        The only contribution Humanities departments really do is increasing student’s academic debt for no actual benefit.

  15. No bad events is good. I would like to know if campus crime statistics (you know, rape, assault, the reasons people would want to carry in the first place) are any different. When I want to rape a coed, I chose a campus other than UT Austin. My daughter goes there. She has not seen any problems. She is only 19 so she can’t have a gun. God help the guy who tries to assault her should that ever happen. Did anyone know that my favorite movie is Law Abiding Citizen ?

  16. I’m surprised their enrollment didn’t go down. The professors, who know the students best, were essentially saying that the their 21 year old and older students are lacking in maturity and have inferior emotional and mental capacity compared to people of the same age in the general population. They were so worried about it that they were literally protesting in the streets and even sued to prevent it. Why would anyone want to go to a school like that where the students are inferior to the general population?

  17. Lisa Moore is Professor of English and Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies. Jennifer Blass is Professor of Liberal Arts. Mia Carter is Associate Professor of English. Not a STEM professor in the bunch.

    U of T Austin is a good, hard sciences, research university. Unfortunately, they also have their share of fruitcakes in the fuzzy studies departments. (The same is true at U of Nebraska Lincoln. Our fruitcakes also are in the English department.)

    I doubt that any of them would want me in a class, gun or no gun. “Look around the classroom. Which of your classmates could you fight off if they chose to attack? Better not annoy the others. Whether or not they have guns, what happens to you is up to them, not you. The only way to affect that is to have a gun of your own.”

  18. You know what does chill free speech on campus? A bunch of stick and spray toting masked left wing hooligans. Care to comment professors?

  19. I’m out of college now, but when campus carry came into effect, I carried every day because I could, and no one knew out side of a small circle of trust I had with my friends, most of whom were also carrying. I existed mostly in the engineering campus and let me tell you that building (while I was there) was probably one of the most well defended in the country. Just among my friends I knew of half a dozen people carrying, and once overheard someone at the next table talking about how they had their. “LTC” and “CCW”. Even one of the building faculty had a fullsize Colt 1911 hidden on his person at all times. He’s an old Vietnam vet and he trusted me and my friends enough to tell us.

    I had to learn to deal with the initial anxiety of “did they notice the obvious bulge under my shirt?” No one ever did, even on one occasion where I sat down on those hard plastic chairs and the slide and grip make an earth-shattering “THOMP” sound against the seat. A few people turned to see what the sound was, but no one thought anything of it when they saw my sheepish grin. The other big challenge I had to overcome was wearing my pistol so that my backpack didn’t ride uncomfortably on the grip. I normally carried at the 4 or 5-o’clock position with my IWB kingtuk holster, I eventually switch to Galco crossbreed appendix carry rig and a Shield.

    I miss being able to carry a gun everywhere. These days I work on a very secure military base, where security has the right to search my person or car at any time. Since it’s Federal land, you arent allowed to keep a gun in your car in the parking lot. But I try to carry on the weekends.

  20. The Campus Fix article just scratches the surface.

    The one they need to call for comment is the ultimate UT professorial keyboard commando/coward, Jorge Cañizares-Esguerra. Remember him?


    He posted a completely ridiculous manifesto proclaiming that campus carry was inherently racist, and that he would defy it and sue to stop it on those grounds. After this attracted all kinds of derision (including some not-so-veiled threats from Gov. Abbott and various legislators against any state employee who violated the law), the manifesto was quickly memory holed, and his threat to sue came to nothing.

    And after his attempt to spam the entire UT faculty with his BS spectacularly backfired on him (inter alia, one irritated UT faculty recipient of his spam passed it along to TTAG, and the resulting TTAG post caused it to go viral), he’s pretty much gone radio silent on campus carry. “Brave Sir Robin ran away . . . .”

    Another brave one to check in on would be Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg, who proclaimed that he would ban CC in his UT classes and take the legal heat for doing so:


    Since CC was implemented, however, his promised bans never materialized. Methinks he may have gotten a little talk from the admin about how his doing so might hurt UT’s efforts to maintain funding with the state legislature, not to mention get him in all sorts of legal trouble. “When danger reared it’s ugly head, he bravely turned his tail and ran.”

    And has CC *really* hurt UT’s recruiting efforts? Given the dearth of tenure track positions available nationwide (especially in the fields where most of the loudest critics of CC are), nope — the glut of PhD’s in the market is going to make any open UT professorial slot highly sought after. (And if there actually have been any prospective faculty members who shyed away from a plum position at UT because of the campus carry bogeyman, I daresay such people are no great loss to UT.)

    So, like so many SJW enterprises, the brave posturing of the UT anti-CC SJW crowd has turned out to be just that — posturing.

    • ““When danger reared it’s ugly head,
      he bravely turned his tail and fled.
      Oooooh… the brave Sir Robin…”
      FIFY. Sorry about that. Favorite films and all…
      Saw it 17 times, so far… If you want to know how long I’ve been around, I have a copy on RCA’s CED format, if anyone even remembers what that was any more.

      • “I don’t wanna talk to you no more, you empty-headed animal food trough wiper. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries.” 😉

  21. I had a nephew who graduated West Point (in Engineering, no less) served 2 tours in Iraq and 2 tours in Afghanistan who went to UT Austin to get his Master’s. Had to wear his uniform one day and caught hell form the libtards 4 it.
    One messed up place is the nicest I can say about that!

  22. The progressives are working with a psychiatrist at this very moment to send their next mind controlled robot into some Texas university to play shoot em up .
    Lest we gloat to much on the truth about people with guns .
    Remember , most of these mass shootings happen an opportune times by deranged people who have been at some point monitored by a psychiatrist and often medicated .
    How many psychiatrist in America do ya think are progressive anti gun liberals ?
    Just wondering out loud .

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