What Is A ‘California-Legal’ AR-15?

A California-compliant featureless AR-15 rifle courtesy FN America

A few people are rumored to actually enjoy shooting and firearms in the state of California. Many of those wonder just what a California-legal AR-15 is. Additionally, some people end up having to move to California, for whatever reason, and wonder if they can take their tacticool paper puncher with them.

Before we get started, let’s stipulate that we aren’t lawyers here and this isn’t legal advice. If you need legal advice, consult an attorney. California’s gun laws can be read in all their glory by visiting CA’s Bureau of Firearms website.

WARNING: This article can expose you to information. Information is known in the state of California to cause cancer.

So, let’s get into what makes AR-15 rifles (or as most of the locals there say, “assault rifles”) legal in the nanny state of California. The Golden State is inimical to gun rights and “allowing” its citizens to have firearms with features that Sacramento has determined are noxious. Anything that’s fun in any way, shape, or form is basically illegal in California.

California mandates that all semi-automatic rifles be “featureless,” meaning that they must lack any features deemed to be “dangerous” by the state. Such features generally make the rifle easy to manipulate and shoot or more concealable. Or what-have-you. This applies just as much to AK-47-pattern rifles or any other semi-auto rifle platform as well as the AR-15 family.

California legal AK 47

California compliant C39v2 by Century Arms. Credit: CenturyArms.com

It used to be that California allowed people to register a non-compliant (but otherwise legal) AR-15 as an “assault weapon,” but that loophole was closed in 2018. There are some options here, but the gist is that you need to have a California-legal AR-15 or live elsewhere.

What features must be absent for a rifle to be deemed featureless?

Rifles in California must have a fixed stock. Folding stocks or telescoping stocks are apparently dangerous. (No AR pistol for you, come back 1 year! Actually, don’t; gun laws in CA only get more restrictive.) Granted, this part is easy; if you pin a telescoping stock, that makes the stock California-compliant.

A thumbhole stock is also verboten, so no-go there.

A featureless rifle cannot have a pistol grip. The reason for this is anyone’s guess. California-legal AR-15 rifles usually have a stock with extra material added to them so the pistol grip is joined to the stock (see the FN rifle at the top) or is extended enough to prevent the shooter from wrapping their thumb around it. No forward pistol grip may be installed, either as that’s somehow a threat, too.

The rifle’s magazine cannot hold more than 10 rounds. Anything more and it’s considered a high capacity magazine.

The rifle may not have a flash suppressor. A muzzle brake is okay, but flash suppressors are beyond the pale. Grenade launcher and flare launcher attachments are also strictly verboten.

EDIT: Apparently I missed a key distinction about the magazine system. This is my fault, and I apologize. I like to jokingly say that I promise to feel bad about nasty things the comments section says, but this time I actually do. (About the mistake, anyway, not the nasty things people say. If you need catharsis by saying awful things about people on the internet, go right on ahead.) This was a blunder on my part, and I’m sorry about that. Mea Culpa

California law requires any rifle registered as an “assault rifle” to have a fixed magazine. Prior to 2018, you could get away with a magazine release that required more than a finger to actuate; magazine release buttons (aka “bullet buttons“) that could be actuated by pressing them with an appropriately sized/shaped object (like a bullet, hence the name) would qualify, but that’s yesterday’s news. Instead, the magazine must be fixed and integral to the firearm’s action.

AR Maglock kit

AR Maglock installed. Credit: ARMaglock.com

The firearm’s action must be opened for the magazine to be released and reloaded by opening the upper and lower.

Currently, California’s “high-capacity” magazine ban is in flux due to court actions, but given the Ninth Circuit’s propensity to err on the side of gun control, a 10-round magazine restriction is likely to stay for the time being.

If a rifle is converted to or comes from the factory as a featureless rifle, detachable magazines are acceptable to use. You do not need to fix the magazine UNLESS you convert what would otherwise be considered an “assault rifle” to avoid having to surrender it.

AR Maglock kit

AR Maglock kit components. Credit: ARMaglock.com

You can buy a rifle that’s made with this feature, or purchase a kit to either install yourself or have installed by a gunsmith. The systems made by AR Maglock (pictured) are popular for this purpose.

Now, a number of companies sell California-legal AR-15s, so anyone who lives in that state who wants one can (still, for now) buy one if they so chose. Additionally, a number of companies will convert a standard AR-15 to a featureless rifle.

What if I’m moving to California, you ask?

It’s basically like what Charlemagne told the Saxons: Convert or die. (Well maybe not die. Go to jail is more like it.)

Previously, non-compliant AR-15 rifles could be registered as an assault weapon, but that loophole closed as of July 1, 2018. You can surrender your rifle or convert it to a featureless rifle.

Thorsden FRS stock

A CA-compliant Thordsen FRS stock. Credit: Thordsen.com

The good news is conversion is rather simple. A few different companies make a magazine locking device that will satisfy the state’s requirements (check to make sure they are compliant, as not all of them are) and a California-compliant stock such as a Thordsen FRS or Hera CQR California-Compliant stock can easily be attached. Taking off a forward pistol grip is easy enough, as is removing a flash suppressor and – if desired – installing a muzzle brake.

DIY enthusiasts who feel up to it, according to Caligunner, can also convert the magazine lock with a few simple tools. You simply remove the bolt catch from the lower receiver and take out the magazine release.

You then tap the magazine release button hole with a 6-32 drill and tap set to enlarge and thread the hole. After you insert the 10-round magazine of your choice, replace the magazine catch, then insert and tighten down a ⅜” set screw. This fixes the magazine in place. Replace the bolt catch, and re-attach the upper receiver to the lower. Prior to 2018, you could have installed a “bullet button” device requiring a tool to drop the magazine, but the sun has set on that provision.

The way the wind’s blowing, this isn’t likely to be the last anti-AR-15 legislation passed in California. However, as of 2019, buying a California-legal AR-15 or converting one to a featureless rifle are pretty much your only options. Good luck.


  1. avatar Rick the Bear says:

    “What Is A ‘California-Legal’ AR-15?”

    A stick with a rounded end.

    1. avatar OmnivorousBeorn says:

      Didn’t see your answer, but I think you’re right and a muzzleloader is way too much.

    2. avatar binder says:

      Honestly, a M1a / M14. If they are going to limit you to 10 rounfs, make them big ones, not poodle poppers.

    3. avatar What about...? says:

      According to WA I-1639, “CA legal AR-15s” are now “assault rifles.” In WA State ALL semiautomatics regardless of features, capacity, ability to accept detachable magazines or not, of all calibers (including .22 rimfire) are now defined as “assault rifles.” The 2019 WA legislature is considering multiple bills that will BAN all newly defined “assault rifles” by the end of May 2019 in WA.

      1. avatar Carlos Danger says:

        It will pass. Seattle liberal high population density will force it’s will on the rest of the state. There will then be a lawsuit in the 9th circuit where they’ll rule in favor of the ban. Only hope for WA is SCOTUS taking the case and giving Heller’s “in common use” some teeth.

        WA is about to fall, NV just fell and CA is a lost cause. I see OR next to fall and maybe NM can hold them off for another election cycle.

    4. avatar Jason says:

      That made me chuckle.

      FWIW, this article is full of complete bullshit:

      “California mandates that all semi-automatic rifles be “featureless,” -FALSE

      Rifles can have features so long as the magazine is “fixed”.

      “It used to be that California allowed people to register a non-compliant (but otherwise legal) AR-15 as an “assault weapon,” but that loophole was closed in 2018.” – FALSE

      That ended in the Clinton assault weapons ban of the 90’s

      “A featureless rifle cannot have a magazine that can be inserted or removed; it must be fixed.” – FALSE

      A featureless rifle can run any magazine that you legally own

      Seriously, this article is complete garbage written by someone that doesn’t know anything about what is actually going on in CA. FUD, FUD, and more FUD.

      Google is your friend. Use it!

        1. avatar red_dirt says:

          Thank you for the clarification! So much FUD. Featurless does not require a fixed magazine. I run a Compmag fixed mag on one of my ar’s which still full featured otherwise and the rest are featureless. Standard capacity mags are legal as long as they were acquired before 2000. Shotguns and the SKS cannot have a removable box magizine of any type. AR and AK pistols are a story for another time. On another note, here is a quote from RBG on todays supreme court decision regarding asset forfeiture:
          “The protection against excessive fines guards against abuses of government’s punitive or criminal law-enforcement authority,” Ginsburg wrote. Quoting in part from the court’s ruling in 2010 that Second Amendment gun rights apply to the states, she said, “This safeguard, we hold, is ‘fundamental to our scheme of ordered liberty.’ ”
          Kind of gobsmacked i am.

      1. avatar What about...? says:

        Maybe the article is describing the WA I-1639 law, which defines ALL semiautomatics regardless of features, capacity, ability to accept detachable magazines or caliber as “assault rifles.”

        In WA State even featureless Marlin model 60 semiautomatic .22LR rimfire with wood stocks and fixed tubular magazines are “assault rifles” as per WA I-1639.

        WA State is working to ban all “assault rifles” without the ability to transfer currently owned “assault rifles” by May 2019.

        WA wants to be the new CA. But don’t worry, CA will certainly try to catch up and surpass WA.

        1. avatar Jason says:

          “Maybe the article is describing the WA I-1639 law, which defines ALL semiautomatics regardless of features, capacity, ability to accept detachable magazines or caliber as “assault rifles.”

          Then shouldn’t the article be titled: What is a Washington State Assault Rifle?

      2. avatar Christop says:

        The “grandfather” clause for high cap magazines from the 2000 law was ripped out by proposition 63 passed by voters. The magazine ban was challenged in Federal court and a temporary injunction was granted keeping the state from enforcing the law. This ruling was challenged and was upheld https://www.courthousenews.com/ninth-circuit-upholds-block-of-california-gun-magazine-ban/
        This ruling will no doubt be challenged by the state to the 9th circuit and probably to the Supreme Court if they agree to take it. But wait there’s more…..

      3. avatar Jordan says:

        so in regards to the featureless riffle being able to run any magazine, does that include normal capacity magazines? or is is still restricted to 10 rounds?

        1. avatar LAIndeThnk says:

          CA “banned” import, sale, transfer, construction etc. of any magazine over 10 round capacity back in 2000 but there was a provision that allowed those purchased prior to the law to be grandfathered in.
          As stated prop 63, currently on hold due to court proceedings, eliminated that grandfather clause effectively banning all magazines over 10 rounds.
          So “IF” you owned a magazine over 10 rounds prior to the 2000 law it would be technically legal to use in a firearm that is either registered prior to the 2000 law as an “assault weapon”.
          That being said, if you were not over 18 and/or did not live in the state at the time the 2000 law was passed it would not be hard to show that you had imported the magazine into the state, in one form or another, which would lead to a felony.
          If you are really interested in reviewing the laws and how they apply to semi-auto rifles in CA I would look up calguns.net they have flow charts to check if you are in compliance:
          PS the article got a lot wrong.

    5. avatar Phil in TX says:

      “What Is A ‘California-Legal’ AR-15?”
      Answer: Emasculated.

      Phil in TX

      1. avatar Saran Wrappe says:

        Phil, you have insulted my guns. How dare you. 10 paces.

        This is such a true statement. When visiting friends in UT, TX and AZ they all laugh at my ARs and the featureless lameness. I had to buy “free world” parts to put on them when i travel.

    6. avatar Chris T in KY says:

      From Clayton E Cramer for those interested in CA gun control history.

      The Racist Origins of California’s Concealed Weapon Permit


  2. avatar OmnivorousBeorn says:

    What is a CA legal AR? A muzzleloader.

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      With no ammo.

  3. avatar Timothy Toroian says:

    This is the kind of crap Feinstein dreams up to piss off legitimate gun owners but no effect on the miscreants. And it won’t affect the ones smuggled in with the drugs by the cartels. And those will probably be full auto.

    1. avatar TexTed says:

      “And it won’t affect the ones smuggled in with the drugs by the cartels”

      Or the ones smuggled in by the California legislators themselves (see Leland Yee).

  4. avatar Old Region Fan says:


  5. avatar Newshawk says:

    “AKA a man’s gun.”
    You forgot the “old.”

    Have a nice day!

  6. avatar Mark F says:

    You might want to do a little more research. Featureless rifles specifically DON’T need a fixed magazine. “Featured” rifles need to have a fixed magazine (or a bullet button 2.0). One or the other, not both. And registering the previous rifles wasn’t a loophole, it was a way to legally keep previously owned rifles that were now otherwise illegal.

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      Until they are made illegal, so that they will already have your address.

  7. avatar Kyle says:

    I’m sadly a prisoner of California. My job is not mobile, so I’m stuck in this hole.

    Sold my AR 2 years ago, I just didn’t want to have to fight this fight. The state is in full non-compliance with all aspects of the 2nd amendment, and they’re proud of this fact. So trying to keep an AR in this environment is simply not reasonable. Unless you want to hide it in your closet, you can’t do anything with it.

    On that note, i know many people that kept theirs. The compliance with these laws in not even measurable. Nobody is turning them in, nobody is converting them, nobody is fixing their mags, nobody is turning in their mags.

    The government in CA has committed one of the cardinal sins.

    Never write a law you KNOW will be ignored by otherwise law abiding citizens.

    When you do that, you only breed disrespect for the law.

    1. avatar SoCalJack says:

      I know a few whose AR is not compliant yet, just sitting in a safe, I know 2 that have registered theirs, others have went the fixed mag route like me. I have the Maglock and Kingpin set up (you can still do fast mag changes and clear a double feed w/o tools):

      1. avatar arc says:

        Side loading magazine. Pull the follower down with a little charging handle and pour the bullets in.

    2. avatar Mark N. says:

      I have an AR 15 and an AR 10, both “featureless,” one with a fin grip (sucks big time) and the other with a Thordsen (which works very well.) I skipped the bureaucratic nightmare that was registration–which is still processing timely applications for registration. Not only that, registered “assault weapons” cannot be transferred in the state (only out of state) by any means, and can be taken only between your home and the range or the gun shop. Unless that gun shop is licensed to work on “assault weapons,” it cannot take your lower in for repair. Featureless rifles have no such restrictions.

      The goal has always been (according to “Machine Gun” Leland Yee) to completely ban black rifles from the State. In doing so, they will end up banning all semi-auto rifles, including M1As, Garands, and M1 Carbines, or other semi-auto military firearms, and including .22s. The Supremes really should take an action seeking to overturn such a ban, since it would appear facially to contradict the implied holding of Miller v. U.S. that the Second Amendment was intended to protect arms usable by the military and militia.

      1. avatar Geoff "I'm getting too old for this shit" PR says:

        “The Supremes really should take an action seeking to overturn such a ban, since it would appear facially to contradict the implied holding of Miller v. U.S. that the Second Amendment was intended to protect arms usable by the military and militia.”

        Are there any challenges in the lawsuit ‘pipeline’ to rectify the situation that you are aware of?

      2. avatar Alan says:

        When is former elected thing Leland Lee scheduled for release from prison?

    3. avatar Southern Cross says:

      As well as disrespect for the law makers and law enforcers.

      Us and them.

  8. avatar Ark says:

    Next year they’ll just ban more, or more likely ban AR15 and “variants” by name and mandate confiscation.

    It’s going to get worse every year until SCOTUS sweeps this unconstitutional bullshit away.

  9. avatar Shire-man says:

    end up having to move to California

    Death before dishonor!

  10. avatar MLee says:

    There’s so much stupid in these California laws that I wouldn’t even know where to start.
    All I can say is I’m glad we left that sh– hole in 1969.

  11. avatar MyName says:

    “WARNING: This article can expose you to information. Information is known in the state of California to cause cancer.”

    That right there is funny, well played Sam.

    1. avatar UpInArms says:

      Well, kind of amusing, but kind of sad too. I had to visit San Francisco some years back. As I was walking up to the front door of the hotel, I noticed a plaque on the wall. It was something to the effect that the hotel uses chemicals (cleaning stuff, I suppose) that are hazardous to your health– in effect it was a warning that the building was toxic. Having seen one, I began to notice these signs are posted on buildings all over the place. So, yeah, kinda funny, but kinda sad, too.

      1. avatar Mark N. says:

        Look at a box that a firearm is shipped in–it will have the same warning. Ammo too. (Because of the exposure to lead.) (I would have to agree, however, that high velocity lead is indeed hazardous to your health.)

        1. avatar MyName says:

          The moral of the story is, don’t eat a bullet.

  12. avatar Imstuckhere says:

    This article is filled with inaccurate information that is confounding multiple CA laws. It’s understandable due to the (purposely?) inane complexity and ill-logic of CA laws. Basically, CA has an “assault weapons” ban. Since that is a made-up term, you have to understand their definition of an “assault weapon.” There are different definitions that apply to centerfire rifles, pistols and shotguns.

    This article seems to focus on centerfire rifles, so the CA definition of “assault weapon” as it applies to centerfire rifles is a semi-automatic action capable of accepting a detachable magazine and any (evil) feature such as telescoping/folding stock, flash hider, pistol grip, forward vertical grip, shoulder thingie that goes up, etc. or a “non-detachable” magazine capable of holding more than 10 rounds.

    The first part of this article is describing manufacturers that offer “featureless” centerfire semi-automatic rifles which are allowed to have detachable magazines as long as they don’t have any (evil) features.

    The second part of this article is describing a “non-detachable” magazine solution so (evil) features are allowed.

    It is an either or proposition, not both. They are two different and distinct ways to navigate and comply with these unconstitutional laws.

    1. avatar Bob in Calif says:

      Side charging upper and remove the gas tube and turn the gas block around. Presto…a bolt action AR that you can put all the scary shit you want on. And a mag release that actually works like it should. I know, I know, why don’t you just move to a free state? I plan to when I retire in 3 years. F___ this place!

  13. avatar Green Mtn. Boy says:

    “What Is A ‘California-Legal’ AR-15?”

    A Abomination !

  14. avatar coleinoregon says:

    Both Franklin and titan produce CA compliant AR pistols. Granted a cap and ball revolver would still probably be a better choice.

  15. avatar anarchyst says:

    There is a “carve-out” for “law enforcement” and politicians. Both groups are permitted to own “assault weapons” without restriction.
    It would seem that “equal justice under law” has been turned on its head in California…

    1. avatar LarryinTX says:

      “Politicians”? This seems unlikely. Can I self fund my race for dogcatcher (or whatever) with a crisp $5 bill and then be exempt because I am a politician? Maybe an officeholder above some level?

  16. avatar napresto says:

    Here in NY the laws are equally asinine, if not quite the same. Lots of the stock, pistol grip, feature, etc. restrictions apply, though the magazine release stuff isn’t an issue. Since I’m stuck here for the time being, I’ve opted not to buy a confused abomination of an AR. Instead, I opted for a Mini-14 to fill my intermediate cartridge rifle needs. These can be had stock in NY, and they appeal to me for historical and aesthetic reasons even if they don’t offer all the customization options as an AR. I did put a Boyd’s stock and low profile red dot on mine, plus I replaced that carburetor-looking hand guard: now it’s all neon and weird looking, kind of like it came out of some high speed, low drag video game. I get asked about it at the range, and people are surprised to find out what it is. I ignore the eye rolls; I get enough attitude about it at home from my SMLE.

  17. avatar bryan1980 says:

    Here’s another option: DO NOT COMPLY.

    Many cities in CA choose this route as it pertains to immigration law, so why not us?!

    1. avatar Mark N. says:

      If you go that route, you run the risk, if caught with a non-compliant rifle, of being hit with a felony charge that can land you in prison, result in a lifetime firearms ban, and probably the loss of any professional license you might have. To avoid that risk, you have to tuck that rifle in the back of your safe and never take it to a range. At that point, what’s the point of owning it?

      On the other hand, California gun owners are famously stupid when it comes to keeping up with changing gun laws. So there are probably a bunch (hundreds of thousands) of AR owners with “assault weapons” who have no idea that they are breaking the law.

      1. avatar possum running with an attitude says:

        A felony does not keep someone from owning a gun. It’s a ten year good boy wait and a bunch of money, I’ve did it. What jerks my tail is the Domestic Violence charge a misdemeanor , a misdemeanor that guarantees No Gunz For Life. That was a Bill Clinton gum grab and it needs repealed

      2. avatar WhiteDevil says:

        Any law enforcement officer who willingly arrests and assists in the imprisonment of a citizen should be executed without mercy. Well, that’s how I feel. It’s up to us to push back against a group of people who are currently subjugating another group of people. If California is any indication, cops are no longer our servants, but regard themselves our masters.

        1. avatar WhiteDevil says:

          *of a citizen charged with possession of something other humans determined to be “bad.”

      3. avatar bryan1980 says:

        Well, I’d say that’s about what it’s come to in California. It’s a full-on tyranny from the governor all the way down to the street cop. I’m not sure what else you can do in the face of that.

  18. avatar tdiinva says:

    I finally broke down and bought an evil black rifle so confiscation must be just around the corner. Now that I have joined the ranks of the gunwoke I now understand where we went wrong. Unlike previous generations of civilian weapons that share features with military weapons the AR looks different. Take a Mauser K98 and a pre 1964 or pistol 2000 Winchester model 70 and the look pretty much alike. Same with any Garand and semiauto hunting rifle. What we should be doing is showing a rancher disposing of pests out West or a Southern farmer eliminating pesky hogs with an AR in his hands. Instead, it’s all about “self defense and “protecting your heritage,” that’s looking at you Springfield, i.e., killing people righteousnessly or not. You can scream Second Amendment all you want but in the real world until SCOTUS rules that way that and $5 get you crappy Latte at Starbucks. we are losing the image battle. We should be showing the sporting in MSR instead of just giving it lip service.

    Now I need to own one Glock to make it to gunwokehipster status

    1. avatar rosignol says:

      You know you can get wood furniture for your AR?


      1. avatar tdiinva says:

        That’s cool.

        Can I get it for a Glock? 🙂

  19. avatar JoeShmoe says:

    I cannot fathom why anyone would ever entertain the idea of complying with such unconstitutional laws.
    I don’t respect any law that doesn’t respect me. Period.

  20. avatar M1Lou says:

    Coming soon to a state near you! As they flee the homeless hellhole they voted for, they will continue to vote the same way as they lack any kind of self awareness.

    1. avatar Marcus says:

      Yea or maybe some will move there as it kinda is a liberal gun free “utopia” some might love.

  21. avatar Marcus says:

    Of you can just leave that shithole and move to the Gunshine state and like do whatever you want whenever you want.

    1. avatar Fully Involved says:

      They’re trying very hard to do the same thing in Florida.

  22. avatar UpInArms says:

    So, basically, what the article says is that a CA-compliant AR is not an AR at all.

    1. avatar Mark N. says:

      Sure they are, they just look a bit different. Mine have detachable mags, shoot .223/5.56 or .308, have a standard upper assembly with a brake instead of a “flame suppressor” and shoot exactly the same as before they were converted to featureless. The lower receivers are identical to any AR, only the stock is different.

  23. avatar former water walker says:

    What a crock of chit…Commieforina crap coming to ILLinois. And elsewhere. I’ll keep what I have for SHTF…😄

  24. avatar Cucamonga Jeff says:

    Most everyone here in California has illegal stuff. If it not “high capacity” mags it’s flash hiders and bayonet lugs. They keep making laws but most regular people don’t know they are breaking law or don’t care because it’s too much hassle to comply.

  25. avatar jakee308 says:

    How about a story of how the California registration scheme is working out. I noticed some guy tried to register his guns per the law and immediately got swatted and arrested.

    That’s got to make a difference in compliance numbers no?

    And yet they persevere in their stupidity.

    1. avatar NotGoingToSay YouKnowWhy says:

      In fairness that individual had a full auto mod in plain view, on the gun.

      I’m sorry but if you email the DOJ a photo of a machine gun and try to register it as an AW, you deserve to go to jail for stupidity.

      1. avatar Ty Baker says:

        If you’re referring to the farmer in Bakersfield California. Kirschenmann Farms. He’s my friend and you’re full of s***. By the way the doj dropped all the charges

  26. avatar Cooter E Lee says:

    While the laws are horse——, it’s kind of interesting as this is history in the making. 30+ years from now these unique cosmetic changes will be a feature of “forgotten weapons” no matter whether we win or lose the gun control debate.

    And anyone with any common sense will be shaking their head, thinking politicians have not got a clue.

  27. avatar possum running with an attitude says:

    WTF? California is high on dope, don’t know what kind but it sure must make you stupid. …. Oh BT W the neutered AK looks cooler then the emasculated AR, IM fck Cali Opinion, grrrrrrrrrrrrr

  28. avatar Gadsden Flag says:

    And I thought an AR couldn’t get uglier, or more useless.

  29. avatar Hannibal says:

    This info is just incorrect, how are you writing articles like this without getting your shit straight? In order to be within the laws of CA (and similar laws) you can either:

    1) Have a non-detachable magazine (at which point it is not an assault weapon). This is a good option if you want to keep other features and especially if you use one of the handy top loading devices that have been recently developed.
    2) Have a detachable magazine but NO other features (pistol grip, telescoping stock, etc): this is the closest to a regular AR in that it operates just like one (and is no less ‘dangerous’) but because of how stupid the law is, it is legal- because the law doesn’t care about how it works, only what it looks like.

  30. avatar MB says:

    Anyone who is a conservative, employed, and live in Kommiefornia should move to Arizona, Oklahoma or Texas. Any guns you want are legal, including NFA weapons…. Just saying. Carrying a rifle practically anywhere is allowed, including your car. Loaded gun in car or truck, no problem, just be responsible, inform officers at time of traffic stop. Guns are common tools in Midwest states, which is exactly what guns are, just tools. Marxist hate guns because they represent self reliance and freedom. Don’t contribute your tax dollars to any Marxist state.

    1. avatar Alfonso Bedoya says:

      My wife and I are doing exactly that: moving to Arizona. We found a great house in Prescott and are now in escrow. I was born and raised in Kommifornia and cry when I see how far the state has decayed. My votes no longer count, and the feckless Republican Party is to blame.

    2. avatar LazrBeam says:

      Don’t forget Bama. You can have whatever you can buy, even Class III if you’ve got the OK from the Feds for rock n roll. A trip to the range reveals a firearms smorgasbord. A blessed sight indeed.

  31. avatar Andrew Lias says:

    Don’t worry you’ve got stiff competition in Illinois! We’re not there yet but rapidly trying to catch up.

  32. avatar JDT says:

    LMAO, are those are fugly! Are they called the Feinstein and Pelosi models?

  33. avatar Poggy says:

    I can see it now, the illegal gun collection office will be over run by criminals ready to comply wit this ridicules law. They will need to hire more people to process the turn-in’s by MS-13……. and the taxpayers get the bill!

  34. avatar bhart356 says:

    Lots of comments about the releasable magazines. If the rifle is featureless then standard magazine releases are allowed. If the rifle has evil features then install a Maglock to make it a fixed magazine.

    I appreciate the humor and California deserves all the sarcasm coming its way. But it does no one any good to spread false information. you really ought to correct this article or just pull it.

    1. avatar Alfonso Bedoya says:

      You are entirely correct!

  35. avatar Walter Raligh says:

    What people don’t talk about is the Tens of thousands of Rifles that don’t comply or are ghost guns. The Gov’t know about it and can’t do squat. No one knoe the number of ghost guns out there, Let alone the gazillion magazines the gun grabbers don’t want to mention. You think because a law is passed that these things disappear overnight? HAHAHAHA, nope. The legislature knows the apparent hazard they can’t do anything about, they make threats but the People are ARMED and they have no recourse to correct it. Look at Washington, the Police/sherrifs refuse to uphold the laws on some jurisdictions, why? it’s obvious. Florida just passed a law, it has been one of the most leniant states, think those people will give their arms up?

  36. avatar jim says:

    thats some ugly shit guys,,, If i lived in cal i would move,,, dam

  37. avatar Ron says:

    CA. really sucks, I used to drive big rigs there and they are gestoes.All they want to do is line there own pockets and screw people over. Just move out of that prison comoound , like I did over 20 years ago, and don’t regert it ass all. Just do the same thing.

    1. avatar Henry Braud says:


  38. avatar Alan says:

    Finding myself curious, I wonder as to the following. A number of plain old fashioned bolt action rifles came with “charger slots”, aka “clip slots” in their actions. These “clip slots” facilitated the reloading of the rifles 5 round integral magazines. How long before this dastardly feature, and or the rifles so equipped are banned by the guardian angles of California government?

  39. avatar 22winmag says:

    Franklin Armory.

    Two words to live by.

    Despite all the easy-chair critics, Franklin’s products and patents are ROCK SOLID.

  40. avatar Lugnut says:

    I took basic in CA at Ft Ord – a long time ago. Fir a kid form GA that had never been farther than TN, it was incredible. I am talking 1971. I noticed a few miscreants, and had a near run-in with a couple, but didn;t think too much about it. Now, I wonder how a state like CA came to change so much in the space of 50 years.

    Admittedly, 50 years is a long time. I heard a speech by New Gingrich well before he was the Speaker, in which he noted that there is zero guarantee that the USA will be here in 50 years. That was around 30 years ago.

    I would say his time estimate is still looking pretty good.

    It will be a rough transition. I speak of the coming great separation of the States into at least two, and possibly four countries. Such a disparate population will not choose to remain in the thing currently called the US.

  41. avatar joefoam says:

    One has to ask, how are these restrictions making anyone safer? It appears to be pandering by politicians and the low info public is eating it up.

  42. avatar Alfonso Bedoya says:

    I never bothered to register my AR-15, and am so disgusted with the despicable actions of the SOCIALISTS in Sacramento regarding taxes, the homeless fiasco, firearms edicts, the Sanctuary State and other socialist/communist rules, regulations and anti-business laws that my wife and I are moving to another state where our votes count and my firearms are not subject to confiscation.

    Mr. Pansy-Ass Gavin Newsom and his endorsed presidential lackey (the former Commiefornia AG, Kamala Harris) can go straight to hell. I could use stronger language, but my lack of paranoia about being watched by the NSA might get me into trouble.

  43. avatar raptor jesus says:

    Mean Arms and Bear Flag Defense make it possible to rapidly load your AR through the ejection port.

    And after reading this, I thought we had it bad in NYS.

    At least I can get a fully featured rifle (or “assault” pistol!) as long as I pin it and load through the ejection port.

  44. avatar BehindEnemyLines says:

    “A featureless rifle cannot have a magazine that can be inserted or removed; it must be fixed.”

    Incorrect. Featureless rifles can have a detachable magazine. You fix the magazine if you want features instead. You can have a pistol grip, flash hider, and collapsing stock on a semi-auto AR15 as long as you can’t drop the magazine without disassembling the rifle. You can also disable the gas system and run the rifle as a straight pull bolt action with detachable magazines and features.

    You just can’t legally have semi-auto, detachable magazines, and any other named feature, unless it’s a registered “assault weapon.”

    Note that I’m not defending these asinine laws, and I’m not a lawyer, but I am subjected to these laws so I know them well. I’m just clarifying for those who live in California and want to enjoy as much freedom as they legally can. There’s no need to neuter a rifle as much as this article claims.

  45. avatar GS650G says:

    This is what a democracy gets you when a constitution is ignored.

    Onthe list of guns removed for sale there are 63 pages (yes pages) of guns removed because they are a different color or have a tiny feature difference from an approved gun.
    The recently approved list has 4 guns. Only one page.
    That leave 700 various models from about 20 manufacturers left. At some point they will whittle it down to one page with 4 guns you can buy legally. Probably all .22s

    People voted for this situation and reelect those who support it.

  46. avatar fteter says:

    So if Californians effectively downgrade their AR-15s to the form, fit and function of an SKS rifle, they’re good to go! …Well, so long as it’s not a Yugo, ’cause ya know those grenade launchers are evil.

    Some of the garbage they come up with on the Left Coast is just unbelievable.

  47. avatar enuf says:

    Question: What Is A ‘California-Legal’ AR-15?

    Answer: A very dumb idea.

    1. avatar J says:

      Agreed, but the manufacturers still want Californians buying guns so here we are looking at and learning about things that really shouldn’t be real :/

  48. avatar J says:

    The sarcasm in this article got old quick. I get it, but god damn just provide the info in which I came for, without the 2 cents added to what seemed like every other sentence.

  49. avatar Robert says:

    It used to be that California allowed people to register a non-compliant (but otherwise legal) AR-15 as an “assault weapon,” but that loophole was closed in 2018. There are some options here, but the gist is that you need to have a California-legal AR-15 or live elsewhere.
    Just goes to prove the point with anti gunners, give em an inch, they’ll take a mile. Don’t be fooled, they want total disarmament… period.

  50. avatar Michael D Hallas says:

    Say what you want about CA, but it is one of the most stunning places around with almost perfect weather in the coastal middle of the state. If it was remotely affordable I’d move back in a jiff, and sell most of my firearms to buy surfboards and mountain bikes. Of course it’s insane in countless other ways that have nothing to do with gun control.

  51. avatar Corey Schmidt says:

    Can I purchase an AR with a fixed magazine, so it could keep all the “evil features” and if so would I have to register it as an “Assault Weapon” before taking it home?

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