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Well, there is it, in white-on-black: California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon‘s assertion that the “gun lobby” and pro-gun right politicians are culpable for the Mandalay Bay spree killing. The only other thing you need to know: it’s been reported that killer Stephen Paddock purchased some of his guns in California. Putting two-and-two together and it’s only a matter of time before the Golden State will introduce a bill banning AR-style rifles, full-stop. Which would, I’m thinking, pass. Watch this space.

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  1. I have no doubt. After all one party tyrannical rule, corruption, and a brain dead voter block EASLY washes away FREEDOM and LIBERITY.
    WARNING AMERICA. Commie kalifornia is like an STD, infectious and spreads.

  2. Of this I have no doubt.
    A state ruled by tyrannical one party fail, corruption, and a voter block so low informed as to be a joke. Well, erasing FREEDOM and LIBERTY is easy.

  3. Of this I have no doubt.
    A state ruled by tyrannical one party fail, corruption, and a voter block so low informed as to be a joke. Well, erasing FREEDOM and LIBERTY is easy.

  4. It’s domestic terrorism. No different than timothy mcveigh. Government isn’t always the cause or solution to everything sometimes it’s just evil people which obviously do exist.

    • This was covered in another thread, inside the absence of a political agenda, this was not terrorism.

      Until someone digs up a manifesto he wrote, he’s just a psychopath.

      • BULLSHIT. If he was anything but a fowg you would be screaming “terrorist” from the highest mountain top.

        • Words have meanings. If this guy did this to push an ideology, he’s a terrorist. If not, then he’s not a terrorist.

        • Look up terrorism in the dictionary. Just killing people ia not terrorism. The people that are called terrorists all had a cause, something they were advocating. This guy probably just wanted to go out with a bang. A terrorist is not better or worse than just a plain mass murderer. You seem to be worried that being a mass murderer is not bad enough, rest assured it is.

        • YOU’RE BULLSHIT. Yes, just you, as a person, in general.

          If he had any color to his skin like you, you’d swear up-and-down until they day you died that he wasn’t a terrorist even if he had publicly sworn his allegiance to ISIS — even better if it could later be proven he was trained by them — before the shooting started.

          Stop projecting your own virulent racism onto people you KNOW full well it will NEVER stick to, period.

  5. right. and liberals are not culpable for the violence other liberals unleash in society. got it. wanna make sure i understand the double standard, if thats possible.

    • The shooter was a democrat–paid by George Soros and. Hillary Clinton to create a tragedy, of which the Democrats could take advantage in the Left’s quest for absolute gun control. The left will not be satisfied with anything less than absolute gun control because until then, they will not have absolute control of the citizenry. Thank God for the second amendment; that’s why it exists!

  6. But the run-of-the-mill NRA member wasn’t part of the mass murder, apparently?

    I would say that’s a relief, but the prohibitionists will get around to the rest of us soon enough.

  7. He just called tens of millions of pro gun people murderers. Nice. Man these politicians are childish and evil.

  8. So, if guns were already completely illegal, and instead he had driven his car into the parking lot full of Ammonium Nitrate (which he had too) and blown up hundreds, would the Assemblyman be directing the same blame at the National Farmers Union?

    This isn’t about changing things. It’s about guns.

    • You are right.
      But even if guns were already completely illegal, they would not have disappeared from the surface of the Earth. In countries such as Mexico or Brazil where guns are not legal, criminals have little trouble getting them on black market. Cocain has been totally illegal for decades and despite war on (some) drugs, today you can get it easier, cheaper and purer than ever.

      Laws and bans never prevented anything. They just get the perpetrator punished if he gets caught. I don’t believe that someone planning to commit mass murder will get dissuaded by threat of punishment for illegal possession of firearm.

    • And it’s been a year since I’ve been and will be longer. I’ll visit Dad this year at the NRA convention in Dallas.

  9. Just distilling and applying his underlying principle here, his comment is tantamount to blaming the NAACP for every gangland slaying. Yet, he doesn’t actually say that, preferring instead to slander and smear millions of white gunowners only.

    To a five year old, or a person from Mars, who asks the question “Why is that OK?”, what would be the answer?

  10. And every Democrat legislator that supports a sanctuary state was responsible for Kate Steinle’s murder. Especially this a–hole.

  11. Is it just me or has the level of vitriol gone up dramatically with this shooting? Now we are culpable? In the same room as the shooter, are you kidding me? Gun owners and NRA members are being vilified like never before; its only a matter of time now and not just in CA, NJ and NY.

  12. Fine! Then using that philosophy, every Muslim was aboard the planes on 9/11 and every Muslim was standing with the San Bernadino shooters.

  13. I thought these people wanted to leave the union, so do that, and STFU about something you know nothing about. All of us of the gun were and are horrified by what this democrat did.

    • dag nabbit. i still cant buy 22 at Walmart, or at the gun show without a ridiculous markup. its not as bad as it was, but 60$ for a 500 round brick of 22 shouldnt be the new normal

  14. Patiently waiting for free armed Americans to physically remove these mouth-breathing tyrants from office.

    Awfully pretentious to insult the armed Americans that provide you with the freedoms you enjoy. Moreso when you are a politician who actively endangers lives and screws over others to advance your own personal gains.

  15. Well then I guess this means that when Juan Francisco López-Sánchez shot and fatally killed Kate Steinle, all the CA legislators supporting “Sanctuary City” policies were standing next to him smiling approvingly. And when an illegal alien robs a business, those same legislators are riding in the getaway car with him. And when an illegal alien rapes a woman…

    I’m not sure CA politicians want to be taking this approach.

  16. Guy was a private pilot, right? How much gasoline could you pack into the cabin of the average GA aircraft before diving it into a crowd of thousands at a music festival?

    They continue to focus on the tool and not the operator.

  17. These guys should be thanking God daily that they are full of crap. If they weren’t full of crap, the people they hate would have killed them a long time ago.

  18. ANTI-GUN MF’S were binding the hands of everyone in the 22,000 member concert crowd, preventing them from defending themselves that night and in the future.

  19. Wishful thinking that government can protect its citizen against a murderer nor is it governments responsibility to do so. When UC Berkley has to pay $600k in protection for a Ben Shapiro to exercise his first amendment right to speak at a college no less and Las Vegas PD doesn’t invest in counter-snipers covering an outdoor event with 22k people at a significant lower cost; one needs to ask why. Law enforcement cannot stop a madman, however if planned properly it can limit the carnage. It’s a better option and far more effective than infringing on citizens right to bare arms.

  20. I can make the case that this POS DEMOCRAT IS IN FACT A DOMESTIC/DEMOCRAT TERROTIST. He killed the country music fans to further the Democrat’s anti 2A/gun confiscation schemes…there is your political aspect to his terror act; thus a DEMOCRAT TERRORIST. Just like Rep Scalise’ attempted murderer/DEMOCRAT TERROTIST.

    Pasted below are from a previous TTAG post earlier today and if only one of these items below is true then his killings were politically motivated. Democrat-loving Vegas murderer was a BIG DEMOCRAT SHIT BAG:
    “avatar ACP_arms says:
    October 3, 2017 at 11:15

    “Looks like another POS (D) job – just sayin.”

    From TTAG commenter- Mark Kelly’s Diapered Drooling Ventriloquist’s Dummy.

    “Read & Weep:

    Shooter was a DEMOCRAT since 1984 when he was in Palm Beach Fl.

    Additionally Kevin Martin (a Black Conservative) working for President Trump’s administration as an advisor reports that the shooter belongs to nearly ALL the same “anti-Trump” Facebook groups as Scalise shooter James Hodgkinson including being OFA/Obama and big Rachel Maddow fan. Scroll down his page to see the post:

    “The shooter, Stephen Craig Paddock, 64.. a white liberal Democrat, hated President Trump and spoke openly about his political views. They are as follows…

    Political Views per his Facebook page:
    -Proud to Be A Democrat
    -The Rachel Maddow Show​
    -Thank You Obama
    -Anti-Trump Army
    -Progressive Day,
    Organizing for Action (Soros)
    -Not My President
    -Fight Trump
    -Boycott All Things Trump
    -Impeach Trump

    I am sharing, because the media won’t.”

    I’m sure he is “feeling the BERN” deep in the bowels of HELL!

    One last thing, girlie friend = from the Phillipines and wonder if she be a 5 pillar, Mindanao fan that may have dragged the shit bag into that morass? Daesh is still in the play mix, IMHO…

  21. since i don’t live in the pos dipstick or district i cannot send a kindly word letter to thank him for stupid selfless comments


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