Bushmaster ACR 6.8 Rem and .450 Bushmaster Conversion Kits Are Finally a Reality
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You may have seen our post from the NRA Annual Meeting revealing the long-awaited Bushmaster ACR caliber conversions. But despite actual photographic evidence of Jeremy holding them in his hot little hands, many of you continued to express skepticism that they really exist. Let alone that you’d be able to buy one.

Bushmaster ACR 6.8 Rem and .450 Bushmaster Conversion Kits Are Finally a Reality

Ye of little faith will be happy to know that Big Green was, in fact, true to their word. The first two ACR caliber conversions are shipping and on their way to a local gun store near you. Here’s their press release:

The Bushmaster Unicorn, Also Known as ACR Caliber Conversions
Do They Really Exist?

Huntsville, AL – The Bushmaster ACR was brought to market in 2010 with the promise of unparalleled adaptability. The concept was simple; an extremely reliable, versatile, and modular platform, capable of tool-less configuration and caliber changes in minutes by swapping the bolt head, barrel and magazine. Unfortunately, much like a mythical creature, the caliber conversions have never been seen. Until now.

Finally, after many years of development, we are excited to announce the first of many new caliber conversions for the ACR. With fully ambidextrous controls, improved ergonomics, an ultra reliable gas piston operating system, and tool-less configuration and caliber adaptability, the ACR is now the most field adaptable Modern Sporting Rifle Platform available.

Bushmaster ACR 6.8 Rem and .450 Bushmaster Conversion Kits Are Finally a Reality

Bushmaster ACR 6.8 Rem and .450 Bushmaster Conversion Kits Are Finally a Reality

About Bushmaster Firearms International

Bushmaster Firearms International (“BFI”) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of small-frame, AR-pattern firearms, as well as other firearm platforms and accessories. Its headquarters is in Madison, North Carolina, and its primary place of manufacture is Huntsville, Alabama. Its products are sold to civilian and government end users in the United States as well as over fifty countries around the world. Visit our web site at www.bushmaster.com.

Bushmaster ACR 6.8 Rem and .450 Bushmaster Conversion Kits Are Finally a Reality

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    • Presumably (per a recent TTAG article) it enables hunters in states allowing straight-cased rifle cartridges to hunt with a semi-auto. It’s not so much ballistic superiority as it is filling a marketing opportunity.

      • Defens,

        You were super close: a few states recently opened hunting with certain rifles of limited range — regardless of whether it is a single shot, bolt-action, or semi-automatic. A very short time ago, those states only allowed shotguns and muzzleloaders (and perhaps handguns as well) in part or all of their respective territories.

        Note: those states typically allow rifle calibers that use straight-walled cartridges with a limitation on length that does not allow hunters to hunt with .45-70 Government. The most likely/popular calibers would thus be:
        .357 Magnum
        .44 Magnum
        .454 Casull
        .450 Bushmaster

        All of those (out of a rifle) are absolute deer slayers out to 100 yards with proper cartridge selection. And with careful cartridge selection, I believe they are all good out to 150 yards. I would only picture using the .454 Casull and .450 Bushmaster out to 200 yards because of their velocity advantage over .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum.

        • Thanks for the clarification! My state allows normal rifle calibers/cartridges, so I wasn’t as informed as I should have been.

    • It fits in an AR15 mag and is straight-walled which meets hunting restrictions in certain states..

  1. So in 8 years they manage to release a cartridge who’s fad has passed and one that’s specifically for Michigan hunters.

    My interest went from 1 to 0.

  2. Maybe if they’d chosen 6.5 Grendel And 300 Blackout I’d be more interested. I do like the ACR but this is another misstep.

    • I’d take a Desert Tec MDR with conversions to 2 caliber’s I actually care about over the ACR and it’s conversions to caliber’s I don’t. Even if would run $700 more. More compact, ambi everything (even ejection), MLOC instead of Keymod etc.

  3. 2011-12 called, they want their announcement back.

    Missed opportunity here. Nobody carries these rifles and nobody cares anymore.

    Beretta also is in danger with their ARX and going on 4 years without the calibers

  4. So, it almost took them 10 years to get the 6.8 conversion kit out.

    I guess we are going have to wait another 10 years for the other calibers to come onto the market.

  5. 5-6 years after everyone stopped caring, Bushmaster releases caliber conversion kits, one of which is for a caliber that everyone realized was stupid 6-7 years ago.

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