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If an anti-gun reporter reads a police report where the Boys in Blue confiscated more than a dozen firearms, they report that the cops “discovered an arsenal.” Judging from an article published at, the Argentinian press shares this low bar to anti-ballistic bombastic biliousness. ‘Lord of War’ found with 100 grenades, shotguns and antitank missiles in his home sounds pretty impressive. So let’s go to the tape . . .

The man, who has not been identified by police officially, but dubbed the ‘Lord of War’ by local media after the Nicholas Cage film, was found to be in possession of 13 rifles, 34 guns, 21 shotguns and seven carbines.

Police also discovered 16 revolvers, four other handguns, gun and shotgun barrels, 31 magazines and more than 4,000 bullets, which were all seized in the operation.

Not impressed (except for the mystery 34 guns that aren’t rifles, shotguns, carbines or handguns). Four thousand rounds barely covers four TTAG gun reviews. And I know Texans who keep that many firearms in their smaller safe. So . . . what about those grenades and anti-tank missiles?

Also in the arsenal were 20 and 25 mm projectiles which were inscribed with “Army” on the side, two 40mm explosive FMK4 grenades, and one 40mm explosive FMK3 grenade, which are considered to be antitank ammunition.

Surely The Daily Mirror’s headline writer knows the difference between anti-tank ammunition and anti-tank missiles? OK I won’t call him Shirley — if he’ll admit that he hyped the story with fake news®.

I reckon the Argentinian “Lord of War” is little more than a minor-league firearms and munitions collector. But when you’re a reporter with an anti-gun agenda to follow there’s no limit to the amount of exaggeration you can lavish upon a police gun swoop without fear of contradiction or ridicule (save posts found in these parts). Hey if anti-gun fear and loathing saves one child . . .

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  1. Uh “antitank missiles” is an accurate description, those are the “missile” that gets “launched” by the “launcher”. They’re useless for their intended purpose that way, though there’s half dozen ways any competent and unimaganitive guy with a use for criminals explosives could think of.

    • A projectile is typically considered a missile when (and only when) it has an active guidance system.

      Anything unguided is a rocket or grenade (or both rocket propelled grenade)

      So big fail on the antitank “missile,” if they could even penetrate reasonable armor

      • An ordnance is considered a “missile” when it is both guided and self propelled. At least as far as the 2W0 career field is concerned. Self propelled and unguided is a rocket, guided and not self propelled is a “Guided Bomb Unit”. While Nanashi is correct that the word missile is interchangeable with projectile depending on the use of the word, calling anything in that stash a missile is about as accurate as calling a 9MM a missile.

      • A projectile is typically considered a missile when (and only when) it has an active guidance system.
        Anything unguided is a rocket or grenade (or both rocket propelled grenade)
        So big fail on the antitank “missile,” if they could even penetrate reasonable armor”

        Any number of dictionaries will dispute that.
        A missile is something that has been launched/thrown (“forcibly propelled”) at a target.
        Since these are propelled at a target, they are properly missiles.
        There are, of course, different types of missile, but they remain missiles no matter what type.

  2. “They say that I am the lord of war, but perhaps it is you.”

    “I believe it’s ‘warlord’.”

    “Thank you, but I prefer it my way.”

  3. Not too many US citizens have live anti-tank projectiles of any sorts. Pretty sweet. If they are in fact live and not demilled.

  4. Well, in Europe (in France btw), when a handgun and a rifle are discovered by the police, it’s already called an arsenal by the “press”… And I don’t even mention “assault rifle” like AR15… If the press sees one, you’re catalogued as a mentally ill person, a terrorist to be !

  5. I has a Blue RPG round, blue is training color. Was thinking of building a launcher out of some pvc and stuff to hang on the wall. I have A-10 Gat rounds. The tips are also blue. Oh and of course the 40 guns of various models and calibers. Gots thousands of rds of ammo. I have an old 12 gauge single that I made into a floor lamp. A tommy gun replica I made into a table lamp. Then there is the Samurai sword set and stand. All the other blades, black powder containers.

    I just had a thought….OMG am I a “Lord Of War” too? I apparently has me an arsenal.

    • To the media you have an ‘arsenal’ if you have more than one gun and more than a box of bullets.

      I’m pretty sure two scary black rifles and a case of ammo would qualify anyone as the Count of Conflict at least. 😉

  6. I’d bet all those explosive munitions were in fact inert training rounds, otherwise they’d have been blown up by the bomb disposal boys rather than put on display for reporters. I’m tired of hearing some cop or reporter describe a novelty paperweight as a “grenade.” Does it have a hole in the bottom and can you put it to your ear and hear the ocean? Than it’s not a grenade, it’s a lump of steel that resembles a grenade. And if some object with fins is painted blue and has the word “Inert” stenciled on it in white paint, then it’s not a bomb or anti-tank missile. Spent LAWS or TOW missile tubes aren’t “rocket launchers” anymore either. Oh, and 4th of July fire crackers aren’t “explosive devices.”

    These people are just trying to be overly dramatic.

  7. Oh, ah. 4,000 rounds or ammo.

    People really don’t understand how much you can go through in a weekend with a few friends.

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