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On Tuesday, I had the pleasure of attending a press conference for Brownells’ announcement that they’re be teaming up with Team Never Quit Ammunition and Axelson Tactical to raise funds for Special Operations Wounded Warriors. 100% of the proceeds raised will be donated directly to SOWW to continue funding their efforts to help special operations veterans. Notable attendees included retired Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell and the families of his fallen teammates from Operation Red Wings . . .


Several speakers took their turn at the podium to discuss the impact Matt Axelson had on their lives. First up was his mother, Donna, who gave a moving description of her son, and his commitment to serving his country. Her voice broke several times as she described the pride she felt for Matt. She silenced the room when she spoke about the loss of her son saying, “If you’re going to lose a child, having one die for your country is the best way.”


Getting up to the podium to a room full of less than dry eyes, Matt’s older brother Jeff Axelson described the Axelson Tactical “Axe” edition rifle in detail, covering some of the small details included in the rifle. He went on to describe that he had attempted to build a gun as close in similarity to Matt’s service rifle used during Operation Red Wings with a few subtle tweaks to bring it in line with various technological improvements that have come about since his death in June 2005.


Following Jeff was retired Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell who reiterated his commitment to the families of his fallen teammates, including his inclusion of 1000 rounds of ammunition from his company, Team Never Quit.


Last to the stage was the president of SOWW, retired Navy SEAL Ron Bellan. Ron shared his vision for SOWW and several examples of the types of activities they’ve engaged in with America’s special operations veterans. Ron was particularly moved when he described a fireside chat that had helped one of the veterans face his alcoholism and the damage it had created within his family. Several months later, they received a note from that veteran to tell them that he had been very close to taking his life before going on a trip with SOWW, and that their trip had altered the course of his life. He had found help, gotten sober, and no was no longer considering suicide. For Ron, it is apparent that those sorts of stories are the ones that keep him going.


After Ron left the stage, Pete Brownell, president of Brownells, took the stage to present SOWW with their first donation. Brownells has kicked off this fundraising campaign with a $10,000 donation, 100% of which will go directly to SOWW.


Starting Tuesday, January 19th until July 4, 2016, you can purchase a raffle ticket that will enter you to win the Axelson “Axe” edition rifle, serial number AXE01 along with 1000 rounds of Team Never Quit ammunition. Each ticket is $50.

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    • That was weird. It’s not even a Jekyll-Hyde thing, it was like a “they got pictures of me with a goat so let me blurt this out” kinda thing.

      Stay solid Marcus. If you are being held hostage, start your next speech with the word “I”, and we will take it from there.

      Axe’s rifle should be FA, just sayin. I’d pay the ticket price (probably will anyway, or donate) and the tax stamp, wait the umptrillion years to get it.

    • Background checks on ammo? That’s a big leap from saying that people with known mental issues should be vetted. Everyone’s always crying about people with mental issues not being flagged, or no one catching the warning signs before they shoot up some place. I’m as pro gun as anyone and probably more than most. But the fact of the matter is that not everyone needs a gun. The tricky part is deciding and who decides. I think someone with known mental issues and indications of violence should be vetted before they can own a gun. It’s a tricky deal for sure, but mental health and gun ownership needs to be addressed. It should not, of course, be used by the government as a catchall. I don’t know the answer, but I do know that there are some nuts that don’t need a tool that will facilitate their homicidal tendencies. Luttrell is as pro gun as they come, and he also has common sense. I stand by what he said.

      • That’s not at all the extent / intent / or ramifications of what he was discussing.

        It’s just another “Who’s monitoring the Monitors” Argument. We don’t allow the “Mental Health” crowd to decide anythng, much less issues with permanent outcomes. They like to tout their science as science until (constantly) proven wrong, and then they fall back on a sheepish shrug. Plus they are complete suck-ups if they are dealing with say. . . people who have attempted murder on Conservative U.S. Presidents.

  1. While I disagree with things that Mr. Luttrell has said, that should not keep anyone who can donate from doing so. To take his comments, however egregious they were, and use them as a reason to not help those who have earned it and need it more than anyone else is quite disgusting.

    You aren’t fucking donating to Luttrell, you are helping our wounded warriors!

  2. Are you guys serious? This is not about your political BS. It’s about raising funds for a great cause. Marcus is a great American. He is supporting a great charity. This is about
    If you want to discuss any political statements go to the reaperoutdoors face book. I will discuss there. Appreciate your support and I thank you all for your ticket purchase.

    Reaper 01

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