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The MP5 trigger pack is one of the most disappointing things ever. The trigger is thick and heavy. The grip is fixed and non changeable. And worst of all the design means that everyone with the exception of hickok45 is unable to reach the magazine release button with their trigger finger. Brethren Armament has been slowly bringing the MP5 into the 21st century. Their latest accomplishment is creating a trigger pack that gives MP5 shooters a ton more options and vastly improves the ergonomics of the gun.

Brethren Armament started by simply making a trigger pack that took AR-15 parts. From the grip to the safety and even the trigger itself, the housing allows you to use your favorite parts on the iconic tutonic phenomenon. This greatly improves the trigger feel and also allows for more ergonomic grips to be used.

While that’s all well and good, the real closer here is that they moved the whole thing forward. Instead of needing to change your grip to drop the magazine you can now just hit it with your trigger finger like any other modern semi-auto rifle.

That’s really cool. I can’t wait to see the finished production version.

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    • I do believe that since they were not originally designed for the MP5 the ATF would call that a huge no no. Just like an FNC sear can fit into a SCAR without modifying the sear(and modifying the gun FAR less than this), but since the sear is not made for the SCAR it’s illegal. I bet the same would apply here. RDIAS and LL would be only for AR15 type weapons.

        • Yeah, and so is a transferable HK lower, but that doesn’t mean you can hook it up to one of those kick-ass M240 conversions (or any other non-roller-delay build)

      • If you have an 07 FFL, none of this would matter since you can legally “make” a machine gun. Without a SOT you would pay a $200 tax and file a form 1. With a Class 2 SOT you would file a form 2 with no charge.


    • Begging the question; “Why isn’t HK the one doing this & demonstrating at SHOT instead of an MP5 painted brown with a top rail?”

  1. It should be noted that the G3/HK32/HK33/MP5 family was designed with a paddle magazine release and reloaded like an AK. Those stateside with a button release only have that to comply with U.S. import laws regarding NFA weapons. The pinhole for the paddle release is considered part of or necessary for the full-auto setup and if it goes clear through from one side to the other, it’s considered a machine gun.

    You can still install a paddle release, you just can’t put the pinhole all the way through the receiver.

  2. Interesting. What I need to figure out is how to get some AR parts to make a trigger group for my CETME L kit. I’ll have to check more pictures to see if this will give me ideas.

  3. I shot a fully auto MP5 in Vegas last year and really enjoyed it. The one in your picture looks amazing. Which MP5 is good for civilian ownership? I saw one recently made by a company called Zenith. Thoughts?

    • Brethren Arms is excellent. Dakota Tactical is the king (but they have long waits). I got my MP5SD from TPM Outfitters, and I’m an extremely pleased with it. My advise, don’t get the cheap ones, which may or may not be reliable. Pay more and get more.

    • I’ll second what JD says, especially since you’re probably going to want to sbr it and own it forever. Zenith is the most affordable at around $1,500 and as far as a range toy goes their quality is nothing to scoff at. There are better options all along the spectrum but the top shelf is genuine hk94s and sp89’s at around $5,000 before any modification costs.

  4. Bringing the MP5 into the 21st Century…by making it compatible with parts from a 1960s design…right. Also, make sure to let all those elite military and police units, all over the world, know that the most popular SMG of the last half century was the most disappointing thing ever. Have you actually fired an MP5 machine gun? They are quite smooth, and the triggers are relatively quite good…Not a Geissele SD3G, but never struck me as bad in any way…but whatever.

    • I assume he meant the trigger was disappointing for semi auto paper punching as opposed to what the gun was designed for or the kind of use its actually had.

    • Possibly, but I can’t say for sure. Receiver lengths are different though, so probably not. I’ll stick with my C93, it’s already 90% to a paddle release at this point.

    • If it’s built for the full size mp5 instead of the k it would work on the 91 with just a ejector lever swap.

      It should then also be able to work on the 93, sr9, 11, 13, 41, sd, 33, 43, 91k and so on.

  5. Nice. The would be a nice addition to the MKE guns that are being imported now. They’ll need to make a push pin lower for them to work with the MKE guns.

  6. This would be pretty sweet on my Special Weapons SP10. No option for a paddle release on that one, so I’m stuck with using the button.

    That said, the paddle was the BEST upgrade I ever made to my PTR-91. Much better way of dropping mags.

  7. WOW. Lots of comments and questions.
    So, SHOT was excellent. We got debut several new items and the AR trigger group we have is one of the first new items to be launched, available for sale through as a stand alone and as an option on our firearms.

    So, to answer some questions.
    1. The pictured trigger group is set to work in the 94/91/93 series. This includes the 10mm, 40sw, 357sig, 223, 300blk and 308. We left out several components, because attendees at SHOT have been know to be from countries that ignore our copyright and patent laws.
    2. We will have one for the “K” series as well.
    3. It will use the same ejectors as normal, respective of the caliber of the firearm.
    4. We will have the drop KE Arms AR Triggers as our standard, but any other AR trigger can be dropped in.
    5. Once testing is completed, from several people in the industry, we will contact other trigger manufacturers to gauge interest in testing of their product
    6. It can be a direct replacement to any Roller lock gun
    7. The trigger group displayed is still in the white as a prototype, and will be anodized and/or cerakoted.
    8. The package it is pictured with is a kit that was commissioned by The Silencer Shop and is unfortunately sold out.It was available for I believe 3 weeks and was gone. All 25 of them. It had a matching Kryptek Gemtech Raptor II silencer, Haliburton Case and PDW harness rig. All for around $3800. There will be more packages coming up shortly
    9. Why has HK not done something like this? We don’t know and can’t really offer any insight into this.

    Thanks everyone and let us know if there are any other questions.

  8. This with a Echo or Franklin Binary trigger or even a Gessile 3DG (??) trigger would be amazing. I really hate the trigger in my MP5-PDW SBR and a nice light AR trigger or pull-release trigger would be amazing!

    Any info on price?

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