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Earlier today, Oregon became the latest state to enact “universal background check” legislation for firearms sales. SB941 was signed into law by Governor Kate Brown, a piece of legislation that requires every transfer of a firearm to include a background check on the intended buyer. This law is different from the Federal version that was introduced by Mrs. Toomey and Manchin in that it specifically excludes situations such as sharing guns on private property and creates ways for individuals to perform a background check independent of a gun dealer . . .

As always, the Brady Campaign is declaring victory, but as we’ve seen time and again “universal background checks” won’t actually do anything to stop crime. Criminals, by definition, don’t abide by the law. This is another piece of do-nothing, feel-good legislation that only hurts law abiding gun owners while doing absolutely nothing to reduce real world crime.

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  1. Hooray, now all I have to do to go shooting with my friends is to buy a bunch of private property.

    Anybody got a few million dollars lying around I can have?

  2. Peaceful states like Colorado, Washington, and Oregon don’t need background checks. But background checks need peaceful states to help pad their numbers.

    That’s what it’s really about.

      • It’s been that way it seems. The magazine bill is what is really killing me. There’s no reason we shouldn’t be able to just order them straight to the front door, or walk into the LGS and grab a few. Really starting to get on my nerves.

        • I was rather fortunate in having bought a metric shit tonne of (now just barely evil) 16 rounders for my favorite gun years and years ago. Others, I did some quick panic buying in the first two quarters of 2013. But it’s biting me because there’s one gun I wasn’t able to get mags for, and I know it’s constraining the market in guns here when people won’t ship guns without a mag, or there is no reduced cap mag available. One LGS just sells the guns without mags (I don’t know what they do with the mag that ships with the gun) but that doesn’t help when the manufacturer refuses to ship the gun at all.

  3. This just sucks in more ways than can be explained. And because it was rammed through as an “emergency measure” the good citizens of the state can’t even gather signatures to get it put on the ballot. Going to be tough to get it back off the books.

  4. This just makes me sick.
    I’m in a red county, so I had good Reps fighting the good fight.
    The Sheriff in my own county said he was against it and won’t be enforcing it. (We’ll see how true to his word he is).

    This law, I will not obey.

    • If you need some guns let me know. I can sell them to you and we can both claim I sold them to you last year.


      • Ha!
        I truly appreciate that. I have more than one, so I am not in need.
        That is also my solution. To just say that the sale occurred earlier.
        I follow several Facebook groups for buying, selling and trading here locally.
        It seems to have ticked up recently.

        I just wonder if the folks with FFL’s are going to be gouging.

        • Tom, as a fellow Oregonian, I feel for you, and me! What pisses me off is that they could have at least exempted CCW permit holders. Of course, none of us should be subjected to this crap. What a waste of money it will be. Shops will probably be charging $25 or so, plus the $20 for the two background checks.

          I can think of one thing we could do. That is if all shops refused to do the check, except on new gun sales as usual. Eventually, you would have so many gun traders flooding the phone lines to Salem, they would have to throw the law out.

          To all fellow Oregonians, Please be careful what you say you will or will not do. Big bro is listening,

      • Don’t see how it can unless it addresses those spooky ghost guns specifically providing a mechanism to create serial numbers and creates a registry to make the law enforceable.

    • I’m in a solidly blue county and have reps that could care less what I have to say. It is just as frustrating because you know that nothing you can say or do with get them to vote differently and their re-election is assured as long as they desire to run for office and walk the party line.

      A few weeks ago I made sure to buy a firearm that I had been considering then I sold an AR lower as part of my obligation to help ensure the freedom of our state. Both transactions were private party and for the first time ever I opted not to do a bill of sale specifically to ensure there was no paper trail and to spite SB 941 bigotry.

      I’m staying put to help fight this, but I’m not going to stay around long enough to get caught up in some liberal judge’s determination that my father-in-law’s hunting trip didn’t cover the full time that I loaned him a rifle and get turned into a felon for it. Wisdom says that sometimes you have to stop fighting long enough to escape to a state that isn’t foaming at the mouth and jumping at opportunities to turn you into a felon.

    • You could only move to Califirnia, bud! There’s plenty of scotch and a vamfire ready for you, and our gun laws are, well…they suck.

      Sorry to hear Oregon went almost full retard.

      If it’s any consolation, I see people ignore laws every day.

    • Tom,
      Would SB941 increase revenue? I did a search and found this;

      “…emergency clause

      A statement added to the end of a measure which causes the act to become effective before the accustomed date. An emergency clause either sets a specific date or is effective immediately, which means that the measure will take effect on the date of its signature into law. NOTE: emergency clauses may not be attached to bills which would raise revenue…”

      I am in Oregon my self so i really hate SB941.

  5. Oh and by the way. SB 941, is a direct descendant of i594, which itself is a descendant of Schumer’s s374. Most of the exceptions (target shooting, hunting, self-defense, etc) are exceptions in name only, they’re so narrowly worded as to be virtually meaningless. Toomey-Manchin was down right reasonable in comparison.

    • They’ve already announced that their next move is to close the “family member loophole”. You know, the loophole that allows you to give a firearm as a gift to your son/daughter or husband/wife or mother/father without having first ran a background check on him/her.

      • Close the personal freedom loophole!

        We can’t have people deciding what to do with their own stuff.

    • LOL and just how the hell do the “confiscators” reckon that they are going to go about “confiscating?” As a buddy of mine said: “Come and get it.” 😀 😀 😀

  6. Well, I’ve been trying to figure out where I was going to go when I finally get enough money together to escape from California.

    It was either Oregon for the water, or Arizona for the freedom.

    Thinking Arizona may win out.

    • You should be able to eke out a few years of freedom from Arizona before it, too, falls. Only a matter of time.

    • Domino theory. It’s real. You think they’re just going to be done now? No. Next, the plan is to continue to pass more draconian laws in OR and WA. Meanwhile, these foothold bills ARE being proposed in AZ and NV. AZ is still a strong hold, so I would suggest moving to AZ, but get ready to fight once you get there. Join all the pro gun groups you can, take newbs to the range, and for the love of God- Don’t vote for ANY democrat. Because AZ will be next if no one resists…

      • Yep. Bloomberg has already made it clear his paid lobby group is interested in targeting Nevada and Arizona next for ballot initiatives for expanded background checks. Many people claim it won’t go anywhere here in AZ, but none of them knew about the concerted effort to expand gun control “success” past Washington and Oregon.

        Oh if you do come out to AZ, make sure you join AZCDL, Arizona Citizens Defense League, AZ premiere 2a lobby group. They were the ones that effectively made AZ a Constitutional Carry state.

      • Join AZCDL once you arrive. They’re effective, and Charles Heller will make sure to tell you so… several times…

      • Yeah…”fight”

        The new definition of “fight,” by the way, is to complain online, write some trash-filed letters, then obey the new unconstitutional law anyway like good subjects.

  7. Is their registration of serial numbers? If not, it doesn’t really do anything and is unenforceable.

    • Currently there is no registration. So you are correct. There is no way to enforce it.

      Also, there are a few sheriffs who have said they won’t even try, as well as a county that was talking about making a county ordinance that would prohibit its law enforcement being able to enforce it. How far that all goes, is yet to be seen.

    • Not officially, but our background checks go through the state police, it includes the serial number, and OSP doesn’t necessarily destroy their records.

    • In WA they get a copy of the sale form (like the ones for the pistols). So in WA yes, they know everyhting. Not sure what the law says in OR

  8. Will. Not. Comply.

    Anyone in Oregon who is free on the 30th, there is a planned rally at the capitol to give our unelected governor the middle finger. I’ll be there, as well as a few of my friends.

    Probably won’t change the law, but it will be a good ‘FCK you!” To the politicians.

  9. Just another way to mess with the citizens, Ore. Shame on you and your politics. Now they can bind with Kalifornia. I hope that Oreganians can get there state back from the loons. Let’s always watch our backs out there.

    • Don’t you shame me. It’s coming your way too, and you know it. I have no control. You have no control. The NRA has no control. Moms/Everytown has no control.

      This is Statism we’re dealing with.

      Don’t you shame me.

      • Shame on you, shame on me, shame on every single American. If the founding fathers saw what ineffective, cowardly wimps we’ve all become, they wouldn’t have bothered fighting for independence. We’re pretty much just another European slave state anyway.

        • Did the Founding Fathers fight, or did they send others to fight in their stead, to protect their stakes against the British? Wasn’t there some thing called the Whiskey Rebellion, something to do with George Washington marching federalis on US citizens? I’m pretty sure the Founding Fathers were politicians like any other, old or new, left, right or middle. They rationalize the obscene into the palatable.(House of Cards).

        • The consequences the founding fathers faced for their actions are unimaginable by politicians today. I’m not saying they were saints, I’m saying they believed in this country enough to risk everything for it, and many of them paid with everything. Go look it up.

  10. It is a sad day for Oregon patriots and for all who love the words and intent of the Second Amendment:

    “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

  11. Sorry to here this . WE have pretty much the same thing in Illinois and the sky did not fall. And all the “private” FB selling sites pretend they all follow 3 day/FOID/run a check with the state po-leece too. Nod nod wink wink…

  12. You Oregonians should build a wall right alongside the cascade mountains and declare your independence from the rest of east coast Oregon. Make yourself the 51st state (Minus the government nanny laws).

    Get a petition going. Power in numbers.

    • The mountains aren’t really the boundary. It’s 4 counties along the I-5 from Eugene to Portland. That’s it. The coast, the south, the east, everyone is against this law and most of the other crap coming out of Salem. You should have seen the election results in 2012, the whole blasted state was red except for 4 counties.

      • I lived in Oakridge, OR for a few months when I was a child. Beautiful country.

        They did not honor the rights listed in the constitution. So much for the “republic.” That’s democracy for you. Two wolves and a sheep voting on what’s for dinner.

        • That’s why the founding fathers made this a Constitutional Republic, not a flat out democracy. The problem is, they counted on American citizens to enforce the Constitution and prevent politicians from ignoring it.

          Boy, were the founding fathers wrong about American citizens, or what? They’d hate modern politicians, but they’d hate us even more.

  13. Meanwhile, Texas can’t even get open carry signed and Nevada can’t get their carry laws fixed with supposedly overwhelming majorities.

  14. WTF????

    When I clicked “Post Comment”, the site jumped me to a different article, and my post vanished into limbo.

  15. I am 07 ffl I have decided I will not support this bill and I will not do any F-F transfer for anyone, the only ones that i will do is for the sale of a firearm from my shop or if a customer wants me to receive from another dealer out of state. There is nothing in this bill that says that i have to do any F-F transfer.

  16. Trying again….

    It’s been impossible to find out what the law really says. The politicians say what they think will get them voter approval, the media all say it applies to sales of firearms . . . .

    And no one is passing on an important fact: the law is meaningless. Court decisions already on the books say that criminals don’t have to engage in activities that will incriminate them. This is nothing but a self-incrimination scheme, which is automatically null and void under the Constitution. Felons must be having a good laugh, because they know they don’t have to comply since it would be self-incrimination. So the reality is that not only won’t criminals comply, they can’t be required to anyway.

  17. My condolences, guys. Just out of curiosity, how were the able to claim this was “emergency” legislation?

    • Other than it being an end-run so it can’t be placed on the ballot by gathering signatures, I’d have to say it was only an emergency in their minds.

      • Don’t you love how our glorious system allows politicians to effectively render the democratic process null and void on a whim? This country’s a joke. The biggest sham in human history.

    • Because they said so. Not joking. They passed a law a few years ago to give licenses to illegals, and the voters put it on the ballot and overturned it with a 2/3 majority. They learned their lesson from that and the “emergency” measure makes a popular vote on the law impossible.

      • Well guys if it’s firearms freedom and daily, year round sunsets over a body of salt water, come to West Florida. I always roll out the welcome mat to red staters. No open carry, yet, but other aspects are pretty good. NFA items allowed, no state level registration, 3 day wait for handguns waived with CFL. We currently have a republican governor, and a veto proof majority in both chambers if the legislature. Florida’s showing the same trends of liberal locust infestation as CO and TX. Need more conservatives.

    • “Just out of curiosity, how were the able to claim this was “emergency” legislation?”

      Now that is interesting.

      Sue the state for passing that law under false pretenses.

      Argue they never allowed proper due process.

      • Due process. Activist politicians and judges laugh at that right almost as much as they laugh at the right to bear arms.

        The sooner everyone realizes that the country they now live in is America in name only, the better.

    • I should clarify that it can’t be done by referendum, which takes fewer signatures than the way left to us now, ballot measure. Ballot measures require more signatures and are more expensive to get done. It also means this piece of offal will remain law until (if) it is repealed by the voters.

  18. Something tells me that the Saddle Butte Machine Gun Shoot on May 16th and 17th will still go on and it will be a big F’ YOU! It’s always a blast, hope to see some of you there.

  19. Theoretically, anything New sold after today should have a record and be traceable……..

    BUT…. anything that was in circulation prior to today would be untraceable because there’s no way of knowing where it was when the law was enacted.

    Correct me if I’m wrong.

  20. Yawn.

    Politician: “We’re gonna pass this law despite what the Constitution and citizens say.”
    Citizen: “I don’t like this. I’m going to call your secretary and mail in letters for you to dump in the trash.”
    Politician: “HAHAHAHAHAHA Who’s gonna enforce the Constitution? You?”
    Citizen: “But…letters…protests…”
    Politician: “Sit down, peasant.”
    Citizen: “Yes, ma’am.”

    There, did I about sum up how you all are gonna go about this? Same as every time?

    When this country’s finally turned into a full blown fascist dictatorship, the last free citizen will be huddling in a basement with the gestapo breaking down his door, mumbling about what a nasty letter he’s gonna write His Majesty. What a pathetic, unworthy people Americans have become. We deserve every bit of fascism that comes our way.

    It’s ironically liberating to stop caring and realize that the destruction of freedom was inevitable and will continue unabated.

    • There appears to be a slim Republican majority in Washington, but the voters literally did it to themselves there. Colorado too, though the recalls were a spiritual reprieve, if not in fact. Texas frankly has some house cleaning to do before the next session, both in the state and outside in the Senate. This kicking and screaming over 800k licensed people being able to tuck in their shirt is BS of the highest order.

      Oregon is firmly Democrat so this should really be no surprise. I bet there isn’t even a recall. No lawsuit over whether this is a revenue raising bill and therefore not eligible for emergency status. I would like Oregon to prove me wrong, because Bloomberg is just gonna travel on his money powered steamroller from state to state passing this crap.

  21. Same crap as WA. The WA rat scum politicians and their police footpads have refused to clarify what a transfer is, only that “the law will be enforced”. So it is impossible for Washington residents to know if they’re actually breaking the law until it is too late.

    My hunch is they are saving the law for special occasions (when they really want to screw someone).

  22. Don’t comply. As a WA resident I don’t want to give up my liberty and have everything I own, or buy, or transfer, on record. It’s unconstitutional, no question, but a narrow group of money backed libtards are getting this crap done. They’ve frightened and mislead the public to think no one gets checked, firearm sales are some sort of free-for-all. Besides, these laws in fact are saying you, the lawful citizen might not be lawful, you just might be a criminal, so we need to know all about you. The infringement goes beyond firearms, it dings the basic liberty we are supposed to have for privacy. Sorry OR, you just got f-ed with a bone dry 2×4. Your State Gov’t is not interested in upholding the Constitution, same here in WA.

    • To save time later, cut and paste that paragraph into a Word document so you can swap out the state names and paste it back here when it inevitably happens to every single other state.

        • I never will. This country’s not worth saving, and it has in fact proven that a free society will eventually turn into a tyranny anyway. “The Great Experiment,” this country was called. The results are in. It failed. Why would I fight and die for a concept that humans are obviously incapable of preserving?

        • I’m guessing that you’re a “human”, silver. And you’ve just confessed to doing exactly what you blame all the rest of us of doing. Nothing.

    • Too bad it doesn’t un-happen when you elect Republicans.
      And Michigan’s “Republican” governor would have signed this bill too. (but our R legislature wouldn’t have passed it yet)

      • Yup, Gov Snyder is a worthless weasel when anything pro-gun hits his desk. Earlier this year he vetoed a bill that would make it easier/faster for people to obtain a CPL. When it comes to MI the only thing I want gone is the handgun registration. Such a pain in the ass.

  23. “This is another piece of do-nothing legislation that only hurts law abiding gun owners while doing absolutely nothing to reduce crime.”

    You do realize that actually is the entire goal of the Bradys, right?

    In other breaking news, Amnesty is actually about getting millions of votes from third world idiots.

    • They know this and are quite happy about it. Liberals have low self esteem (google for the studies) and therefore hate themselves and therefore they must harm their perceived opponents any way then can so they can feel better.

      Liberals hate guns and gun owners even more. They will pass laws like this just to spite gun owners.

  24. Especially with police/sheriff non-compliance, it would be impossible to prevent private sales from happening anyway. Their next ‘logical’ jump would be universal registration… Wait for it.

  25. Of course the Brady Bunch is declaring victory, you just described the perfect win-win for them:
    “This is another piece of do-nothing legislation that only hurts law abiding gun owners while doing absolutely nothing to reduce crime.”

    They interfere with our rights, and since they don’t interfere with crime, they can use the ongoing crime as the reason why they need even more restrictions on us next year.

    • It doesn’t have to be enforced, and probably can’t be anyway.
      The whole point is for politicians to claim they closed what they previously claimed was a loophole.

      Background checks turn society into two distinct classes, one of legals and one of illegals, but they don’t do anything to prevent the illegal users from owning or trading. So the statistics are split into new columns but the crimes remain unchanged.

  26. A thought.

    How many 2nd amendment supporters are really supporters?

    Do you submit to a background check?
    Do you use a FFL when shipping a gun?
    Have you ever been in a situation where you have committed no crime (have not hurt anyone else) and been told to hand over your weapon, and did?
    Do you comply with a 10 round limit?
    Do you comply with the knife “laws”?
    Do you not carry on person/car because of “laws”?

    I submit if you do any of the above (and others) that you are NOT a supportor of the 2nd amendment of any consequence. The time for writing/voting/organizing/general bitching about this issue to expect any change has passed. Even if the above were to work, it would take to long. Do you really think the USA will be similar/free to what it is today in 20 years?

    What would happen if dozens and then hundreds then thousands said NO MORE! Meaning that people actually used then firearms as then were intended and DEFENDED themselves? As in shoot anyone that tried to unlawfully break the constitution and force it upon them. How many politicians getting shot would it take before a correction in our system back to the Constitution?

    I will admit that I was, for years, in the no consequence group. No more. I refuse to comply with unconstitutional laws, even if it means risking death. There is no intent on hurting anyone, just refusing to live as some corrupt/immoral person thinks I should.

    Why? I want my children and grandchildren to have a chance at living free. This country has a history of paying for freedom in blood. Do you think it is any different now?

    • Yes I do believe the laws will improve for our side over the next 20 years, we are gaining a lot of momentum, and we are winning most states excluding the coasts. The gun laws are already less restrictive than 20 years ago in most places, and excluding MDA we are gaining the lead in public perceptions of firearms. Do I support the 2nd amendment, hell yes I do. Do I comply with laws? Yes because it is extremely difficult to support the 2A from behind bars.

      • Are we winning? More privileges, not more freedoms. Just sign away more of your privacy. When, not if, confiscation time comes, a nice list of the most conscientious gun owners is already at hand.

    • Don’t hold your breath. We’ve gone from a nation of “We draw the line here at Lexington and Concord” to a nation of “You first.”

        • Your comment makes no sense. I never told anyone “You first,” I merely observed that it seems to have become the standard response to any post that suggests perhaps the 2A means something beyond hunting and sport shooting. I’m just an observer, and I was observing that supposed patriots are sniveling cowards today compared to 200 years ago.

        • I know you did not say “you first”, but other than words from a computer and by your report your an observer, so I will ask how are you any less a coward and more of a patriot? Your quick to point a finger, how are you any different? So I stand by my original comment, notice the question mark…unless your part of some underground network trying to recruit for a resistance group to go all constitutional on the .gov you are the same as anyone here, hiding behind a keyboard.

  27. Every Country that has been Disarmed as is America NOW under our very noses as strong holds of Patriots are being sought-out and Secretly being Taken down and apart by UN forces all over America’s Streets and Lands- You that play Politics with these silly games of idiot children acting out rehearsed plays are fast heading for disaster- The Forces of Wormwood is fast upon us all and yet the Games go-on- Race Wars being kindled, Christian Muslim, Black White, Jew and the Rich non-Jew- If there is a Trail to Your Property that Trail will be Followed by those with Masonic Jesuit Nazi Insignias and take every thing and any thing from You and Your House that they want or fancy- So You idiots keep giving-in and see how God favors the cowards who will not stand-up for His Laws but will comply and compromise with anything or law the Human gods require even to Your very Life captive to destruction and forfeiture of Soul- And these will be required of You or Force will ensue- gwt

  28. Neat idea there politicians! Except how are you going to prove I haven’t always had this firearm? How are you going to prove I didn’t buy this firearm before your little law was passed in the middle of the night.

    • Simple! Make you register it. That was Nelson “Pete” Shields model when he was running Hand Gun Control Inc (now The Brady Bunch). He wanted to get all firearms registered. Then he wanted to push for banning them. This is still the model, but they aren’t as overt about it.

      • And that’ll be about as successful as CT and even Canada. Didn’t Canada repeal that due to it being massivley ineffective?

        Boy, you know how far we’ve fallen as a country when Canada shows more sense than us.

        • CT hasn’t completely played out, yet. The banners are showing patience there and will pick of the unregistered felon held guns over time. That is what they appear to be doing. As far as Canada goes, they have registration and registries. Go find out what it takes to own and store an AR15 in Canada. However, they aren’t the U.S., so its moot.

  29. I am so glad I moved out of Oregon last year after living there for over 40 years. The Progressives who moved up from California into Multnomah County have essentially conquered Oregon. One county now rules the entire state. It is despicable. .

  30. Looks like I won’t be retiring to Oregon someday. I’m sure an AWB will eventually make it through since Portland and Eugene rule the entire state. Look at where a lot of the Oregon law makers, administrators and people aspiring to power in the state come from. They weren’t born there. Where were they born? Statist strongholds like California and the East coast. I wish they would stop polluting the state by moving there.

    • That’s what they do. They destroy a state, then flee it because of what a failure it is, then vote the same way, thus destroying their new home. They’re destructive, insane parasites.

      Just watch all the illegals fleeing their third world hellhole still vote to turn America into Mexico Two.

    • Um, they mostly come from the metro areas because 2/3 of the population lives in Portland/Salem/Eugene. Plenty of conservatives in those areas, too, trust me.

  31. As a resident of Portland, Oregon, I’m aware that this unenforceable new law is merely a political stunt meant to provide gibbering cowards the illusion of increased safety in their feckless lives.

  32. “Mrs. Toomey”? Is that Senator Toomey’s mom, or his wife? And what is she doing introducing legislation?

    “Messrs”, I think, is the abbreviation you were looking for.

    • Exactly. The Armed Intelligentsia is a sharp group. There’s probably not one other person at my company who could’ve told you that.

  33. Bloomber’s goal is to get as many states to fall like Dominoes either by legislative action or ballot initiative. Oregon was 2nd on the list because it was low hanging fruit. He is going after NV, Me and AZ. He things of AZ as a long shot.

    • Bloomberg is perfectly showing how broken our system is. It’s time to close the ballot loophole and fix it.

  34. Pretty sure the gun owners circle in Oregon will get as creative as the circles in WA.. we just ignore I-594 and trade, buy ,and sell among ourselves. And Idaho is a popular destination state for buying and selling.. the Big Nickle free paper is still a persons best go to source for those living in my neck of the woods.

  35. ok.. so lets be realistic about this for just a second… the LAW says that background checks are MANDATORY… but what does this actually change? you already had to submit to a background check if you purchased your firearm at the LGS, the only place I’ve seen mass person to person sales are at gun shows and there’s no reason that won’t continue. the law won’t be enforced because it can’t be and that’s sort of where it ends for me.

    • Well, my dad, for one, buys and sells guns within his circle of friends and acquaintances all the time. Not sure how he’s gonna behave now. Probably just continue on while keeping it hush-hush.

  36. Gee, all this will do is to have people violate yet another stupid law. When I lived in Maryland, a state with a similar law, FTF prohibitions were routinely conducted. What a joke.

  37. Oregon has been a Liberal regime for years. One of the many states i will never live in.

  38. Oregon’s newly “legislatively” passed (Bloomberg bought) universal background check law-
    will not only do a background check on the private sale BUYER, they will apparently be collecting also FULL info about the SELLER….TOO….. for their database .

    as of Aug 06, 2015 The Oregon FFL Dealer’s NICS Background check computers, are seeing newly (to be) implemented information screens appear on their systems – for the State’s database building. Not only having BUYERS INFO FILLED IN for a NICS check, but also;
    SELLERS INFO ….This includes the seller’s name, address, city, state and zip and their phone number.



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