BREAKING: Shooting Reported at Ben Taub Hospital in Houston

Reports are coming in that there has been a shooting incident at the Ben Taub Hospital in Houston, Texas. Officials at the hospital are calling this an “active shooter” incident, and over 200 police officers have responded so far.

The Ben Taub Hospital is part of the Houston municipal hospital system and named after Ben Taub, a Jewish real estate developer and philanthropist from Houston, Texas. The attack comes amid a wave of anti-Semitic threats across the United States, a situation which President Trump has been criticized for not commenting about sooner.


  1. avatar Uncle Pickle says:

    The good news is that there is no better place in Texas to get bullets fished out of you than the charity hospital in Houston. They have plenty of practice there.

  2. avatar jcr211 says:

    10 bucks says Kebab.

  3. avatar jwtaylor says:

    HPD Twitter feed.^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

    No injuries reported yet.

    1. avatar Rick the Bear (now in NH!!) says:

      I just saw that. Also noted that no shooter has been found. Was there actually an “event”?

      Oh, was the hospital a “GFZ” (for good guys)?

      1. avatar Brian says:

        Oh yeah, all hospitals are verboten for carry in Texas.

        1. avatar Katy says:

          Incorrect. See my comment below.

        2. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

          Hospitals in Texas are not universally gun free zones by law. Individual hospitals may post conforming signs banning guns, which do carry the force of law, but hospitals are not automatically gun free by law like courthouses are.

          As a practical matter, most hospitals will have such signs, though.

  4. avatar bladedoc says:

    Looks like a false alarm

  5. avatar Katy says:

    Most recent updates are no evidence of shooter after having searched the full interior. Still not clear to me what triggered the call. It was listed as a third party report.

    Sounds like it may have been someone skittish reporting a backfire or (being Houston) crime elsewhere in the city. lists it as having a 30.06, however, under 46.035(b)(4), as pointed out by another user there, hospitals are fully exempt from carry. I admit to being caught off guard, as for some reason I thought (b)(6) had been repealed (churches exempt) and required notice.

    Edit: answered my own question. 46.035(i) removes hospitals and houses of worship from that blanket. But the 30.06 is there. No information on 30.07

    1. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

      The legislature can’t just make it simple, can they?

    2. avatar Red in CO says:

      Wow, that makes my head hurt

      1. avatar LarryinTX says:

        It is extremely easy to understand, you carry everywhere and under all circumstances, unless someone in authority explains the precise rules in effect in a particular establishment, in person. That evaluation has worked for me for over 15 years (never been challenged AT ALL), so I am still waiting for my first opportunity to be extremely obtuse, needing a lot of personal instruction. Once all has been explained, I will attempt to branch out into what all this falderol is supposed to accomplish, and how.

        IOW, I always carry in TX hospitals, in Post Offices, all manner of naughty places. Concealed means concealed. If there is not a metal detector, I walk right in. Makes the rules far easier to understand.

        1. avatar Jeff K. says:


  6. avatar Ing says:

    So…fake news, then?

    That’s the trouble with sensational breaking stories like this. The early information is never accurate, and sometimes the whole story is much ado about literally nothing.

  7. avatar Joshua says:

    My heart skipped a beat when I read “200”. Glad it was 200 policemen and not victims.

  8. avatar Libertarian says:

    Hey Texas wake up call pass hb 560 and let it sign from greg abbott.
    Would nice statement if he do it same as for open carry bill on shooting range 2015 🙂

  9. avatar LarryinTX says:

    Once again, looks like some fool made a phone call, and half the state went bullshit crazy for 8-10 hours, they’re talking about searching the entire hospital, parking lots and all, for the THIRD time, now. Because of absolutely nothing but, I bet, an anonymous phone call. Think of all the donuts going stale, as we speak.

    1. avatar Mike coster says:

      That’s rude. Stupid as to the event news, and rude as to those involved.

  10. avatar Tal says:

    If it’s a false alarm is it possible this is related to the bomb threats that have been called into various Jewish institutions? Could be in order to evaluate response times and emergency procedures.

    1. avatar Beardedrambler says:

      Could be a false flag event commited by a jew to perpetuate the Jewish victim mentality.

  11. avatar Ralph says:

    “Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo confirmed there were no injuries and no evidence of an active shooter at the hospital.”

    It’s sad for Houston that Art Avocado got himself a new job there after screwing Austin for a decade.

  12. avatar Gordon in MO says:

    Drop a book flat on the floor in a hallway and someone will think it is a gunshot. Anyone could do it by accident or on purpose.

    I can think of reasons some people would stage an event like that to create a large response. After a few time, the response level will taper off. Or as a distraction for something real they wanted to pull off.

    Think of it as a training exercise for the police and the watchers.

  13. avatar SonofAmerica says:

    “The attack comes amid a wave of anti-Semitic threats across the United States, a situation which President Trump has been criticized for not commenting about sooner.”

    I wish TTAG would not perpetuate Liberal nonsense by repeating MSM opinions. Some uninformed person may stumble upon this article and think there is actually a significant number of intelligent people who believe Trump is anti-semantic. Seen similar pieces like this before and believe it is counterproductive to advancing our rights. By all means feel free to report stories, since there are very few unbiased news reports left, but please stick with truths and/or facts.

    1. avatar Stinkeye says:

      Given the fact that the man’s speech patterns are only slightly more coherent than a random word generator, I truly do believe that Trump is anti-semantic.

        1. avatar AdamTA1 says:

          I think you need to reread his comment.

  14. avatar rt66paul says:

    I imagine that this hospital treats anyone, not just Jews. Why would a hospital be targeted because of its name? If someone was targeting a specific race or religion of people go where they are. If someone had a problem with doctors or nurses, that I could understand.
    A gun in a hospital does not mean terrorism, even a shooting does not mean terrorism. Get real, people.

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  15. avatar KAP says:

    Gee the Democrats let in millions of refugee’s from Muslim countries who do dot want to assimilate into this country and want too make it a shit hole like where they came from. Wonder why all the increase in Jewish hate crime!

  16. avatar Louie Agundez says:

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