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The AP is reporting that there was an incident at Carver High School in Winston-Salem, North Carolina this afternoon around 2:30 PM Eastern. Details are still sketchy, but initial reports indicate that the shooting took place as students were re-entering the school after a scheduled fire drill. At least one person was reportedly wounded in the neck and shoulder, but the injuries are described as not “life threatening.” One person was taken into custody. More as the story develops.

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  1. This sketchy report would seem to suggest the shooter knew about the fire drill, and used that as a way to get into the school relatively unobserved….

  2. Early reports said the weapon was a Korean War era M-1 Garand. Eric Holder was seen steepling his fingers and looking smug.

  3. I would like to get in with my bet that this is gang and/or crime related, and not a “mass shooter” scenario, before any more “news” breaks…

  4. I wouldn’t judge how they run things over in Winston-Salem, but here in Texas, we have laws against just this sort of thing and that is why it didn’t happen here.

  5. Keep your kids alive , get them out of this Marxism mess called public education, All these kids get is dumbed down.

  6. Ya can’t make this sh1t up. CBSNews wrote: “Police said it is not clear whether the students involved were friends . . .”

    I don’t know about you guys, but when I shoot my friends, it’s not in the neck.

  7. I normally try to avoid speculation, sarcastic or otherwise, but the fact of the matter is that kids don’t live in a vacuum, crazy, sane, spoiled, or what have you.

    It’s well known that the more the media harps on guns, shootings, gun control, etc – the more nuts come out of the woodwork. Which is, of course, precisely what the news vultures are hoping for. I personally think that we don’t need to hang some of our politicians so much as we need to hang some certain traitors in the MSM. And quickly, without mercy.

    PS: No I’m not about to apologize for anything I said.

  8. You can pretty much tell whether a shooting is gang or psycho related by the name of the school. Carver, King, Jackson, Marshall? Probably gang related. Columbine, Newton? Psychos.

  9. Ha!

    Allow me to be Captain Obvious for just a moment….

    The local media link above indicates students, shooter, injury not life threatening and 700 students.

    The Reuters Link include some of that, but then adds this little helpful nugget of info…. “The shooting occurred more than a week after a 20-year-old man opened fire with an AK-47 assault rifle in a suburban Atlanta elementary school. The gunman was arrested, and there were no injuries in that incident.”

    (cue Captain Obvious theme song please…..)

    Reuters News Service would appear to be biased against firearms.

    • Yep. Very obvious.

      This probably was not a spree killing, but they’re going to make it feel like one. Now when you think of this one, you will think of the one in Atlanta also, and this one will feel like a spree killing.

  10. Gee,another gun free zone with no armed protection for kids,HMMM this sounds familiar,now let’s see where has that happened before? I know,let’s get MOM’S DEMAND ACTION to post “MOM” guards at all the schools and they can BORE the shooters to death with talk!


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