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The U.S. Senate has just failed to pass any of the gun control amendments which were proposed following the shooting in Orlando, Florida. The most recent push for gun control comes following a 13 hour filibuster on the Senate floor spearheaded by Senator Murphy (D). There are currently no additional proposals pending, and the likelihood of anything on gun control passing after this failure is minuscule. What’s interesting to note is that for a number of the amendments, which would have given the Democrats exactly what they were asking (blocking those on the “no fly” list from buying firearms) the vote was split along party lines with nearly every Republican voting in the affirmative, but the Democrats themselves blocked it from passing.

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  1. They could have had a bill passed, but it included the one thing that all totalitarian fascists hate the most…due process. And they simply couldn’t abide a bill that didn’t give them unchecked, unregulated, and unconstrained power over helpless people. Not that we can expect any leftist to be on the side of freedom.

    • This was actually beyond brilliant for the Republicans. In one fell swoop, they positioned themselves to win the votes of moderates and even some Democrat voters … and they forced the Democrats to show that they want to eliminate due process which will alienate still other moderates and Democrat voters.

      This maneuver might just prevent the Republicans from losing the House and Senate if Hillary wins the White House.

      • Only in bizarro-new america can it be spun by anyone into a positive that any elected gerbil, in this case Republican gerbils, voted for gun control.

        • That’s how politics has always worked. It’s chess. You make a sacrifice for a greater gain.

          Pass no fly, bring the challenge, watch it get gutted – there is a lot the SCOTUS can read into things, but due process as regards express rights is pretty darn settled.

      • Republicans will not get credit for this because the media will not report it. You’re crazy.

        They played a dangerous game with this gamble of theirs and if they keep doing this the left will eventually call their bluff.

    • I’m guessing it was the “compromise” bill the Republicans put forth specifically for this purpose. This way, when election time comes around, the Republicans will point at the Democrats and say, “We offered a compromise but they refused it! They only care about passing their own laws, not actually accomplishing anything!”

      …which may be true enough, but I’m not sure it justifies proposing bad legislation to prove it. Can we just agree that politicians on both sides are jerks and move on?

      • Ohhh. Well played! Well played indeed. Now the Republicans can tell moderates and fence sitters that they voted FOR the “no-fly, no-buy” ban whereas the Democrats voted against it … which is going to make the Democrats look really bad.

        No one is going to care about the details (requiring due process apparently). All that the low-information voters will hear is how their Democrat politicians nixed the “no-fly, no-buy” ban … and be seriously pis$$ed off.

        • Except most voters will never hear that. They’ll be told by the mass media that the vote “failed along party lines”, leaving out the important detail of which party voted yea and which voted nay. So people will be left to assume that the Republicans voted against it.

    • Hmm, I am still reading about this, but it kind of sounds like the GOP out-maneuvered the Democrat Party. If so, it was brilliant, for I suspect that the low-information voters that typically follow the Democrat Party propaganda may lift their head up from their iPhone’s and do a WTF.

      • Silly Rabbit. All the politicians, both Democrat and Republican, met this weekend and wrote today’s script. There is no Red Team vs. Blue Team. There is only one party, the Uniparty, and we ain’t in it.

        • Good Lord!!! Finally I see someone else who grasps what has long been obvious.

          Those of us who discern this stuff are near as scarce as hens teeth.

        • Probably about right. The Democrats can say the Republicans blocked their NonSense bills. The Republicans can say that the Democrats blocked their compromise bills. All the details are too complicated for the vast majority of bleeding hearts to bother with. The game played to a draw. The Democrats will carry on as before and the Republicans will do nothing to roll-back infringements.
          We need to win in the marketplace for ideas. The more CCW permits and the more pistols in pockets and purses the more votes in elections. Once the critical point is reached the issue tips; it becomes a third rail.

        • Sometime soon, we’re going to hear of the other “half” of the result of the vote, and that is that Federal (fully-) funding of gun-violence research is also happening. It’s a swap with a money grab a/k/a “The Senate”.

          This is so lawyers, Dr. groups, Planned Parenthood, can get “walk-around-money” to distribute to their constituency as the election approaches.

          Buy Ammo.

        • P.S. – THAT’S DI-FI’S “HAPPY FACE” so

          WATCH OUT, BECAUSE SHE’S WON SOMETHING. Let’s all waste some of our Senator’s phone time to find out what it was.

          She’s too much of a professional senatorious idiot to do “drama”.

          That face is ALL pretend and FOR-SHOW. They made out just as good as planned and everyone walked away happy, and everybody needs a shower and some Ben-Gay for how hard they’re all patting each other on their backs, backstage.
          If they don’t make it look like a struggle between two super-powers, then the rest of us are going to want to jump-in.
          This is just project # 165,352,145,476,255,141,293,374 in their détente. If they keep the cups moving at the right speed, you won’t know where your balls went.

      • As well as controlling interest in the Cerberus group, which owns the ‘freedom group'(LOL), which owns: remington, AAC, Marlin, and a lot of the other firearms makers that now make a product with barrels installed crooked, sights that can’t be zeroed, and on and on. An anti gun fanatic buys a firearms company and then wrecks their own products…. Coincidence? Or by design?

      • I’ll bet a guy with that many billions invests in a lot of companies, and is hedged both for and against any player his political meddling might infect –so he makes even more money, regardless how it turns out.

      • Soros is famous for that kind of stuff. He will pay for environmental activists to sue and protest against competitors. After the competitor collapses, he will come in with one of his companies to take over.

  2. Didn’t need to pass any of them. SCOTUS just gave the green light to the states to ban any weapon they choose to. They rejected the appeals of the CT and MD gun bans.

    • Demographics will still rule, since governors want power as much as any other politician. Don’t see much changing overnight with that. And with the SCOTUS the way it is right now, hearing the ban cases wouldn’t have accomplished much.

    • Good thing we gun owners (as well a pretty much all of law enforcement north of Westchester County) in New York don’t give a s**t and have pretty much been ignoring the SAFE Act since day one.

      • Ain’t Irish democracy great?

        Really though, good on y’all for shoving that garbage legislation right back where it belongs in NYC.

      • People may have ignored the sullivan laws to begin with to, but these things have a way of working like water in a canyon…

    • Yup.
      If there’s anything dims love more than over reaching government laws, it’s playing the victim- especially when republicans are involved.

    • “…and amid their hunger in the cold, barren wastes, the merry band were forced to eat Sir Feinstein’s minstrels. And there was rejoicing [yayyyyy…]”

      • Brave, brave Sir Feinstein, brave, brave Sir Feinstein… When trouble reared it’s ugly head, Sir Feinstein turned her tail and fled. Brave, brave Sir Feinstein…..

  3. I hear so many liberal years hitting the floor now. I hope they have a gun free safe zone to heal and reflect.

    I for one, am glad that this may stave off a buying panic.

    • Hahaha exactly. I was actually about to buy an AR before all this Orlando crap started. As soon as it happened, I knew there was going to be a run on the market, and I did not like the idea of having to wait 18 months to buy.

  4. News orgs will say that “Congress “failed” to pass greater gun control measures” rather than “Congress successfully blocked passage of laws that would infringe on American’s civil rights”.

    And even if it was bipartisan, they only use that term when the outcome is what they want.

  5. Look, folks: This was the whole plan all along. The Democrats knew they did not have 60 votes for any one of these bills to pass. This was simply a political stunt to be used in ads between now and the election.

    And I’m sure tomorrow President Kim Jong-Obama will remind everyone what jackasses the senators have been for not giving the government unlimited power over our rights.

    Because, terrorism.

    • NO they didn’t know that…with scum like Mark Kirk making RINO “re-elect” my crippled azz noise. Yes-let’s make a list and check it twice.

      • I am voting Democrat to vote him OUT. Maybe the next candidate in a few years will be committed to actually upholding our rights. I know the Dem I vote for won’t give a damn about my rights but I’d rather have a shot in the long term that a Republican may.

      • I have a big note on my refrigerator reminding me why I hate him. I see it every day can’t wait till he’s gone

  6. And what’s this going on C-Span now – another vote? What the fuck?


    ETA: Just failed. But does it ever end?

  7. Oh Boo Hoo Diane quit your blubbering. Do some real business instead of just getting your face in the news.
    Cant wait to hear Chuckies crying next. You all asked for and got what you deserve.
    Even I was for Due Process or nutting,,,,,,,,,,This is still America……..whats left of it anyway.

  8. And a year from now, the democrats will propose the same shitty legislation and ask the republicans why they won’t vote for it now when they voted for it then.

  9. “… the vote was split along party lines with nearly every Republican voting in the affirmative, but the Democrats themselves blocked it from passing.”

    In other words, Democrats, clearly in the minority, insisted “my way or the highway” (i.e.: Murphy or Feinstein or nothing). In this, they followed their doomed to fail playbook, as they did after Sandy Hook. Give us what we want and what we write or nothing passes.

    Net – net, Republicans likely knew that this was in the works anyway. And, all efforts are stymied, for now. Republicans running for reelection can say that they tried to pass something but Democrats voted “no.” That said, political games continue and we will come this way again.

    • I’m okay with the push for a stalemate in this case quite frankly. No action is the right action and if it let them save face to do it then so be it.

    • They cry and cry about the ‘uncompromising’ conservatives, but when two compromise bills are laid at their feet they dutifully queue up along their party line to piss on them.

      Screw the entire progressive statist party. They made it clear today they’re not interested in saving lives, all they want is more control.

      • “…They made it clear today they’re not interested in saving lives, all they want is more control.”

        Oh, they made that very clear a long time ago

    • It would seem to me that anyone, Republcan or Democrat, who votes/voted/advocates in support of any form of gun-control should be sumarily declared as an Oath-breaker and opposed in every possibly venue…it equates simply and clearly to voting to violate the Constitution/Amendment II and places them squarely into the category of domestic-enemies.

      The fact that so many are rationalizing, justifying, making excuses and/or championing the actions of these Oath-breakers, is pathetic, yet totally unsurprising.

      It really is as simple as that.

      And people are seemingly puzzled or confused as to why this Republic, the Constitution and Individual Liberty are being systematically abrogated…. Look the fuck in the mirror.

  10. This is pretty good news for 2 reasons:

    1. None of these absolutely due-process-shredding laws got through
    2. We now know who exactly in the Republican Cuckold Party needs to get booted next elections

  11. Good. Now maybe I don’t have to work on getting Cornyn ousted, after all. Maybe. He was still dumb enough to play with gun-control fire, even if he wasn’t serious about his rights-gutting proposal modeled after Feinstein’s.

  12. Weird day, the DOJ fooled no one with the release of censored 911 call transcript, so much flak about that they then release uncensored transcript…but wait, they insert God instead of Allah which again makes them look bad… it’s almost they were setting the table to give GOP a victory today. Or maybe the goal was to just divert attention from Radical Islam for a week and no they knew they would not get any gun control passed. Actually I think the left knows for the most part any bill that would have passed was worthless, but would have ended the gun control debate for now… with today’s vote they can still keep gun control as a issue to divert attention from islamic terrorist, and both parties got a little something to take back to voters….I think whole thing was rigged.

      • Umm…it has all been a staged clown-circus for far longer than you can imagine.

        We actually have one controlling party, the Globalist-Collectivist Party. It fronts for the controlling Globalist-Cabal and provides that Cabal cover to work their evil.

        The Globalist-Collectivist Party merely has two wings, the Republican right-wing and the Democrat left-wing. All the ‘divide’ and ‘opposition’ constantly bandied about is merely staged to fool people into continuing to play the game and ignorantly continue facilitating the planned march toward global governance and the destruction of this ‘once’ Republic, the Constitution and individual Liberty.

        This stuff has been obvious to anyone looking and assessing, for a damn long time.

  13. I hope everyone on this blog who claims to stand up as a warrior for our rights sent emails and called their Senators. The NRA and GOA have texted for the past three days telling us to inundate our senators with emails and call on them to fight gun control. I did it . . . I hope you did too.

    This is a war, brothers and sisters, and if we don’t fight it we will lose, make no mistake. If you’re not members and aren’t on the alert lists, then get with it and fight instead of just preaching to choir on blogs like this. All the whining in the world won’t protect our rights, only action will.

      • It’s hard to tell. What was voted down may have been the version with the poison pill that made it consrtitutional. Have to read the actual text. Many times the actual wotding is absolutely impenetrable.

  14. I know that I’ll probably get some hate for saying this but….I’m actually okay with that law as they put it forwards. And I’ve never been for a gun control law in my life. Isn’t this what we were looking for? Due process? Don’t we settle for 3 days if the FBI wants to look into that pot arrest from college to make sure that there wasn’t a conviction? Don’t we settle for 3 days because someone with an identical name was convicted of beating his wife and the FBI wants to make sure? Is it ideal? No, but had this guy been rejected for a background check and someone had to take a second look at him could they have found something to tell them this guy was dangerous within 3 days and changed the outcome? Possibly, however it seems like the Orlando FBI suck so it’s hard to tell. Ultimately from where I sit, if we give people a hearing within 3 days and set a high bar for denying them the right I don’t hate this idea, and I can actually see it having the benefit of making someone look and see if there’s something there. Like I said though…I’m okay with it. I don’t want it but I can see that this is one of the first gun control laws ever voted on that could stand a chance at doing the right thing by just insuring that the federal government has to investigate and justify their actions instead of just phoning it in. Go ahead….call me a FUDD.

    • The Donkeycraps do not want any laws that might actually be reasonable and sensible. My problems with the gun control laws are that I just know the government will abuse them like they abuse everything else.

      • Yes, but what I see from the law when it is being abused it will be on public display and nothing will rile up the Republican voters like government overreach and abuse. Unless these hearings are going to be sealed?

        • The “due process” provisions would have just been a fig leaf for even more government overreach. If you think anything about the hearing process would have been on public display, you haven’t been paying attention for the last 15 years or so. The Feds would wave the magic “terrorism” wand and suddenly everything would be sealed and classified for “national security” reasons. Almost certainly those on the list would not have access to whatever “evidence” the government has, and therefore no chance to refute any claims made.

          The majority of judges involved with these hearings would likely rubber-stamp the denial, out of fear that if they were to allow someone on this secret list to buy a gun and they did kill someone with it, the judge would be crucified by the media and opposing party politicians.

          We already have a due-process system. It’s called being charged with a crime. If the guy hasn’t done anything you can charge him with, the answer isn’t to make a secret “maybe bad guy” list to deny his rights anyway.

    • It had so much due process that it would basically be impossible to enforce. Which is fine, but also makes it a useless law.

      As a compromise offer for the dems to shit all over though, it was kind of brilliant.

  15. Woohoo! I was actually a touch worried what with all the Liberal drum beating. Guess now I’ll just have to buy that Scar in celebration instead!

  16. Ahh yes our nations leaders still playing politics with a simple step to stop terrorist and wackos from getting the gun they need. It’s on their heads.. assholes…..

    • Nothing in any of those bills/amendments would have stopped the Orlando shooter from getting his gun, and the anti-gun crowd has admitted as much.

      So I think I am missing your point.

  17. I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine who is in favor of more gun control.
    I was dissapointted that congress had enacted any gun control measures in the past few years especially after Sandy Hook.
    He said that if they should have enacted any laws it should have been just after those tragedies.
    He said if they won’t do it then then they will never do it.

    My reply?
    I told him that was a good thing.
    I don’t want our congress or any legislature for matter to be making laws based on pure emotional reactions.

    I don’t make my decisions for my life based on pure emotional reactions
    as I have learned that reactions based on a pure emotional reaction are one I tend to regret later.

    I don’t want our congress to make laws without weighing the consequences and
    they can’t do that if their decisions are based purely on emotion.

    I’m glad the senate chose to reject those proposals.

    One congress enacts bad laws, it’s hard to get them off the books.

    I think it was Jefferson who said that “Government that governs least, governs best.”

    • “I don’t want our congress to make laws without weighing the consequences and
      they can’t do that if their decisions are based purely on emotion.”

      Fixed that for you.

  18. I’m out to dinner with friends right now and I had to step outside so I could SHRIEK with fucking laughter.

  19. Boo-yah!

    To celebrate, this calls for the purchase of a new “scary-black-rifle-with-the-thing-that-flips-up-and-shoots-2500-rounds-per-second-with-clipazines-that-make-it-shootier” and a donation to my favorite 2A organization.

    M&P? Ruger? Bushmaster? DPMS? Daniel Defense? Stag? Colt? RRA? Armalite? Build-my-own?
    Ah, decisions decisions. 😀

  20. Good Lord people!!!!!! The dems knew it would fail. This is just so they can blame the next one on the Rs. And maybe they wanted to test the waters in wait for prez hildawg, it’s definately one of those.

  21. Well now I have to plan another day going around to the local Academy stores and razzing their butts.

    Unbelievable what can get away with when you are a senior citizen.

  22. Am I the only one bothered by the fact that all of this was railroaded through in an end-run around the “proper” legislative process?

    These were not “Bills” being considered. They were Amendments latched onto a Bill that has already passed in the House…essentially a freaking Commerce Finance Bill.

    Other than a “that’s the way the game is played” type answer, can someone explain to me (morally and Constitutionally) how to justify attaching new Gun Control legislation onto a Commerce spending Bill?

    This is just crazy, and shows (yet again) how far we’ve migrated from the government the Founding Fathers envisioned.

    It’s been mentioned above in the comments about “slowing down” and not acting emotionally. The legislative system in place, with a process of bill sponsorship, committee discussions, floor debate, amendment process is designed to slow them down.

    What good is all that process that is DESIGNED to be slow and deliberate if they are just going to railroad through whatever they like as an addendum attached to a completely unrelated piece of legislation?

    Whether it is theater and show or completely broken is immaterial at this point. Either way, it is very, very dangerous for liberty and any claim we have to being a “Constitutional Republic.”

  23. One of my Elderly relatives quoted the title of an old 1951 scifi story….They said it has some eerie similarities about today’s society…..

    The Marching Morons” is a science fiction story written by Cyril M. Kornbluth, originally published in Galaxy in April 1951. It was included in The Science Fiction Hall of Fame, Volume Two after being voted one of the best novellas up to 1965.

    The story is set hundreds of years in the future: the date is 7-B-936. John Barlow, a man from the past put into suspended animation by a freak accident involving a dental drill and anesthesia, is revived in this future. The world seems mad to Barlow until Tinny-Peete explains the Problem of Population: due to a combination of intelligent people not having children and excessive breeding by less intelligent people (see Fertility and intelligence), the world is full of morons, with the exception of an elite few who work slavishly to keep order. Barlow, who was a shrewd real estate con man in his day, has a solution to sell to the elite, in exchange for being made World Dictator.

  24. Feinswine looks like she’s trying to cover a tear in the latex mask she wears to conceal her actual reptilian face…

  25. I must share this doozy. My local NPR station (WNPR) was talking about Chris Murhpy’s filibuster on Friday of last week. One of the female hosts described him as both strapping, and manly. I almost got into an accident I was laughing so hard! A right good chuckle that was!

  26. Hahahaha. That’s what happens when you don’t make even a modicum of effort to understand the issue before writing legislation. Unfortunately they’re just going to blame the NRA.


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