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Two students are injured after a couple rounds were fired at their school from outside today, that’s the story from CNN. Their condition is not currently known to the press, but they are still being listed as “injured” and not “killed” so that’s good news. The bigger story here is the incessant definition creep were seeing with the media. Any time more than two people are involved, a “murder” becomes a “mass shooting.” If it happens anywhere near a school it’s a “school shooting.” And God forbid someone has more than one firearm, because that gets re-branded as an “arsenal.” It’s a war of words, and it’s escalating. More on this story as it develops.

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  1. Gang violence. Philadelphia and Camden, NJ are loaded with it. Now it’s the Second Amendment’s fault that gang shootings are happening.

    • That is exactly how they see it. If there were no legal guns there would be no way for a prohibited person to obtain one illegally.

      Unicorn farts and all…

    • Same with dirybag New MEXICO.
      Its time we bad together a start punishing the media. After the Duck Dynasty deal, A&E will never be on my TV again…

  2. I’ll bet if it’s black kids the media will be silent. The media is amazingly racist in that way

  3. Last night on ABC News, the reporter called an AR style rifle a “high capacity” rifle. Because the Cops were using it. Funny how it’s always an “assault” rifle when anyone else posseses it. The beat goes on……

  4. Using the media’s/action demanding moms hyperbole, I guess a drunk stumbling across my lawn is a home invasion. This is how they come up with those ridiculous numbers like “200 school shootings a year” or lump in suicides with murder to jump from 9,000 deaths to 30,000.

  5. War of words and ideologies. Though down in the trenches it’s not so vehement. It’s mostly the loudmoth media and politicians.

  6. Well, if one shoots at a school, it’s certainly a school shooting. >;{>

    I suppose that mall shooting, school shooting, work-place shooting and so on make a twisted sort of sense, as these are places in which the normal uses of a gun – defence or offence – should not normally come into play.

    That’s likely why parking lt shooting, trailer park shooting, convenience stoor shooting, ranch house shooting et cetera aren’t such common sound bites.

    How about news copy writing room shooting…?

  7. I’m working on fusing neutrinos into a solid from which to make bullets, so that I can carry out some massless shootings.

    They’d not even need rifling to induce spin…

  8. Perhaps it’s been said already, but by all their bloody-shirt waving, the President, the other baton-twirling glory hog politicos, and the lefty media — the gun-control establishment — are themselves stirring up copycat crimes, and are themselves undeniably getting more children and teachers killed. If they really think it’s for the greater good, then ‘hey, what are the lives of a few innocents compared with creating utopia?’
    Collateral damage?

    • Three cheers for you, sir!

      Yes, the media hounds no doubt increase significantly the likelihood of herostratic crime.

      The bigger the stage, the more monsters will vie for the worst of the year award.

  9. Unless the cnn article has been changed this blog post seems to have gotten some facts wrong(the shooter was in the school gym) and is arguing against a straw man.

  10. Yes, the drive by media wants the USA to bend to their perverted will. The truth is whatever they can convince the ignorant and ill-informed as to what they want it to be.

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