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Reports are coming in that an elementary school in San Bernardino has been the target of a shooting attack. KTLA is reporting at least four victims, but details are still scarce. The chief of police is stating on Twitter that this is a “murder suicide,” and other reports indicate that two students are involved.

According to a press conference the incident has now been contained. Apparently a male suspect entered the school, injured two students and killed one adult female before committing suicide. The local police department says that in this instance there was a four minute response time to the school which may have helped contain the injuries to the few currently reported.

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  1. Here comes the inevitable game of “how could this have been prevented?” by the Left while ignoring ways it could have been prevented:

    1. Metal detectors and security guards
    2. Armed teachers
    3. Were the guns reasonably locked away
    4. Was the perp a glaring mental basket case yet “unreported”


    • Sadly, one female teacher is already dead, and the perp killed himself shortly thereafter. Hope the injured kids make it, though.

  2. Another tragic incident no one wanted.

    So please tell me why this does not happen in the rest of the world on a constantly daily basis.

    What happened in Sweden is rare and does not compare to what happened here everyday and people like you and this fake news blog support it.

    I still don’t see it, no matter how many times I look, I Still don’t see the UK or the EU, let alone China, Japan. Canada or Australia turning into tyrannical hellholes.

    • I don’t think anyone in the United States, aside from yourself, would use such inflammatory crap hyperbole to describe their lives. The United States is one of the best countries in the world. I, and the vast majority of citizens here, have a perfectly peaceful life where we are able to do what makes us happy. Describing it as a tyrannical hellhole is bullshit.

      • I don’t think you understood what the commenter said. Gunrights activists often say that the government wants to take away gun rights so they can have complete control. The comment is saying that the countries mentioned (except China) have strict gun laws but have not become tyrannical governments.

        • “but have not become tyrannical governments.”

          I find that statement highly subjective.

          The fact that you practically have no right to defend yourself in these places is tyrannical.

          No freedom of speech including questioning the Holocaust can land you jail time regardless if you think the person saying it is a kook or not.

          No right to be secure from unreasonable search and seizures. You can be searched on a whim with no recourse.

          Highly restrictive press. Perfect example of this is Sweden where independent journalist Tim Pool when interviewing guests had to blot out the guests features for fear of reprisals for speaking out against Swedish “multiculturalism”. If you have to do that and you fear that much of government/societal retribution then that is tyranny.

          You have to incriminate yourself.

          No right to a fair or speedy trial.

          No right to confront your accuser in court.

          You can face double jeopardy and will keep trying you until the state gets their conviction.

          But hey you can have expensive, subsidized healthcare, drive around in a tiny little shitbox paying 12 Euro a liter or take a tram, ungrateful refugees hellbent on raping and destroying what little of Europe is left, and face bombings/truck/grenade attacks and GASP mass shootings as well!!

      • These so called progressive morons don’t understand that you can’t un-invent the gun. Guns are available to psychos and terrorists around the world. If they can’t find one, they’ll use a knife, a truck, etc…If they prefer the laws in Europe, they should move there. They won’t be missed.

        • Amen brother I’ll pay for the airfare you get on one way ticket on JetBlue right to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean LOL. Progressive liberal morons I believe the end of the progressive liberal is coming soon. Be glad to get rid of that entire race of people mental midgets that is period LOL

      • What politic agenda are you talking about?

        This incident has me horrified again.

        There are innocent people of this tragedy fighting for their lives right now by some gun-loving nut-bar and all you want to do is try to heckle me over politics concerning this.

        Wow, You death-worshiping American hating scumbags have just sunk a new low and continue to prove my point.

        • You’re obviously a progressive liberal which is perfectly fine we welcome everybody however I believe you’re having an emotional overload right now and I suggest you stay off the computer for a few hours maybe pour a glass of wine or whatever you like a nice adult beverage relax loosen up a little bit you’re going to give yourself a hernia at this rate.

        • This does happen all around the world pretty much on a daily basis. You need to check the statistics and some of the worst mass shootings have happened in countries where guns are illegal to own and possess. I feel like a broken record but yeah bad bottom line is you’re not going to stop this from happening anyway anyhow without running a complete police state and it would still happen automobiles tractors trailers however you want to kill someone you can do it take a tractor-trailer and go through a crowd of people at 60 miles an hour and you probably kill at least 30 all at one time so when you really think about it you’re not really going to stop anything you need to find out why people are doing these things and the tail trigger signs that people can look out for to be able to identify when children are starting to go south and gets them some help before this kind of craziness happens that’s the only way to prevent this not gun control.

        • American hating??? Is there something mentally wrong with you I believe that there is I think you’re not hitting top dead center your piston isn’t fully compressing the fuel in the diesel cylinder causing late ignition LOL. We don’t hate America we are America we voted for Donald Trump we want your liberal Progressive asses we don’t wish death in schools anymore than you people do we don’t threaten to harm other people like you guys love to do we’re not death loving we are mostly Christian God-fearing hard-working men and women not a lot like the liberal Progressive like yourself Silver Spoon probably from wow I’m getting it from you probably a trust-fund kid or something to that effect whatever troll.

        • We don’t hate America. We just hate worthless sub-human commie trash like you. Go drink bleach.

        • “This incident has me horrified again.”

          You have no lock on that at all. To suggest that you are more horrified than anyone else, including us, is nothing less than an attempt on your part to claim higher moral ground than you are entitled to.
          Stop dancing in the blood of innocents. It dirties your boots.

    • Did you say something?

      Ehhhhh. Nope.

      Wowsers. Your little ‘resistance’ sure is pathetic and ineffective.

      Much like yourself…

    • Are you a troll? China isn’t a beacon of Democracy. Also the UK, Austrlia and Canada don’t even have the right to free speech, so excuse me for not wanting to imitate them.

      Sweden just has truck deliveries by the religion of peace

      • The Chinese government is the very definition of tyranny. This whackadoodle knows less than nothing.

    • You obviously have a higher tolerance level for tyranny than the average American.

      And your examples of acceptable govt gun control from other countries with utterly different cultures are simply not 1:1 comparisons and examples of success like you imply.

      • Of course not. Leftist fanatics are not open to persuasion or rational thinking. Hell, they aren’t even capable of it. This clown thinks that China is not a tyrannical hellhole.

    • Because my rights trump your fee fees and I have the firepower to back that up. But please, keep resisting. I’m sure the cops at your next antifa riot will be quite amused.

    • What we have here is a murder-suicide. They DO happen, every day, all around the world. They have been happening throughout the history of the human race. People were using all kinds of different tools and methods to perpetrate the same thing, even before steel knives were invented.

      Your ignorance of human history is pathetic.

      This Friday we will remember the day a man was executed by a tyrannical government by nailing him to a cross. Shortly thereafter, the man who ratted him out was overcome with guilt and hung himself. Over 2,000 years ago, people were killing each other, and killing themselves. That won’t change, whether or not we have guns.

    • The_Resistance, you must be mistaken,

      It’s COMMON SENSE…gun free zones prevent gun violence.
      IT’S …..

    • Daily basis? I must have missed the school shooting on Friday, as well as every day over the last month. Of course you believe gun control is the end all be all right? Chicago has some very strict gun control laws and it works great there, right? Just ask the friends and families of the 830 shot so far this year just how well it works.

      • There is no unbiased data that shows causality (in either direction) between gun deaths and gun laws. There are places that have strict gun laws with high gun violence rates and there are places with very pro gun laws that also have high gun violence rates. Both sides like to bring up studies to “prove” their point but the truth is there just isn’t evidence to support either side of the argument. That is why I support gun rights.

        • Except that the overwhelming burden of proof is on the clowns who want to infringe the rights of others. If they can’t 100% prove effectiveness, all such laws should be ruled invalid and their advocates arrested for sedition.

      • One hand grenade attack on average per week for the last two years in Malmo Sweden alone.

    • Of course in Sweden personal ownership of guns, especially handguns, is highly restricted which is why you seldom see accounts of their use in such crimes, however:

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

      Bombings increased significantly in 2015, with Swedish police investigating around 100-150 explosions. There were over 30 grenade attacks reported in the Swedish city of Malmö alone by August 2015, up from a total of 25 in all of 2014. Malmö police have consequently warned about undetonated grenades in the city. According to Swedish police, the use of hand grenades in crime is unprecedented in all comparable European and non-European countries, and the only countries with similar characteristics are those with warlike conditions. Many attacks are related to organised crime and extortion of restaurants and businesses.
      In Malmö, the grenades are frequently old weapons from the wars in the Balkans. The police assume that someone imported a large share of grenades, which has then been distributed to criminal gangs. In addition to grenade attacks, there are a significant number of related bomb attacks with unidentified devices, including homemade bombs. The number of incidents involving explosives tripled between 2008 and 2016.

    • In other news, I heard on the radio on the way to work yesterday that another car bomb in Egypt killed 48 people. Or was it Syria? Oh wait, it was both, and the one in Syria killed in the 30s.

      My point is multiphasic, and I don’t have time to get into all of it, and most people are aware of most points I’d make anyway. I’ll just say this: the places I listed are fundamentally different than we are, in the same way that the purported utopias you list are also fundamentally different. It’s an apples and oranges scenario. I wouldn’t trade our problems for theirs (because they have problems too, y’know), and I thank God I live in the US, because we are different.

      • you can tell this person called The Resistance is a complete uneducated ameteur younger person probably born in 1999 like the rest of the Lefty Progressive morons. I fought for five-and-a-half years in the United States Army 82nd Airborne. And I’ve seen other countries in Wartime and I have seen some of the most inhuman acts of War and Terror done two innocent people and military personnel all throughout the Middle East. What I’m getting at is Terrorism and nutjobs are all over the entire globe and we have it much better here in the US than anywhere else on the face of the planet. You maybe need to go and enlist in the military resistance and actually experience some of the things that you seem to know so much about it complain about in this country. It would help you to realize just how wrong you are. good luck

  3. Sad of course, but easily preventable without need for more restrictions or gun bans and in the grand scheme of things more people are killed every year in the US by people driving and texting than are killed in school shootings. Let’s ban abortion first then we’ll go toe to toe about the murder of innocents, ‘K?

  4. California just passed the Gun Free School Zone law. how could this happen?! There is a LAW!

    • Yeah how could this happen that’s cool is a gun-free zone They had to break the law to go in and break the law to shoot those people Jiminy Cricket’s I guess gun control doesn’t work?

    • Coffee Addict beat me to it. “This can’t happen, this is California, we have laws against this!”

      • Are you saying that gun free zones are not an effective tool in stopping bad people with bad intentions! Maybe our California polititards should replace all the gun free signs with new signs all in CAPS maybe the perp’s will see them with more clarity !

  5. Send Mr “the resistance” some pictures of the Syrian citizens from Last week’s chemical attack. Maybe he can start with fixing a society that is actually broken.

  6. He must be a troll.
    I hope he’s a troll.
    Humans do stupid things. No nationality, is the champion.

  7. Hmmm…once again very little on the lamestream. I’m more upset by the doctor kicked off(and beaten) a United Airlines flight.

  8. ….but, but, but schools are “Gun Free Zones” I mean it’s impossible for something like this occur, didn’t the shooter read the signs?

    What’s sickening is it’s Commiefornia, even if the adult victim had a firearm and CCW permit she would have been prohibited from carrying in/on school grounds and would have faced stiff penalties if caught thanks to draconian laws against defending oneself.

  9. So based on the initial reporting I’m guessing it was a lover’s quarrel where the guy decided to murder his paramour in her classroom full of kids? What a gentleman.

    Presumably the kids taken to the hospital had hearing damage or maybe got hit by a fragment.

    I really hope this wasn’t an elementary school kid bringing in a gun for a ‘murder suicide’ because he got a time-out.

    • Sounds similar to the gentleman in our area who killed his cafeteria worker wife at 5am, when she was readying breakfast and the cross country team was on the other side of the Texas-size campus.

      I believe it was classified as a school shooting, when it was really better classes as workplace violence. That two children were harmed is horrifying, but this shouldn’t be seen as any better or worse than if he had done this at McDonalds and shot some patrons.

      That being said, I hope he was using a brace of zip guns so that the Bloomberg fallout is contained.

    • More likely a rejected suitor. Apparently, the guy showed identification to the school office which means they already know who he is.

      I’m perpetually disgusted by the fools who believe gun control will prevent these incidents. As if the murderers would think, “I can’t get a gun. That means I can’t stab her to death, run over her with my car, or beat her head in with a rock, either.”

  10. I believe he’s referring to the claim that our gun ownership keeps the US from turning into a tyranny.
    But by his “logic” (Australia and Canada don’t have much gun freedom aren’t tyrannies, so gun ownership doesn’t prevent tyranny), nobody should get a flu shot next fall: I didn’t get a shot, and I didn’t catch the flu, so flu shots don’t prevent the flu.

    Also, the reason “this” does not happen on a daily basis in the rest of the world is because gun control proponents define “this” so narrowly. If by “this” you mean a kid shooting another kid at school, it’s almost exclusive to the US. If you mean a kid attacking and killing another kid at school, it’s a worldwide issue.

    The fact that you ignore violence that doesn’t involve a gun shows a clear agenda to ban guns and that you have no concern for actually reducing violent crime.

  11. “The fact that you ignore violence that doesn’t involve a gun shows a clear agenda to ban guns and that you have no concern for actually reducing violent crime.”

    If you wanted to actually reduce violent crime, you could start by banning Democratic “protesters” at political rallies. i.e., “the resistance.”

  12. Bringing us back to the original post:

    Looks like a recently married but “estranged” couple, the woman was the teacher, the husband – identified by law enforcement as having an unspecified criminal record including domestic violence and weapons charges – showed up in her classroom with what is described as a “large revolver” and shoots her and, tragically, hits two children as well before killing himself.

    One of the children has died.

    So we have a “gun free” zone with a man who sounds like he would be prohibited from firearms possession in many jurisdictions, not just California.

    Glad that the laws and the fancy signs kept him from harming anyone…………………

  13. That’s Unpossible. Didn’t they see the big sign with the Red Slash across the picture of a gun? Schools in California are Gun Free Zones!

  14. “When officers arrived, they found a man and a woman dead in a classroom, as well as two injured students, Burguan said. The gunman was among those who were down, according to the chief, who said there was no further threat to the school.”

    Somehow, that doesn’t sound to me like the cops’ speedy four minute arrival time stopped him from harming anybody.

    • Exactly. The gunman pulled the last trigger before anyone had time to react. Police response to this incident had no effect. This incident was not a random shooting event. He killed the teacher and then himself. Case closed.

  15. This has to be fake news because “it’s hard” to get a gun in California and schools are gun free zones. How could this have happened in a safe space? Didn’t the guy know it’s illegal to take a gun into a school? This can’t be true, it has to be fake news.

  16. The only schools in California who have guns for staff are those in rural small towns. The democrats in the legislature are scream’in mad about it.
    Its not fare everyone should be disarmed to make them all equal.
    Good communism.

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