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Dianne Feinstein and friend (courtesy

We all saw this one coming. Two weeks after Elliot Roger stabbed three people and shot three more, a trio of legislators from California (including Dianne Feinstein) have proposed a new federal law called “The Pause for Safety Act” which would allow anyone at any time to seek a “firearms restraining order” against an individual to prevent them from purchasing any new firearms and also confiscate any firearms they may already own. From Barbara Boxer’s website, here are the details we have at the moment:

The new legislation – The Pause for Safety Act – will include the following provisions:

• One, it would help ensure that families and others can go to court and seek a gun violence prevention order to temporarily stop someone close to them who poses a danger to themselves or others from purchasing a firearm.
• Two, it would help ensure that families and others can also seek a gun violence prevention warrant that would allow law enforcement to take temporary possession of firearms that have already been purchased if a court determines that the individual poses a threat to themselves or others.
• Three, it would help ensure that law enforcement makes full use of all existing gun registries when assessing a tip, warning or request from a concerned family member or other close associate.

The scariest part of this proposed legislation is the idea that anyone can ask for one of these restraining orders. So, for example, if a gun control activist got ahold of a sign-in sheet from a local gun range, they could start spamming the judicial system with these “gun violence prevention warrants,” claiming that they believe these individuals to be about to commit a crime, and send a squad of police officers to their doorstep to confiscate their firearms. For their own good, of course.

Now, what was that line about no one wanting to take your guns?

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  1. Wtf… Can’t she just keep her nonsense in California. This federal law nonsense is getting old.

    • This stuff is like a cancer. “Keep it in California” is textbook denial of the issues.
      This is why California matters.
      It is PRECISELY why you and others who live in free states need to be active in supporting gun rights IN CALIFORNIA. And CT and NY and IL and RI and MD and NJ and….

        • Dude….just move up here to NH,we need like minded people like you to offset the freaking Libs that are migrating here from down there!!!!!!!!

      • DrVino you are absolutely correct but for some reason the crap out of California pisses me off more. I am not sure why.

        I know it is wrong but I still hope to see Arizona and Nevada with ocean front property in my lifetime.

        • I would like the red part of SoCal to leave the Peoples Democratic Republic of Kaliforniastan and join Arizona. I don’t see the Dems in Congress allowing another free er… red state. Becoming Zoners would be our best option. It will also bring oceanfront property to AZ

        • XC- I hope so too. I leave my car running all day just in case…if Al Gore is right, I just want to do my part to accelerate the process!

        • I agree with you, and I live in So. Cal. Just as long as it takes Boxer and Feinstein with the rest of us.

      • In NJ we already have Richard Codey proposing the same stupid law. I guess little minds think alike.

      • Gee, I’ll feel that my safety is threatened because certain politicians have their head up their ass, so rather than take any chances, I feel it necessary to deny politicians the right to have firearms on themselves or their bodyguards.

      • I live in CA. We can’t stop her. We don’t have representation at the National level and the little bit we do have at the state level is squashed. County and City is all we have and it’s limited. God Help Us.

      • In a really f*cked up way, Illinois dire financial situation is actually helping gun owners. Because of the string of losses in court by gun grabbers, the cost of municipalities to defend these laws is excessive.

        By highlighting the money thrown out the window to defend bad legislation, it both helps prevent such legislation in the first place and may help defeat some come election time.

    • I have said this many times. People want to say to us in California, move, or we get what we deserve.
      We say it will spread, and be careful, and how we need to fight here in CA. We get snickers and jokes. We are told it isn’t worth fighting for.

      I am now going on record. I TOLD YOU SO!
      I will leave it at that.

      • Domino Theory was right- just not about Communism in south east Asia. Its certainly right about shredding the constitution in US states though.

      • What exactly have you told us? That you’d rather be a martyr wasting your vote in California, claiming a halo, rather than flee that failed state and help turn a swing state like Florida red, denying DiFi a Senate ally like Florida’a Ben Nelson? Message received, loud and clear.

    • shes breaking peoples freedoms in america,well how about the middleeast where many carry guns,well?

    • NO! We are trying to get her out of California. Please share the pain during the transition to lengthen the rope and watch her fall.

  2. This should be grounds to remove her from Congress…sadly, it isn’t. But introducing legislation that not only violates the Second Amendment, but also the due process clauses of the Fifth and Fourteenth amendment…

    There’s nothing I can say about Feinstein that won’t get me banned from this site.

    No person shall be … deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law…

      • These efforts to curtail gun ownership need to stop. For the children. MY children. Who will inherit my guns.

    • you know, there IS due process–after the seizure of course, about two weeks later when the court hears the application. And hundreds are spent for lawyers fees and lost work. And good luck getting your guns back from the po-po. (Some California police agencies have been rather difficult and obnoxious about returning firearms without “proof of purchase” even when the DOJ authorizes the return–and have been sued for doing so.)

      • A hearing after the fact is not due process. Confiscation of property before any legal proceedings and before a finding that justifies confiscation is a presumption of guilt until proven innocent.

      • Proof of purchase? Of a legally owned gun In Kali? where everything is already documented in triplicate? wtf…..

    • I propose the, “Pause for Freedom Bill”.

      If anyone is afraid that a politician might be trying to take away their Constitutional rights, then they can report it to authorities who will revoke their First Amendment Rights.

      Brilliant, right? These goon squad idiots…

      Rights for me, but not for thee. I wonder if, should this bill pass, we could find out the names of all of a person’s Secret Service Members, and put them on the “gun pause” list…

    • Finestein needs to quit her BULL SHIT before the only people that have guns are the criminals.
      Another Jew that wants to rule the so called FREE world!

      • Will Robert moderate my comment if I tell you to shove your antisemitism up your ass? Your attitude is why we my family and I need to be armed. Always.

      • and ignorance begets ignorance…….

        The antisemitic BS needs to stop……

        Sure many libtards are jews…… and atheist, and ‘christian’, and Buddhist, and other religious groups…

        There are many pro-second amendment jewish people as well, as there are of every religious groups…. even muslims. Hell my group had a few VERY pro american pro second amendment muslim guys, granted they aren’t radical, hell I only saw the one pray once during 3 years over seas, when his mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer……

        Point is, ignorance and prejudice only undermines the fight to maintain our second amendment rights. Ignorant comments like that only steer others away, because people who truly believe in freedom, don’t want to associate with ignorance and prejudice.

        Hate the dumb old beeyotch for what she is…. a crazy old cat lady who hasn’t been shtooped since the Carter administration……

  3. So we are just going to suspend Constitutional rights on a whim? 2nd Amendment AND 4th Amendments being violated here…heck, she should lose her job and go to jail just for suggesting something so stupid.

      • No problem. If you suspend one Constitutional Right you have dissolved the Constitutional government so anarchy goes!

  4. Going nowhere. Might as well ask for “preventive detention order” legislation. After all, the “dangerous person” would still have access to knives and such after the guns were gone.

    • Which, oddly enough, most states already HAVE on the books. Alaska, for example, has what is commonly referred to as ‘Title 47.’ It’s actually AS47.24.015 et seq, and allows for the involuntary committal of ‘vulnerable adults’ upon the submission of a report from pretty much anybody including a clergyman, for example, that the person to be committed is ‘vulnerable.’ Normally, it’s used for involuntary committal for observation periods of suicidal folks and the like; However, it CAN be abused, just like any other law of its type.

      Consider that, to many ‘mental health professionals, the feeling that one needs to have a firearm on one’s person to protect oneself from rare and random violent strangers is strong evidence of paranoia. . .

      • CA has the “5150” emergency psychiatric hold, which they could have and SHOULD HAVE done with that narcissistic, self infatuated pole smoking virgin. How about politicians attack the real problem, spoiled kids who get A’s for effort and a trophy for ‘excellence’ for being on the last place sports team????

  5. If ANY member of the US Senate had any decency, the phrase “Senator Boxer, Senator Feinstein…would the two of you please kindly sit down and shut up!” would be the most often heard phrase in DC.

  6. The anti’s dishonest policies reveals the true intent of their agenda. Which is why I will never trust them!

  7. I posted about this the last time it came up. If it passes in CA, every citizen in CA can start filing the petitions against her, her bodyguards, all the legislators who voted for it, the governor, the police chiefs, etc. That will put an end to that crap right quick.

      • Feinstein and her goons all have good lawyers and plenty of money on call…. Laws don’t mean anything to politicians anymore.

    • Nope, they will quickly tack on exemptions. Just like when the SAFE act made cop magazines illegal.

      • It’s not as politically easy to tack a blanket exemption onto this kind of bill. But I could see them building extra due process “protections” into the bill for the elite class, i.e., politicians and police.

        • Even if they do, we have pretty good proof that they are insane. They do actually believe this is a good idea, which is crazy on the face of it. If they don’t believe this to be a good idea, they will have to explain, in court, under oath, why they signed it into law. As soon as they open their mouths, we can charge them for perjury. Wouldn’t even matter what they say, it would be a lie. Or babbled madness. Some grounds for removal from office. How do we get them to court? When 1 million Californians fill out a form that says you are a danger to yourself and others, there would have to be an official hearing on the matter.

    • She actually died several years ago. We’re seeing a zombie. Nobody can tell the difference.

      • Oh…I thought that was Nancy Pelosi…mmmmm…wait a second….I THINK Pelosi died about ten years ago…IT must be Feinstein.afterall.

    • Seriously. Put this crazy old bat in a home somewhere. Yet another example of why all government officials, not just the president, should have term limits.

  8. Again, no one is coming for your guns. This is just reasonable and sane lawmaking for the safety of all our children.

  9. We the people need a “Pause For Safety Act” for scroungy, feckless, parasite politicians.

  10. Doesn’t the 5150 psych hold do the same thing? And they get held for observation, which seems more helpfull than taking legal guns when somebody could always use other methods. Not sure what it takes to get one but I have saw more than one story of people whe don’t seem to be a threat barred from possession for what 5 years. Seems like they already have something in place to do the same thing but nobody used it. So make another law.

    Eta. “Nobody wants to take your guns”

    • There’s a 5150 hold in one form or another in every state. This BS bill would be yet another Federal usurpation of a state-level activity.

  11. “The Pause for Safety Act” no wait a minute, that doesn’t sound right. How about “Let’s Start a Civil War Act”

    yep, that’s it.

    • I highly doubt it. No one has taken up arms yet for all the States that have trampled on the Second Amendment. As long as confiscation only happens to gun owners one at a time no one will say a word. As long as everyone can still go to the gas station and buy milk, beer, and gas, no one will say a word about SWAT teams kicking in one or 2 doors to take guns. As long as people still have to catch the new episode of American-whatever coming on tonight, as long as the masses have “bread and circuses” rights will die quietly out of sight. If all the injustices piled on until now have not been enough to trump the comfort of modern life and whip people into rebellion, then I fear nothing ever will. And I believe the powers of disarmament know this and specifically take only baby steps so that no one realizes it until its too late.
      When my grandmother was a child one could buy a Thompson full auto SBR with $35 and a coupon clipped from the back of a magazine and have it shipped right to your home. She is still alive and we seeing confiscation happening in some states already.

  12. Umm…if someone presents such a danger to the public or to themselves, why are THEY not confiscated and locked up, where THEY can do no harm? It makes no sense…you’re too dangerous to have a gun, but we’ll leave you free to hurt people in any other manner you see fit.

    • It’s not the crazy people that are dangerous, it’s the guns. Guns are killing people all on their own. Lock up the guns, don’t infringe on the rights of the crazies! For the children.

    • There is supposed to be this CRAZY thing in this country, unique and beautiful throughout the world, that you can’t be locked up until you have actually committed a crime. Not because you might, or you could, or you bought the tools, or you said you wanted too.
      Innocent, UNTIL proven guilty.
      Only in American*

      *= Limited time only. Cannot be combined with other offers. Must include proof of purchase. Not redeemable for cash.

  13. Well it will never fly but you have to give her credit for being consistently stupid and not even listening to her own constituents on this matter. She just proves the beltway blight theory. Once inside the Beltway it’s a different world from reality.

  14. “it would help ensure that law enforcement makes full use of all existing gun registries”
    That is the part that I thought was the scariest.

    How old is she? Her face looks like she is thinking “crap I forgot to take my meds this morning.”

    • Yes, because this legislation won’t work without universal registration.

      Which I’m sure would never be abused…

    • I’m surprised that this bothers you. I can’t even figure out what it means. It isn’t itself proposing expanded registries. If police already have access to them, how would it make sure they use them?

  15. When is someone going to have her committed to a psych ward? Isn’t one of the hallmarks of insanity doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results? This one, among others, fits that description perfectly. And, yes, she is a danger to herself and those around her, by virtue of her wanting to disarm the law-abiding while doing nothing to disarm the criminals (official or not), thereby leaving the law-abiding defenseless.

    • Put her in a psych-ward? Think about this and be afraid…..

      Someone somewhere keeps voting for her and reelecting her!

    • I hope so Ralph, but you never know.
      the fact they are even putting it forth says something. Maybe Obama can twist some EO to basically do the same thing. Don’t ever count anything out.

      • I don’t rule anything out and I never underestimate the Liar In Chief’s lust for power. But I don’t think he could make this stick even with his phone and his pen.

    • Not our style. Majority of shooters can and should remain lefty loosey whackjobs.

  16. • One, it would help ensure that families and others can go to court and seek a gun violence prevention order to temporarily stop someone close to them who poses a danger to themselves or others from purchasing a firearm.

    -The fact that they’re proposing that any unqualified person could initiate this process to remove a person’s rights, juxtaposed with the fact that if a person goes around telling their psychologist they want to “kill sorority girls” that’s not specific enough a threat signal to for the shrink to break HIPAA… is insane. How about simply untie the hands and un-muzzle the mental health professionals?

    • Two, it would help ensure that families and others can also seek a gun violence prevention warrant that would allow law enforcement to take temporary possession of firearms that have already been purchased if a court determines that the individual poses a threat to themselves or others.

    -And how does this fixation on guns prevent the crazy person from running their car into a crowd, slashing people to death in their home, or bringing a milk carton of gasoline and a bic lighter onto a bus or subway, or any confined populated space?
    A person who is too dangerous to own a gun is too dangerous to be on the street. There are several easier, more accessible, demonstrably deadlier ways they could mass-murder than guns.

    • Three, it would help ensure that law enforcement makes full use of all existing gun registries when assessing a tip, warning or request from a concerned family member or other close associate.

    -It doesn’t require a new law to change or adopt “common sense” law enforcement procedures. They should just do it. Police procedure on a mental health call should be required to bring an actual mental health professional who is qualified to make the assessment. Also they should review all materials provided or mentioned in the initial complaint.

    • I mostly agree with you, especially about HIPAA, but I disagree with your assumption that this is always a mental health issue in how you framed what police should already be doing (I can’t even imagine what that third part of the legislation even means, to be honest). The mentally ill commit a tiny fraction of violent crimes.

      • I’m not claiming this is a broader mental health issue. It’s not really for the reason you state, it’s a responsiveness issue. In the cases where mental health was a component and there were clear mental health signals (VT, Batman, Sandyhook, Navy Yard, Ft. Hood 2, Santa Barbara), the ball seems like it was dropped.

  17. Ok, can we please calm down? There is already something equivalent to the Baker act pretty much everywhere, allowing family members or law enforcement to involuntarily commit people who pose a danger to themselves or others. This is definitely broader and I’d be concerned about what actually gets defined as adequate evidence to apply this to someone, but what she’s proposing isn’t new or even radical. There is a bar that must be met to deprive someone of their rights. We do it every day to people. Since this contains absolutely no information about what that would be, it’s pointless to get your panties in a bunch. And if you’re scared about abuse by private individuals, it’s easy to imagine stipulations to punish people for abusing the system similar to filing false police reports. Again, this contains none of the substantive details so it’s not particularly effective debating that. This isn’t about suspending constitutional rights on a whim. There is nothing in what has been released about the whimsy with which people can prevent their fellow citizens from getting firearms, that’s being read into the release which contains no real information. Plus, it’s probably not going anywhere.

    • As has already been noted, this bill allows ANYONE to request the restraining order on ANYONE. Again, as has already been noted, this would allow an enterprising anti to legally, albeit temporarily, disarm anyone he or she knows has a firearm, simply by virtue of stating they feel threatened. Quite different than a family member or close friend asking for a restraining order, even that is abused far too often.

    • There are state laws permitting brief psychiatric holds, but to my knowledge no federal law analogs to this. So forgive me if I do get excited about another federal overreach, and appalled that you don’t.

    • Just to remind you, present laws provide for the detention of a person, for a short period of observation (in Texas, no longer than 72 hours IIRC). They do not call for the (as a practical matter) indefinite confiscation of someone’s property. This is in fact “something new”, a flagrant attempt to impose a disability usually associated with a criminal conviction or an adjudication of mental illness in a district court on someone without having to meet anything close to the burden of proof required in such cases, issued by “magistrates” as opposed to full-fledged judges. And since when are mental-health adjudications the province of the Federal courts?

    • “This isn’t about suspending constitutional rights on a whim.”

      That’s the entire political platform of the left.

  18. They should just outlaw all weapons like they want to. Then they can begin confiscation. We’ll see how well that goes. Revolution is overdue.

  19. I know it is little comfort — as something like this $TA$1 Snitch-List should be beyond the bounds of civilized conversation — but this has little chance of passing…

  20. Don’t the mechanisms for the temporary confiscation of guns already exist? Here in Miami, firearms are routinely seized when there’s a domestic violence incident. Also, with restraining orders, the respondent can be forced to turn over his or her weapons.

    Also, forgive me if I’m wrong, but can’t the cops (and maybe medical professionals?) flag people in NICS?

    One of my biggest talking points to the antis is that we have the legislation in place to do a lot of what they want. More isn’t needed.

      • No problem. I’m in the middle of a debate on these issues on my own (non-gun) website (we have a general chat section) and my biggest argument is that there’s a lot of legislation on the books at all levels of government. So many that they don’t even know it exists. I did some homework:

        “In addition to local, state, tribal, and federal agencies voluntarily contributing information to the NICS Index, the NICS Section receives telephone calls from mental health institutions, psychiatrists, police departments, and family members requesting placement of individuals into the NICS Index. Frequently, these are emergency situations and require immediate attention. Any documentation justifying a valid entry into the NICS Index must be available to the originating agencies.[1]”

        Feinstein basically wants an amped-up version of this. I doubt she knows this even exists. Cops, doctors, and even family can call NICS I guess. But no one does.

        • “Feinstein basically wants an amped-up version of this”

          …on the *Federal* level…targeted specifically at gun owners…to supplement or supersede existing state statutes as a *Federal* remedy.

          Baby steps in the eventual preemption of state jurisdiction on firearms matters.

    • There are state laws as you noted, but to my knowledge no federal analogs. I don’t want the feds involved in any more purely local matters.

      This is just another attempted overreach by the Evil Empire in DC.

      • It’s a 10th amendment issue since there are no enumerated powers in the Constitution covering this type of federal reach. More theater for her constituents than anything else, of course all paid for at tax payers expense.

  21. Dianne Feinstein may have given up her permit to carry (yes she had one for a while), but I’m willing to bet that she hasn’t given up her guns yet. I’m worried about her having guns in her house, who else thinks it might be a good idea for a firearms restraining order to be filed against her?

  22. Hmm, does this go for any objects in their home that could be used to harm. Knives, forks, hammers, lighters, matches, their car, softball bat, golf club????

  23. No one will ever enforce this crap if it were to pass, but it won’t come close to passing. Trying to turn this nation into a police state because of statistical non-events is cause for alarm. Quite frankly, no one should be comfortable with the government and public servants trying to do this. We should be demanding they turn in the guns they bought with our tax dollars.

  24. Dude’s name was “Elliot Rodger”. If you’re going to fancy yourself a journalist, at least get the names right.

  25. And since Democrats are so pro-gun and pro-freedom(other than Feinstein, Pelosi, Yee, Schumer, Obama, Biden, etc.) I’m sure they all will denounce this measure en masse.


  26. The first thought that came to mind when I read this was “Watch Shannon and her fellow jackals go ‘ALL IN’ on this.” The cops will never be able to keep up with all the confiscations.

  27. Shouldn’t Elliott Rodger have been able to be locked up for making terroristic threats in those YouTube videos? The problem is not the lack of laws but the lack of enforcement of the laws we already have. Baker Act laws allow someone to be committed who may be a danger to themselves and/or others. I’d rather see them locked up for a while to cool off and receive counseling than to piss them off by taking their guns. And if you take them, if they are really intent on causing harm, they will go buy one illegally on the street. This is not going to stop anyone who is really intent on hurting others. Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer really need to get a serious grip on reality. Idiots.

    • He should have been taken in for a brief psychiatric hold — but the cops never bothered to watch his videos even though the slimeball’s parents told the cops about them. Outstanding police work, wouldn’t you say?

      • Perhaps the police officers noticed a raging case of “Affluenza” when they visited and decided not to risk their jobs in case he knew some lawyers.

  28. If a person is too dangerous to have a gun, they are too dangerous to be loose in public at all.
    These new proposals are egregious!

  29. I ask myself how anyone can continue to vote for this windbag of a harpy.

    And then 330,000+ people cast a ballot for Leland Yee yesterday.

    My head… it hurts…

    I see stupid people

  30. Well, 4 or 5 times as many young children die in swimming pools than from firearms.

    Guess it’s time to seize swimming pools . . . . . or are they too big.

    While we’re at it we should look at Big Pharma . . . oh wait, doctors write scripts and Pharmacy pays big bucks for advertising . . . . . No that won’t work either.

    We’ll just put stickers on pools and pharmaceuticals, that should work really well. . . . whew! Problem solved.

  31. Beating the proverbial dead horse, but this insane and crosses so many lines! The implications are vast and it’s such an easy way to point fingers and say “that guy/girl/gun-totin’-normal-american-with-rights is crazy, take the guns!” Mob mentality, fear, idiocy… that’s what built this bill. I’m appalled. It’s so incredibly invasive and answers absolutely none of the issues that are actually at stake here. Hell, the guy stabbed HALF of his victims, but I don’t see anything about removing all of the sharp and potentially violent knives or tools from someone who could allegedly be a threat.

  32. The wording is far too broad, especially in addressing a Constitutionally protected individual right.

  33. “Three, it would help ensure that law enforcement makes full use of all existing gun registries…”

    I was told that Gun Registries won’t be used for confiscation, so I’m pretty sure this was added this in error.

  34. “If any party’s claim is such that: “I cannot defend you until you have surrendered the means by which you can defend yourself;” only the first half of the statement is true.” – TERMS, J.M.Thomas R., 2012

    “Common sense will tell us that the power which hath endeavored to subdue us, is of all
    others the most improper to defend us. Conquest may be effected under the pretence of
    friendship; and ourselves, after a long and brave resistance, be at last cheated into
    slavery…. Wherefore, if we must here-after protect ourselves, why not do it for ourselves?
    Why do it for another?” ( Paine Common Sense pg. 47)

    If you were trying to disarm me before the next Civil War, would you tell me?
    If you were being paid by a foreign entity or government to disarm me before their attack, would you tell me?

    • rick, I hope that was meant as a joke….
      if not, take the jooossss…stuff somewhere else. Plenty of swamps and sewers on the innertubz for that kind of mental sickness.

    • Malloy, O’Malley, Cuomo, McCaskill, Murray, Durbin, Pelosi, McCarthy, Casey, Reed, Gillibrand, Brady, Leahy, Kaine, Harkin, Nocera, Kennedy, Pfleger, Biden, all the MA Bishops, the Archdiocese of Chicago . . . the list goes on and on and you’re still blaming the Jews. What a glorious m0r0n you are!

      • Funny, Gillibrand used to be one of those “pro-gun democrats” we keep hearing about.

  35. So when evey home in America is gun free and the criminals are out ravaging and committing gun violence , I guess they will find another cause to place to blame.

  36. Sources according to the Seattle Times are reporting that the Seattle Pacific shooter was “fascinated by mass shootings” and had a history of involuntary psych committal because of suicide risk. Just wait for Shannon/Michael et al to say “If only this Senate legislation were the law of the land, someone could have said something and stopped the carnage.”

  37. and under what Constitutional authority is the Federal government going to use to enforce this measure? Oh never mind, I guess they have a “justifiable need”. FEMA camps at 7 PM….

  38. Cali should worry about its gang problem. But no they want to divert away from that.

    • According to politicians-gangsters are not the problem…….the easy availability of guns is. Sooooooo, according to the pols-take away the guns and all the violence will just go POOF! I guess from their point of view-Bloods and Crips would be buddy buddy (after all they are only misguided youths) if they could not “clap” each other. Oy vey……..

  39. Old Hag’s Last Gasp Gun Grab Act of 2014? Bring….it….on. I hope every Senate Democrat up for re-election this year signs on to this and runs on vowing to vote for it; especially in Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana, North Carolina, Montana, South Dakota and West Virginia.

  40. I grew up & live on the south side of Chicago, & besides my time spent in the Marine Corps, I’ve been here my whole life. There isn’t an issue w/ “gun violence” it’s an issue w/ GANG violence. If these pigs, especially McCarthy, want to stop these ppl from getting shot, here’s an easy solution, call in my unit 1/1 & allow us to take out the gangs, no matter what age the fuk tards are & it’ll be safer. KILL ALL gang members, & I guarantee that the murder rate will be minimal. These fuks don’t care about Fienstien’s laws, what makes these dumbasses in DC think that’ll change???

  41. Mark these words. If this atrocity passes, it WILL get people killed. Family members, police, and others will be at-risk. Someone “on the edge” who fears that someone(s) really IS coming for his or her guns, will shoot first before giving them up. Unintended consequences, Ms. Feinstein. Think about what you really want, because if you’re not careful, you just might get it.

    • Or, the subject has at least one gun nobody knows about, or buys off the street, then goes to visit his “concerned benefactor.”

  42. So, surlycmd…are you saying you hopeto see millions of American men, women and children die in your lifetime? (re: your comment about Arizona and Nevada ocean front property) You’re what’s wrong with our country.

  43. Calm down. This is a campaign piece for her to generate press.

    Yes, you can pass this law, but it would be unconstitutional and unenforceable. Even a layperson knows this violates the 5th & 14th amendments (at a minimum).

    If it were to pass, we should collectively paper the courts to get a “gun restraining order” on everyone. (period). At the top of the list, write down the name of every “armed security detail member”, every LEO, and every service member. I’ll even volunteer myself.

    We should FOCUS on recalling her from Senate. As a representative for “the people”, she should have some basic competency with the US Constitution. Failing that, she should be found “not fit for office”. Easy.

    At age 80+, she may be getting senile or demented (wink, wink).

    • Calm down. This is a campaign piece for her to generate press.

      Exactly. Campaign fodder whether it passes or not.

  44. As soon as I saw the new Thompson king bill I knew this gun grabbing bitch would be rising out of her coffin and start to one up them. The good thing is if Feinstein has her poisonous name to it everyone runs in the opposite direction eccept for her minions of mindless cronies.

  45. Here we go again ! Crazy coming out again ! She probably had dinner with Doomberg over the weekend and decided that something had to be done for the children again ! Ya’ll know we say that she has to go , but those dumbasses out in Kalifornia will put another idiot like her in office once she is gone , they just can’t help being Masochists .Be prepared and ready . Keep your powder dry .

  46. will I have to give up my steak knives too ?!? pretty soon she’ll want all my sharp pencil too !! WTF !!

  47. All of this is bs because even if someone does put in for the protection warrant and confiscate the cops confiscate our guns who is to say we can’t go 20 minutes down the road and pay a hundred bucks and get a throw away gun? Is legislation really that stupid? It’s like they sit there and contemplate how to piss off us small town country folks? I know my laws and such and I know by law this is not a threat to any particular party, but I DARE somebody to try to take my guns. That’s all I have to say.

  48. This lady needs some crook break into her home and not have even a tooth pick to defend herself. Bet she would change her mind real fast.

  49. I was wondering what took so damn long. The ol’ girl is starting to lose her touch, must’ve had to belay this until after she was done distancing herself from the Prez and his POW-gate.
    Dianne, you’re wasting your time on this one. Gun Control is right back up there with tax increases on the list of Things-You-Don’t-Vote-For. And while CA is too pussy to get you out of office, most the rest of the country isn’t so delicate, and most of your friends would like to keep their jobs.
    But hey, even if you do manage to finally sell this waaaay past it’s sell date shit sandwich, I’m reminded of what the 90’s hip hop sage Bubba Sparxxx once said: Don’t worry ’bout the law, they can’t arrest us all.

  50. Criminals will love this bill, want to rob a house with guns? Call the cops to take the guns away and have an easy time with it. Ex piss you off? Take their guns and make them fight to get them back. People down stairs having a loud party, skip the cops telling them to keep it down and send in a raid! Best part is you can just call from a pay phone to they wont be able to figure out who did it.

  51. I am so embarrassed for my state of CA.
    This woman needs to retire- and take Pelosi and Boxer with her.

    Just another example of the corruption in Congress. She’ll be around for another 20 years, if the Progtards have their way- just like old Robert Byrd, looking like a stuffed owl at the end.

  52. Devil’s advocate:
    What prevents a citizen from filing any false report; rape, theft, threats of violence, stalking, etc? Well it is illegal to do so (I suspect the penalty varies greatly depending on the false charge). Even so, people abuse the system. Yet who honestly believes that the best solution would be to prevent citizens from reporting crimes? So how is this situation any different (remember, a court must FIRST determine that an individual poses a threat to themselves or others)?

  53. Someone needs to confiscate this asshat’s spoons because cclearly they are making her fat. And Lord knows the individual has no control over oneself.

  54. The first person that I feel threatened by and in fear of my life is Diane Fienstein also Palosi and Boxer. Where do I file complaints at . they make threats that put me in fear of my life and the persuit of happiness .

  55. Feinstein should be thrown to jail for treason along with all Santa Barbara Hoax actors.

    • Please elaborate as to how its a hoax. Please include any and all factual evidence. Fox Mulder huh, kind of suggests an inclination towards conspiracy theories .

  56. I have to echo Dan Silverman and say, “I TOLD YOU SO!”, though I thought it would be States copying California’s AB1014 (Under consideration in Cali State Legislature now, not yet enacted), but it did not occur to me Feinstein and Fiends…er… Friends…no, “Fiends” is correct…would try to directly import AB1014 to the Federal level.

    If Feinstein’s Bill follows AB1014’s model, the restraining order and gun confiscation warrant can be issued against you without you knowing about it until the “Fuhrer Brigade” shows up at your front door.
    A Judge can issue the “Gun Violence Restraining Order” and a Firearms Seizure Warrant and let the Police execute it against you because the Judge has 14 days to decide to set-up a Hearing (where you could contest the GVRO and Seizure Warrant), or not hold a hearing in your case at all.

    Realistically, it won’t pass in the House, but this law’s model is going to haunt us for quite awhile because it has just enough plausibility to be kept alive in the non-gun owning public’s mind (who won’t think it through) and gain momentum. like the Brady Bill of 1992.

  57. i will say one line….from my cold dead hands…this is getting a tad bit out of hand what this govt is doing and is trying to do….

  58. That’s nothing.

    Did you know that if someone calls the cops on you and you’re processed by a court they can make you leave your home and family and job and be forced to stay in this big building with murderers and thieves and rapists?

    And they call this a free country.

  59. Wow, I am amazed that I am about to say this. With some very strong controls, this could be something to consider. The theory behind this is sound, but I don’t think, in practice, that an increasingly tyrannical country–like ours is becoming–could be trusted to put this into action. Just like we are not overly concerned that police are able to get search warrants if they show probable cause to a judge, a power like this could, in theory, work. But I’ll repeat one more time, that, in practice, I think this sort of scheme would be misused.

    • Communism, in theory, works pretty well too huh? We are as far from infallible as you can imagine. This is why laws like this are completely batshit crazy. Hell, If we were infallible we wouldnt need laws at all.

    • That’s the rub. Like Jefferson (I think) said, a free nation like America can only work in the hands of a moral people. As time passed and we became…this nation, where stupidity and corruption rules, community no longer exists, most Americans yearn for the yoke of tyranny, and politicians have purposely divided us in every possible way, it could never work and would only be abused.

  60. How bout them knives that killed the first three. I dont see any petition to the court for confiscating paring knives. Just ‘dem guns.

    Sweinstein is such a ____.

  61. While this bill is definitely not tite, I think this sentence is a reach: “if a gun control activist got ahold of a sign-in sheet from a local gun range, they could start spamming the judicial system with these “gun violence prevention warrants”

    I’m pretty sure that someone would need more to go on that would prevent them from bringing strangers to court to get one of these warrants. Getting a little extreme with how this is a bad thing.

    But yes, definitely not a bill that I’d like to pass although I see slight merit in some of its proposed “intentions”.

  62. Right. Scary stuff! ‘Cause god knows, the rights of mentally unhinged people to take up arms shall not be infringed. You guns-for-everyone-regardless-of-mental-fitness loonies are all out of your ever loving’ minds. You can’t kill each other off with your obsession fast enough, in my opinion.

    • I’m offended and feel threaten by your comments, once this is law passed I fully intend on filling a Violence Protect Order on you.

      I’ll swear to the judge that you’re mentally unstable and made threatening comments about death to myself and others…

      No more rights for you, you blood thirsty lunatic.

    • No one but you said, “guns-for-everyone-regardless-of-mental-fitness.”

      What we said was, “Hey, maybe it would be a good idea if the government, who says, “we want to take your guns.” isn’t also put in charge of saying who is and isn’t “mentally-fit” to keep their guns.
      What the hell does that even mean? Mentally fit? Please enlighten us.
      Before you do I should also point out. The bill does NOT say, “take guns from people who are not mentally-fit” it says,”Take guns from anyone whom someone decided to go down to the courthouse and file a complaint against because they are scared. Absolutely no evidence or expertise required.”
      That could be anyone, someone you cursed at because they cut you off in traffic. Your ex-lover that you broke up with. Your friend who lost a bet to you. Someone who found your name on a list and wants to prove something. ANYONE. Not a doctor, not a cop, not a psychiatrist.

      • Excellent points, samurai. There probably isn’t a one of us in here who wouldn’t be deemed “unfit” by the typical gun grabber and forcibly disarmed, if they had the chance. They already refer to millions of us, out of hand, nameless, faceless, as “gun nuts”, “gun crazies”, “gun rights wackos”, etc., etc. On what clinical basis? Because we can read the Constitution and we disagree with them? With that kind of tenuous grasp on reality, perhaps they should seek some counseling.

    • Every state already has statutes and procedures in place to address and adjudicate issues of mental competency. Start using the system already in place and perhaps you could have prevented most of the highest profile mass shootings of the last several years. Most of them were raving lunatics, easily discernible even to laymen. Hell, Cho in Virginia had already gone through the courts and been found a psycho. Holmes in Colorado was so crazy, that even his shrink is getting sued right now for failing to act on the obvious. Laughter in Arizona was banned from campus for being a psycho. Not exactly crystal ball stuff here, now is it?

      So let’s start working the system that already exist and let’s start enforcing the laws already on the books. We don’t need to go around softening up due process protections with new federal laws and trampling on the rights of innocent people, simply because lazy, incompetent officials need a new scapegoat.

    • Me too, T Deluca. In fact, I am feeling triggered, already, by your words, and its stimulating my flashbacks of the Littlest Nanny, and his Mean Mad Mom of Action, Shannon, calling me bad words.

      Waahhhh! Please, can someone call the Wahhhmbulance, and file that restraining order on you meanie progtards, all of you- I mean, really- cant you understand how just the sight of her bodyguarding big bald chubbies with guns has got me running to my therapist?

    • Who gets to define what “mentally unhinged” means in the eyes of the law? Wannabe tyrants like you?

      Easy to ignore illegal abuses of power when they’re not directed at you, right? Don’t worry, once they’re done with us, you’re next.

      Also kinda funny how another tolerant, peace loving leftist wishing death on every gun owner isn’t moderated.

  63. Calif is the test bed for gun grabbers!
    so the rest of this country should be worried to, and be doing all that they can to help us Californians with our gun problems!

  64. So, are they going to call this bill the Nazi confiscation gun act? Or the Kim jong il amendment?

    Whatever happened to “Freedom” in America?

  65. Given the odds of this passing (absolutely zero) I can only assume that some vulnerable democrats have seriously pissed Diane off and she’s getting even by bringing this steaming pile to the floor in an election year. The couldn’t get an inch of traction on an AWB after Newtown, no way that now, with the same congress they can get a bill that includes confiscation. I’m not sure what the hag is up to, but it’s not passing this bill, unless she’s gone senile or something.

    • When a pol like DiFi gets to a certain age, like Strom Thurmond, or Robert Byrd, its pretty clear they arent in full charge of their faculties, and are running on fading memories of power. Running the AWB up the flagpole, no matter how foolish, is all DiFi has left in her increasingly empty tool box.

      So I think this is more a function of what her Staff, and the powers that be in the ProgTard side of the Dem Party, think is worth doing right now, in their increasing desperation- anything to take the attention off the IRS Scandal, Benghazi, NSA spying on journalists, Ukraine-Russia-China-Syria, VA Scandal, Gitmo Terrorist traded for weird traitor, and thats before we even get to JOBS, ECONOMY, OBAMACARE, and now those numbers are really REALLY scary,
      and they all have DEMOCRATIC PARTY written all over them…

      so you name it, for the next few months its going to be anything, ANYTHING, trotted out by the reliable old crones and nitwits who are in no danger of losing their jobs in protected blue states,

      and I am sure the StateRunMedia is coordinating with WH spin team, and the various TalkingPointMemo and non-profit progtard groups to make sure to seize on something, ANYTHING to divert the publics attention from all the FAIL thats really important. We know the low info voters dont pay attention – CA Sen Leland Yee gets enough votes for the election for CA Secretary of State job, to come in third… thats 300,000 of the voters who never heard or cared he was indicted by the FBI for gun-running, and gave up the campaign.

      And we already know that the SRM will never report anything so embarrassing as all the poor black kids killed by and killing themselves in gang warfare everyday in LA, Chicago, NYC- that is the vast majority of the kids killed by guns stats.

      I mean, we cant have the first post racial, failed gun-grabbing POTUS having to answer questions about that, do we?

  66. Hold on now. I thought there were laws already in place to stop crimes. Like, don’t steal, don’t kill people, etc. So…. it’s illegal to do crimes,right?

    Why are crimes still being committed? Surely words on paper will deter crime! No?

    Well darn. Maybe there’s something wrong with the word placement.

    Wait, what’s that? You’re saying criminals don’t care about the rule of law in the first place? Well by golly, sounds to me like new laws are the answer, you know, because the last batch was ignored.

    Yeah… that’s a great plan.

  67. In a world of change, Feinswine is a constant. As the post suggests, there are a plethora of things inherent in this stupid “bill” to ensure problems. I can see someone using this garbage to seek a “gun violence prevention warrant” for no other reason than the suspicion/fact that the person in the warrants crosshairs HAS a gun. Their rationale being, “he has a gun therefore is a de facto danger”.
    What we really need is a liberal/Democrat/ Feinstein et al prevention warrrant.

    • Yes. And she is the shining star of why we need term limits for all politicians.

    • Really? Why not a religion test? “If you believe in god, you get to keep your gun.” How would that sound? Granted, I’ve never taken an IQ test, but I have a feeling the founders didn’t write the 2nd Amendment to support elitists and discriminate against people who can’t get good education.

    • I’d be up for that, if we can apply it to voting too.

      No Democrat will ever win an election again.

  68. I am so ready to vomit. Libtards just are not able to comprehend reality.
    With very little research one can find that ALL of the most horrible shootings happen by the hand of REGISTERED DEMOCRATS! Every last one.
    If confiscation ever became reality, it would only take legal firearms from decent, law abiding Americans.
    Molon Labe!
    Confiscation would lead to civil war in this country. Nobody is going to tell me I cannot defend my family from carjackings, home invasions or other like crimes.
    If california wants help with ideas to help reduce gun violence, have Hollywood stop glorifying violence in the movies.
    I am so stinking sick of anything from the land of fruits, nuts, and loose butts.

  69. With this being a tragedy of a psycho and completely f&@ked up person why does she have to concentrate on guns?! He stabbed three people, is she going to try and outlaw knives?! Why Cali why?!


  71. Fantastic! Leave it to Dianne Feinstein to come up with a creative way to confiscate everyone’s guns for the purpose of Safety! I think it’s time to try Dianne for TREASON.

  72. Someone might want to read this bill, because I’m betting it has sharper teeth than this. I say that because here in AZ this is pretty much a typical restraining order. Years ago my brothers ex filed one on me because HE threatened her. She went to the courthouse, said she’s in fear for her life from both of us, filed restraining orders against us with no evidence, and they served me. The judge issued an order that I was to surrender all of my guns. Luckily for me I’m smarter than she was, so I filed one against her and included a few juicy details about her drug addiction, her promiscuity, and her fathers sexual abuse, and she immediately dropped her order against me. But she was able to basically have me ordered to surrender my guns with no evidence of any crime or intent to commit a crime. Plus, I wasn’t even there when they were fighting and I never made any threats to her. But the order would have stood had she not dropped it.

  73. lmao. Someone called her a “crazy old bat.” The image atop the article. Thank you TTAG.

  74. That would be all well and dandy if the government had authority to deny any person their right to keep and bear arms, or even infringe upon it.

    It doesn’t.

  75. Who else is excited for the day when this bill passes and criminals can file a complaint against us for no reason, and then sit outside our homes till the cops come and take our firearms; And then, when they break into our home and commit armed robbery, they can do it with the knowledge of their own safety, knowing full well that we are unarmed to defend our families and loved ones?

  76. What pisses me off about stuff like this is lets say for sh!ts and giggles that it does pass, State or federal whatever.
    First off, this is clearly a violation of due process. You know, one of those amendment thingies… SO, someone finally takes it on thru legal means and it goes all the way up to SCOTUS. SCOTUS, being the all insightful, non-partisan and non-biased branch that it is (/sarc) rules in favor of the lawsuit and deems it unconstitutional.
    What happens? Well as far as repercusions, not a damn thing. Even though this is clearly a violation of due process clause, the tyrant political elite that proposed and passed this violation of every single americans rights dont even get a slap on the wrist. Nothing. So whats preventing them from trying to pass more unconstitutional crap again? Not a damn thing.
    This is why it happens all too often. We need repercussions when (especially SCOTUS) rules that something has violated our unalienable rights.

  77. Far better for gun rights advocates to leave CA , keep states that are relatively split free, and let the libtards bury themselves in failed legislation so more realize their error and convert… because the only time a far left liberal changes their mind, is when their life literally depends on would also serve to demonstrate the failure of such other extreme left policies and help quash those at the federal level as wel, not to mention you keep states and large cities in other states free and clear.

  78. Where are the links and such to prove that this is more than a simple made up scare tactic idea?

  79. This is great, ““The Pause for Safety Act” which would allow anyone at any time to seek a “firearms restraining order” against an individual to prevent them from purchasing any new firearms and also confiscate any firearms they may already own”

    Everyone needs to start use the safety act to file on police officers. wonder if you can be a cop if you cant own a gun since most police stations make the officers buy their own guns.

    So everyone start using this act to teach them a lesson. file on all the police in CA. But they will remove the law fast.

  80. Dianne please keep your shit in California and dear California please succeed from the USA

  81. A prime example of our government slowly but surely stripping the people of there freedom & rights. tell us to spare the rod & spoil the child, in other words no more touching your children, (discipline) & now we have children shooting up schools. Trying to strip our only protection for oneself & family and most important strippings Christ out of our schools & completely changing our culture to greet people during Christmas holidays with happy Hanukkah, season greetings & happy holidays, how difficult was it just to simply say MERRY CHRIST MAS, BUT NO WE CAN’T ACKNOWLEDGE CHRIST and these leader(politicians) wonder why our great nation is becoming HELL on earth. I’VE GOT A SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR YOUR “WHY”, YOU’LL NEED 3 THINGS, YOURSELF, SITE & A MIRROR, surely you can figure it out from there, hint a Michael Jackson song, “man in the mirror”. GOD FOR THEY KNOW NOT WHAT THERE DOING, PLEASE FORGIVE THEM & CONTINUE TO BLESS OUR NATION & LET YOUR WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN, AMEN

  82. Only thing that makes this worse is that Feinstein actually owns firearms, but here’s the double standard, because if somebody used this to strip her of her 2nd amendment rights she would be in an uproar calling it unconstitutional, more liberal hypocrisy. I’m not sure who’s more full of bulls*** her or our “fearless” leader.

  83. Diplomacy/going through state-approved “motions” is s***. Why hasn’t anyone strung these pieces of s*** on a street lamp, yet!?

  84. I figure it’s a ploy they have concocted because there is lot of shady stuff coming in the near future! Our elected officials think so highly of themselves & believie we the minions should work to serve their purpose & pay taxes so they can spend billions every year on dooms day bomb shelters being constructed below our cities that can withstand nuculear, weather related disasters, alien take overs, that only the select few are invited! Yes. They are hiding it from Americans! The flip side of that is the end-time bible prophecies with making us all take the mark :”new world order” aka Obama care ! They have to make us drop our weapons in order to MAKE us take the mark! We’ll need It soon to do everythin: see a MD, buy groceris, do banking, travel! Big brother is even watching sites like this so they can find & follow the nay Sayers who will be tyrants to their order!!
    That or they are just using it to whitewash all current govt scandals & current affairs like China, Russia, VA hospital scandal that should be topics of news headlines!! Smear tactics!!

  85. I’d be less bothered by this if there were stiff penalties (30 days?) for spurious claims and if each RO required the requestor to appear in person. Oh, that and if it weren’t based entirely on how some potentially random person *feels* about you.

  86. All for this. We an get one against her and every other loony liberal and see how long they survive.
    Maybe the entire secret service detail?
    Think of how much [strike]mayhem[/strike] fun we could have disarming an entire town’s police department with just a few short forms.

  87. Your gun control is stupid, guns don’t kill people people kill people. You will never take my guns away, I believe it’s the second amendment. Take your gun control to another country because we don’t want or need it here.

  88. gun’s don’t kill people !’people’ kill people ! a gun cant pull its triger on its own it take’s a purson to pull the triger and shoot some one! and that’s a facked! so leve we the peoples gun’s alone we the people don’t wont to loos them ! its a well none facked that if the new world order and its one world Government and one world religon ! wont’s to take over country’s as paret of the globalist’s satanist masonic order’s plan’s but to do that ferst thay must disarm we the people so we the people well no fight back ! like hitler with the S.S. IN W.W.2 TO the Jewish people ! and then it was time for the consentrashon camp time and they killed 6000.000.00 jews! they took all the gun’s ferst saying it wood stop crime and murder’s ! and then they came in and bucherd us jews ! so DON’T GIVE UP YOUR GUN’S HIED THEM AND AMMO TO! THE GLOBALIST WONT YOUR GUN’S BECUSE THEY WONT TO DEPOPULAT THE WORLD BY 6 BILLION PEOPLE THIS TIME ! AND THAT MEAN’S YOU AND YOUR FAMILY THIS TIME IN A FEMA CONSENTRASHON CAMP !

  89. This stupid comment from D.Unfinestein is insane just as she is and her comments has UNCONSTITIONAL WRITTEN ALL OVER IT!


  90. To the man above who says NEW HAMPSHIRE is the place…..SEARCH: WALTHAVENSTEIN.COM outsider running for governor against freedom liberty guy. see proof of anti-gun donation. The old billionaire, warfare contractor/ NSA etc. has not lived in New Hampshire but is getting ride to office anyway. CORRUPT!
    There’s deep crap in Walt’s past. Associate of Romney, surprised?


  92. The latest killer killed his first 3 victims with a knife, yet I don’t see any federal legislation involving knives.

    He also ran down people in his car – where’s the outrage?! Why no legislation concerning banning cars?

    Feinstein doesn’t understand that many of these murders happen IN GUN FREE ZONES. She doesn’t seem to understand that criminals don’t care what the law says and a paper restraining order is no protection against a gun-wielding lunatic, particularly a suicidal one.

  93. Okay…I dislike being unkind to people who post comments here, but some of you seriously need to use a “spell checker” because this stuff can get quoted by the anti-gun people and you’re making the site look like it’s the home of the armed idiots, not the armed intelligentsia, which hurts our cause and provides the anti’s with “examples” to feed their negative stereotypes of law-abiding gun owners.

    Please refrain from writing your comment in all CAPS because that is considered yelling and rude..aka ranting and uncouth.

    I dislike Dianne Feinstein (note correct spelling of her name) as much as anyone, but I strenuously object to the antisemitic references and slurs being hurled at her. I have no idea what her religious or ethnic background might be and it doesn’t matter anyway. I dislike her for her political beliefs, ideologies, and activities and those are the only things relevant to the discussion. These kinds of epithets and slurs also help feed our opponent’s negative rhetoric about gun owners as racists, anti-semites and neo-facists. Not helpful.

    It’s really not my place to scold you, but I cannot stand by silently, particularly in light of the antisemitic remarks. That’s just too much to tolerate. Please stop, or post elsewhere.

  94. So this would violate the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th amendments. I’m sure they will find a way to punish those who speak out against this to violate the 1st and maybe if they force me to have a camera in my house to watch me and my guns, that could violate the 3rd as well.

  95. Here is a thought, how about the families concerned, be responsible and hold the (family member in question)’s firearms themselves so the questionable family member cannot get it. I have know people who have done that twice here. Its called taking care of yourself and not needing a nanny.

  96. I know what we’ll do ,we’ll wave a magic wand around and ALL the stupid people in america will be gone,OH ,shit no one will be left,UH,lets see,we need a better plan then that,HEY heres an IDEA,we’ll hang all the Traitors and commies,UH,oh shit that won’t work,i’ll have to hang my ol’e lady and all her friends,WELL shit,theres nothing can be done,WE’D have to kill almost everyone in america to stop this,I guest that russian army captain I talked to at wal-mart was right, america is drowning in stupid,THEY’LL just walk thru america and TAKE EVERYTHING WE HAVE and the police gangs will help them….and noth a shot will be fired to stop them,cause the police gangs will have taken all the guns………

  97. If it passes I will personally act to have her weapon confiscated because she is a dangerous person!

  98. WHEN the famine comes on america,THE GOVERNMENT will be giving out 5,000 dollar rewards to anyone turning in GUN OWNERS,even your own family will sell you out,to collect the reward,and when they go to collect the reward ,they’ll be killed and never see a dime…….tell me americans aren’t stupid…..HOPE everyone loves the teaste of sulfuric acid,cause you’ll be drinking it in the fema death camps,OR you’ll sell your soul to satan to get out of it,YOU DO HAVE one other chance,get close to the LORD and ask for HIS protection…AND DON’T take the MARK OF THE BEAST OR HIS TATOO’S…………you know the RFID chip or the little tatoo on your hand………..

  99. Let’s not delude ourselves, this woman is a traitor and should be treated like one before the whole stinking rotten temple comes crashing down around us. Why we tolerate this blatant criminality by these ‘leaders’ is beyond me!

  100. So what are we supposed to do about her? She’s using her position to threaten law abiding citizens by passing this “Nose up someone else’s ass” legislature. Trying to make it legal to take what is not hers to take. Get that communist out of office before she does real damage.

  101. I have news for y’all Florida has been doing that for 15 years and you don’t even have to commit a crime.

  102. It is terrific idea if that person voted for Democrats as been proven EVERY crazed shooter was a Democrat supporter. So this bill is good if it includes that amendment!

  103. I’d like to slightly amend the bill:

    The new legislation – The Pause a Lying Politician for Safety Act – will include the following provisions:

    • One, it would help ensure that families and others can go to court and seek a prevention order to temporarily stop their Congress person who poses a danger to themselves or their country by lying.

    • Two, it would help ensure that families and others can also seek a prevention warrant that would allow law enforcement to take temporary possession of a Congressperson if a court determines that the Congressperson has been lying to themselves or others.

    • Three, it would help ensure that law enforcement makes full use of all existing public statements and recorded videos when assessing a tip, warning or request from a concerned family member or other close associate.

  104. Anyone who believes this knows absolutely nothing about the court system. No judge would approve these unless there was an actual legitimate reason. This is total paranoid crap.

  105. There is a 0.00% chance of this bill becoming a law. And even if it somehow did, in some completely ludicrous way, it goes against established law and would be struck down.

    This is election year grandstanding at its Feinstein-est. But all pols do it too.
    1. Propose a law that your constituency will support regarding a controversial issue
    2. make a big deal about it for the media attention
    3. talk about it constantly on the campaign trail
    4. stick it in a drawer until the next election
    repeat as necessary every 2-4-6 years

    • 5. Rail at your opponent and Congress when the bill fails to clear committee. Don’t forget to use the “commonsense” buzzword.

  106. At least this time her finger’s off the trigger … other than that, the best I can say about this person is that she is ignorant.

  107. I live in California and I’m x military. Why did I put my life on the line for freedom if your going to take away my constitutional rights? California is not the problem stupid people are the problem

  108. Look we have Freedom here and guns if you don’t like it you can leave. There are many place’s you my like

  109. And to think the Rogers shooting and stabbing was an other, just like Sandy Hook, government false flag. guaranteed.

  110. Based on the automobile mortality numbers
    – a “PARK for Safety” Law makes much more sense.

    Just use the same restraints to: ..” ensure that families and others can go to court and seek a CAR violence prevention order to temporarily stop someone close to them who poses a danger to themselves or others from purchasing a CAR.
    • Two, it would help ensure that families and others can also seek a CAR violence prevention warrant that would allow law enforcement to take temporary possession of CARs that have already been purchased if a court determines that the individual poses a threat to themselves or others.
    • Three, it would help ensure that law enforcement makes full use of all existing CAR registries when assessing a tip, warning or request from a concerned family member or other close associate.

    This single ACT could keep under-informed voters OFF THE STREETS, and from endangering others by taking away our rights – and freedom – to defend ourselves from these DIMocrat tyrants – and unconstitutional co-conspirators..

  111. Uh, I think this is just as dumb as you do, but:

    “The scariest part of this proposed legislation is the idea that anyone can ask for one of these restraining orders. So, for example, if a gun control activist got ahold of a sign-in sheet from a local gun range, they could start spamming the judicial system with these “gun violence prevention warrants,” claiming that they believe these individuals to be about to commit a crime, and send a squad of police officers to their doorstep to confiscate their firearms. For their own good, of course.”

    What part of “in court” did you not understand, Nick? You copy/pasted the information, but did you no read it? As ridiculous as this bill is it still requires a day in court for anything to happen. Someone can spam as many requests for a “firearms restraining order” as they want, but if they don’t show up in court to each one with evidence of why that person shouldn’t have guns than nothing can happen. This isn’t a “take their guns away then make them argue for them back” kind of thing.

    I fully support you bringing attention to this moronic bill but you don’t have to fear-monger while doing it.

  112. Where does it stop? I know people who shouldn’t own and drive a car. Can I turn them in? They harm others and themselves.

  113. Socialism….Communism…. Dictatorship…. What more do the American people don’t understand!!! Read Daniel chapter 3 of the KJB. The politicians of our country are products of King Nebchadnezzar they want us to bow to there image of gold.There golden image is called a re-writing of our constitution.I don’t know about all the other Americans out there,but all I can say for my family is this, we will not bow to there golden image of control neither will I spit on the graves of our forefathers.The beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it, Thomas Jefferson.So Diane Fienstien, come and take em. I will say as the three Hebrew children did I will not serve, nor will I worship the golden image of re-writing our countries heritage!!

  114. This crazy woman is trying to put me and all the other thousands of armed security officers out of a job. I suppose she wants to be remembered as the women who destroyed jobs, the women who make the people suffer for lack of employment. This is obvious, she has no idea, or no concern of the impact. She is a disaster waiting to happen.

  115. She can introduce until she runs out of wrinkle cream and it won’t make any difference.
    The votes weren’t there before and they won’t be there now.
    I like many people wish she would finally just dry up and blow away.

  116. I have an idea; if Californians don’t like what their politicians are doing… STOP voting them into office!! How do Californian expect anyone to help them, stand beside them, when they won’t help themselves???
    If it means voting something other than Democrat because that party offers no decent candidate, then come off your political idiocy and vote something other than Democrat. It really is that simple. Otherwise don’t get all panty-wadded with the rest of us when we say “keep it in Kalifornia”.

  117. This sounds like nothing more than a Salem Witch Hunt. Another attempt at a poor excuse to disarm the American people. You want them Dianne… lead the assault along w/ the rest of your party that want guns so badly, come and get them yourself. Cowards, every single one of you in office!

  118. Yeah… except this website’s analysis completely ignores the “family” and “court determines” aspect of this law.

    “The scariest part of this proposed legislation is the idea that anyone can ask for one of these restraining orders. So, for example, if a gun control activist got ahold of a sign-in sheet from a local gun range, they could start spamming the judicial system with these “gun violence prevention warrants,” claiming that they believe these individuals to be about to commit a crime, and send a squad of police officers to their doorstep to confiscate their firearms. For their own good, of course.”

    By this logic, we shouldn’t have personal restraining orders either because the gun control activists can simply spam the judicial system with these orders and prevent the gun owners from visiting any public places ever. Pause and think for just 2 seconds before start freaking out about “they’re taking our guns!”.

  119. And you really think you can vote these people out of office? Get a grip. Until we rise up as a people and take back this government we arent changing anything in poll booths or being keyboard hero’s. My only vote goes to anyone who is willing to rise up and storm DC and take back our freedoms by abolishing this tyranny. They all need to go. ALL OF THEM!!! They have abused our trust for far too long and its time we take it back. But fear compells us to sit behind a computer screen and rant or hope that the next election we can make a change with a meaningless vote to a corupt individual who only wants change to gain more power. Its not gunna happen. *now where did I put my manual on “How to start a revolution for Dummies”*

  120. Hey Dianne better get busy knocking on over 100 million gun owners door bitch , you and only you.

  121. Feinstein has been in power in California longer than Assad has been in power in Syria.

  122. A little info on Democrats like Feinstein and her kind.

    In 1865 a Democrat shot and killed Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States

    In 1881 a left wing radical Democrat shot James Garfield, President of the United States who later died from the wound.

    In 1963 a radical left wing socialist shot and killed John F. Kennedy, President of the United States

    In 1975 a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at Gerald Ford, President of the United States .

    In 1983 a registered Democrat shot and wounded Ronald Reagan, President of the United States

    In 1984 James Hubert, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 22 people in a McDonalds restaurant.

    In 1986 Patrick Sherrill, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 15 people in an Oklahoma post office.

    In 1990 James Pough, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 10 people at a GMAC office.

    In 1991 George Hennard, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 23 people in a Luby’s cafeteria in Killeen , TX .

    In 1995 James Daniel Simpson, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 5 coworkers in a Texas laboratory.

    In 1999 Larry Asbrook, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 8 people at a church service

    In 2001 a left wing radical Democrat fired shots at the White House in a failed attempt to kill George W. Bush, President of the US

    In 2003 Douglas Williams, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 7 people at a Lockheed Martin plant.

    In 2007 a registered Democrat named Seung – Hui Cho, shot and killed 32 people in Virginia Tech.

    In 2010 a mentally ill registered Democrat named Jared Lee Loughner, shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and killed 6 others.

    In 2011 a registered Democrat named James Holmes, went into a movie theater and shot and killed 12 people.

    In 2012 Andrew Engeldinger, a disgruntled Democrat, shot and killed 7 people in Minneapolis .

    .In 2013 a registered Democrat named Adam Lanza, shot and killed 26 people in a school in Newtown ,

    As recently as Sept 2013, an angry Democrat shot 12 at a Navy ship yard.

    Looks like we found the problem, liberal democrats.

    • Wow! Priceless! Great research Big Father! How long did it take you to research all that out?
      For my money, you win the Internets on this one. Have you posted this stuff where Shannon Watts will have to read it, or Bloomie, or Feinstein? I suppose some people here will need to verify it all, but, Lord ! that’s a truckload of .50 BMG!

  123. i agree we need to get those dumb fucks in Cali to shut the fuck up cant even run a 2 stroke weed whacker out there those folks in that state go over board on every thing they are the most comunistic state in the US next to the east coast California is the worst state in the UNION hey i have a idea lets Auction off california to another country like Mexico or china an build a 200 foot high buy the length of california long with barb an razor wire fencing on top an keep those over board law makers cooped up i will never give up my guns i would rather move to antartica than sell my guns or beforced to surrender them if they tried to confiscate my guns it would be a war cause i will never surrender the 2nd ammend ment is a right that was given to us i belive at the end of that right it says THIS RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS SHOULD NEVER BE CHALLENGED FOR THE SAFETY OF OUR COUNTRY AN LIFFES what Feinsten is doing is illeagle an she should get the fullest charge of treason conspiracy espinodge hersy treason an get sent to GItmo

  124. You will not win, it is our right to bare arms. This country is falling apart, we have to rebuild.

  125. “• Three, it would help ensure that law enforcement makes full use of all existing gun registries when assessing a tip, warning or request from a concerned family member or other close associate”

    Wait, I thought there weren’t any gun registries & the new legislation wouldn’t create any? As Tony Mantana would say, I guess we’re all just, how you say, paranoid?

  126. Feinstein needs to be worried about her boy OBUMMER getting Impeached and going to Jail instead of trying to Backdoor the 2nd Admendment !!

  127. Demonkkrapprs n Liberals are so transparent n pathetic its Hilarious. . They are looking for and grasping at anything to Dis-Arm Law-Abiding Americans. Anybody else notice that Fat-Pig Libs who cry the loudest about taking away peoples guns are usually surrounded by a Armed Security Detail with Automatic Sub Machine Guns ? Feinstein is 1 of the most Corrupt Politicians in Washington, time for this smarmy biiyotch to go !!!

  128. Electronic Voting Machines, FEMA Camps, wake up, your talking, they’re working, it’s too late!

  129. And just incase your not home when we come looking to take you to camp, just keep your Bluetooth and Location Services turned on for us. OK, it’s all for your safety! I don’t want to wake anyone up out of there “happy world” but we’re not in Kansas anymore. It’s a bit late, and to be honest everybody’s too STUPID to care. I wish it were not so, am glad some (you all) aren’t. I’m a women and to be honest stumbled here, but you kinda get the creepy feeling is anyone ever going to say something’s not right? Where is this headed? Aren’t the kid’s future really worth anything anymore? Most men you mention this stuff to just give you a blank stare! Seriously as a Mom, watching soooo many other men tuck tail, or get on the other side of enforcing this stuff is SUPER WACK! Most law enforcement officers are going to fold you watch, it’ll be, “tell it to the judge!” Whatever it takes to keep a job, forget moral obligations to fellow man! What happened in all other nations that went Commy? Yep, family on family, kids spying on Mom&Dad. It will happen, but glad to see some of you not drinking the “water”. Did you hear about Camp Shelby, Ms? Red flagging just about any white, red blooded American citizen as a terrorist. Word got out but it’s going on all over the country, sooo sad. Keep up the good work and maybe somebody will be willing to stand up and say, “not on my watch!” That’s what the kids need!

  130. Nick, not to be a noodge, but you do realize that It is Barbara Boxer introducing the bill NOT Dianne Feinstein, right? I mean in your article you even posted BB’s website for info about the bill.

  131. These kinds of articles make me tired. If a person can be so easily be disarmed, he deserves to be a slave.

    Feinstein does not matter. What matters is what individuals will put up with, and when they will decide to stop putting up with it. Liberty is not a question for tyrants to decide, but for those whom the tyrants seek to oppress.

  132. What if California gets overrun by the very people the anti-gun/anti-Constitution politicians so fear and there is no one willing or able to stand up for them?

  133. Interesting writing – I am thankful for the analysis , Does someone know if my assistant could grab a template IRS W-9 copy to work with ?

  134. 1. The Warning is Don”t Fly your U.S.A Fighters Jets or your bombers into U.S.S.R too. He will Retaliate if U.S Fighters Jets enter Russia Border Air Space too! He got Submarines with annular warheads will reach the Capital of the U.S. mater or minutes too! They are close to Atlantic cost from main to Florida Ares a is about 400 out in seas or more too! The Pacific ocean there is Submarines with long annular Ware heads the U.S.S R would Retaliate too. This is a warning for the Anti gun Gr oops Tried to removed Trump out of Office too! Putin don”t Like the Antigen move meant too! The Gun Owners Will Fight Agents The Anti Gun Groups too! Some Police Dept will be Enemy too! i”m talking 2/3 will joined the wining side too! The One World order of every Foreign Country will disarmed all there Citizens too! Like France Country too! This will be one world Government in power too! Only Military Or Police will be allow to have Guns & Ammo only too! Sigh by the United Nations Vice President Or President of the U.N. too! They will Rule the world too! They will sign the small Arms Agreement Will be sign Left wing Vice President Of the United States too. An the Left President too! If the U.S Congress house vote on it first to get it passed to all members Vote on it first too! Then it goes to the U,S Senate House to get the Vote if all the members vote in too; get it passed too! Then it goes to the Vice President Desk to get it sign too! Then it got to finial U.S.A President desk to signed into U.S Law of Assault weapons & Large Clips Bullet Holders over 15 Rounds too For assault Rifles will not in Gun Stores no more too! They will stop production of: Semi auto manic Rifles Copies will be stopped by the Federal Ban on Copies is sim miler to U.S Military Rifles & Foreign Military Rifles of other counties will be Stopped for good too! No more military Rifles in Gun Stores in all 50 States is no more too! It is History of the Past too> of long ago is gone for good !!! It will happen in the Future in so Far to get there too! This a warning the U.S. of the Small Arms treaty will be sigh too! It will happen soon too! Wake up Gun owners Americans your Rights will gone for ever too! The !st Amendment 2nd Amendment & 4th amendment of the U.S Constitution will be rewritten in the Future too! U.S.A Will be left Wing Country forever too! It true!! Wake up Pro Gun Americans Guns rights will be history an gone for good too! A warning to take notice too! wake up an sell the Coffee !!!! This is last chance to vote pro gun rights too! In the next Election by November ,4th 2019 A.D too! From ( 9:00 A.M to (:P.M too! It will stay open 12 hours too! True!!! Thank you,

  135. 1. The United States Will be First U.S.A. Communist Nation of the Anti-Gun Law will be U.S.A. Federal Law & State Law of all 50 States too! It will happen in the Future too! The United States Is run by 6-corporations are biggest in the U.S A . too! Six Companies Will control Arms Flow of Guns in the U.S. A too! They will controlled by the U.N. Only too!

  136. 1. Sis companies will ban the Ammo off the Gun Dealers shelves too! And large capacity Clips off the market too . in all the 50 States too! it will be com troll by six Companies will run the county by U.N . control too! A warning to take notice !! Now!!

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