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A quality belt is the foundation for any proper holster carry. You want a belt that really distributes weight evenly along your waistline, besides keeping your pants up and holding up to the rigors of daily use.

NicTaylor00 gives a good explanation of what he feels is the best everyday carry belt.

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  1. Safariland L830 You can get them for under $30. I have had mine for 3 years (about one year of wear as I have two different sizes, depending on what i’m carrying

  2. I’ve had a Galco SB3 dress belt that has lasted me about a decade thus far (though I’ve gone up a hole on sizing). It regularly carries my full-size HK45 in an OWB holster and carried a P7 prior. For $75-100, you can’t do much better.

  3. “set up timeout error: set up took longer than 30 seconds to complete”

    i immediately thought, “good, i won’t have to pause the vid.”

    “a better belt” does nice work; perfect horsehide. i wear it everyday.

    and my lenwood belt makes deagle carry a thing.

  4. I like my Big foot gun belt. Bought it because I wanted a quality belt to wear everyday (not because I carry). This is the first belt that has lasted over a year for me….going on 3 years and it still looks new. I’d buy another one, and won’t buy one of those retail store belts again.

    • I’ve been very satisfied with my Bigfoot belt. It’s just a touch to thick for me to wear if I’m not carrying, but as for a sturdy gun belt that looks really good and has held up great, you really can’t beat it.

  5. As much crap as people talked about them weeks back when it was sponsored content the single ply Klik Belt works extremely well and the Cobra buckle on it is well made.

    • no surprise. looks to have a great warranty too.
      it’s an area where there are quality non- asian options though.

  6. Say what you will about their holsters (I’m somewhat fond of mine, but a lot of people dislike them), the gunbelt from Alien Gear is great. Thick with heavy leather, so very sturdy, and attractive enough to wear every day, all for a very fair price of around $50 if I remember correctly.

    Very pleased with the purchase, considering that a “normal” leather belt will cost you at least as much.

  7. Mine is a Bull Belt from Daltech Double thick, very sturdy, and a good looking belt that does not scream “GUN!”

  8. I’ve been wearing the same Galco SB3 for several years now and it’s still going strong as a casual EDC gun belt. Not too tactical looking in black and would be even less so in brown. It doesn’t have a roller doohicky on the buckle and the black finish shows cracks in that area due to stress from tightening it, so it’s not dress belt worthy anymore. I suppose I could dye the cracks with some Kiwi heal and edge dressing and wax it back to fancy belt status if I wanted to. It has molded/curved to my waist shape while still being plenty rigid for carry. MADE IN USA.

  9. Double thick or reinforced gun belts are heavy and unless you are a flat bellied bastard, the belt and the gun ain’t gonna stay up. Any belt cinched up tight will hold a gun up…for a while. Shot USPSA for a lotta years with a Safariland inner and outer belt. Cinch the inner belt up tight. Put your rig on and get someone to hook you up in the back. Pucker or no pucker? USPSA shooters will know what that means. I have somebody’s highly recommended $50 HD web gear gun belt and with the hard ware it’s just too damn heavy. Bought a $16 chinese KO of the same belt with lighter webbing and stiffener and lighter hardware from MidwayUSA and it works great. Just got a double thick leather belt from LLBean (their “Hunting” Belt) for my birthday. Haven’t tried it out yet but if it works, should last almost forever. Someday before I die I want to have a holster and belt that match.

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