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Well folks, the award for “Best Firearms Innovation for 2018” has probably just been won.  Bond Arms has released prototype of their quick detach silencer for the Bond Arms Bullpup pistol.

Gordon Bond with QD Silenced Bullpup (photo courtesy of JWT for

The super-sub-compact 9mm now pairs with a novel suppressor, meaning a 124gr round exits at 1,1100fps, suppressed, in a package with a total length under 10″.  That’s giggly fun.

The suppressor itself attaches and detaches much like the pressure coupling on a hose.  This allows the suppressor to spin completely around the barrel once attached.  It also snaps on and off in a second.

Note this model includes the ultra thin but sturdy G10 grips for the ultimate in concealability.

Bond Arms has also released a series of hand made leather holsters for the Bullpup.

The stoke is real on this one, and Bond has guaranteed TTAG the first shots out of the silencer when it’s available for sale later this year.


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    • “Looks like the guy in blue is about to get assassinated…”

      Only if he ‘forgets’ to send a T&E sample to JWT.

      I’m liking the idea of a tiny semi-auto 9 with no nasty ‘slide bite’ issues more and more all the time.

      (I’ve owned an AMT .380 ‘Backup’ in the past. Solid, reliable gun, painful bite…)

  1. I am more comfortable with that gun when it has a little extra length. Those thumbs forward people need to watch out.

      • I was thinking on the same lines, but this might just get me to bite the bullet and jump on the combo. A small concealable carry pistol with silencer attached….too cool!

      • Yes. That doesn’t mean that I find the gun appealing in any way.

        To me it’s a $1100 pocket pistol and my views on pocket pistols are quite well known. So, that pretty much makes this thing one of the dumber guns on the market IMHO.

        • Boberg used to make XR9-L version with a 4″ barrel, and I’m sure the docs for that are laying in the same dusty corner of Bond’s file server where the docs for XR45-S are. IOW, Bond could make it if demand existed.

      • Would guess that whatever barrel the suppressor requires is closer to 4″…but I guess even G19 length barrel still might be too mousey for real men 😉

    • Sooo…
      Does that leave an opening in your opinion for a full size version? Y’know, the longer one Boberg originally envisioned?

  2. Yeah look how close his finger is to the muzzle. Mine would be past it. Eek! Have to keep the suppressor on.

  3. “124gr round exits at 1,1100fps”

    Wow, I never thought of putting a magnetic accelerator on the end…

    • Most suppressed semi-auto pistols blow shit back in your face regardless of how the can is attached. Gas, soot, bits of hard shit, maybe even some small pieces of casing that get stripped off by the ejector. It’s very important to remember eyepro when shooting a suppressed pistol.

      Generally it comes from the ejection port.

      • The 5.7 with the Gemtech that was designed for it must be one exceptions. I notice very little gas or debris, even the times I have forgotten and fired it without eye protection. Of course, it ain’t exactly a hand cannon.

        • That can was designed for that pistol. They’re pretty well mated.

          When you custom engineer something to be attached to a specific item you can fix a lot of problems that generic matings will have.

          That’s a nice set-up btw.

  4. So, Jon… Did you tell Gordon just before the photo was taken that you’d shoot the family jewels if Bond Arms didn’t send you a suppressed Bullpup? Because he looks stressed.

  5. The most overused phrase of Shot? “Belle (Bell) of the Ball.” You have had your fun, now let it fade away like RF’s recalled Caracal.

    Franklin Armory, a Straight Shooter? Design Details Confirmed! “Bell” of the ball.

    Derya Arms MK-12 Bullpup – not the Belle of the Ball, but apparently the IWI bullpup 12 and it’s fifth Element looks is the BotB.

    Now the Bond Arms bullpup QD silencer is the Belle of said Ball. I feel like we need to have a dance off to determine once and for all, who really gets it.

    That said, any photos of Bond bullpup QD without the can, I assume it has an extended barrel in this configuration?

  6. Hopefully they can progress like Hudson Mfg. did and innovate their gun to a lower price point.

    Something about a >$1k price point looks mighty attractive. At least in handgun territory.

    Let me wish and nit-pick; I am not a rich man.

  7. Since they found a way to attach suppressor to rotating barrel, they ought to patent this solution ASAP and offer it to Glock and Beretta at a very reasonable price, for use in Glock 46 and Beretta Px4. This may be more profitable for them than derringers 🙂

  8. I want a 9 mm that shoots at 11 thousand fps. I don’t think that suppressor is going to do much silencing of that sonic boom. Cute gun.

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