Bear Creek Arsenal Announces New 10mm and .45 ACP Pistol Caliber Carbines

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From Bear Creek Arsenal . . .

Bear Creek Arsenal, an industry leader in AR-style rifles and components, announces the release of their .45 ACP and 10mm pistol caliber carbines. Shooters can now enjoy the high stopping power of .45 ACP and 10mm with carbine ease of use and capacity.

Bear Creek Arsenal’s .45 ACP PCC is built on an all-new “AR-45” platform that accepts GLOCK 21 style magazines. Featuring the known and loved AR-15 controls with additional upgrades such as a flared magwell and Bear Creek Arsenal’s Gen-2 side charging handle, the Bear Creek Arsenal .45 ACP carbine is a game changer in terms of performance and price.

Bear Creek pistol caliber carbine pcc
Bear Creek .45 ACP carbine

10mm is known and loved for its high stopping power, but its heavy recoil and lower capacity can scare away many shooters. Bear Creek Arsenal’s 10mm carbine solves these issues with an 8 oz buffer to soften recoil and compatibility with GLOCK 20 style 30-round magazines. Like Bear Creek Arsenal’s .45 ACP pistol caliber carbine, the 10mm PCC is set on a new “AR-10MM” platform and features a Gen-2 side charging handle.

Bear Creek pistol caliber carbine pcc
Bear Creek 10mm carbine

Bear Creek Arsenal’s .45 ACP carbines will come in 7.5”, 10.5”, and 16” configurations and 10mm carbines will have 10.5” and 16” barrels initially, with more options to come! Both PCCs are suppressor ready allowing the user an ultra-quiet experience with subsonic ammo.

Whether protecting your family, shooting competitively, or plinking targets at the range, the Bear Creek Arsenal .45 ACP and 10mm pistol caliber carbines are accurate, durable, and reliable additions to your collection.

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    • Same here. What the heck happened to the Aero EPC 10mm?? I had high hopes for that one but sounds like they missed the boat.

      • Absolutely NO ONE has hit the mark yet with a proper PCC in 10mm. The field is wide open. SIG should step up. Barring that, HK should bring back the MP5/10.

  1. 539.00/559.00 for .45, 549.00 for 10mm… I’ll have the 10mm please and thank you… Already have plenty of G20 mags for my EDC G29…

      • Didn’t read all that, but all my Glock 20s are 15 rounds, I’ve added an extended floor plate to make them 16 (also extends the grip on my EDC G29) I’ve not seen a 30 round mag for G20, actually never looked for one and don’t really want/need one, maybe the “bangers” in Chiraq could use them with their ChiCom full auto Glock triggers…

      • Yup and they work. Bought a few a while back. Hard on the wallet though as they eat

  2. I’m gonna get a 10 IF and only when I see them run. I’m not jumping the bandwagon and throwing my money out.
    I’ve trust issues with them after the 22-250 and no magazines that actually work and not caring

  3. If/when the AWB here in CA (Miller v Bonta) finally gets tossed and items like these are allowed here, I’d like the 10mm in 10.5″.

    Interesting that the 7.5″ and 10.5″ barrel lengths are listed as carbines, tho, when the accompanying (and assumedly mfr-supplied) photo suggests a pistol config.

    • They do make a 10mm and .45 ACP pistol caliber carbines w/16 inch barrels, don’t know why the referral to a “pistol length” carbine…

    • IF. Big word, that. Anyway, not having a .40 or 10mm but lots of .45 acp, I’d opt for the .45. I can hand load those pretty hot without exceeding SAAMI. I’d have to look at the ballistics charts to pick a barrel length. I have a slower burning powder I use for my .45 Colt Winchester that might do the trick for the longer barrel. But until that IF day, I will just have to be patient.

      • “IF. Big word, that.”

        Saw a video the other day that said it will take a number of years before it finally settles out in our favor… 🙁

        • Planning on a decade or slightly more for most of things short of wild overturning of major stuff (NFA) to be fully sorted assuming everyone plays by the rules (lol I know I know). It’s a wait but beats the hell out of no increase of rights and no hopes of keeping the few we still had.

  4. … but its recoil and reduced capacity can scare away many shooters?
    Not with any of the watered down
    mainstream shit you can buy these days. Its a nice round to handload for, but good luck finding the empties after firing them out of one of these blowback guns.
    Oh, also , they are out of stock anyway.

    • Yes most 10mm you’ll find on the shelf is loaded barely hotter than 40sw. Need to spring for the likes of Buffalo Bore and Underwood to get proper full power factory rounds.

        • Have noticed SIG compares well to bb and underwood in the defensive loading but haven’t checked out the target ammo yet. If we drop the safe act this has potential.

        • For a long time Sig was the only brand keeping 10mm ammo alive. It was always in stock, cheaper than the other brands, and as noted, it was full power. I probably have 500 rounds of Sig 10mm still in their cases (I shoot my own reloads for practice).

        • Well their NH facility is a day trip and no tax on purchases so looks like I just found where to stock that caliber.

      • Buffalo Bore and Underwood

        That’s the only 10mm stuff in my stash, mostly Underwood for heavy hard cast lead and Buffalo Bore for hollow points and flat tipped “practice” ammo…

  5. B3aner Creek Arsenal is going into overtime hoping people forget they got busted with illegals on the payroll……

    • And we care, why?… Most anything and everything you’ve ever bought, used or considered was (at least partly) either made in China or Mexico OR touched by an illegal alien (undocumented migrant) in some way… It is the WAY of the world… OR, are you saying immigration status determines your ability to assemble a firearm?

      • lol so true man. That phone you are browsing on… made by exploited foreign workers. That car you are driving, high chance it was too. Even if it was assembled on US soil, good bet the majority of it’s materials were made somewhere else. Carhartt, Ariat, pretty much any name brand – all cheap labor using cheap stuff from other countries.

        I mean, we can pick and chose some things, but the rest of it I’m not losing sleep over.

        • again making something in another country isn’t the same thing as a business using foreign laber to undercut the native workforce and you know it simp harder.

        • It literally is – and it’s called outsourcing. What reason do you think someone would hire illegals to do work ON US SOIL? Cheap labor? Duh.

          Now why do they outsource goods and services? Cheap labor. It’s literally the same thing.

          And you didn’t use “simp” correctly either. Who tf am I simping for? The American people? lol. Not one single mention of anything specific other than the definition of outsourcing which you seem to not understand.

          Nice try high school drop out. This is the part where Red from ‘That 70’s show’ comes in and says his line, then slams the door and leaves. I believe it’s: “Jackass”
          *Slams door.

      • Theres a huge difference between a product being assembled here by an illegal and something being produced in another country one requires a business literally looking the other way. but hey simp harder for a company known for their garbage QC.

        • Most of the time bad reviews come from the do it for me crowd who plop down a credit card, open the box, go shooting and if it jams they run to the internet to provide the world with their negative “test results.” Or you have those who trip over each other to reguritate something negative posted by a nitwit whose claim to fame is 35,000 incomplete sentence posts on ar15.comedyclub. Then you have bigots who use their made in china devices to scrutinize firearms based solely on country of origin followed by insults hurled at buyers. It’s a clown show and it is safe to assume Gun Control zealots enjoy it.

        • Deb how would you rate bear creek parts vs Aero or Anderson? Most of what I have seen is those two with some oddball palmetto mixes

        • Debbie W., you can’t sell at a third the price of everyone else without cutting corners. BCA is cutting corners either in lack of QC, cheap barrel coatings that rust quickly, substandard Chinesium materials, or inexpensive labor.

  6. I’d like to see a comparative review of BCA’s AR-45 vs. CMMG’s Banshee line. Any others in that space?

    I’m shopping for a large-format (i.e. AR platform) .45 pistol with a muffler for indoor social work. I truly wish AB Suppressors made a reflex can for slow fat pills.

  7. I hope their QC has improved… I returned a 6 Grendel side charging upper that had really sloppy milling work and the barrel looked like it was rifled with a 5/16 broken drill bit hammered through with an impact driver. They went into production of the “next big thing” after I got my refund, and nothing is ever in stock.

    • They have recognized the problems with QC and have worked hard to improve their reputation. I did a build using one of their barrels and gas block that has been quite reliable. I bought a complete rifle for my daughter and she says it is getting to be her favorite firearm. I have always been intrigued with their side charger uppers, and may someday buy a complete upper for a lighter upper than the 20″ HBAR I have now.

      • I have one of their side-charging AR uppers and LOVE IT!
        It makes teardown for cleaning sliiiiightly more involved as you need an Allen wrench to get the bolt carrier out (have to remove the side-charger handle) but ergonomically it just feels soooo right verses that top-mount AR charging handle (that I just don’t care much for).
        Quality-wise, mine has been nothing but perfect.

  8. Don’t know who YOU are calling “simp” but hey you don’t need to look any further than your refrigerator for YOUR contribution to Illegal migrant labor… Got chicken in there? Guarantee it was not only raised by illegals but processed as well, any kind of produce? If it was grown in California or Florida, yep more illegals, Your beef products were processed in a meat packing plant infested with illegals… You have a personal problem with Bear Creek? That’s your problem (personally I’ve never heard of them and I’ve been shooting/buying/selling guns for over 60 years) but don’t pretend to be offended because they had a couple of illegals on their “payroll” which (like it or not) is a fairly common practice in global industry…

    • “Don’t know who YOU are calling “simp” but hey you don’t need to look any further than your refrigerator for YOUR contribution to Illegal migrant labor…”

      Preach it, Max.

      A prime example of “I am so much better than you” selective outrage bullshit in action.

      (He probably got hard when he hit the “Post Comment” button, like I just did… 🙂 )

  9. I am curious how an 8oz buffer does in straight blow back with a 10mm, considering I am running one in my 9mm carbine.

    I could see issues with high zoot 10mm loads due to not enough weight but would hold out for someone testing it.

    • Maybe initially made for 40sw adjacent 10mm …….. unless they tried something with the recoil spring but that may have wear issues elsewhere. Will have to wait and see if anyone I know from PA VT or NH picks one up to go over parts.

  10. Pistol powered carbines.
    I wish I would not have traded my M1 for a Carcano.
    Why would I want a pistol powered carbine? I’m not doing house sweeps or drive bys anymore.
    An AK serves up the sauce

  11. Hey guys! Help me out here. The article said they come in 10.5″ barrel. As this is a carbine, don’t you need tax stamp to own a rifle with a barrel under 16″? The law can get a bit confusing sometimes. I understand if it was an AR pistol but when you say carbine, I understand that to mean a ‘long gun’ with the requisite limitations. Any guidance would e appreciated.

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