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The Bang Saber is a flashbang that’s legal for civilian use. It might not be quite as effective as a military or LE noise flash diversionary device (NFDD), but it has the distinct advantage of being both reusable and civilian-legal. Here is the press release . . .

If you’ve ever thrown an M-84 or CTS 9-Banger at your day job, you will like those. If you’ve ever banged somebody within an FPS game, you will like these. Fact is, whether you’re going FISHing (Fighting In Someone’s House) or trying to liven up a boring cotillion, you’re going to like these. 

Bang Saber

The TS Bang Saber 2.0 civilian legal reusable flashbang is manufactured for Tactical Sh!t by Helius Engineering. It’s for training, “distracting,” or just for fun. The 2.0 bangs just as hard as its predecessor but is now slimmer and much lighter. Ounces equal pounds, and pounds equal pain… especially when you’re banging someone. 

The Bang Saber is made in the USA. It utilizes a 12 gauge or 9mm blank or a 209 primer for ignition. Just load the blank or primer into the body, remove the pin, and toss the device where you want it. 

You’ll get a bright flash, some smoke, and an approximate “bang” noise around the 120-160db level. The exact amount of candela and decibels will depend on the type of blank used. 

Here are a few things to know about the Saber flashbang for civilian use: 

      • No training or certification need to purchase (buy flashbangs online!).
      • Limited numbers are available due to manufacturer difficulty with materials: if they’re out when you try to buy one, sign up for notifications.
      • Must sign a liability waiver to purchase.

12 Gauge Blanks

The Bang Saber ignites using a blank cartridge like these 12 gauge blanks. It will also use 9mm blanks.

Flash/Sound Diversionary Devices

Capt. John Kolman, Ret. (LAPD D Platoon SWAT) and Cmdr Sid Heal, Ret (LACSD Special Enforcement Bureau) defined an NFDD in a paper for the Justice Department, as you’ll read below. Contrary to the common vernacular, it is not a “flash bang grenade.” It could not be a grenade in the traditional sense and still be labeled a less lethal device. 

What is a flashbang? “A flash/bang diversionary device produces a loud bang with a brilliant light that is intended to cause confusion and distraction to provide a tactical team with a few seconds of advantage.”

That’s what the Bang Saber does. Get your hands on one or a few!

Bang Saber

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  1. loaded w flashpowder these are impressive. like blow a small hole in sod or a hole in your rug.

    std powder? yawn. just a primer? like a starter pistol to be generous

    • I was definitely thinking that these could be a lot of fun if they have a provision for lighting off some powder. Keep it under the ATF limit for a DD or whatever, you can still probably get a pretty nice bang out of them.

      • For Varmint Control
        Poke or drill 1ea hole in tennis balls. Melt fuzz and harden the rubber on the tennis balls using a torch. Take your time, you don’t want to make the ball brittle. Let cool. When cool insert funnel stem into hole and add black powder. Flash powder will work fine but experiment with different types. Insert fusing, choose whatever burn time suits your needs. Seal around the fuse hole with epoxy or silicone caulk. Let the caulk fully dry. Cover the entire ball with electrical tape or 90mph tape nice and uniformly. Go right up to and around where the fuse sticks out. Experiment with powder weights and types. Cheers

  2. $249.99

    Nope. I’ll just keep using my own DIY flash bangs when I want them. Its not hard to make your own reusable that uses blanks like this one does, mine are about the same size as theirs but are straight unadorned tubes and aren’t anodized or shinny like theirs but the pin is in about the same location. I use them to scare the geese away sometimes when they show up en-mass and start pooping on everything, then they leave and head to the neighbors where they poop all over the place.

    • As the TTAG spokesbird for this weekend, I’ll confirm that having a few of these go off, whether made by this company or in somebody’s DIY garage, will make most birds poop first, AND THEN leave fast.

      Maybe even into a window since reflections often make us think we’re flying to another sky in another dimension. And then we break our necks and fall to the ground.

      That said, I approve! I’m going to get some of these for those pigeons. Rats with wings, I tell ya. And the vultures. Garbage cans with wings and anuses, for sure!

      • Vultures are our friends.
        Kinda sorta, they dirty bassturds can fly and they always beat me to the road kill.
        And yup birds poop on take off, lighten the load when they are scared.

      • LOL! Seriously, Osprey, that right there is funny, my first laff of the day!

  3. Destin at the ‘Smarter Every Day’ YouTube channel has captured on high-speed video 2 bullets hitting dead-on :

    • So Geoff,
      IDK why you posted this vid in relation to the topic, but daaaaaang!!, thanx so much for that. I learn something every time I watch ‘Smarter E D’.
      Always time well spent.

      • I figured a product promo like that wanna-be flash-bang could use a little quality distraction, so it wasn’t like I was bothering anyone too much. And, it was solidly gun related.

        It’s NASA central in Huntsville Alabama where he lives, and his dad was involved with project Apollo back in the day. He has access to serious engineering people to draw on, and it shows in his videos.

        On that video, they had problems getting 2 bullets to stick together in flight, and he suspected the modern lead alloy was the problem in reproducing the 2 civil war bullets fuzed together in the Smithsonian Institution display he saw.

        He needs to go to an Alabama gun show and score some civil war battlefield bullets folks sell to get the right alloy. Melt them down, cast and fire them at each other. He has the test setup, now…

      • AQ
        I really dont think it matters anymore. The ones we wouldn’t wanting to know where we live via internet already got our locations. I dont wanna here about firewalls and all that because I dont think they work, why? You have to download an app. Norton antivirus produces computer viruses. It’s all a game

    • I just watched that earlier.
      Went to a lot of work to get that video. Pretty neat but for the work involved it was anticlimactic IMO

        • “Got a lotta time and money on yer hands, do ya?”

          That didn’t offend me in the least.

          With 11 *fucking* million subscribers, Destin has a solid income just from YouTube.

          His wife is also a full-time engineer, so with her health care coverage, he’s doing all right…

    • “Can you use these on po-leece?”


      If you survive, you get to sleep all alone in state prison after… 😉

      • “you get to sleep all alone in state prison”

        hopefully you get to sleep all alone in state prison. Bubba might wanna cuddle.

  4. If the sound of the 12 gauge being cycled/charged isn’t enough to get some miscreants attention, my dog will do so.
    Not really something I really need. Not what I would consider a party toy or devise for pranking someone. In some groups, such a devise used as a prank could result in painful retaliation.
    I won’t tell anyone what products they should or should not purchase. But would not recommend using this unless there is a real need for such a devise. Something few of us will ever need.

  5. If I had one of these, there’s a better-than-even chance that I would use it inappropriately.

    • “…there’s a better-than-even chance that I would use it inappropriately.”

      I would never do anything like that!

      I can speak from experience 40+ years ago if you take a real M-80 from the late 70s and use a cigarette to extend the fuse, it will go off about 13 minutes after it is lit and scare the crap out of people several school classrooms over.

      (Expired statutes of limitations are a wonderful thing… 🙂 )

      I’ve been a very good boy since then.

      • Ever flush a lit one down a school toilet? Been known to happen.. like 50-60 years ago…. 😉

    • Yeah, I hear that, lol
      The TRICK is to find a source for that flashy-powder stuff..

      • there isn’t any trick to it.

        one can legally purchase, in small quanties (without a federal license) for personal use, on line (and even in Walmart one if the components can be found in the lawn and garden section) the needed items to make their own flash powder of the common type used by the entertainment and fireworks industry.

  6. They never mentioned the time delay. 3-5 seconds would be nice. Sure beats a friction fuse

    • these probably use the free weight method like the ones sold here >

      basically, when its tossed upon impact with surface the weight drives the firing pin into the primer on the blank round. the pin is simply used to hold the free weight in place.

      the DIY versions I have use a friction delay method that delays a spring mechanism from driving the firing pin into the blank primer for 3 seconds. pull the pin, toss, and 3 seconds later it goes off.

  7. I like things that explode. Sounds like a good less lethal for the tool box. Perhaps against porch pirates?

  8. A little bit of chemistry and a trip to home Depot can save you about $200 and get you a lot more BANG for your buck.

  9. Civilian grade FLASHBANG? Pamax L.I.O.N. …Basically the same as the bang saber, both use whats referred to as the ‘free weight’ method (by spring loaded) to fire the blank.

  10. Just to note…. the airsoft community for a while has been buying and using TAGinn flash bangs, civilian legal to buy, one time use, made from some kind of plastic, imported from China around $20.00 each. Pull pin, toss, slight delay of , and a bang a lot louder than the bang saber in this article

    For example.

  11. Reusable, eh?
    What if you’re in a life-threatening situation and throw this at the enemy with a blank in it (as it’s intended to be used). What’s to stop them from reloading it with a live round (12 gauge or 9mm) and throwing it back at you? Please tell me that live rounds won’t fit and can’t be shoehorned in and forced to fit!

    That reminds me of a joke:
    In Ukraine, Russian soldiers are throwing grenades at Ukrainian positions.
    What are the Ukrainians doing?
    Pulling the pins on the grenades and throwing them back!

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