For Crimson Trace, Green is a Go

The old adage appears to be true; good things come to those who wait. The industry-wide whispers about Crimson Trace introducing green lasers can finally be silenced because they have officially unveiled new Laserguards and ever-popular Rail Masters with green lasers for purchase this fall. Don’t confuse this advancement in laser technology with the whole […]

Ban Magic Bullets!

As some of you may already know, I pay my bills by combining my love of art with my love of the outdoor industry – most often firearms – as a graphic artist. I don’t have much to complain about. I can work almost anywhere I can find an internet connection and I get to […]

Gear Review: Nike Special Field Boots

In the world of competitive shooting, we all know the firearm in your hand is a critical choice, but without sure footing, what good is the most skilled shooter? I’m starting at the bottom, working my way up – in all aspects of life – but today I’m specifically talking about my Nike Special Field […]

Rolling the Dice on Oregon Game

Earlier this week I sat bundled up in my Sitka Traverse hoody as I enjoyed a local softball game thinking it felt more like October than July. Just four days later Mother Nature was pushing 90 in the PNW. I looked up at Mt. Hood looming large on the horizon, still white with snow, wishing […]

Wendy Takes on Hunting, Cluttered Mind and All

If some animals are good at hunting and others are suitable for hunting, then the Gods must clearly smile on hunting. –Aristotle If I could give my life in 2012 a title, I think I’d call it Switching Gears. In more ways than one, switching gears is exactly what I’m doing.  For starters, I’ve moved […]