Powder Review: Alliant RL-16

    When I first dipped a toe in the reloading pond, I started by concentrating solely on rifles, specifically bolt guns. At this point, I see no reason to stray as I don’t shoot the volume to justify a handgun- or shotgun-loading habit, and my accuracy in both categories certainly hasn’t exceeded the capabilities […]

Hitler Learns about the Hearing Protection Act (HPA)

  Let’s say you’ve been living under a rock. Let’s also you’ve been there since November 8, 2016. You might have missed out on the fact that, 1) Donald Trump was elected president of these United States and 2) everyone and their mom declared the Hearing Protection Act to be a done deal. The Hearing […]

Q Launches Direct Thread Silencers with Actual $200 Rebate

As part of my weekly horse beating regarding silencers and the Hearing Protection Act, I’m pleased to let you know that this afternoon at 3:00 PM Eastern, Q will be launching their Nelson line of direct thread silencers. Given the climate and the serious case of “I’m waiting for HPAitis” that the consumer market seems […]

Gear Review: Blue Force Gear Admin Dapper Pouch

My anecdotal research of the gun industry indicates that a significant portion of the consumer population purchases guns, gear and accessories with thoughts of a protracted firefight in mind. The struggle that I — and I hope others — have is that this very functional gear either looks tactically ridiculous or is so “gun” focused […]