SHOT Show: Powder River Precision [VIDEO]

Powder River Precision, perhaps best known for their custom Springfield XD and XDM drop-in triggers, also make a nice range of aftermarket parts and butter-smooth triggers for other guns like the Ruger LC9s and now a 2 lb drop-in trigger for the Ruger 10/22. And, we hope soon, one for the Ruger PC Carbine, too. […]

SHOT Show: The New Taurus TX22 Rimfire Pistol [VIDEO]

Taurus is releasing a new striker-fired, polymer framed .22LR pistol, the TX22. Maybe the most interesting thing about the full-size gun is that it has a 16-round polymer magazine. Yup, you read that right, 16 rounds. That’s noteworthy, especially for a gun that’s suppressor-ready, has an adjustable rear sight and is the size of a […]

SHOT Show: MARS Recoilless Rifle [VIDEO]

MARS Inc, a first-time exhibitor at SHOT Show this year. They claim the patented operating system in their MARS Invictus .308 AR-10 rifle virtually eliminates recoil. We met up with the rifle’s inventor and listened to what he said. Check it out. According to MARS, the rifle is being submitted to the US Army for […]

SHOT Show: Auto Ordnance M1 Carbine [VIDEO]

Kahr Arms, through their Auto Ordnance division, is releasing two commemorative laser-etched WWII M1 carbines. One, with a folding stock, honors the paratroopers who carried the rifle complete with jump wings engraving. The second model is titled “Vengeance.” Why the name? Because it chronicles the bombing of Pearl Harbor to the end of the war […]

SHOT Show: Unique ARs’ Custom Handguards [VIDEO]

Unique ARs is a small Idaho company that makes some pretty artistic custom handguards and other parts for AR-15 rifles. They do some really awesome designs that are more on the expressive side versus the tacticool end of the spectrum. And you know what? I’m good with that. Some folks who own an AR-15 want it to […]