How You Can Save The CMP Sports for a New Generation

I’ve been writing about the Civilian Marksmanship Program matches at Camp Perry for the last few weeks. I built my own rifle for the President’s 100 match with the help of Brownell’s, talked ammo and optics, and interviewed some of the young people who represent the future of the sport. Today we are taking a […]

How To Dye Your Polymer Gun Parts

Over the last couple years I have featured a couple of AR builds here on TTAG and elsewhere that had Russian Bakelite colored stocks and mags. Some people really loved the look of them and I have subsequently found my images “borrowed” and used on social media by shameless charlatans. Over that time I was […]

What’s Going On With .350 Legend?

I’ve been asked a lot about the new .350 Legend cartridge, the round that’s set to take on the .450 Bushmaster in the straight-wall legal midwest woods. The .350 Legend has a number of great advantages, and it’s gotten a very positive reception. But there are questions about the cartridge that need to be looked […]

How To Get Started In Competition Shooting

I’ve been active on the competitive shooting scene since I was fourteen years old. In that time I have learned a great deal and have been constantly and regularly humbled by the amazing and dedicated people I meet on the way. Today we will be taking a candid look at what it takes to get […]