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A Veteran’s Response to John Farnam’s Post Encouraging Police to Shoot More People

TTAG previously reposted Mr. John S. Farnam’s article, posted on the Defense Training Institute’s web site, titled “Police Use of Force.”  In that article, Mr. Farnam writes “The problem is not that we’re shooting too many people. The problem is that we’re not shooting nearly enough!” There were some great, well though out comments to […]

Cabot Black Diamond: Exonerated?

A couple of weeks ago RF called me to say Cabot Guns wanted me to test their Black Diamond 1911. Again. “Cabot wants you to come up to Pennsylvania, see their facility and shoot the gun.” My initial reaction was not positive. “You should just let them know it’s probably not going to go well,” […]

Don’t Watch the Superbowl

The National Football League is fundamentally un-American, and I won’t support it. It wasn’t always that way. As a decent, God-fearing American, I grew up praying to Jesus Christ and Tom Landry, like everyone else. (Right?) But then I heard about the denial of the Daniel Defense ad . . . As a recently returning veteran, coming […]

Hunting for Business at SHOT Show

I like guns. I admit, I like guns even more than I like most of my tools. (Except my Clifton planes…those are nice). But I don’t go to the SHOT Show because I like guns. I go because I am hunting there. I’m hunting on behalf of the state of Texas, and I’m hunting for firearms businesses, […]