Non-Stereotypical Gun Owner Interview: Annie

Annie is an attractive, single mother of two girls who is very pleased to announce that she loves being 40. She agreed to do a non-stereotypical gun owner interview because she has a thing for some guy named Farago. She is currently in an intensive social services Ph.D. program at a public University in Oregon that […]

Non-Stereotypical Gun Owner Interview – Gila Hayes

Several years ago I had a girlfriend with a terrible flinch. She desperately wanted to shoot her GLOCK well, but every shot landed two or three feet below the point of aim. I applied my basic instructor skills, but the usual remedies failed to resolve the problem. In a rare moment of good sense, I […]

Non-Stereotypical Gun Owner Interview: Susan

Susan isn’t her real name and she isn’t your typical gun owner. She was born into a Republican, Christian, but also very anti-gun, family 35 years ago and spent much of her early adulthood in small, conservative towns. She identifies herself as Lesbian, African-American and vegetarian, which made life in small towns a bit stressful. […]

Non-Stereotypical Gun Owner Interview: Joan

Joan has lived most of her life in Portland and bought her first gun at age 20. It was a surplus WW2 era 1911 that she still has. Even after many episodes of kitchen table gunsmithing it’s still reliable and she says, “I just like the feel of it.” Her most recent acquisition is a […]

The Journalist’s Guide to Gun Violence Coverage

Guns are a sad fact of life in American culture and are a constant topic in modern journalism. A good Journalist has a duty to get involved and make a difference in this important societal debate. By following certain guidelines, the concerned Journalist can be assured of having the maximum impact on this shameful problem. […]

SAF’s Alan Gottlieb: Fighting the Good Fight

I first met Alan Gottlieb in 1998 when his annual Gun Rights Policy Conference was held near Seattle. Attending the GRPC, which was hosted by the Second Amendment Foundation, was a significant turning point in my life, since it gave me the tools and knowledge to turn my pro-gun feelings into effective action. In addition to lengthy lecture notes, […]

Even After All This, We’re Still Winning

As the People of the Gun emerge from the winter of our discontent, it’s time to take a look at the big picture. Only six months ago, I foolishly thought the gun rights war had nearly been won except for a few mopping up actions. Our movement had been on a twenty-year roll. The anti-gun […]

A Civil Libertarian Against Gun Control

After seeing my friend Don Kates in the pages of the Washington Post last week, I realized I hadn’t talked to him in over a year. Since he lives nearby, in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains of southwest Washington State, I called to see if I could drop in for a chat. As Don […]