Gear Review: Winthrop IWB Holster for FNP-45

  A few readers have requested a review of a holster that is not made of Kydex, and the one name that seems to come up repeatedly in the comments section is Winthrop Holsters. When I checked out their website, I discovered that they actually make an IWB holster to fit my FNH USA FNP-45. That was all […]

Pistol Weapon Light Comparo: Streamlight TLR-1s, Insight Technology M3X LED, Insight Technology WL1-AA, SureFire X300 Ultra

Last year, I finally broke with my traditionalist attitude toward handguns and purchased a polymer framed pistol with a built in accessory rail for everyday carry and home defense use. Since I was using this pistol for home defense and that rail was just hanging under the barrel unused, I started looking into purchasing a […]