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The ATF have a booth here in St. Louis, and much like the kid with pinkeye on the playground people seem to be avoiding them for the most part. I wandered over to their booth to ask them about the massive explosion in wait times for NFA paperwork and what they were doing about it, and the answer is exactly what you would expect. They see the trend as well and think it’s unacceptable that wait times are that high, but the only solution they see to the problem (hiring more people) is a long process that is still months to years away. There was no discussion of changing paperwork or digitizing anything, they simply believe that more people is the solution. In other words there’s still no relief in sight.

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  1. I know people hate “gun registry’s” and the word data bases, but in all honesty if you make this information digital that is pretty much what you would do.
    To that end it could make paper work take minutes not days or months. It might even reduce the personal needs for the ATF or at least allow them to refocus their personal needs to other areas.
    I can’t believe they would rather get more people and push paper rather than actually fix the problem.

  2. I have a perfect solution: take 2nd Amendment serioiusly – you know, the part that says “shall not be INFRINGED.”

    Repeal all of the Federal gun control laws, and you won’t need an ATF.

  3. I wouldn’t expect an ATF agent to embrace digitizing the process any more than I would expect a PA Turnpike toll taker to embrace EZ-Pass. For both the agent and toll taker, long lines mean job security, efficiency be damned!

  4. What? Do you actually mean to tell me that the minions of a Federal agency want it to be bigger? Like Captain Renault in Casablanca, I’m shocked. Shocked!

  5. Want the USG to be more effective and efficient? Then hand over more tax money to hire more people and make it bigger.

  6. They see the trend as well and think it’s unacceptable that wait times are that high

    Sorry, but I have trouble believing that the ATF is upset that it’s taking longer for citizens to get NFA items.

  7. Who would have thought that excessive regulation and increased government presence would make for a more time consuming and costly experience for the law-abiding, tax-paying consumer? Why, it’s done wonders for job creation, consumer product prices and the economy in general. I’m just relieved our health care is now too in the hands of the federal government, where it is sure to become an affordable and streamlined process. Eight months and counting for a Form 4…

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