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…it trolls, in this case for legendary InterWebz antagonist JadeGold, who’s posted his last screed in the comments sections of TTAG as of today. The Truth About Guns was founded (as our founder RF so succinctly put it) to explore the ethics, morality, business, politics, culture, technology, practice, strategy, dangers and fun (yes fun) of guns. It was not created so a troll could hijack the discourse and spew fallacies, lies, vitrol, and a little hate thrown in for good measure.

We try to bring you informative, entertaining and occasionally witty commentary and discussions on all things guns. We also try and maintain an open door policy to writers and those who wish to comment from all across the political spectrum. We encourage those that disagree with us to write us (we’ve found quite a few that way that have become regular TTAG contributors). We make it a policy to publish every comment, save the ones that descend into personal attacks and out-and-out flaming. Which brings us to JadeGold.

Since the tragic events in Arizona, JadeGold has consistently reduced what is normally a lively and spirited debate into something that would more likely be found on the playground of a school for delinquents. And as several TTAG readers have pointed out, “that’s not fun.” For you as readers, or us, as writers. And it has no place here on TTAG. So we warned him. Repeatedly.  Our warnings fell on deaf ears. So we took the only step we could logically take, and blacklisted him from the site. After the fact, we did a little digging and learned that TTAG is not the first site from which he’s been banned. I suspect it won’t be the last. But as for now, gentle readers, you won’t have to put up with his rants here, any more.

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  1. I luv this site! The majority of people here are really cool and I’ll respect their opinion even if I may not agree with that person. Now I’m willing to bet that the “banned one” (I’ll won’t allow my evil keyboard to type her name lol) shall return using a new nic and will continue to spout lies and misinformation about guns and responsilble gun owners. You guy’s will catch on quickly to the new nic and ban that one to. I don’t want to stifle anyone’s opinion, but there has to be a limit! Again a Million Billion thanks for your actions. P.S. I must now admit that I’m the only one responsible for what my so called “EVIL KEYBOARD” may type. Now , if everyone could place the blame on the EVIL CRIMINALS who terrorize us instead of placing it on the instrument that the criminal uses, we’ed all be better off.

  2. Thanks – this is a great site and I look forward to reading the articles AND the comments….that person was turning this into something not good.

    • Jeez. That guy reminds me of my sister back when her and I were kids.

      He can dish it out but he sure can’t take it.

      • If it were to come to a vote, I would vote on keeping Mikeb. My feeling is that, in the interest of reasoned dialog, any liberal with half a brain is welcome to post here. Mikeb qualifies on both counts.

      • Nope. And just to clarify things, RF is the Editor-in-Chief and Onwer-in-Full of TTAG. I am but a humble scribe, who also happens to serve as webmaster/designer. While I’m thrilled (thrilled, I say!) that JadeGold has been banned here (as I pointed out, anybody who’s online behavior is so egregious that they are the sole subject of a blog analyzing their tr0ll behavior), RF made the call – not me. And I hasten to point out, he was banned, not for his contrary opinions, but for his churlish behavior, personal attacks, and flaming ways.

        Long as you keep the discussion civil here, you won’t be banned. Even if we disagree with you. Which we frequently do. We want a free and open discourse on TTAG. But we won’t put up with those who take the tone of the debate down to something akin to a kindergarten recess. It’s that simple.


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