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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed gun law reforms that would have held local governments accountable.   HB 2517 would have put teeth into the state’s preemption law, with penalties for government officials who prosecute people for violating illegitimate local ordinances. Florida passed a similar bill in 2011 after scofflaw governments routinely persecuted citizens who exercised their second amendment rights. Pennsylvania and Ohio are considering similar measures . . .

HB 2339 would have ensured that local governments that wished to prevent people from carrying weapons in public buildings would have to do more than hope everyone obeys signs directing them to disarm. If those with a permit were not allowed into the public buildings, then security measures would have been required to ensure that those who did not obey the law were disarmed as well.

Representative Brenda Barton of Payson was disappointed by the veto. A similar bill had been vetoed last year, and she said that she had crafted the bill to address the Governor’s issues with it.  From

House Bill 2339 would have allowed people with concealed-carry permits to bring weapons into government buildings unless security measures — including armed guards, metal detectors and gun lockers — are in place. The measure excluded public K-12 schools, community colleges and universities.

Kansas passed a similar bill last year. Opponents of the bill have claimed that it will require them to spend large amounts of money to implement; proponents have noted that it does not take much money to remove a sign.

Governor Brewer has served two terms and is not expected to run for reelection.

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  1. “Doesn’t expect to run for relection” as governor me thinks! Reason for vetoing: working on her next job.

    • To be fair she’s probably more concerned with the cost of the problem. There are unfortunately alot of anti’s in Arizona Legislator what would whine and bitch and complain and spend thousands of public dollars to get metal detectors and all that fun crap to avoid having to take down the sign, so realistically speaking it was probably wiser to veto that particular law to avoid that drama. The other one I have no clue about.

  2. “If those with a permit were not allowed into the public buildings, then security measures would have been required to ensure that those who did not obey the law were disarmed as well.”

    Then it would seem to be a wise idea that the proposed law was vetoed.

    While I understand the intent to prevent antis in local governments from playing games , the reality sadly is that anti gun city administrators would take it as an incentive to blow public money on farcical security impliments.

    Rather then remove the sign (and endanger THe ChIlDreN!!!?) , they’d spend tens of thousands of dollars on metal detectors and hiring an unarmed fat dude with a whilstle to ensure no scary boomsticks violated the Sanctity of the Small Town Arizona Public Library. When prompted at the purpose of this waste of funds they’d point the finger at the AZ capital and say “They made us do this.”

    No thanks.Reminds me of the case where a Florida town mayor, unable to legally ban guns in his building, scoured the FL law and put a career resource center ( I.e. a kiosk on the same floor as his office) in his building. Presto, guns no longer allowed !

    • Ok, from this I got:
      “If those with a permit were not allowed into the public buildings…””…anti gun city administrators would take it as an incentive to blow public money on farcical security impliments.”

      The very same implements they are not currently buying up because they are not even worried about the non-permitted carriers in the public buildings…because they have a sign.

      I say make the antis explain why they are worried about permit holders that passed the govmints test/license hurdle and why they weren’t worried about everyone before…they could simply change the signs to read – permit required for ccw…and put them at the state boundary lines.

  3. 2339 didn’t seem like a big thing to me, really, but the preemption penalty law is an important one. As Florida demonstrated over and over before our penalty law was passed, as long as local politicians know they can defy state law and restrict gun rights with impunity, they will continue to do so. When they start being held personally accountable, the level of extra-legal bullshit drops considerably.

    • Or they just get more creative with their restrictions.

      Although ,there is some satisfaction in seeing antis playing the loophole game .

    • I think our preemption laws work just fine here.
      As it should be everywhere.
      Now for some open carry to return.
      Then I can say with full confidence.
      “Aint it Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeat in the Sunshine State.”

    • You would think that the sexist, racist, anti-rights, and anti-Humanist gun-grabbers there would pack it in after that. Alas, there is always a huge infusion of money from Loonberg, Joyce, Brady, etc. to keep those particular cadavers alive.

  4. Brewer hasnt done too bad a job concering gun rights, but there are worse people here in my state(AZ) that are gunning for her job.

    • Welcome to the discourse and I hope you find some worthwhile and educational discussion while you are here. Just curious, if I went to the Everytown for Gun Safety facebook or twitter pages and posted a similar comment would it be allowed to remain or would it be removed? I look forward to hearing from you and perhaps engaging each other in a civil, meaningful, and educational way.

  5. All of these actions are utter and complete silliness. I can boil it down to a single statement that clearly illustrates the insanity: gun grabbers DO trust good responsible people to leave their firearms in their cars (or home) but gun grabbers DO NOT trust those very same good responsible people to refrain from giving-in to rage and shooting innocent people.

    And if gun grabbers are worried about negligent discharges, then mandate that good responsible people carry their handguns in properly fitting holsters that cover the trigger — making negligent discharges all but impossible.

    But this isn’t about safety or preventing injuries to innocent people. Those type of arguments are just a smoke screen. “Gun control” is about telling other people what they can and cannot do.

    • “properly fitting holsters that cover the trigger — making negligent discharges all but impossible.”

      That part gave me a chuckle.

    • Well, she did sign Constitutional Carry in 2010. She was going to run for re-election that year, but even so that’s one provision that few governors would sign under any circumstances.

      She also signed, a week or so ago, a bill allowing 19 year-olds who are either serving in the military or have been honorably discharged to carry concealed with a CCW.

      So, not quite a RINO when it comes to guns, but I am still disappointed in her veto of the strengthened pre-emption bill.

  6. Let’s keep an eye on her for the next year. It is way too soon to come out as running for POTUS for 2016. I will bet this though.. if Hillary Clinton runs then the Republicans best bet is to have a woman run on their ticket. For 2016 it will either be a race between two women or if Jeb Bush runs it will be the Family Legacy election – Another Clinton or a 3rd Bush. That’s how nasty 2016 will get.

  7. This is un-Brewer like, and was a surprise to many here in AZ.

    Someone must have gotten a set of pictures on her.

    • She vetoed campus carry in 2011, and she vetoed previous incarnations of the bill allowing public building carry. So, not quite un-Brewer like.

  8. Well with Arizona being a constitutional carry state and all, there might not be a lot of CCW holders. However, She is a politition, and being the state gabby giffereds is from,,,,,,,,

  9. I think she did some shit here that will follow her for the rest of her life. Good bye and good riddance. We need a new gun in town!

  10. This governor is intellectually challenged, perfect for the stupid party. Her vetoes not only of these laws but also past laws (e.g allowing CCW on college campuses) reveal her as a RINO (=Republican). Time to elect a Tea Party gov for AZ.


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