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Apex Tactical is well known for their ability to turn the M&P 9 trigger from “meh” to “WOWZA” with the application of their drop in trigger kit. For guys like me, the M&P just fits, but the stock trigger in the older model is awful, and the new and improved stock one is decidedly bland. Apex’s various trigger kits¬†offer a big boost in crispness, and a big reduction in travel and reset. If you regularly read TTAG, you would have seen that I reviewed their new Glock trigger before Thanksgiving. It appears that they’ve gotten serious about getting triggers out in the market for all of the striker fired polymer guns, with the Walther PPQ as their next victim…

But wait you say, the PPQ has a fantastic stock trigger. Joe Grine even said so in his reviews! Yeah well, Apex thinks it could be better. And if their marketing guy is to be believed, this trigger kit reduces the travel of the PPQ bangswitch 40% while keeping the weight the same. This kit is designed and built to work in both the M1 and M2 models that shoot 9 mm, 40 S&W, and 45 ACP.


Normally, this is where we’d say, “We’ve asked for a sample to test and evaluate.” But as you can see from the picture above, we already have a preproduction model in our grubby little hands, a couple weeks before they go live to the world. If the can it came in has a familiar looking finish, that’s because Apex’s co-defendent from the infamous S&W cease and desist, Blown Deadline Custom¬†applied their signature “battleworn” finish. Further poking the bear are the patches Apex had made up just for SHOT that say, “Don’t Cease & Desist Me, Bro!” Look forward to a complete review of the new PPQ trigger in the coming weeks.

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    • You and I have very different definitions of what makes a good trigger. I tried a friend’s PPQ and it felt like absolute mush, like a Glock. Now my Steyr M9-A1 has a great trigger – no takeup at all until you apply the correct amount of pressure, then a nice crisp break and a whole 4mm of travel for the reset.

  1. Im going to go out on a limb here and say that i think any “improvements” to the PPQ trigger could make it potentially a “very dangerous” gun. The PPQ does have a little bit of a longer take up than say the P320 or VP9, yes, but the pull its self is glass smooth with a crisp, clean break. Much smoother than the fore mentioned triggers. With the trigger being so silky smooth having a bit of take up isnt such a bad thing in the case of accidental discharge if carrying with one in the chamber. The PPQ already has a bit of a reputation as being right at the borderline of being safe to carry, as again, that trigger is so light it wont take much to go and some feel that its better suited as an “offensive” handgun or one for the night stand or range. And I dont see any possible way to improve upon the reset either. Which is about as short as you can get unless you want to make accidental doubletaps a common occurrence. I have double tapped mine on several occasions riding that reset because it is so short and clean.
    Look, sometimes things are fine and great just how they are. And I think if any gun embodies this philosophy its the PPQ. And any attempt to tinker with an already great design and trigger mechanism could yeild the opposite results. Even if i chose to CC a PPQ (which i dont, im a revolver guy), i would only feel 100% safe doing so with a deep concealment, scabbard holster. And thats with the stock trigger as is. Ive always been a big fan of APEX and have used their trigger kits in several guns. But those were guns that needed improvements. Im gonna most likely pass on this as i think the PPQ as is got it right from the factory. But peoples obsession to tinker, fiddle with and become a gunsmiths now days will sell some of these kits for sure. Like i said. Leave the PPQ as is, or it could come back to bite ya!

    • Not sure if there is any real world data that backs up the assertion that the PPQ is “right at the borderline of being safe to carry”. With all due respect that sounds like internet opinion with no factual backup. With regards to double taps, that sounds like a training issue. I shoot a PPQ competitively and have put maybe 5,000 rounds down range so far as fast as I can and have never had an unintentional double tap. As far as “potentially a very dangerous gun” that could be said for any tuned 1911 with a 3 lb trigger. I suspect those kind of opinions are being largely expressed by folks who would never carry any semi auto pistol that didn’t have an 8+ lb first pull DA/SA trigger and a manual safety. Of course that is just my opinion with no factual backup, I could be wrong. At the end of the day I can’t say if I would install the apex trigger as it would bump me out of the class I currently compete in. I wouldn’t install it on my carry gun as I don’t think its needed.

  2. The ppq already has a pretty darn short reset. I can’t imagine being shorter would be a good thing. To each his own I guess.


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