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The ALG 6-Second Mount has been on my bucket list for testing for quite some time. As a fan of optics on a handgun, I’ve always been interested in trying out a frame mounted red dot, but a lack of Aimpoint T1 or a Gen 3 GLOCK in my life has thwarted me. If you find yourself with a Gen 3 GLOCK, but without an Aimpoint T1, ALG has made it somewhat easier to mount a red dot with the introduction of their RMR compatible 6 Second Mount . . .

One of the chief head scratchers I’ve had with the 6 Second Mount has been why they elected to use the T1 optic as it is geared a bit more towards the rifle side of the house. The RMR and DeltaPoint are most decidedly made for pistols, normally as a slide mounted optic. This is a slick little modification to the ALG mount, which has proven fairly popular for them. If I run across a Gen 3 GLOCK, and a RMR, I’ll ask nicely for a 6 Second Mount so I can try it all out together.

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  1. $250 for a mount that will guarantee that my firearm will only work with a custom made holster and will also make my handgun thicker.

    Or, for $130 my local shop will mill the slide on my Glock to accept RMR.

    I’m leaning to going with option “2”.

    • Yeah, that’s where I’m at also. Just doesn’t make sense. Or just buy a new Glock that comes from the factory cut and includes mounts for around $200 more than a gen 3.

  2. I think I have heard of some people using Primary Arms red dots instead of the aimpoint on some…could be the poor man’s option to try it out!

  3. Big benefit is that the optic doesn’t see the same abuse from riding on the slide by going this route. Of course, I prefer not having an optic on mine, but to each his own.

      • How exactly do a dot that disappears every time when the slide hits the rearmost, and a heavy piece of gadget that dips the muzzle down when the slides hits battery, make you a better shooter? Not mentioning weighing down the slide without balancing all the springs, which reduces the reliability margin of the slide speed when the gun gets dirty

        • When the slide comes back into battery, so does the dot. No one complains about their front sight coming off target when they fire, so why do it about a red dot? An rmr weighs 1.2 ounces. You have to remove metal to mount it so the total weight gain is effectively zero. Its also mounted at the rear of the gun (usually)(, and doesn’t dip the muzzle down when the slide goes forward. They’re proven to give faster follow up shots, as well as faster and more accurate shots with a moving shooter or target.

        • I effectively dunno what to say… Ever tried to track the front sight or did you just blink through the recoil? Guys whatever…

  4. From the competetion side of things, most handgun frame mounted red dots (on open division guns) are cmore sights (slide rides/railways).

    Not sure if it’s because they were around longer than the rmr types or if there is a real preference.

  5. What the hell am i doing with my life? I could make that out of $2 worth of laser cut and press brake bent steel and sell them for $50 be a millionaire.

  6. I have one made in Israel came from Tel Aviv I saved the package, someplace. Poly like the Glock. Seems like the same type mount.I’ll have to go look for it. Maybe it attached to the forward rail as well. Worked great. Got bored and took it off. I may have to put it back on if it’s back in vogue. 🙂

    • Maybe you’re thinking of the Fab Defense GIS mount? I bought one for giggles, and I found it pretty decent for my (low intensity) purposes considering it’s polymer. The negative is that it’s not as durable as the ALG mount and your optic is riding well above the bore. However, it allows for BUIS on the slide, it’s Picatinny compatible so it can handle a variety of optics, it probably accommodates the flex in the Glock frame better, and it costs way less than the ALG mount. $250 is just plain ridiculous.

  7. The T1 is now a popular rifle optic but when it first came out it was meant for pistols, it was also silver and looked uglyyy. The idea of mounting this thing to a rail instead of the slide is important for someone who shoots thousands upon thousands of +P ammo. No one in IPSC open division, running 9mm Major (125 gr. bullet @ 1300 fps) will ever mount the optic to the slide, nothing will last long enough. It also makes tracking your dot easier.

  8. Geissele and ALG make great stuff. However, I don’t see this one being a winner. I can see the negative about losing the dot when the slide reciprocates when using a slide mounted RMR, but this “solution” to that problem adds a lot of bulk and I can’t use back up iron sights. In other words, Geissele and ALG solved one problem, but added two new problems. I’d like to see more aftermarket slides milled for an RMR. I know One Source Tactical makes one. More competition is needed.

  9. I have an ALG 6-second mount it’s on a Gen 4 G17, works perfectly not sure of any reason it would only work on the Gen 3’s just FYI


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