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With the arrival of May 11th and 5.11 Tactical’s 20th anniversary, this year’s “5.11 Days” event is a big one with 20 percent off effectively everything they make both online and in-store. Dan and I visited the Las Vegas 5.11 store during SHOT Show and it was pretty darn awesome. I got a pair of Coalition Pants in Ranger Green and have worn them nearly every single day since. Fantastic!

At any rate, it’s a good opportunity to take advantage of a solid discount. 5.11 Tactical‘s press release follows . . .

5.11 Tactical Announces Plans For Annual 5.11 Days Celebration 

WHAT: 5.11 Tactical, the global innovator of purpose-built apparel, footwear and gear, has announced plans to celebrate its annual 5.11 Days event from Tuesday, May 9 to Tuesday, May 16, 2023.

WHY: The 5.11 Days event is being celebrated this year in combination with 5.11’s 20th anniversary and two decades of relentless innovation. Rooted in providing Purpose-Built Gear™ to the law enforcement, fire, first responder and medical services, and military communities, 5.11 Days serves as an annual reminder of 5.11’s commitment to those who live the brand’s Always Be Ready mantra throughout their local communities and across the country.

WHEN: Tuesday, May 9 to Tuesday, May 16.

WHERE: The company will celebrate 5.11 Days by offering 20-percent discounts both in-store and online at 5.11’s 118 U.S. retail stores will also be giving away a Limited Edition, 5.11® 20TH Anniversary Patch, free with $200+ purchase, while supplies last, beginning Thursday, May 11, 2023, in retail stores only, not available online. While the spirit of the celebration is intended to honor those who go above and beyond for their communities, the events and discounts will apply to all customers during that time period.  

On Saturday, May 13, 2023, U.S. retail stores will host local special guests, clubs and community partners for our biggest event of the year. Call or visit your local retail store for details on what is happening in your area. To find a local store near you, please visit the 5.11 store locator

COMPANY STATEMENT: “There are outstanding individuals in every community who are dedicated to serving others and at 5.11 we strive to recognize and honor those heroes,” said 5.11’s CEO, Francisco J. Morales. “For 20 years we have done that through relentless innovation while designing Purpose-Built Gear™ that aids these heroes in their mission to help others. The 5.11 Days celebration is another special way to show them our appreciation and to recognize their efforts.”

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  1. “…retail stores will also be giving away a Limited Edition, 5.11® 20TH Anniversary Patch, free with $200+ purchase, while supplies last…”

    5.11 tactical, over priced to begin with. But now you get a worthless “Limited Edition, 5.11® 20TH Anniversary Patch” that cost them about a penny so you can wear it to advertise for them for free (yes, there are people who would actually sew this on and wear it) (or throw it in the trash, of maybe put it with your collection of stickers and decals ya got when you ordered that fire arm accessory). So rush now, don’t wait, patch supplies are limited, don’t want to miss out on this one.

    Ya would think after spending $200.00 or more you would at least get something useful and worth something.

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    • It’s been a number of years since I wore 5.11 gear. I first wore it when I worked Katrina. I wore it again in C.I.D. half the time. Summers we could get away with it. Winter the uniform of the day was button down shirt and tie. Jacket as necessary. I tended to wear a Cooper A-2. The Sheriff asked me once why I didn’t wear a sport coat like the other guys. I said, “Because you don’t give me a clothing allowance.”

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      • Mainly just socks and t-shirts. I do like their watches but aside from that, only a handful of patches. Most of it just seems more overkill than anything else. They are a lot like Duluth Trading in that way.

  2. I like their pants. It’s one of the few readily available pairs of pants that have front pockets large enough to fit a Glock 19 or a Ruger SP101.

    • I will say that I’m a big fan of their “Taclite Pro” pants for hiking, although that’s the only 5.11 gear I own. I typically don’t go for ‘tactical’ anything, but these have held up pretty well, dry easily, and don’t seem to catch on brush. The “hiking” pants all seem to be too lightweight for my purposes, but these work well!

    • Officer Bill,

      Agree. I have 5 pair of the 511 Tactical slacks. The front left pocket is perfect for my spare mag. Only complaint is even their lightweight fabric is too heavy for hot summer days.

    • Also their jeans are nice. They are comfortable, have special knife pockets on the back, and don’t require me giving money to an anti gun, anti American company like Levi’s.

  3. I’m kinda forced to go to cargo pants like these, with my current daily load-out of knife, keys, wallet, big-ass phone and gun…

  4. You know it’s been a while since you’ve bought new shoes when the last new pair you bought cost $60.00.

    When did shoes all jump to $100? Was there a gradual increase or did it happen overnight?

    • I have really really wide feet and a very high arch. It’s nearly impossible for me to find comfortable Footwear. What I have found that is absolutely perfect and dirt cheap are Danner Surplus Marine RAT boots. they last about two and a half times longer than a set of Red Wings last me and I can buy them online for $70 a pair new in the box compared to $300 for the Red Wing work boots that fit me.

  5. Their CCW shirts are outstanding. Rapid opening. Hidden pockets on both sides. I have 8 of them. Hawaiian and solid color types. As well as long sleeve.
    There great for a small gun carry inside your shirt pocket. For the Kel Tec p32 or Bobcat 21A they are great.


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