Michigan supreme court will hear guns in schools case
courtesy michiganradio.org
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Guns can be carried openly in Michigan schools by concealed carry permit holders. A bill is moving through the Senate to legalize concealed carry as well. But some districts are flouting the law . . . Can Ann Arbor and Clio schools legally ban guns? State Supreme Court to decide.

The state Supreme Court will decide whether schools can legally ban guns on school property. The court has agreed to hear the case, in which gun rights groups are challenging gun bans in Ann Arbor and Clio. They say state law preempts school policies, and that gun bans don’t keep schools safer.

Gun rights orgs have sued to have the law enforced.

“You’re going to keep the good people out, but if you’re not going to do anything to keep the people out that truly are intent on harm, the ones we truly need to worry about, then what are we doing here?” said Tom Lambert of Michigan Open Carry.

But school officials say it’s the job of superintendents and principals to make sure students and teachers feel safe.

Uh huh. Just like they did at Sandy Hook.

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  1. But school officials say it’s the job of superintendents and principals to make sure students and teachers feel safe.

    Feeeellliiiings…nothing matters more than feelings…

    Let’s try again:
    It’s the job of superintendents and principals to administer and follow the laws of the state in which they work.

    • Sometime before I was born, schools thought they had the authority to decide what demographic groups were allowed to attend there. They claimed they had a responsibility to protect their students from harmful influences then too.
      F>×%1ng gun bigots…

  2. Feelings? F*ck your feelings! Your job is not to cater to the emotional whims of the spoiled brats which you educate your job is to educate them and prepare them for the real world by giving them the tools they need to be competitive in the job market. Sure, it’d be great if you would also help prepare them to deal with viewpoints differing from their own but I’m a simple man I don’t expect miracles. Right now we have college students who can tell you WTAF cisgendered means and why it is important for everyone to recognize the 1700 different genders they’ve created but can’t tell you how magnets work…. It’s long past time to just burn it all down and start over.

  3. What is particularly bad about the Court of Appeals ruling in these cases is that in the past the courts have decided that schools are quasi-government entities and thus the same rules apply to them as government bodies (example, one case was a utility company suing a school and the utility company lost because the school is part of the government since the government created it), but in this case the CoA decided that the school can ignore existing law and act like it is not part of the government. This directly violates prior case law.

    Because guns.

    These cases should really be slam-dunks but liberal, activist judges do whatever they want. Hopefully the MI Supreme Court makes the proper ruling and reverses the CoA.

    • How long until the Michigan Supreme Court hears the case — and how long after that until they issue their decision?

      • They have not scheduled a date yet. We just received the acceptance notice yesterday. Once oral arguments are heard, it can be a while before they publish their ruling.

      • Also I need to correct, or at least clarify, both myself and the author of the article. The MI Supreme Court has not agreed to hear the case. They have agreed to hear oral arguments on whether or not they should hear the case. So kind of a half-way point.

  4. I wonder why there is a government run education system in the first place? It’s seems they only want to brainwash children into doing their bidding with no back talk or ability to even understand why the government shouldn’t be in charge of their education at all! And then the government acts like these children belong to them and not their parents! Home schooling isn’t that difficult and you can carry your guns there! Do it for the children! 😉

  5. What a mess, teachers need to be armed, it’s really not about guns, it’s about the need to be armed. What a mess, churches, strip malls, gas stations, theatre’s, homes. What a mess

    • Less people die in school shootings each year than drown in bathtubs. Unless school shootings become a significant cause of death, no one will give it serious thought and banning weapons in schools will be the default option because of the danger from NDs is perceived higher than the need for defense.

  6. And be subject to expensive large scale lawsuits for deprive a US citizen theit lawful constitutional rights! A suit against THEM for failure to provide armed security since they declared THEMSELVES a Foreign dictatorship able to revoke Civil liberties of ALL US CITIZENS on THEIR SOIL!

  7. Are you an imbecile on your own private business on your own private property? Then yes, you can make it a gun free zone. At least for those who choose to follow your rules, those who don’t might still rob and kill you.
    Are you a public institution, on public space or something like that? STFO and follow the god damn law. Seriously, this isn’t rocket science. Law says do X, you do X or go to jail. No further discussion needed.

  8. “But school officials say it’s the job of superintendents and principals to make sure students and teachers feel safe.”

    I always assumed that it’s the job of superintendents and principals to educate students. Maybe I’m old-fashioned.

  9. Guns are only ok if they have the protective coating of a tin-star and uniform wrapped around them. Can’t have the young-ens get the idea they could grow up and take care of themselves.


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