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Robert found this video over on I figured that it could use an appropriate soundtrack. Grab a Kleenex before pressing play.

DeSantis Gunhide Question of the Day: What's the Smallest Gun You Own?">Previous Post
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    • So since they just now melted a bunch of guns, LA must have a much lower crime rate this year, right? What is that you say, murders are up in LA, why how could that be? The Democrats keep telling us that if we just get rid of guns the crime rate will go down. Sure doesn’t seem to be working out for the big cities that keep electing Democrats, maybe those same Democrats are the cause of the problem.

      • The correct spelling is ‘Dumbcrat’–how people this stupid function I do not know–every time these people open their mouth they spew incredibly dumb ideas that only an idiot would agree to

  1. Well, the gun manufactures need to keep busy & keep people employed–7,000 used guns could mean 7,000 lost new sales–I would hope that no historical guns were in that load–love it when every month posts lots of new firearms sold

    • What are you talking about?! The NRA is the one that’s protecting gun manufacturers profits! And they oppose stuff like this! It can’t be good for gun manufacturers, then.

  2. i just can’t help but wonder how many home invasions, rapes, robberies would have been stopped with these.

  3. Like burning money.

    Clowns shoveling money out of a wheelbarrow into a furnace. There’s the PRC for you.

    • “Clowns shoveling money out of a wheelbarrow into a furnace.”

      Now that was funny … I am still laughing. Thanks, I needed that today.

  4. And thee shall beat thoust swords into plowshares, until the SHTF, when thine will beat thoust plowshares into 80% lower receivers, to be finishith in thine dank basements, and garages, and hobbyrooms, in darkest of night.

  5. Say what you want about NRA, crying wolf, etc…a few years back they put out video of this sort of thing in Australia and warned “it could happen here!”. Well, CA is there..

    • Not really, in Australia they were legally owned and confiscated firearms. These are alleged to have been used in crimes.

  6. Why don’t they just throw all the violent offenders in the blast furnace? Seems like a more effective approach to stemming violent crime.

  7. Is it me, or were almost all those guns crappy shotguns or hunting rifles? I didn’t see one gun of significant value anywhere in that video.

  8. Just to put their reuse claim in perspective. The stated 20,000 pounds of seized weapons over 23 years. Average weight of metal in a rifle 4 pounds = 80,000 pounds of metal. 1/2 inch rebar – 20 feet long is 13.36 pounds

    80K pounds / 13.36 = 5,988 bars. Big number you say, not really, its 1.5 flatbed truck loads. Let break that into real world.

    A Road 480 feet long x 30 feet wide by 8 inches deep requires 355 cubic yards of material. The amount of rebar per cubic yard is approximately 225 pounds. So…..enough steel was collected over 23 years to make 480 feet of two lane road or 1/10th of a mile. Better yet, the average collection per year…enough steel was collected to make 20 feet of road. About twice the length of the average car.

    Gun Control theater at its best.

  9. It’seems been said many times before but they didn’t start melting down planes after 9/11, or vehicles after some drunk kills a family. I honestly do not understand any one believing that getting rid of guns will stop crime. It is pathetic.

  10. No tears here.

    Destroying old supply doesn’t reduce demand. These will be replaced with new firearms, everyone is happy and employed.

  11. At some high level, this bothers me a bit. On the other hand, us gun guys are constantly telling the anti-gunners that guns are simply tools, so there’s no particular basis to get all weepy about melting down some tool steel. I also though t it sacrilegious for The Who to smash guitars and amps, but then I didn’t buy those instruments either – I’m sure that Fender didn’t care either as they sent a fresh pallet of instruments out on tour to get busted up.

    What about the cars and trucks that are sent out to journalists for review, often get nicely modified with aftermarket accessories, then get crushed at the end of the year due to tax law?

    If guns really aren’t some magic talisman, then why should we care?

    • We should care because it’s OUR money, referring to taxpayers in general. Everything the government has belongs to us.

      Law enforcement agencies across the country b!tch and moan about being underfunded, but when they have something of value that they could turn into cash, they turn it into scrap instead.

      7,000 guns. Even at $100 apiece that’s $700,000 in public assets they intentionally destroy, every stinkin’ year.

      Think of how many additional officers they could put on the payroll with that kind of money. How many patrol cars they could buy. How many jail cells they could build.

      The stupid is really strong here.

    • Beat me to it. I would be willing to bet money that at some point in time, after being finally cataloged (if they ever were), some of those guns magically sprouted legs and walked off. And if not the guns themselves then some of the parts on them . . . I am pretty sure that nooks and crannies in the shop/factory where they melted those down have a few bang sticks in them.

  12. Melting guns in California is awesome. My stock in FNH will go up as we make more to replace them! See it’s all about perspective and spin

    • False advertising – sue!

      … I really am amazed at how desperate the youtube/favebook/omgRussia generation has become in pursuit of clickbait.


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