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We don’t know about what you’ve been seeing, but buckshot loads seem to be among the most difficult ammunition to find lately. The good news is that GunMag Warehouse has it in stock, at least for now. They’re selling Federal Power-Shok 9-pellet 00 loads in 5-round packs for $9.99 a box.

Check their ammo page for other calibers as well as they have things like 12ga slugs, 55gr .223, 230gr .45 ACP and others in stock, too.

You probably don’t need to hear that they won’t have them in stock for long, but…they won’t have them in stock for long.

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  1. Ah, the good ‘ol days of 2019, when one could walk into a Walmart and buy a 15-rd pack of buck or slug for $13.00…

    • I may or may not have purchased buckshot in larger “bulk” packs about 7 years ago when it cost about 32 cents per shell. Let’s just say that I would not have regretted purchasing a large quantity of shells at that price had I actually purchased at that time.

      More recently, I will admit to purchasing several boxes of shotgun slugs (5-packs) at my local everything-under-the-sun store when they were still available at the pre-COVID19 panic price of about $4.50 per box. That store had about 100 of those 5-packs sitting in their ammunition case the entire first half of 2020. I did not purchase them initially because I wanted to give other people a chance to add to their own stock. By late August 2020 when I had seen them sitting in the ammunition case for five months collecting dust, I decided to buy a lot of them.

  2. Price gouging at it’s finest!!! I paid $75 for 250 round of Sellier & Bellot 00 buckshot prepandemic price.Like the politicians say never let a good calamity go to waste.Looks like the firearms and ammo retailers have adopted this mentality.

    • madmax3.6. It’s called supply and demand and so many people are looking for ammo. Maybe in 6 months to a year from now the cost for ammo will drop back to pre-pandemic levels. Not everyone was able to stock up while ammo was cheaper like you were able to.

      • I hope so. I stocked up bigly, but am still being judicious about consumption, just in case. When I take a training course that requires, say, 500 rds, I use only half that from my stash, and pay today’s prices for the other half from the range’s ammo bunker. Pricey, but helps to extend the lifespan of my stash.

        I’m hoping things come back to a reasonable “normal” in a couple of years. I think there will be a massive Red Wave for the midterm elections which will stop Biden and his puppeteers. That’s why they’re going for broke now.

        • We need one more Senator, to have a voice in future SCOTUS picks. Wonder where that could be.

    • it is getting difficult to find the real America anymore. sometimes it is downright impossible

    • I assume this was sponsored content anyhow. A quick search on ammoseek allows me to see several in stock options for 00 buck around $1 per.

  3. Where can I find some 12 gauge, 3&1/2″, 00 buckshot? When confronting ravaging mobs of Biden – Harris constituents, 18, 33 caliber projectiles per round comes in really handy.

    • Elmer Fudd,

      Have you ever shot 3-1/2″ super-magnum shotgun shells? From what I hear, they are somewhere between brutal and sadistic.

      Here is another way to look at it. If you are in a situation where the difference between life and death is 3-1/2″ versus 2-3/4″ shotgun shells with #00 buckshot, you messed up in a big way.

      • I’ve used 3n1/2 12guage, it doesn’t pattern as well as 2n3/4. If you want big get a 10 gauge.

    • The lead, silver, and gold mines of central America and south America are running 24-7-365…

  4. I still have Herters 00buck & slugs from years ago. 10packs for 4-6 bucks. Recently got Rio 00buck $30 for 25. And 15 slugs. I still haven’t shot my shottie. Getting a new pistol next week and I doubt I’ll bring my shottie. My AR has been neglected…

  5. 12 gauge 3&1/2 isnt nearly as brutal as firing .50 BMG. I don’t recommend holding the stock against your groin like I do with a puny 5.56 mm, AR-15 rodent rifle to demonstrate the lack of recoil, but shooting 12 gauge 3&1/2 is not a problem for me..

    You also miss the point about confronting hoards of rioting Biden-Harris voters. While 5.56mm is higher velocity, 00 buckshot has greater wounding capacity. (Note, only TactiCoolFools who believe in the mythological effects of supersonic bullets in human tissue don’t understand this point. Google “human tissue” “speed of sound” ). Of course for closer range, #4 buckshot is even better. You get 54, .24 caliber projectiles per round. Thread in a rifles choke tube to generate greater shot dispersion and you can really ream that ANTIFA BLM mob a new one. About the only threat that #4 buckshot is inadequate for is sporting ladies from Fort Smith who dress out at 290#.

    • I take it you don’t recommend a pepperbox derringer for said sporting ladies of Fort Smith?

      • Has he seen 17 year old Kyle Rittenhouse blasting a pedophiles arm off? Or offing 2 antifools? With a lowly S&W Sport II…the AR is the greatest equalizer in America. I got one. And a shotgun. And…

        • I never knew what an AR was for till Trump got elected, then attacked. Amerika has been socialist since 1865, never thought I would need 25 rounds and multiple mags till 2017. “Let’s do this”

    • Yeah, every military in the world uses 5.56 or something similar because they are not as smart as Elmer Fudd. After seeing this crushing blow to their policy, they’ll likely switch to 3.5″ magnum shotguns. “Dang we hadn’t noticed our rifles weren’t having sufficient terminal effects! We should have thought about that before!” I am not sure admitting to field dressing people is wise, but hey at least your honest.

      • Every military in the world is anticipating having to engage opponents at ranges in excess of 100 yards that might be wearing body armor. At that point, the AR-15 rodent rifle has the advantage. However; when hoards of unarmored ANTIFA BLM fucktards are at your front door, that 12 gauge shotgun loaded with buckshot reins supreme.

        Then again, I live in a neighborhood where my nearest neighbors are barely within rifle range (elk excluded who literally now my lawn for me. I got a great photo of a calf peeking through my living room window). Where i live, my primary defensive firearms are an HK-91 or an M1-A because my engagement range is deeper than 500 yards.

        • You might try dumping out the #4 shot or whatever in your 3n1/2 waterfowl or Turkey loads and filling them with fishing sinkers. That’s what I did.

        • The 5.56 is better for unarmored targets at less than 100m if they are in large numbers as you suggest with the word “hoards”. A shotgun just doesn’t have the staying power, especially a tube fed ones. I have a KS-7 by my bed and elk on my property too, but I if I think a mob is coming (which would be weird up here at 8,200′ 4 miles off the nearest highway) I’ll reach for one of my ARs even though it isn’t a 5.56 because of the much longer and higher rate of fire over the KS-7.

    • If you’re dealing with multiple threats, I’d pick a semi auto carbine/rifle in any decent SD caliber over a shotgun without hesitation.

      • A farmer I worked for had a confrontation over property lines. It got pretty heated.
        Threats were made, the farmer went back home and was loading his weapons as the sheriff pulled up. The sheriff was trying to de-escalate the situation as the farmer continued to load his weapons. When the farmer started loading his 10 gauge the sheriff went white and left with a promise to resolve the property line dispute.

    • “12 gauge 3&1/2 isnt nearly as brutal as firing .50 BMG.”

      Just ask Scott from Kentucky Ballistics firing an old SLAPP (?) round that detonated his Serbu RN-50 that nearly killed him from the shrapnel. (Current speculation is an overpressure event from the old ammo.)

      Just Google ‘Serbu 50 explodes’ for the video…

  6. I am not even looking anymore, I have what I have which is never “enough” but more than nothing 😁
    When I see the prices of popular SD calibers, heck no what a ripoff! I can afford it but I am not willing to play that game. I also believe having 2,000 or 10,000 rounds for the if stuff hits the fan kind of scenario (or whatever you’re preparing for) will probably not make a difference, you have only two arms and you can probably only shoot one firearm well at one time. You’re most likely not going to be on the battlefield shooting 20 mags per day, you’ll probably die before using all your ammo. Those who have enough to reload for a while have an advantage, but that’s also too late you either have it or not.

    • If I run out of ammo before I’m dead I’ll just use some of the dead guys ammo. Unless that’s the reason they died too.

      • If your gun does not fire the dead guys’ ammo, you have my permission to utilize the dead guys’ guns, as well! I see no possibility of anyone needing more stockpiled ammo than he can carry.

  7. I think part of the gun & ammo shortages is the Left buying up the stock. Another way for gun control, create shortages.

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