Can Felons Own Guns In Louisiana? LA Supreme Court Thinks It Over

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  Louisiana is gun country, and their affinity for firearms goes way beyond the Red Jacket reality-show phenomenon. Last November, Louisiana voters approved a strongly pro-gun amendment to the state…

When Cops Go Bad I: The Tale of George D’Artois

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The perp walk. If ever there was a made-for-TV moment, that’s got to be it. Seeing some formerly powerful figure, paraded before the cameras in a shiny new matching pair…

Wow! A Ghost Story. Just Like I Pictured It. With Guns. And Everything.

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You are looking at a picture of my old alma mater, C.E. Byrd High School, in Shreveport, Louisiana. (To be perfectly accurate, I only went there my senior year, but…

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Dear Diary: 30 Days to Conceal Carry, Day 19

I’ll admit it. I love musical theatre. And I’m NOT a metrosexual. I grew up in a musical household (I’m a 5th generation professional), and musical comedy was a part…

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Dear Diary: 30 Days to Conceal Carry, Weekend Edition III

So I was heading back into Shreveport from my quick trip to Dallas, hurrying in, because I wanted to attend a piano recital for a music teacher friend of mine….

West Virginia Looks to Pass “Second Amendment Appreciation Act”

post image reports that West Virginia’s House of Delegates passed legislation that would offer gun buyers a “tax holiday” during the first weekend of October. The Second Amendment Appreciation Act’s Democratic…