Ukraine Invasion guns citizens
A member of the Georgian Legion, a paramilitary unit formed mainly by ethnic Georgian volunteers to fight against the Russian forces in Ukraine in 2014, shows how to use a gun to civilians during their training in Kyiv, Ukraine, Saturday, Feb. 19, 2022. (AP Photo/Efrem Lukatsky)
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By Jonathan Miltimore

Russian soldiers flooded into Ukraine Thursday under orders from President Vladimir Putin, threatening to obliterate a peace that has existed on the European continent for more than 75 years.

News reports say cities were bombarded by land, air, and sea, and Ukrainian forces were struggling to hold ground surrounding Kiev, Ukraine’s capital, against tens of thousands of Russian soldiers.

Prior to the attack, Ukrainian officials took steps to help Ukrainian civilians protect themselves.

“Ukraine’s parliament on Wednesday voted to approve in the first reading a draft law which gives permission to Ukrainians to carry firearms and act in self-defense,” Reuters reported.

The 30-day emergency order, National Review reports, would “grant citizens the right to bear arms.” It would also allow the government to conscript Ukrainians between the ages of 18 and 60, “adding nearly 200,000 troops to the country’s defense.”

Permitting Ukrainians to arm themselves is a sensible measure. But as Charles Cooke points out at NRO, “it’s also a bit late.”

While Ukraine has relatively loose gun control laws by European standards, estimates suggest only about 1.3 million firearms exist in the country, which has a population of some 43 million. This diminishes the chances of Ukrainian civilians being able to offer serious resistance, an idea that is hardly far-fetched, Stephen Gutowski points out at The Reload:

“…the history of warfare is rife with examples of smaller, weaker, and less organized forces besting even the greatest militaries in the world. From the American Revolution to Vietnam, Iraq, and multiple wars in Afghanistan, it isn’t difficult to find templates for how a Ukrainian resistance could eventually prevail if Russia attempts to capture and hold it.”

It’s wonderful Ukrainian officials are finally extending the natural right to bear arms to its people. The only tragedy is that it took so long.

Speaking on CNN, Nina Lvovna Khrushcheva, a professor of international affairs at the New School in New York, also said small arms could be decisive.

“If every Ukrainian takes a gun, Russians don’t have a prayer,” she told John Berman. “I mean the military can fight, but… Ukrainians are really ready today.”

Ukrainian leaders apparently agree. The government on Thursday took the unusual step of issuing thousands of automatic weapons to civilians, following the issuance of its emergency order.

Unfortunately, the likelihood of serious resistance is low because the Ukrainian government embraced the right to bear arms so late.

“Next time,” Cooke points out, “bear arms earlier.”

Cooke’s words could be construed as flippant, but his point is a deadly serious one.
The Founding Fathers enshrined the right to bear arms in the Second Amendment of the Constitution, and they made it clear that they were not “granting” citizens the right, but codifying what was a natural right.

“The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed,” James Madison, the Father of the Constitution, explained in 1789. “A well regulated militia, composed of the body of the people, trained to arms, is the best and most natural defense of a free country.”

As some astute observers pointed out on social media, the Second Amendment was never “about hunting” or even self-defense (in a civil sense). It was always about liberty.

“This may be considered as the true palladium of liberty,” the legal scholar Tucker St. George wrote in 1803. “The right of self defence is the first law of nature: in most governments it has been the study of rulers to confine this right within the narrowest limits possible. Wherever standing armies are kept up, and the right of the people to keep and bear arms is, under any colour or pretext whatsoever, prohibited, liberty, if not already annihilated, is on the brink of destruction.”

These sentiments were echoed decades later by Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story in Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States.

“The right of the citizens to keep and bear arms has justly been considered, as the palladium of the liberties of a republic; since it offers a strong moral check against the usurpation and arbitrary power of rulers,” Story wrote, “and will generally, even if these are successful in the first instance, enable the people to resist and triumph over them.”

It’s wonderful that Ukrainian officials finally sought to extend the full, natural right to bear arms to their people. The only tragedy is that it took so long.


Jonathan Miltimore is the Managing Editor of His writing/reporting has been the subject of articles in TIME magazine, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Forbes, Fox News, and the Star Tribune.

Bylines: Newsweek, The Washington Times,, The Washington Examiner, The Daily Caller, The Federalist, the Epoch Times.

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        • Sometimes you have to have something like the Russian invasion to realize just how valuable the right to bear arms is.

        • 𝙄❜𝙢 𝙢𝙖𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜 110 𝘿0𝙄𝙄𝙖𝙧𝙨 𝙖𝙣 𝙝𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙬0𝙧𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙛𝙧𝙤𝙢 𝙝0𝙢𝙚. 𝙄 𝙬𝙖𝙨 𝙨𝙝0𝙘𝙠𝙚𝙙 𝙬𝙝𝙚𝙣 𝙢𝙮 𝙛𝙧𝙞𝙚𝙣𝙙 𝙩𝙤𝙡𝙙 𝙢𝙚 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩 𝙨𝙝𝙚 𝙬𝙖𝙨 𝙢𝙖𝙠𝙡𝙣𝙜 𝘿0𝙄𝙄𝙖𝙧𝙨 17354/𝙢 𝙟𝙪𝙨𝙩 𝙛𝙧𝙤𝙢 𝙝𝙚𝙧 𝙝0𝙢𝙚 𝙤𝙣𝙄𝙞𝙣𝙚. 𝙏𝙝𝙚𝙣 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙘𝙤𝙢𝙥𝙡𝙚𝙩𝙚𝙡𝙮 𝙘𝙝𝙖𝙣𝙜𝙚𝙙 𝙢𝙮 𝙇𝙡𝙛𝙚.

          𝙁𝙄𝙉𝘿 𝙊𝙐𝙏 𝙈𝙊𝙍𝙀 𝙃𝙀𝙍𝙀…..>>>

      • A country that relied on, and actively used, the Azrov Battalion to establish itself certainly can’t be counted as a “good government”. Russia has made it clear, over and over, what it would take to avoid conflict. Western media won’t report any of that, because “Russia, Russia, Russia!”

        There are no “good guys”, but Russia isn’t the Great Evil that Europe, the US and UK portray them to be.

      • Is Russia really a bigger “bad guy” than the globalist oligarchy ruling the Western world?

        The globalist oligarchy that uses economic terrorism to force people to take experimental medical treatments that they don’t want?

        Forces little kids to wear humiliating masks of nonsense?

        Destroyed a multitude of family businesses?

        Shut down all the churches for many months?

        Borrowed so much money that your grandchildren will be enslaved?

        Shut down honest dialogue?

        Gotten us into numerous nonsense wars around the world?

        Murdered babies by the millions via abortion?

        Promoted every form of wickedness through the entertainment industry?

        Putin seems to be a very bad man, but the Bushes, Clintons, Romneys, Bidens, Obamas, Trudeaus, Pelosis, (probably Trump too), Soros, Gates, Fauci, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Zuckerberg, the World Economic Forum, the Davos crowd, Epstein, British Crown, the Pope, and their globalist overlords probably pose more of a threat to the world.

        Hell, Putin and Xi are probably part of the same giant globalist mess.

        Either we go with Jesus, or destruction. The globalist oligarchs are pursuing destruction, and probably Putin is too. I’m gonna go with Jesus.

        The Ukrainian government is only giving out guns as a last ditch effort (a hail Mary attempt) to stop Russia. The oligarchs running the Ukrainian government don’t believe in ordered liberty, and don’t want an armed citizenry.

        • You just reminded me of when the British ordered everyone to turn in all those guns we sent them. The civilian American owned guns that were asked to be sent to England. To arm up the civilian population in case Hitler did invade the British Isles.

          I’m not so sure the Ukraine is worth saving? Will they confiscate guns after the Russians are forced out?

        • russians have been killing their own for generations. As for who the nazis are? I think this is a squabble between two wings of the same party.

          There are no good guys here.

        • quote—————jwm February 25, 2022 At 18:26
          russians have been killing their own for generations. As for who the nazis are? I think this is a squabble between two wings of the same party.

          There are no good guys here.————quote

          Another Moronic statement from our High School Drop out and it sure shows you flunked World History. The Ukraine has had a large population for decades of Germans and Romanians and also Slavic minorities that if they heard you mouth that idiotic statement calling them Russians would knock your teeth out if you called them Russian.

        • dacian the nazi. I never called the Ukrainians ‘russians’. I said the russians have been killing their own for generations in reply to the statement that the Ukrainians were killing their own before the russian military atrocity.

          As far as I can see this mess is a civil war between two sides of fascism.

          The only uneducated moron around these parts is you.

        • to Jethero

          quote—————- I think this is a squabble between two wings of the same party.————quote

          Your reading comprehension is so low you do not even realize what you posted.

          And by the way I was wrong about them knocking your teeth out I forgot that you Hill people do not go to the dentist so you probably do not have any teeth to knock out.

        • dacian the nazi. You really are on the spectrum, aren’t you. My comment refers to the fact that both russia and the ukraine are run by fascists. You know, your spiritual brothers. This war is a squabble between two wings of the same party.

        • A substantial # of Ukrainians are ethnic Russians that were transported by the mass-murdering Stalin, to resettle Ukraine. After the SOB starved to death MILLIONS of Ukrainians. AND surprise surprise they thsu have no desire to be Putinized.

          So yes, the Uks are the good guys in this war.

        • Bearded Fury, NO. You are full of donkey dust. These so called murders of so called Russians in the Ukraine is pure unadulterated Russian propaganda designed to “justify” the Russian invasions of 2014 and today.

        • dacina, the DUNDERHEAD, It seems you are as gullible as you are stupid. If you believe the Russian propaganda, I have a bridge to sell you in Brooklyn, desert land in Florida and swamp land in New Mexico and Arizona.

          You bring stupid a whole brand new meaning.

      • Ukrainians were Nazi Collaborators in WW2. They started murdering their Jewish citizens as soon as the Soviets fled and before the Germans actually arrived. The citizens of Donetsk and Luhansk have been treated like Third Class Parasites for decades and deserve to be freed.

        • That was 80 years ago, so pretty much anybody who did that is dead. Besides, their current President is Jewish. Back then, choosing between Stalin, who killed or supressed tens of millions of USSR citizens, including Ukranians, and Hitler, whose antisemitism was publicized but the genocide wasn’t, the choice isn’t so clear. They might have thought that Hitler was liberating them from Stalin, and he couldn’t be much worse.

        • For your edification, Tickman, who is apparently a Lefty, that was over 80 yrs ago. The Ukrainians of then are not the Ukrainians of today. Two whole generations later?

          Other than the “word” of your Russian allies, what proof do you have of “citizens of Donetsk and Luhansk have been treated like Third Class Parasites for decades and deserve to be freed.”? Answer, NONE AT ALL. Get your proverbial head out of your arse.

        • You would be very surprised at the type of people who collaborated with Adolf Hitler. Including Jews. And quit a few of them. The History Channel did an entire series about it.

        • Chris T in KY There was a time when the History Channel was a decent source until they went woke and Leftist.

    • darcydodo the forum’s below resident keyboard warrior afred e. newman Gun Control freak of nature will not be telling citizens under siege in Ukraine they are safer in their homes without guns like he preaches to everyone on this forum.

      Obviously both putin and darcy as children were dropped on their heads.

      • I just wish Vladimir Putin had been dropped on his head during childhood.

        But I am sorry to say that Colonel Vladimir Putin, KGB committee for state security, is a cold and psychopathic genius, seemingly without any redeeming features.

        The Ukraine, like most countries, are not a perfect people, but they are a damn sight better than the Putin and the oligarchs who control the Red Army.

        And remind me again, which president was it that moved American troops out of Europe, declared NATO as “obsolete” and did his best to undermine America’s alliance with our longtime allies on the continent.

        • Time for a past due ultimatum…NATO should have been paying their fair share all along. If not then it’s an ongoing burden for US Tax Payers…Does that not concern you?

    • Not particularly. And if anyone thinks their gov now suddenly allowed the people to posses/bear firearms for the people’s sake, then they just haven’t been paying attention. And most will see it that way. Truly a ship of fools, hurtling thru the unknowable vastness of the cosmos.

    • What kind of comment is that?

      It doesn’t matter if Ukraine is the good guy or not. It only matters that Ukraine is the guy besieged by an enemy that’s common to all.

      Maybe Ukraine is not a good guy in context with the moral political understanding on the government level, but its people are innocents needing protection from the enemy at its gates.

      • *yawn*

        So, you’re going to repeat the Democrat talking points? “Russia, Russia, evil Russia!”

        The people of Ukraine may or may not be innocent, but the government of Ukraine certainly are not innocents. Zelensky has made his peace with the Azrov Battalion, which is most definitely neo-Nazi.

  1. Man if I hear another dunderhead utter “peace for 75 years”! Ya think the crushed Hungarian revolution in 1956 or the 1968 Czechoslovakia failed revolt was “peaceful”?!? Or the terror of East Germany or Romania??? Or the evil of Albania? No Ukraine isn’t a free country but I wish them well. Never give up your guns(or nukes!).

      • That “revolution” was Obama’s Illegal CIA-Led Coup that removed a lawfully elected government and directly led to the present violence.
        Electing a Community Organizer to the US Presidency was the stupidest act of the American People.

    • Does anyone believe that the average Ukrainian is a neo Nazi or that Putin actually believes he is freeing the people?
      Could I show video of Charlottesville and declare all of USA neo Nazi?
      This word “Nazi” is becoming meaningless.
      I think most would agree that any place subjected to liberation turns into hell. Hillary’s Arab Spring comes to mind.

      • Azrov Battalion was instrumental in the Ukrainian coup.

        Do you honestly believe that the Ukraine government has no ties to Nazism?

        • Paul the Lefty, I have a red hot news flash for you. The CURENT government of the Ukraine is duly elected.

          Get that Nazi crap out of your sick Leftist head and wake up!

    • “It was the obama-biden administration that installed a nazi-style (socialist) government“

      Please share with us actual evidence of CIA involvement in the 2014 overthrow of the Russian puppet government.

    • Azrov Battalion, you idiot. Look at their insignia, a direct ripoff of the Nazi SS. Neo-Nazis played a large part in the establishment of Ukraine government.

    • dacian the stupid,

      Hurts when intelligent people rub your nose in your (and all your Leftist/fascist “fellow travelers”) collective nose in your own lies and hypocrisy, dunnit, you @$$clown??? You have your head so deep in rectal defilade, you’d need a window in your bellybutton to see daylight, dacian the stupid.

      You are literally too stupid to insult. Go pound sand in your @$$.

  2. Interesting skin color. I learned something new from this part of the world. Tom Ammiano would never approve of his training.

    “Chilling video shows Ukrainian KIDS learning to fire guns as Russian forces mass for invasion”
    video 1 min long

    Chilling video shows Ukrainian KIDS learning to fire guns as Russian forces mass for

    • What you did not think there are Afro-Ukrainians? Not a large population but they do exist.
      Strange to hear Putin referring to the Jewish leader of Ukraine whose own family lost many in the Shoah being a nazi.

      Why would I be surprised that Putin has support among so many of you?
      Pogo was right. We have met the enemy and he is us.

      Speaking of Putin supporters.
      Did you see Tuckers a big star over in Russian now?

      • “the Jewish leader of Ukraine whose own family lost many in the Shoah being a nazi“

        Sadly, many in the American conservative Republican party have lost their way, and are now worshiping Vladimir Putin because they fetishize his immoral exercise of power.

        • C’mon man…Cease trying to seperate your socialist, marxist, communist democRat Party from putin’s dreams of a USSR rebrith. Especially at the expense of others who are not socialist, marxist, communist democRats.

        • MinorIQ,

          Ok, dips***, NAME THEM. Call them out, SPECIFICALLY. Or do you REMAIN the lying, partisan hack you’ve always been. No, the Republican Party is NOT covering themselves in glory with their response to this invasion . . . but their ineptitude PALES in comparison to the sheer idiocy of that Walking Rutabaga you Leftist/fascist @$$clowns pretend occupies the White House.

          Sit the f*** down, and shut the f*** up, Leftist/fascist liar.

      • I knew africans immigrated to many places. I know some are in South Korea. But I didn’t know they where in the Ukraine. That may turn out to have been a very bad choice to settle in. Thanks for the twitter link. I have found RT to be a good news source in the past.

        But I think now they are not neutral on this particular story.

        • Most in S. Korea are because of our military. Same in Vietnam.
          I never tapped any so no JewAsian’s can be blamed on me..
          And in both countries a darker skinned curly haired child has a rough go of it. Probably the same for Black Ukrainians. Those are due to Africans moving to the Soviet Union before its fall.

          You are right it probably is not a good place to be if you are not the same race and or religion as everyone else. Europeans like the western Russians are known for pogroms, history shows that.

      • George Soros was an active Nazi collaborator, and got incredibly rich doing so. Being Jewish doesn’t automagically make you a ‘good guy’.

  3. ” threatening to obliterate a peace that has existed on the European continent for more than 75 years.”

    I’m old enough to remember this thing called the breakup of Yugoslavia, in the 1990s. Tens of thousands of people died and Sarajevo was under siege for a year.

  4. Prior to this russian atrocity Ukraine had barely allowed its people to own arms. You had to be 25 to buy a rifle and handguns were nearly impossible for the average person to get.

    Does this russia/Ukraine situation remind anybody else of europe, 1939? The big difference this time around is the euro trash socialists have spent so much of their money on making their gilded cage more comfortable for their peasants and effectively gutted their militaries. Expecting the US to do their heavy lifting.

    But surprise! biden sits in the oval office and he makes Chamberlin look butch. I will laugh my ass off if russia decides to expand the empire to the English channel.

    • Indeed. Putine is replaying Hitler taking the Rhineland (Crimea) and Sudetenland (Ukraine).

      Maybe now the Eurotrash will rethink their defenses. (Or lack, thereof).

      Ukraine is certainly rethinking the Budapest memorandum.

      I don’t understand why the first tanks to enter weren’t vaporized. Uninvited entry is invasion.

      We also need to watch for China to make bold moves in the south China Sea.

      • “I don’t understand why the first tanks to enter weren’t vaporized. Uninvited entry is invasion.”

        I’ve heard reports 60-80 Russian tanks-armoured vehicles of some sort have been destroyed…

      • I think we do see evidence of Javelin strikes. A T-80 missing it’s turret.
        I was half expecting full surrender but no, they are fighting.
        I don’t think the Air Force lasted long.

    • Who will stop Russia? There is no one with enough conviction and the power to do so now. Another consequence of an election gone wrong.

      • Dacian, name for us the only president to not start a new war in 70 years.

        That’s right: President Trump.

        But as a nazi-warmonger, you can’t tolerate that, can you?

      • darcydodo…You pointing fingers at POTUS DJT is nothing more than a distracting damage control attempt on the behalf of the incompetent and embarrassing Jim Crow Gun Control joe et al.

        Jim Crow Gun Control joe has been telling putin everything he needs to know about what America is doing, plans to do, etc. Jim Crow Gun Control joe’s lips are all over putin’s behind like your lips are all over Jim Crow Gun Control joe’s behind.

      • “Who will stop Russia? There is no one with enough conviction and the power to do so now. Another consequence of an election gone wrong“

        Are you suggesting the American president should order a counterattack on the Russian invasion?

        If not that, what exactly?

        • Minor MINERE49ER Get a grip, you toothless coward. Yes, NATO should support the Ukrainians with a counter attack on those Russian invaders. The invasion is a DIRECT THREAT to NATO nations or are you too damn dense to figure that out?

        • Richard Kudrna, he who is afraid to fight and even die for freedom’s sake, will lose that freedom and deserves to.

      • Isn’t it GREAT to watch and listen to your illustrious leader being forcefully impotent?

        Did you catch the bit about Russia being excluded from football and other sports events? THAT WILL TEACH THEM!!

      • All while you impotently attempt onanism watching the Walking Rutabaga ATTEMPT to give a press conference to highlight his own, and Dimocrat, incompetence and fecklessness. Go back to your circle jerk with MinorIQ and the nameless, brainless troll, @$$clown.

    • “biden sits in the oval office and he makes Chamberlin look butch“

      Are you suggesting President Biden should take military action, perhaps American troops in the Ukraine?

      • MinorIQ,

        If the Walking Rutabaga actually had two remaining functioning brain cells, he would AT A MINIMUM impose crippling sanctions on the Russian petroleum exports, ACTUAL sanctions on their international financial transactions, and PERSONAL sanctions on all members of the Russian government (ALL of whom bank internationally), but Xiao Bai-Din is as much of a toothless p***y as are you.

        Typical Leftist/fascist “Only two options exist!! We must start WW III, or sit around flapping our gums like the d***less cockwobbles that we are!!” is the kind of brainless “thinking” only possible to Leftist/fascist idiots like yourself.

      • Before this Russian invasion I think the entire US military in Europe is around 70,000 personnel. And several hundred combat aircraft.
        We are already there.

    • No European refugees here. They can all go to Cuba. They are socialists. They can all go to another socialist country.

    • it’s like being in the Ministry of Truth. Not a good look for a site espousing Freedom and Liberty. And you are correct, the Russia/Ukraine situation parallels the beginning of WW2 very closely.

      • Sit the f*** down, and shut the f*** up, nameless, brainless troll. If I want s*** from you, I’ll squeeze your head like the pimple that it is.

        • Hey Lamp: you’re really getting belligerent. Please don’t take it out on your soon to be ex wife 🖕🤡.

        • I’m not belligerent, troll, I just don’t suffer fools gladly – and you are the biggest fool on this forum. Kindly sit the eff down and shut the eff up. Or, the whole “pop the pimple on top of the brainless troll’s shoulders” thing works for me, too.

    • I don’t get it. I’ve called a guy here with the initials Dacian every kind of cocksucker without moderation.

      I guess we’ll see this time though.

      • Three reasons, Klaus,

        1. You are apparently benefitting from the secret “Klaus” exemption;
        2. “cocksucker” is apparently not a “moderated” word (further evidence of the dips***tery that is the TTAG “moderation policy”);
        3. You may be aware of the old principle of slander/libel law, that “truth is a complete defense”? Calling dacian the stupid a cocksucker is just stating an obvious fact.

        Besides, the nameless, brainless troll, and MajorStupidity both pay him handsomely for his services.

        • Lol. And this wife beating half wit claims to be an attorney 🤣🤣🤣! I cannot stress enough what Geoff the Bootlicker-level joke and coward Lamp is!

        • Apparently, my ability to actually create semi-original and somewhat rational insults completely befuddles you, nameless, as you are completely unable to come up with any even mildly creative response. You’re really not very good at this, nameless. Consider taking up panhandling; it suits you better.

        • Infinitely Better Than Lamp. Not on your best day would you ever come blose to being as good as Lamp. Right dacian the dunce? I am sure you know know all about “wife” beating. What does your “boy friend/wife” say about the beatings you have given him/her?

        • “There are other reports that civilians are using their government granted firearms to loot“

          You make these statements, yet offer no quotes or reference or citation or website to back up your claims.

          Intentional disinformation, attacking the Ukraine’s morale and patriotism.

          Go join Trump on your knees before Putin.

        • MinorIQ,

          Is it your goal to intentionally make yourself appear the giant @$$clown you paint yourself as with your every post??? Or is that just a happy byproduct of your Leftist/fascist idiocy???

          Trump, WHATEVER his problems and faults (and there were many) was FAR more effective against Putin than the Walking Rutabaga, or his puppetmaster Black Chicago Jesus. Remind us, MinorIQ, Russia has “made incursions” into Ukraine three times in the 21st Century. Who were the two “Presidents” who presided over those incursions, you lying chunk of semi-human excrement???

        • Minor MINOR49ER You are so full of crap you are like a Christmas turkey. Trump stood up to Putin and the Russians when he bombed them and their Iranian allies in Syria. What did your dumbass, Obuma the Phony do? Aside from giving away the shop to the Iranians with his dumbass “nuke deal” which was a toothless as you are.

  5. The Left had to destroy the Boy Scouts. The only private group in the United States that as part of its mission, was to teach Marksmanship to children. And for that the Left called the scouts “war like”. It was a systematic planned effort. First to remove 2A education and rifle teams from the public school system. And second a constant attack on the Boy Scouts.

    There were no guns in my home growing up. But it was the Boy Scouts that taught me about Marksmanship. Even using just air rifles in the state of California at my scout camp.

    The enemies of the Second Amendment and the Boy Scouts distracted you with sexual orientations.
    So now the Boy Scouts no longer exists as they once did. And our nation lost a valuable private resource in 2A education for the general public.

    Our adversaries will not ever make the same mistake. They will make sure that their population will be taught, from as young an age as possible, about gun handling and Marksmanship.

    “This Is How Russia Trains Children For War” video 4 min long. Take notice of the narrator’s condescending tone.

      • No the boy scouts were forced to accept leaders they did not want. By people who hated them. People who demanded the scouts change their standards for what is required to be a scout and a scout leader. And these standards are not politically correct for the haters of the Boy Scouts.

        These haters did create the “happy scouts” group. But only 5 or 6 kids joined.
        These are the same haters that insist a boy can call himself a “girl”. And then compete against real girls in swimming competitions.

        • No, the Boy Scouts ran their organization the same way as the Catholic Church, covering up pedophiles instead of hanging them in the public square. That’s what killed them.

        • to Adub
          The scouts were called homophobes by Libertarians Liberals and the Left for keeping out the “happy” people. The three L’s are incapable of facing the truth. That child molesters want to be around children. They never believed it would happen to the scouts.

          They demanded the scouts submit.

        • No, Chris T, the damage to the Boy Scouts was LARGELY self-inflicted. While the organization, and its goals, had a noble beginning, when it started “going woke”, it was doomed. And the Scouts “de-emphasized” firearms training decades ago, replaced USEFUL training with dips*** indoctrination, and they paid the price. I regret their demise, but only in respect to their original purpose. The “modern” organization is a Leftist clownshow.

        • Chris T has a far better grasp of facts than you people arguing with him. DEMOCRATS insisted that queers, trannies, and child molesters should be accepted as Scout Masters. The BSA wanted none of that, but the DEMOCRATS took the BSA to court repeatedly.

          The Boy Scouts have never tolerated anything that the left insists on. The BSA has been openly under attack from the left for well over 20 years – more like 30 years.

      • No. Just like academia, organized religion, the media, the business world, the NRA and pretty much every other part of American society, the Boy Scouts were infiltrated by useful idiots with the goal of “changing” that thing for the betterment of the progressives. Except that since they are all influenced by leftist, the end result is movement away from the original purpose of that thing and subsequent withdrawal of support by the public. Divide and conquer.
        You people think the sex abuse killed the scouts. No. That was the last nail in the coffin.

    • Whoa, Bubba. The Boy Scouts has NEVER provided any type of military training. In the Boy Scout’s earliest days, there was some pressure to give boys military training. The outrage from other sources overwhelmingly put a stop to that.

      You might make a case that all Boy Scout merit badges might be applicable to military units, but Boy Scout and Guide leadership around the world went to great efforts to ensure that Boy Scouts and Boy Guides remained UNMILITARIZED.

      Do not try to turn the Boy Scouts into any more of a political pawn than the fascist left has already made them.

      As a petty officer in the Navy, and a Scout Leader at the same time, I had to constantly remind myself what was permissible, and what was not permissible for my boys to learn. Starting with the most basic of basics: NO MARCHING! It was entirely against the rules to establish a cadence, or to sing cadence, or anything of the nature. Our boys always looked like a gaggle of boys on an outing, they NEVER appeared to be junior soldiers marching off to war.

      Kids should never be political footballs, thank you very much.

      • Well, I am pleased to see that there are SOME things we can agree upon, Paul. Yes, idiot Leftists (is there any other kind???), the “woke brigades” and a bunch of idiot SJWs (ditto my earlier question) imposed stupid requirements on the BSA . . . who promptly surrendered without a fight. “Diversity” Merit Badges????? AYFKMRN??? The original BSA did, indeed, provide many forms of training analogous or preparatory to military training (check out the requirements for the old “Master-at-Arms” Merit Badge). And I have no problem with such training, so long as it is voluntary. If a Scout wants such training, I’d rather the BSA provide it than “Joe’s Militia and Indoctrination Camp”. Nor is there anything illegal, immoral, or shady about training in basic skills.

        As to the “no marching, no cadence” comment – well, it’s been a few years, but I distinctly remember songs we used to sing when “hiking” that had, among other purposes, the distinct effect of getting us all “together”. Not “Jody calls”, but pretty damn close (admittedly, this was back in the late 50s to early 60s). At Jamborees, we certainly set our tents up in rows like military camps – and there were valid non-military reasons, but we DID do it.

        I would heartily agree that kids should NOT be political pawns. Notwithstanding, “discipline” has application in real life, not just in boot camp. If we still HAD a viable BSA organization, I would have no problem with MORE discipline, so long as it was not accompanied by indoctrination (as it most CERTAINLY is, now, and has been for a couple of decades). The precise reason I stopped being a Troop leader; the indoctrination ticked me off.

  6. God, Please help the Ukrainian people to maintain they independence and freedom from Russian oppression.

    NATO should have admitted the Ukraine to the organization.

    • No they should be in NATO. President Trump was the strong man we needed. The North Koreans were afraid and they respected him. Same for the Russians and the Chinese. But the Russians are not afraid of an American president, Biden, who craps in his pants. And the American disaster that was the Afghanistan pull out, taught the world just how weak Biden and the United States really is.

      • Yes, it was a strong move by Donald Trump to pull troops from Europe, to declare NATO “obsolete” and do everything he could to destroy our alliance with our long term allies on the continent.

        It was these very moves that emboldened Putin.

        • You forgot about the part when Trump bombed Russia positions and its Syrian allies. The Russians backed off. They waited until Trump was out of office. Our adversaries were afraid of President Trump. A President Biden who craps in his pants is not a man to be feared.

          That is not a strong trait of leadership. But it does show you are weak. And in more ways than just one.

        • When the German army closed/disbanded in the 90s NATO was defunct. The grand contribution of Germany to Ukraine has been 5000 helmets. No AT, No AA, No small arms, No Armor, No ammunition not even Bernie winter mittens.

        • “You forgot about the part when Trump bombed Russia positions“

          Trump warned the Russians 24 hours in advance to remove their personnel, no Russians were killed in these attacks.

          And in the end, Trump gave our military installations to Vladimir Putin and the Red Army:

          “The zigs and zags of Trump’s approach to Syria—announcing a full withdrawal of U.S. troops one week then sending U.S. troops back to “secure the oil” the next—opened the door to new security threats, including the revival of ISIS, a humanitarian crisis, and a continued expansion of Russia’s destructive role in Syria and the broader Middle East. In addition to these immediate concerns, there are the long-term effects that will play out for years to come, such as the doubt cast on America’s reliability as a security partner and the troubling signal that U.S. foreign policy prioritizes protecting oil over human life.

          In a dismaying symbol of how this vacuum has been filled, Russian troops actually raised the Russian flag over Kobani airfield after they took command of the former U.S. airbase—an image that has already been played up by the Russian propaganda machine.“

          Advancing Russia’s interests in the Middle East was all part of Comrade Trump’s agenda.

        • Minor MINER49ER At the time that Rump said that he was 100% correct. NATO nations were dependent on the US footing the bill for European defense. Trump turned that around by forcing then to pick up their end of the log. Something that you Leftists did not want to foist on the Europeans. IN fact Trumps words and actions strengthened the alliance.

          As to the rest of your crapola, Trump was smart enough to tell the Ruskies to get out of the way. Then he bombed the crap out of them. Notice that the Ruskies did not retaliate Gee. ya think it could be because the realized that Trump meant business. As usual, you see things ass backwards.

        • Yeah, MinorIQ, he would have been smart to let YOUR Euroweenie Leftists continue to demand US protection, while contributing diddly squat of their own money, time or effort to it. HOW MANY Russian invasions did we have under Trump, @$$clown???? Now, compare and contrast that with the PITIFUL record of Senile Joe, the Walking Rutabaga, and his ex-boss Black Chicago Jesus.

          You become more stupid, more partisan, and more intellectually incompetent by the post, MinorIQ. IF the fascist Left had a functional brain among them, they’d be embarrassed by you. Fortunately for you, they don’t, so your Sorosbucks will likely continue. Fortunately for US, you are such an inept spokesman that we laugh at your flailing attempts at relevance, and your desperate attempts to cover for your inept “Presidents” makes you look like a cat trying to cover up its s*** on a linoleum floor.

          You remain too stupid to insult. Go pound salt in your @$$.

        • “Trump was smart enough to tell the Ruskies to get out of the way. Then he bombed the crap out of them“

          Yeah, that was real strength!

          But somehow with all that strength, it’s now the Russian flag flying over the military installations that we built.

          Is that what you call ‘winning’?

        • Wow, MajorStupidity, izzat so?? Trump “let” the Russians take over a few abandoned facilities??? How dare he!!

          Now do Afghanistan, and the feckless idiocy of your senile, serial-child-groping “(p)Resident” and the BILLIONS of dollars of first line, modern military equipment abandoned to the theocratic cave-dwellers of the Taliban. You really are too stupid to insult. Go pound salt in your @$$.

        • Minor MINER40ER You can thank Sleepy Joe for the debacle in Afghanistan not Donald Trump, Lefty.

      • Sounds like a much better idea to me than the naked appeasement practiced by Senile Joe, the serial child-molester, and Black Chicago Jesus, his erstwhile boss. What’s your plan, offer Vlad to have Kamala give him one of her patented BJs?????

        • What’s the matter, troll, did I use too many polysyllabic words for you? I would try to dumb it down so you could understand it, but I don’t type in Deranged Baboon. Sorry if you can’t keep up . . . nah, I’m not even slightly sorry. Learn basic literacy, or don’t. I could give a f***, one way or the other. Go pound salt in your @$$.

        • Corky, you might want to take an English language course as well as getting help with your reading comprehension.

    • Walter, this whole sh!t-show could have been avoided if we honored our earlier promise to NOT expand NATO into the former Soviet Union.

      NATO has no other purpose than instigating new wars.
      Disband them.

      • Tim, for your edification, NO SUCH PROMISE was ever made. Nice try at trying to blame the US and NATO. Whose side are you one to begin with?

        • Walter, you are mistaken. Promises to Russia were made and broken. Western media doesn’t publish all of that. You have to go to Russian and third world media to get all the details.

          Russia was most definitely given assurances that NATO wouldn’t expand to Russia’s borders.

        • Yeah, Paul, that’s the ticket!!! We can’t trust our media (true, but irrelevant), so we need to go to RUSSIA and the RUSSIAN PRESS to get “the true story”. If that’s an attempt at sarcasm, it missed the mark. If it was intended as a serious comment, you have now officially joined dacian the stupid and MinorIQ among the ranks of those officially too stupid to insult.

        • Paul The leftist, regret to inform you that you have been watching too much CNN and MSNBC. No such “agreement” was ever made, or implied. Now you claim ‘Russia was most definitely given assurances that NATO wouldn’t expand to Russia’s borders.” Before you Lefties claimed that no Eastern European formerly of the Soviet Bloc would be admitted to NATO. Which is it? The first former Soviet countries were Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. As usual, you Leftists support your Russian allies.

        • “Russia was most definitely given assurances that NATO wouldn’t expand to Russia’s borders“

          So you will be happy to provide a reference or citation or website to support this claim, right?

        • Minor MINER49ER, as you well know there is not way to prove a negative. Are you really as stupid as dacian the DUNDERAHEAD? Or are you really dacian the DUNDERHEAD?

          Do yourself a favor, and try to wake your dumb arse up. How did Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania join NATO is such a promise was ever made? Did your mother have any children that lived?

          Provide us a copy of this so called document you claim that NATO gave Russia. Otherwise shut up!

    • If you haven’t already noticed, God usually sides with those who have the most guns, the biggest guns, and the most determination to use those guns. In this case, we might expect God to side with the Russians.

      • Paul,

        In 1939, Germany had bigger, better guns, and OBVIOUSLY the determination to use them. How’d that work out for them, anyway??? Seriously, dude, you’re not only deluded, you’re DEMENTED. Weakness and appeasement are what cause wars to happen, and if you didn’t learn that from history, well . . . you didn’t learn any f***in’ history. Read some Kipling. Start with “Danegeld”. Or don’t, and remain ignorant. Puts you in the company of dacian the stupid and MinorIQ.

      • Paul the Leftist, IN case you have forgotten, I will remind you of Afghanistan, Vietnam, and a host of other guerrilla wars. Think about it, Lefty.

        • Walter E Beverly III – I am most definitely not left, or democrat, or progressive, or Marxist. I am independent. Not republican, but independent. You should stop working so hard to alienate everyone who disagrees with you. You’re sounding pretty leftist yourself when you do that.

          Simple question: What are your news sources? Do you only read US news sites? May I suggest that you start reading news outside the US? You might be surprised at the things you learn. I have more than 200 different sources in my news feed. About five of them are US, about the same are Russian. Try reading Asian, European, UK, and South American news sources. They report all kinds of stuff that US news sources refuse to print.

        • Paul,

          Pro tip: If you don’t want to get called out, try not spouting Russian propaganda as the “real truth”. We are all WELL aware of Ukraine’s history of questionable behavior, and our own tendency (PARTICULARLY under lying, Leftist Dimcrats) to engage in “Realpolitik”. That DOES NOT mean that the Russians are “the good guys”, or that ANYTHING coming out of their press is any more reliable than the bulls*** coming out of OUR “mainstream” media.

          Try not being so linear. There are rarely “good guys” and “bad guys”, and the “bad guys” do NOT wear black hats for easy identification, but a thinking person can usually EASILY determine who are the “better” and “worse” guys. Try it some time.

        • Paul, the Leftist. For your edification there is no such thing as an “independent” you either support the Constitution as a Conservative or you are Leftist/ Quit B/Sing. Your mouth wash isn’t cutting it.

          The fact is your sources are your Leftist Lame Stream media that you Lefties just seem to adore. I’ll bet you just love the BBC, Pravda, Aljazeera, etc.

        • Lamp, I occasionally wear a black hat, or a white hat, even a OD hat. But unlike Paul the Leftist and dacian the DUNDERHEAD, I like you know the difference between right and wrong. These two are absolutely clueless.

        • Walter,

          Perhaps I didn’t make my point as clearly as I wanted to. OF COURSE there are “better” and “worse” sides in EVERY conflict – and I believe they are pretty readily distinguishable by rational, intelligent people (which is why dacian and MinorIQ have so much trouble with that).

          But we are all human, and all of us fail – some more often than others. NO ONE is always good, or always bad, or unalloyedly good or unalloyedly bad. Paul obviously “picked a side”, and I “get” (for certain values of “get”) his point – Ukraine is a fairly corrupt society with a sketchy history on many issues. To think that they are OBJECTIVELY “worse” than the Russians requires a leap of faith I am unable (and unwilling) to make. Russia was a s***hole when the Czars were in charge, it was a s***hole when the Marxist/Leninists/Trotskyites/name-your-flavor-of-fascistic-communism were in charge, it was BRIEFLY a semi-capitalist kakistocracy, and now it’s a fascist s***hole, again.

          Picking the right side, out of two obvious sketchy options, may be distasteful, but (at least in this case) it ain’t all that hard.

        • Lamp, All we have are claims of Ukrainian “corruption” but very little documentation or real proof. We do have the some corruption in regards to energy. But there is little else substantiating those claims mostly circulated by the Lame Stream Media. I don’t know just how “socialist” the Ukrainian government is. But I do know that Russia is an aggressor. There are UNSUBSTANTIATED allegations (mostly fueled by the Russians) that Ukrainians have “persecuted” “Russian citizens” in the eastern provinces of the Ukraine. Think for a minute. IF they are “Russian citizens” what are they doing in the Ukraine? Did I miss something here?

  7. Obviously some odd law needs to be broken where we supply them arms and weapons that don’t go to who they’re supposed to (imagine that), drug cartels or some other boogie man gets them and in the end, it’s a “gun problem” and we need to ban them because …..guns!

  8. Regular people should arm themselves not because some nation might invade them or because their own nation might abuse them but because psycho politicians, banksters, MIC executives and private billionaires are willing and eager to glass the planet at the expense of those regular people.

    Can’t wait for it to be my patriotic duty to pay $6 a gal to commute to work or $1200 to heat my home.

    • “psycho politicians, banksters, MIC executives and private billionaires”

      Enemies which are a much bigger threat to us than Russia. Give them another decade or two of destroying our country, and Russia will be able to pick us off without help from China, et al.

      • Dude,

        Quite a few of those “psycho politicians, banksters, MIC executives and private billionaires” ARE Russians, and MANY more of them are “fellow travelers”. Putin is a stupid pawn, but he’s the kind of fascist authoritarian they need, right now . . . so they’re happy to use him.

        They’ll get around to Taiwan, soon. God knows Senile Joe, the serial child-groper, will facilitate that invasion, as well.

  9. ‘…estimates suggest only about 1.3 million firearms exist in the country, which has a population of some 43 million.’

    I might be going out on a limb here, but I would suggest that if Ukraine had American gun ownership levels, say around 60 million firearms, there wouldn’t be a Russian invasion in the first place. SI vis passem, para bellem. Peace through strength. Putin may be a dick but he’s not an idiot.

    • Wrong, small arms are useless against heavy artillery and air power and a guerrilla war in that country is not possible. Making raids out of Nato countries would lead to WWIII and Nato knows it.

      • You should get a history book and look up ‘Vietnam’. Also, my point seems to have flown right over your stubby little head. I made no assertion that they would be victorious, I said the arms would be a deterrent to invasion. A wolf could easily kill a skunk but the wolf knows it isn’t worth it.

        • Hey Petomaniac

          You flunked history big time. The terrain of Vietnam and its proximity to China and Russia and their aid is not the same war as the war in Ukraine.

          Ukraine is flat and will get no more help from the West once they are conquered. No bordering Nato country is going to risk war with Russia by giving them sanctuary and arms and letting them launch raids back into the Ukraine.

        • All the more reason that they should have prepared for this invasion. The American eastern seaboard is also flat and had no supporting allies on it’s border, yet the colonials successfully kicked out the superior British forces in less than a decade. Why? Every farmer had a rifle and knew how to use it.

          As far as support, a) if they had the arms already they wouldn’t need it and b) American materially supported Briton and France in both world wars even though it ultimately resulted in direct engagement in the conflicts against forces that were at the outset far superior to ours.

          And again, you’ve failed to make an argument against my central point of the deterrence of being armed. I will ignore your further remarks if you don’t address this concept. (And I know how much you crave attention.)

        • to Petomaniac

          quote————-yet the colonials successfully kicked out the superior British forces in less than a decade. Why? Every farmer had a rifle and knew how to use it.———–quote

          You obviously do not reside in the U.S. or if you do you flunked both History classes and Geography

          The U.S. did not win their war of independence the French won it for them. If it had not been for millions of French money and Frances professional Navy and Army with the most up to date cannon and skilled in siege warfare the incompetent Georgie the Porgie who lost more battles than he won would have been hung by his dirty balls.

          And I might remind you the U.S. terrain in 1776 was very different than it is today. It had vast forests in which to hide in which was perfect for guerrilla hit and run raids yet Washington still managed to lose more battles than he won.

          quote————–And again, you’ve failed to make an argument against my central point of the deterrence of being armed.——–quote

          Wrong again. I stated small arms makes no difference to the defeat of the Russian Army as its superior air power and artillery is what will conquer the country. The Ukraine was and is inferior in both of them.

        • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. There you go again, DUNDERHEAD, trying to rewrite history of the American Revolution. While itis true that without French help we would not have been able to defeat the Brits, it’s a FACT that the American Colonies defeated the British at Yorktown. It is a fact that Gen. Nathaniel Green chased the British Army into Yorktown and with the help of the rest of the Continental Army, under Gen Washington, surrounded Yorktown with the French fleet blocking any chance for a British evacuation.

          For once in your damn life try getting your facts straight, you POS Leftist. I am more than sure you are rooting for your Russian heroes to defeat the Ukrainians. But I remind you there is this thing called guerrilla warfare. Have you ever heard of it?

        • dacian the stupid,

          Wow, your “grasp” on history is as weak as your “grasp” on reality, innit?? The French DID NOT help the colonies out of altruism, you idiot. France and Britain were rivals, and the French used the Revolution as THEIR “proxy war” against Britain, you daft @$$.

          Gawd, but you Leftist/fascists are stupid!!!! Leave this forum and return to your Leftist circle jerk with MajorStupidity and the nameless, brainless troll. Your group onanism is a more useful endeavor than your serial lies and idiocy here. And it would annoy fewer people. And we wouldn’t be subjected to the vile stink of your Leftist/fascist nonsense.

          Don’t go away mad, dacian the stupid, just go away. Far, far away.

        • More info for our History flunk outs Walter the Hillbilly and the Demented Lamp that went out in his head.

          The following shocking excerpt proved how desperate the Incompetent Moron Washington was for French money and that Washington did not plan on even fighting at Yorktown. Rather it was Rochambeau the French Lt. General who persuaded the Moron Washington to follow “his plan” to attack at Yorktown.

          In late May 1781 Washington’s situation and the fate of the American cause began to rapidly improve. Comte de Rochambeau, the commander of the French troops in America, informed Washington that France had made a 6,000,000 livre gift to the Continental Army. But it was the news that Rochambeau did not initially share with Washington that made an even bigger impact. The French fleet, now operating in strength in North American waters, had been secretly directed to the Chesapeake and a real opportunity to defeat Cornwallis’ force now existed. Washington, who had been stubbornly fixated on attacking the British base at New York City, rallied to Rochambeau’s plan and moved his army south to Virginia. On September 5, 1781, the French fleet under the command of Admiral de Grasse drove off the British fleet sent to relieve Cornwallis. The trap was now set. The siege of Yorktown began on September 28, 1781, and ended with a Franco-American victory on October 19, 1781 – the decisive battle of the Revolutionary War

        • To the Demented Lamp that went out in his head and Walter the Beverly Hillbilly.

          And I might add that the French troops outnumbered the American troops at Yorktown 2 to 1.

          It was the French who had the up to date siege cannon and they succeeded in shelling and starving the British into surrendering.

          When the British surrendered they seem to take no notice of the American Hillbillies but they glared at the French when laying down their arms.

          Without the brilliant French General Rochambeau’s plan literally rammed down the throat of the incompetent George Washington who was initially against even going there, there would have been no battle or victory at Yorktown.

      • Russia has a mostly conscription army that is not well trained. They do not have the night fighting capabilities that the American Army has so it cannot fight at night as well as we did in the sandbox. The trouble with Vietnam was that not the jungle, it was that the good guys looked like the bad guys and it was hard to tell who was who. To occupy a country is not that easy if the population is not going to let itself be occupied. Sure Germany did it against France, but will Putin really use the Medieval methods of control that the Nazis used? In this age of cellphone and cameras it will be hard to do and get away with it. Will they bring appoint a Reinhard Heydrich to control the population? If they do this then they will become the pariahs of the world. Sure China is doing this to the Uyghurs but most people have never met a Uyghur and this is not happening in Europe but in an obscure Asian Province.

        • neiowa,

          Because he has no choice. How does a total moron FEIGN greater-than-moron intellect??? I suppose he could try to hire a ghost writer, to make his idiocy SOUND less moronic, but . . . when the words coming out of your mouth are the deranged babblings of a halfwit (like any statement by dacian the stupid would necessarily be), how do you translate that into anything even APPROACHING rational thought????

      • darcydodo the history illiterate is quick to drop to his knees and surrender and hopes everyone follows his lead. Next he/it praises the French and denigrates General Washington….And then the US liberates France. Poor darcy…he just cannot see further than the end of his nose.

        • Well, if his nose is like Pinocchio’s, he’ll be needing to focus at quite the distance… pretty sure he’ll need to be updating his cartoon face with a pair of eyeglasses.

      • You don’t occupy a country with heavy weapons and air power. You occupy it with boots on the ground. And small arms are most certainly not useless against ground troops trying to hold urban areas.

        • Actually, history shows it’s the rural areas that are impossible for invading armies to occupy. Although securing urban areas tends to be a bloody mess if you’re facing a determined foe.

      • dacian the stupid,

        Tell us you know nothing about guerilla warfare, asymmetrical warfare, oh, and modern firearms and improvised weapons, without SAYING you know nothing about them. Yeah, you just did that. Ever heard of “The Warsaw Ghetto”, you @$$clown??? Afghanistan is now ruled by theocratic cave dwellers who WERE (until your stupid “(p)Resident” armed them with billions of dollars worth of modern weapons) armed largely with WW II era firearms.

        You remain too stupid to insult. Go join MinorIQ and the nameless, brainless troll in your daily three idiot circle jerk.

        • To the Demented Lamp that went out in his head.

          The Jews lost their battle using small arms in the Warsaw Ghetto uprising because they faced a well armed well trained modern army using heavy weapons, which has close parallels to the current Ukrainian situation. Your response was as usual non sequitur.

          And you consistently lump all wars into the same scenario proving you know as much about warfare and history as you do about law which is zero.

          Comparing the Afghanistan war to the Ukraine war as being synonymous only proves what a complete Moron you are. The comparisons of the two wars are too long and numerous to go into here but it would be beyond your intellectual capacity to understand the details anyway.

        • Lol. And you wonder why your wife, kids and even the dogs all left you. Examine your pathetic life and make the changes you so desperately need. Or don’t…it’s kinda fun to kick you around.

        • nameless, brainless troll,

          Seriously, child??? That’s the BEST you can do????? I would pity your worthless @$$, but you are undeserving of pity. That is about the 20th time you’ve recycled some half-assed version of that pathetic attempt at an insult. Either do better (as if you COULD!) or shut the f*** up and go the f*** away. You aren’t even fun to kick around; you’re just boring and pathetic.

        • Yes, dacian the stupid, the Nazis (you know, your friends and spiritual brothers??) did EVENTUALLY take the Warsaw Ghetto. My point, which you are obviously too stupid to grasp, you imbecile, was that the Jews of the Warsaw Ghetto, facing superior numbers, superior equipment, with no logistical support, little or no food, few if any “real” weapons (mostly handguns or archaic rifles) held off the SS long enough to FORCE the replacement and court-martial of Von Sammern-Frankenegg, the original general, and Jürgen Stroop, his replacement took 10 days to capture the Ghetto.

          That, my idiot Leftist/fascist child, is a victory in any MAN’S book . . . of course, you not being a man, I can see why you are unimpressed. When you get to hell, say hi to all your Nazi friends. I’m sure they’re looking forward to having you rejoin them.

      • dacian the dunce, Rewriting history again? So France gave the Continental Army money. BFD! The bulk of the fighting dunce was done by the Continental Army, not the Frenches.

        As I previous stated, Gen Greene chased the British under Cornwallis to Yorktown and penned him in. Washington with the bulk of the Continental Army snuck away from Pennsylvania and marched to Yorktown to complete the trap. The French Fleet came in finally and blockaded Yorktown from the sea preventing a British evacuation. That was the finally battle except for some minor skirmishes of the War ending the British occupation of the Colonies and winning Americans their freedom.

      • dacian, the Dunderhead, I have a RED Hot News Flash for you. Gen Washington commanded a combined force of 17,000 troops of which 3200 werer French. Nice try, but as usual, you are wrong yet again. It seems that those 3200 French soldiers landed from Adm DeGrasse’s fleet. Now, unless my math skills have declined (which they haven’t) of the 17,000 that means 13,800 were American forces.

        Where do you get your information? dacian’s Book of Perverted American History? Must be part of that CRT crap you Lefties are pushing.




  11. Just ‘giving’ civilians guns is pretty much useless without the training and fire discipline that goes with it. A gun does NOT a soldier make. In actual numbers Ukraine is NOT short of bloody guns though they may well be short of a lot of more modern stuff . The Soviets left literally millions behind when they all went home in the early ninties. The American Constitution. I believe I’m right in saying ONLY gave the express permission to bear Arms as part of an established and well trained militia and I beleieve that that was the reasoning behind the formatiion of the STATES NATIONAL GUARD. As far as I can see the most vociferous supporters of a lessening of gun controls are the very persons who cannot take the nessessary training and discipline required by the National Guard.
    As for Ukraine my own personal belief is that PUTIN is counting on a swift and easy victory and thast Ukraine will throw in the towel, and they might well do so of course, but the evidence so far is that they are putting up stiff resistance. In fact, in terms of the casualty list they may well be ahead and by a considerable number. One thing’s for sure though – it may well prove far easier to gain the ground than to hold it. Putin willneed at least 200,000 men to police Ukraine if he cannot ensure the complete co-operation of the Ukrainians

        • “All Christians are monarchists. Do you think the Kingdom they hope will come is a democracy?“

          This is the very truth they attempt to conceal.

          By their own doctrine, every Christian is working against democracy in their attempt to install their sky daddy on the throne to rule America, and indeed the entire world.

        • Oh, that’s OK, Rider. dacian the stupid and MinorIQ are Leftists, so they are “superior” to all of us heathen Xianists . . . because brainless Leftists have only one religion, Leftism, and their tiny minds cannot encompass any other.

          MinorIQ cannot comprehend or deal with the concepts of “free will”, grace, or redemption. Leftism must crowd out any ideology or belief that does not FULLY embrace Leftism. And then they, and their Leftist idiot teachers and college professors and they get together, pat each other on the back, smoke a blunt, and tell each other how smart they are.

          When you hear the phrase “mental masturbation”??? THAT’S mental masturbation. The Left practices intellectual onanism more religiously than any other cult on the planet.

    • ” I believe I’m right in saying ONLY gave the express permission to bear Arms as part of an established and well trained militia and I beleieve that that was the reasoning behind the formatiion of the STATES NATIONAL GUARD.”

      Actually, you’re wrong

      Read it again, there are 2 militias mentioned, the organized, and the unorganized. The National Guard is the organized milita, and “We, the people,” are the unorganized militia…

      • Hall, like so, so many others, “can never be argued out of a position he was never argued into in the first place”.

        • Rider,

          Hear, hear!! But, cut the poor man some slack – liberty and personal responsibility are difficult concepts for a “subject” to master. It’s like trying to explain color to a blind man, or sex to a virgin. He’s doing the best he can with his limited (non-existent??) skills of citizenship.

    • Albert Hall wrote “The American Constitution. I believe I’m right in saying ONLY gave the express permission to bear Arms as part of an established and well trained militia ”

      And, he is COMPLETELY WRONG.

      Who are the militia? Are they not ourselves? Congress have no power to disarm the militia. Their swords and every other terrible implement of the soldier, are the birthright of an American . . . . The unlimited power of the sword is not in the hands of either the federal or state governments, but, where I trust in God it will ever remain, in the hands of the people.”

      – Tench Coxe, The Pennsylvania Gazette, Feb. 20, 1788

      It is sad that the Brits have fallen so far. The British jealously guarded their right to bear arms, until relatively recently. They have forgotten a thousand years of history, and surrendered their right to self defense.

      • No, Paul, the Brits didn’t “fall so far” – other than their rampant, idiotic Leftism, the remain the same, sorry “subjects” they were in 1776. They want their “sovereign” to take care of them on the daily. I will admit we are devolving, currently, but we at least DID make progress toward a sane society for the first 175 years. Been kinda “hit or miss” since then.

      • it’s an absolute shame that Britain has fallen so far. A huge loss of manly men from their gene pool over the span of two world wars and the resultant domination of their society by women has become a quiet cancer that has infected the younger generations and now the world. The same can be said for much of Europe, of course and now North America. As misogynistic as it may sound, we ignore these absolute and fundamental facts at the peril of our species. Truly.

    • Damn you’re stupid. You might want to check out some scholarly articles on what the 2nd amendment says, because no you are not right at all.

    • Albert the Subject,

      Wow, Albert, nice of you to weigh in and give us the Euroweenie POV!! We were in desperate need of your wisdom . . . NOT! No, a gun does not a soldier make . . . but it’s pretty frickin’ hard to be a soldier OR a guerilla without one, innit?? Of course, I suppose it’s unfair to expect that level of awareness from a pathetic “subject” who still thinks he needs a monarchy to have a government. Perhaps you Euroweenie’s should have maybe thought about this BEFORE you disarmed yourselves, and outsourced your own protection to the USA, instead of assuming responsibility for yourselves, but you’re all such Leftist sheep you are incapable of thinking. I hope, for YOUR sake, you never have to depend on the USA to “protect” you when we have a witless, feckless, d***less Dimocrat in the White House, because you’re seeing in real time exactly what that kind of reliance gets you.

      But I don’t expect you to learn from it . . . after all, you’ve learned exactly diddly squat since 1776. No wonder we pay no attention to your blatherings, you pathetic cockwobble.

  12. The United States is currently being invaded mostly from its Southern border with Mexico. By thousands upon thousands of young military age men. President Trump was the only president who seriously tried to do something about that. And many American citizens have been raped, murdered, beaten, and all manner of crimes committed against them. By these Invaders.

    And the Libertarians Liberals the Left, the Democrats, and even some Republicans, support the invasion of the united states. And Mexicans, civilian criminals or the military, have fired at US border patrol agents across the International border.

      • Chris, you have to understand where dacian is coming from. Whenever policy conversations/debates become uncomfortable for left wingers, they call you a racist. They do that to shut down the conversation because there is no logical argument for most of their policies. Open borders is one of their many illogical, harmful policies, especially during the pandemic. dacian is merely copying what he sees his role models do.

        He’s wrong about crime too. 100% of illegals are criminal by definition. In addition to that, they’re much more likely to be in federal prison (per capita) than legal U.S. citizens.

        P.S. He’s always calling me a racist. I always ask him to quote the racist thing I said, and he never does.

      • to Dude
        Thanks. I try to ignore this guy. He is just hot smelly air. I suspect he is jealous, lonely, and perhaps he desires some individuals on TTAG. But I’m not sure who???

      • At no point did I “rant” about anything.

        “Your posts are seething in hatred of them…”

        Where is the hatred? I commented on policy opinion and facts about crime. The only seething hatred on display here is coming from you, as usual.

      • dacian the uneducated nazi.

        Hiding behind your white privilege to call others racist? Man. You are completely unaware, aren’t you.

      • to jwm
        Thanks, but I think dacian would most likely call a conservative black person the N word. Which is what Antifa has done before. And Antifa is made up of mostly wealthy white people who wave rainbow flags.

        A long time ago Malcolm X spoke about what to do when a person like dacian walked up onto your front porch. To burn a cross on your property. The ACLU agrees with and supports dacian to burn that cross on a black person’s front lawn.

        But there is a picture of Malcolm X holding an M14 and looking out his window.
        Waiting for a person like dacian to walk onto his property. Without permission

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. Again, DUNDERHEAD, there are only three races and Latins are not a race.

      I have a RED HOTX NEWS FLASH for you. Many many crimes are committed by your illegal aliens. Their first crime is entering the US illegally. It is a Federal misdemeanor for the first offense, and a FELONY for a SECOND OFFENSE.

      Try getting your facts straight, DUNNDERHEAD

      • To WEB III the Dotard: Go get your pudding cup and let the adults have this conversation without your interference.

      • Only IN Capitalvania, or should I say dacian the DUNDERHEAD. Get your head out of your proverbial posterior and learn something other than Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. Now go back to mommy’s basement and read a book.

    • Tell us more about racism dacian – your progressive liberal Marxist demoncrats hate whites, hate men, hate heterosexuals, hate Christians, and hate America. But, we are the racists? Suck more of that Biden weenie.

      • fyi

        It never ceases to amaze me the number of people who just can’t connect the dots.

        “Biden To Pull US Border Guards To Send Them To Europe, Exposing Our Southern Border.” video 12 min long

  13. Judging from the news footage the leaders of Ukraine never took Putin seriously. The news footage has shown numerous young men in the sub-ways doing not much of anything when they should have been drafted months ago. Others have simply walked out of the country to the Polish border.

    Those men in the Ukrainian Military are fighting like lions against overwhelming odds. Small arms of course only prolong the agony of the war. There will be no guerrilla war as the U.S. experienced in Afghanistan and Vietnam as Putin will not tolerate raids by insurgents out of bordering Nato countries like the Baltic States, Poland or Romania. That would lead to WWIII and Nato knows it.

    The West also is to blame for not giving the Ukraine more heavy weapons and air power. It could have secretly trained Ukrainians in Nato countries and then gave them air power when Russia started massing its troops. With enough air power Putin would not have dared to invade the Ukraine as the cost would have been far to high to invade.

    In short the West wrote off the Ukraine long before the war ever started.

    Hitler laid out his plans for conquest and no one took him seriously. Putin has done the same and some top U.S. Military Generals are still not taking Putin seriously and are bragging that Putin would not dare invade any Nato countries. Well guess again, as Putin has stated that is exactly what he intends to do. Putin wants back all the Baltic states, Poland, the Czech and Slovak Republics, Romania, and Bulgaria and with his power mad thirst for power and his success in the Ukraine he just might be crazy enough to try and take back at least the Baltic States. I think fighting in the Mountains of Romania would be as costly as the fighting in the hills of Afghanistan and would be more than he could afford to try and conquer.

    • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. You have got to be kidding me. The Ukrainians have taken the Russian threat seriously. Apparently your god father, Sleepy Joe either doesn’t give a hoot or was asleep at the wheel. I’m guessing both.

    • Dacian, you absolutely reek of green hair, nostril rings, skinny jeans, skinny arms and unresolved adolescent issues. Start eating meat. Try talking to girls who don’t have crewcuts, use deodorant and don’t easily outweigh you. But for all that is right and proper, move out of yer mom’s basement.

    • dacian writes “The news footage has shown numerous young men in the sub-ways doing not much of anything when they should have been drafted months ago. ”

      And, with that, dacian exposes his fascist, Nazi roots, which explains why he supports the government established by the Azrov battalion.

    • dacian the stupid,

      Somehow, it surprises me not in the slightest that a Leftist/fascist such as yourself would champion the idea of the draft and involuntary servitude. That is SO “on brand” for a fascist like you, dacian the stupid. Of course, to give you credit (which pains me to do), if I’d come to rely, as you have, on the “protection” of useless s***weasels like your beloved “Antifa” soibois, I’d probably favor a draft, too.

      You are a pathetic excuse for a human, dacian the stupid. Go pound salt in your @$$.

  14. The russian military is not like the american military. For a time we had much better relations between us and them. Now things are worse because of obama and biden.

    “INSANE Russian Counter Terror Confidence Drill” video 5 min long

    • “For a time we had much better relations between us and them. Now things are worse because of obama and biden”

      Why exactly are things worse because of Obama and Biden?

      • “Why exactly are things worse because of Obama and Biden?”

        because both Obama and Biden knew of the Russian precursors/prelude to invasion of Ukraine and did nothing to counter it.

        You think Ukraine suddenly happened, that’s its a new thing? The Russians have been threatening over Ukraine for many years, and threatening actual invasion starting in the Obama administration.

        We got a brief respite from it during Trump because right or wrong Trump was a little more ‘accepting’ of Putin because Trump wanted to treat Russia as a ‘business deal’ thing and Putin was open to that because he saw it as a way to gain western markets to bolster its economy to eventually be on par with China’s participation in world markets.

        Now its back to Biden who inherited the Obama burden of Russia invasion, and reacted by taking a hawk stance towards Russia while at the same time going ‘Uh, ok, we will complain about it and try sanctions but won’t really do anything about it.” Putin saw his moment with a weak president Biden that was not willing to stop him from an actual invasion, and voila’ the first empire building war of the 21st century with Putin strong (emboldened) enough to issue threats to the world that if anyone interferes they will, in a nuclear armed Putin’s words, saying that any attempt to intervene in Ukraine would “lead to consequences you have never seen in history.”

        And now we are back to a new cold war stance that’s simmering, with nukes and the old soviet union (in spirit and action) once again in play.

        That’s how things got worse because of Obama and Biden.

        • “did nothing to counter it”

          Again, specifically what should Obama and/or Biden have done?

          Trump pulled thousands of American troops out of Europe, publicly declared that NATO was “obsolete” and should be disbanded and worked to erode our relationship with the European democracies.

          How did those actions forestall Putin’s aggression?

        • Minor MINER49ER Again? How about Obuma the Phony’s “Red Line” (sic) in Syria? Like you Obuma the Phony was a cowardly tiger incapable to taking a stand and sticking to it. Obuma the Phony was more interested in getting a “deal” (again sic) with Iran that he was interested in protecting American interests. AMERICA FIRST is the reason why the Russians backed down in Syria when Trump bombed the crap out of them and their Iranian allies.

      • Minor MINOR49ER if you can’t figure that out, then you need to go back to school and learn something called ECONOMICS.

      • Umm, how about, just as a casual observation, that THE FRIGGIN’ RUSSIAN ARMY HAS INVADED THE UKRAINE, you brainless dips***????? Or are you too stupid to acknowledge that, @$$clown??? Remind me, MinorIQ (I may have to rechristen you “MajorStupidity”), how many times did Russian invade under Trump, you brainless nitwit????

        You really are literally too stupid to insult. Go pound salt in your @$$.

  15. Perhaps the Russians will find what Hillary Clinton and President Biden’s son were doing in the Ukraine. For the past several years???

    • quote—————Trump won’t be back in the oval office until 24. This mess is right at biden’s feet.———–quote

      Again Jethro you show your ignorance. Trump the Traitor and his statements today were all over Russian TV and they were praising Trump the Traitor to the U.S. and he is a Traitor to all the decent people of the world who value freedom and democracy. Trump does not support democracy, that is why he tried to overthrow the U.S. Government and establish a one party dictatorship and you still kiss his ass. That make s you a traitor to the U.S. as well,

      • dacian the nazi. Take your outrage to a US attorney and swear out treason complaints against us.

        Or you can sh*t in your left hand and yell traitor into your right hand and see which one fills up faster. Let me know.

      • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD, the traitor is Sleepy Joe Biden and slime like you. I am surxe that your Russian masters dubbed the statement to fit your and their agenda.

        You Lefties don’t support democracy. You support a socialist dictatorship as outlined by your heroes, Karl Marx, Walter Engles and Joe Stalin.

      • darcydodo…If he’s jethro you’re the two rapists in Deliverance all rolled up into one.

        Let’s cut the chase…Jim Crow Gun Control joe’s disgraceful Afghanistan exit emboldened putin for Ukraine…Looks like all the trash that has happened since joe stole the election belongs you and Jim Crow Gun Control joe…After all America is like a nice car that gets stolen…it gets trashed by the scumbags who stole it.

      • dacian, the DUNDERHEAD. Please to excuse me error. But then I am sure you are on intimate terms with Frederick and Karl, right? You are just another POS Commie.

    • Hey jwm the Hitler and Trump worshipper: You predicted Trump would win in 2020, so forgive us for not putting too much stock in your fever dreams. Now go back to writing your fascist manifesto, traitor.

  16. Well, I don’t think anyone is suprised. After all, you don’t get very much foreign policy experience in Deleware. First Afghanistan, now this. What a mess. Putin never invaded another country when Trump had his thumb on the button. Biden couldn’t find his zipper. Never mind the button.

    • “Putin never invaded another country when Trump had his thumb on the button“

      And do you think that Putin was deterred by trumps threat of nuclear war?

      So you believe Joe Biden should threaten Putin with nuclear war to show his strength?

      • Every national leader of every NATO nation since the Minsk agreements should have made it clear that Ukraine would never be considered for NATO membership. Ukraine should have established that it would remain neutral, as it promised. Unfortunately – every government in US/UK/EU has reneged on the agreements. That is why we are where we are today.

        • Because your friends, the Russians, told you so, Paul??? Are you daft? In the first instance, we should make decision with respect to mutual-defense pacts in our OWN interests, not those of Russia. In the second instance, we sure as hell shouldn’t give Russia, or anyone else, a veto over what treaties we do and do not make. Are you a Dimocrat?? ‘Cause you certainly sound like one.

        • LampOfDiogenes – try reading news from outside the US. Yes, Russia was assured repeatedly that we wouldn’t expand NATO – then we expanded NATO again and again.

          The idea that we might deploy nuclear weapons less than 500 miles from Moscow is intolerable to Russia. Which is understandable – remember the Cuban Missile crisis, which was triggered by the US deploying nukes in Turkey?

          The Russians aren’t stupid, they aren’t crazy, nor are the bent on world domination. The only two countries determined to dominate the world are the US and China.

        • Paul,

          I DO read “news” from outside the US, frequently. I usually give as much credence to “their” news (sometimes SLIGHTLY more) than I do to the US “mainstream media”. They are pretty much ALL lying propagandists for the state. However, Russian media is, and has ALWAYS been, particularly corrupt, dishonest, and unreliable, as you would know if you studied any history.

          I DO NOT think the US, or NATO, is blameless, or the “good guys” in this . . . but if the Russian press told me the sun was up, I’d confirm it myself before believing it. And Russia has exactly f***-all to say about what treaties we make with whom. Our “crime”, if any, was in reassuring the Ukrainians that WE would protect them, which was an obvious lie. If we wanted to take the “a pox on both your houses” approach to Russia/Ukraine, we should have said so, and DONE so. But we stuck our fingers in, lied our @$$es off to the Ukrainians, and then left them twisting in the wind. I guess Senile Joe, the corrupt Ess Oh Bee, figured he’d gotten as much graft out of Ukraine as he could, so he threw them under the bus. I guess that’s what they get for believing a Lefist politician. Their history should have taught them better.

          There is a CLEAR record of Xiao Bai-Din’s promises to Ukraine. Your authority for the alleged promises to Russia appears to be SOLELY the Russian press. Believe whatever you want. And even if we had given such “assurances”, it was (i) stupid to do so – none of their friggin’ business what treaties we enter into with whom, and (ii) stupid of them to rely on such assurances, if they did.

          Sorry, your position is irrational EVEN IF it is true. And I’d need something more than stories from Russian press to even take it seriously.

        • Paul states:

          “The Russians aren’t stupid, they aren’t crazy, nor are the bent on world domination. The only two countries determined to dominate the world are the US and China”

          It is amazing that one of Putin’s disinformation agents would tip their hand in such an obvious manner.

        • Paul,

          If you are SERIOUSLY arguing that ONLY Russia and the US seek world domination??? That is some world-class denial. Putin is SO committed to restoring “Soviet” superpower status that only someone acting in bad faith, or WILFULLY blind, could excuse it. Please rethink that comment; it is beyond stupid, and bordering on imbecilic. Hell, when even MinorIQ is calling you out, even you should be able to figure out you stepped on your d***.

          What is your strange fascination with the “virtue” of the Russian cause????? Because, frankly, it’s kinda creepy.

        • Sorry, Paul, in opening sentence “Russia and the US” should have been “China and the US”, but I’m guessing you knew that.

  17. Wow, Ukraine arming their citizens and wanting to protect their border must be driving Biden crazy. I mean how dare them. All the enlightened know that open borders and allow anyone in who wants to invade our country is the progressive dream. We might not have tanks crossing our southern border but the damage to our citizens and enconomy is just as devastating in it’s own way though not as dramatic for live TV.

    • Grumpster,

      You are not wrong, my friend. Watch, though – if Hispanics continue to “walk away” the way they are trending, the Leftist/fascists are going to become “border hawks” right quick. “Oh, HELL NO, we can’t import anymore REPUBLICAN voters!!!” will become their hypocritical motto. Leftists ALWAYS lie, and their lies are pathetically obvious (just read any post from MajorStupidity or dacian the stupid); the only trick is figuring out what their REAL agenda is.

    • There was a female news anchor that actually said out loud she thought it was bad to hand out rifles because they were dangerous.
      I had a dark moment wondering if she might wish she had a gun once things got real.
      But the brain washing of the left “just surrender and the bad guys will be nice to you” is very strong.

  18. That picture is interesting. Looks like an airsoft or something with that buffer tube. I wonder how many men are former military there?

  19. I’d say this article’s premise is a red herring.

    The opening phase of this conflict did not lend itself to rifles. The Russians moved quickly over open ground using armor supported by helicopters. Civilians with rifles would have been massed on.

    Rifles start to matter once the Russians reach large cities that limit the mobility of armor and provide cover for MANPADs to give the Russian rotorwing aircraft something to really fear. Unless of course the Russians are willing to just level the cities…

    Street to street, house to house with limited CAS is where the Ukrainians can make the Russians bleed enough to reconsider their actions. That’s where booby traps, rifles, small explosives and MANPADs can actually lay down the hurt on Russian forces where the same things would have just gotten the defender killed on open ground.

    And the Russians should know this. They did it to the Germans very effectively in WWII and had it done to them in Grozny about 27 years ago.

    It’s also worth noting that from the Chechen point of view, Grozny was a disorganized shitshow run by a ragtag bunch of warlords who fought each other almost as much as they fought the Russians. Had Grozny actually been an organized defense it might have actually turned back that attack.

    As it was, several thousand unorganized and poorly armed defenders held back 68K Russian troops for eight days and inflicted on the order of 7K casualties. Including damn near 20% of the 10K Russians that actually entered the city proper.

    Especially with the specific geography of Kiev, it’s easily doable for the Ukrainians to make the the price of the city high enough that the Russians decide that they don’t want it that badly.

    • I’ve forgotten all about Grozny.

      Someone made an interesting observation earlier today. The base premise was that Putin cannot lose this one, or his rule is over.

      This person believes if the Russian body count gets too high for Putin using conventional forces, he’ll resort to some form of weapon of mass destruction to end it.

      That seems to make sense to me, especially with the really embarrassing videos now trickling out, like the armored car driver deliberately running over a civilian auto (yet the driver seems to have survived) and annihilating the 13 guards at the outpost.

      Putin’s domestic enemies will be happy to use those against him..

  20. Exactly. If the orders are to open heavy weapons fire at any resistance and blow the water and power Russia will burn down all the cities and kill half the occupants. But if they do that they risk small mutiny in their own military, and at best inherit a giant burning mess of misery ( at which point they could withdraw from the western Ukraine and leave it to Europe to cope with). Or, they can go in and kill all top leadership, install puppets who then order surrender, then withdraw Russian military from urban areas.
    I do hope that a quantity of manpads get in to the militia, it must be depressing to have no response to aircraft.
    It’s hard to believe the Russians will go in to urban areas with restraint and tolerate losses.
    I do wonder if any WW2 weapons will go into action – maybe there’s a basement MG-42 that will taste blood again.
    No matter what your political bias, this is a waste of humanity (Russian and Ukrainian).

    • “I do hope that a quantity of manpads get in to the militia, it must be depressing to have no response to aircraft.”

      Already happened, a few weeks back, along with a few thousand anti-armor weapons systems…

      • Yep, we have provided equipment to the freedom fighters in Ukraine, it’s the American way to help other democracies prevent their overthrow by a dictator.

        Just as France helped America free themselves from the despotic rule of King George, we stand ready to help Ukraine.

        “US sends 300 Javelin missiles to Ukraine in latest military aid during Russia standoff
        By Callie Patteson

        January 26, 2022 | 12:46pm

        The latest American shipment of military assistance for Ukraine weighed in at nearly 80 tons and included 300 Javelin missiles as Western fears of a Russian incursion grow.

        Tuesday’s shipment — the third installment of the $200 million in aid authorized by President Biden — tipped the scales at 79 tons, according to the US Embassy in Kiev.“

        • Wow, MajorStupidity, ALL THAT??? That’s ALMOST as much weaponry as your imbecile “(p)Resident” delivered to the Taliban in Afghanistan. I’m sure he was intending to “arm them against their dictators”. Oh, s***, that would have been US, wouldn’t it???

          MajorStupidity, you literally do become more stupid by the post. Is it your goal to explore just how idiotic you are capable of becoming??? Because you are beginning to achieve dacian the stupid levels of inanity. Why don’t you and your fellow Leftist/fascists, dacian the stupid and the nameless, brainless troll, just go back to your Leftist circle jerk, and quit embarrassing yourselves. Or is it that you are incapable of embarrassment?

    • Its a real rifle. The ejection port is on the left side. Its a 7.62×39 chambered clone of the western M-4 intended for the the European military and law enforcement market.

  21. Many Americans have forgotten the founding history of our country, and the assistance given by eastern Europeans to our continental army in the struggle for freedom.

    Casmir Pulaski, a Polish soldier who proved his skill and bravery on the battlefields of Europe, was instrumental in helping the continental Army throw the British into the sea.

    “Pulaski embarked from France on the 13th of June and landed in Boston forty days later, learning as much English as he could along the way. Eager to get right into the thick of the fighting, he traveled to the encampment of General George Washington, who gently informed the aristocrat he needed the approval of Continental Congress before joining. Undeterred, Pulaski refused to wait for official approval before jumping into one of the most important battles of the war at a critical moment: The Battle of Brandywine. As the British forced the Americans off the field on the 11th of September, Washington realized, to his horror, that the right flank of his army was about to collapse, potentially causing a general rout and destroying his army. In a flash, Pulaski volunteered to countercharge the British and give the Continentals time to withdraw in good order. With no time to argue, Washington entrusted Pulaski with his own mounted guard, about thirty in number, and watched as the Polish volunteer led his band directly into the fray, delaying the British long enough for the Continentals to retreat and possibly saving Washington’s life. For this gallant deed, Congress immediately commissioned him as a Brigadier General, with the honorific “Commander of the Horse.” He also took part in the Battle of Germantown the following month.

    Pulaski spent most of his generalship leading small bands of horsemen on scouting patrols are raiding parties, as the Continental Army did not generally have a cavalry arm to speak of when he arrived. To him though, such a situation was unacceptable, and began working to rectify the issue. In the early spring of 1778, he offered to raise an independent cavalry unit for the army and was allowed to do so with little supervision or collaboration with his American counterparts, mostly because they hated working with him and dealing with his vain, arrogant demeanor. Taking mostly recruits from the area around Baltimore, Maryland, Pulaski presented his Cavalry Legion, equipped and armed as lancers and dragoons in the style of his home country and trained to those standards, on the 28th of March. Many Continental Army officers spoke highly of the unit’s fighting ability, but Pulaski finally ran afoul of Washington’s good will when he began requisitioning supplies and steeds from locals he suspected of Loyalist sympathies, customary in Europe but anathema to the Revolution’s ideological aims. In 1779, Washington sent Pulaski south to Charleston, where he was ordered to support General Benjamin Lincoln in his march to recover Savannah, Georgia from British occupation. Unfortunately, Pulaski’s characteristic recklessness tended to get the better of him in South Carolina more often than not. On the 11th of May 1779, he charged a British raiding party led by Brigadier General Augustine Prevost outside of Charleston that cost his men dearly. Months later, on the last day of the Siege of Savannah, Pulaski attempted to rally a group of fleeing Frenchmen by charging a British position, similar to his actions at Brandywine, but was sadly struck by grapeshot and died some days later. He was buried with full honors at an unknown location, and his Legion was incorporated into the rest of the Continental Army.“

      • The point is that no country can stand alone, and Eastern Europe has stepped forward in the past to help ensure the birth of democracy in America.

        • And we participated in TWO world wars to “ensure democracy” in Europe. How many times is “enough”, MajorStupidity?? Do the Euroweenies have ANY obligation to undertake their OWN defense, or is it OK for them to be useless, parasitic @$$clowns (like you are), and rely on the US for “defense”? And how is that working out for them, with a feckless, brainless, d***less Dimocrat SUPPOSEDLY in the White House??? Perhaps they should consider more self-reliance, and less parasitic nursing off the American teast, eh??? MajorStupidity, YOU voted for that useless Walking Rutabaga, so Ess Tee Eff You. Sit the Eff down, and shut the Eff up.

        • EASTERN Europe has stepped up to ensure the well being of the United States? Part of my ancestry came from eastern Europe, and I’d be proud of that fact – if it were true. In fact, western Europe meddled in US affairs, frequently, sometimes to our benefit, some times to our detriment. Even when Europe seemed to help us, they were actually using us. France didn’t support our revolution out of the kindness of their hearts – they used us to weaken England.

        • Minor MINER49ER Please tell me you are not as stupid as you appear? You have alleged that the US and NATO have given Russia assurances that the eastern bloc countries would not be a part of NATO. That is a LIE. BOTTOM LINE! You are as usual spouting Leftist-Russian propaganda.

        • No, Walter, unfortunately, MajorStupidity appears to be every bit as much of a clueless @$$clown as dacian the stupid. And, yes, he is a pathetically indoctrinated Leftist sheep. I suppose we should pity him for his lack of a functioning brain and pair of cojones.

        • “You have alleged that the US and NATO have given Russia assurances that the eastern bloc countries would not be a part of NATO“

          Walter, you are lying again, I have never made any statement to that effect in any post on TTAG.

          And for your information, a sovereign country should have the freedom to choose whatever alliances the population approve.

          For Putin to claim that he was forced to invade Ukraine because they might join NATO is bullshit.

          Military action gets another country is justified only one that country actively opposes a sovereign nation.

          The ideas Putin was somehow justified in attacking Ukraine because of his fear is absolute bullshit, and only reveals Putin‘s internal insecurity and fear.

    • dacian, Mama says it’s my turn on the computer! And, she wants you to pick your clothes up off the basement floor so she can wash them. You’ve been smelling worse than usual, go take a bath!

    • dacian the stupid,

      You may very well be experimental proof of the old saying that a million monkeys with a million typewriters would eventually reproduce all the works of Shakespeare by sheer chance. I wait with breathless anticipation your version of “Titus Andronicus”.

      You are a lying, worthless SCOAMF, just like your “(p)Resident”, Gropey Joe the Senile, and his erstwhile boss, Black Chicago Jesus and Reggie Love’s b***boy, Barry Soetoro. Your “heroes” are as pathetic as you are.

  22. dacian the ultra-stupid,

    Had you the wit to parse Trump’s ACTUAL WORDS, you would see that he was drawing a VERY ACCURATE comparison between Putin’s psychotic-but-intelligent ruthlessness, and Senile Joe Biden’s pathetic, feckless, brainless ineptitude. I guess since you may be the ONLY extant supposedly human with less brainpower than your senile idiot of a “(p)Resident”, you think you’re “dunking” on Trump. You’re not. You’re simply making an @$$ of yourself, like usual.

    If MinorIQ and the nameless, brainless troll aren’t around, I suppose you could just go commit onanism to your lifesize poster of Black Chicago Jesus.

  23. OK so let me get this straight:

    Ukraine: No Second Amendment. Free machine guns.

    USA: Has a Second Amendment. Effectively impossible to get a machine gun.

    What gives?

    • Well, Publius, I think it becomes obvious when you look at the sad fact that Ukraine formerly had such firearms laws as would give dacian the stupid a chubby – and dropped them like a hot rock when they NEEDED their “peasants” armed to protect the “leaders”. I seriously doubt that Ukraine would have relaxed gun laws WITHOUT the threat of imminent Russian invasion, and IF they prevail against Russia, I will bet you any amount you want to wager that they go right back to their old system, afterwards. Can’t let those peasants get uppity!!

    • The ruling class is now more scared of Russians than they are scared of the peasants.
      This is why immediately after they will aggressively take back those arms.
      The working poor of America right after WW1 fought back against the mine owners who paid with company money and effectively enslaved them. They were quite uppity until the mine owners got the government to crush them and murder the Union leaders. Major loss of profits though.

        • Beverly, he speaks from experience and from common knowledge, unlike you who just speaks out his ass like a snot nosed teenager. You know, I was considering apologizing for maybe being a little too harsh on you and harassing you somewhat and then leaving you alone. Every post you’ve made since I had that thought has convinced me that the stoopid out there needs to be called out and you, Beverly, certainly qualify.

        • Riderless/ShootOff Experience? ROFLMAOBT! Common knowledge” ROFLAMOBT!

          Again, you are showing the blog just how ignorant you really are. Is it “harassing” to criticize a posting which has no basis in fact? Only his OPINION. Sorry but that is actually a rhetorical question.

          Again, Riderless, if ignorance were bliss you would be in a state of extasy!

  24. I used to have a very close friend (murdered by a junkie), who trained as a a lawyer in Ukraine, and he told me it was common in the countryside to have hidden world war relic firearms, despite severe penalties under the former USSR. He explained that no one trusted the Russians (not even the ethnic Russians trusted the Soviet Russians) to not repeat a version of the Holomodor (Stalin’s insane persecution of farmers).

  25. Forgot to mention he described firing a thousand rounds or so from MG-42 his Dad’s pal had. He described a mountain of ammo, but complained the 7.92k ammo for STG44 was hang firing and dud. No issues with the 7.92×57.
    I wonder if the MG will come out of hiding?

  26. Regarding Western Ukraine persecution of second and third generation ethnic Russians, I can quote my friend here who called the practice of burning Russian books and blocking Russian language schools and media “cruel and stupid”. He was right, the Ethnic Russians were hurt and insulted and this finally cost Ukraine the whole Eastern territory once Putin exploited the situation.
    But I have not seen evidence of the atrocities claimed by Putin that Western Ukraine was supposedly committing. At this time I can only suspect a “Sudetenland” BS move by Putin.

    • Richard Kudrna, Here is a term I am sure you are familiar with. That is Russian propaganda.
      Do us a favor and leave for Putin’s Paradise as soon as you can get a plane ticket.

  27. My information on Ukrainian minor persecution of Ethnic Russians was direct. Best witness I spoke with was born in Ukraine and served as a translator in the Ukrainian Army (French / Ukrainian / Russian), emigrated to Quebec, and was hired by the Quebec government to teach the Ukrainian government how to suppress the use of Russian without resembling “Pogrom”. I asked him for an example – he explained earlier the government would send people to burn Russian books out of libraries. This caused international complaint. So he taught them to cut the heating budget a few days, then falsely discover mold, then burn the books.
    My point is that this was petty and mean, but falls far short of Putin’s claims of genocide, but I think it’s clear Ukraine will never regain the East part of the country. In case it’s not clear where my opinion of Putin is, I find him to be a sociopath who has surrounded himself with butt lickers to form an echo chamber and has lost touch with reality – yes great leader, every Ukrainian will throw flowers at you for liberating them – you can take off your shirt and ride in on horseback ! I suspect yes, he would not mind burning every Ukrainian city and kill half a million for his ego. Also I think he might order tactical nukes if outsiders came in, but I have faith that the Russian military would refuse that order and would terminate Putin.
    I’m really saddened to see the waste and destruction of a war motivated by one man’s ego.
    I was present in Prague in 1968 and I’m getting flashbacks watching the news on Ukraine.

    • Richard Kudrna, One source and you consider it gospel? Who does this “source” credit with these allegations? The Ukrainian government? Or misguided sick individuals. But then again, the so called “persecuted” Russians where invaders who did not belong and were fomenting rebellion??

      Are you sure you are not a Russian Bot?

        • Riderless/Shootoff Don’t worry about my meds, Worry about your straight jacket. I hope it fits you nice and snug.

      • Worry about MY straight jacket, beverly? Why, when it’s you with a frothing at the mouth reply to nearly everyone here, rife with insult and name calling and often to the exact opposite of what their comment conveyed. Every one of these replies further displays your low intellect for all to witness. This is how you spend your retirement? Dig, beverly, dig. Dig dig dig dig. Are you sure you’re not really just a 13yr old stealing yer mom’s laptop and yer daddy’s career outline? You certainly do sound like one.

        • Riderless/Shootoff Yep, you should worry about your “I love me Jacket”. Make sure it is a snug fit. We would not want you escaping its clutches?

          You get what your hand calls for Riderless/Shotoff. I am sure your IQ and your shoe size are about the same. Well, maybe not. You shoe size is probably greater.

          I want all the good people here to have a great day. You too, Riderless/Shotoff.

      • Ha! “You get what your hand calls for…”. Priceless. It’s just too easy, Beverly. Maybe you should consider a whole new deck of cards? And just an fyi: I’m in the top ten percentile, Beverly and twice tested, for whatever that all might be worth. And size thirteen and a half on the ground, 2xl on the hands. You?

        • That’s right, Riderless/ShootOff, You get what your hand calls for. Again, you show your ignorance and crass behavior is second only to that ignorance.

          You are in the top ten percent of what? Stupid people? Intelligence without a lick of common sense? ROFLMAOBT!

          Don’t1 go away mad, just depart with your donkey’s tail between your legs.

  28. Well, like anything we exchange in conversations with people we meet, we apply some tests for credibility. Here, this person I was speaking with, was not trying to pitch anything to me. He was mostly thrilled to have a job. We had a mutual friend, Maksym Bily, and I asked him how he felt about what his buddy was doing. He responded something like, “well you know, it’s complicated”, “the Holomodor, done by Stalin, people don’t forgive, these people are the children and grandchildren of Russians sent to take the empty houses of exterminated Ukrainians”, “so they are descendants of Stalins tools, but actually innocent, but still should become more Ukrainian, but burning their books will not achieve that”.
    Maksym was highly intellectual and kind. Not prone to hate or Ethnic divides.
    On my side I tried to Google “atrocities on Ethnic Russians” and I got outright insane garbage. At this point I have seen no evidence or credible claims of important persecution of Ethnic Russians, but I did notice Putin giving them missiles and them shooting down an airliner.
    Aside from all this, do many believe that Putin cares anymore for Ethnic Russians than Hitler cared for Sudetenland Ethnic Germans (by the way a large portion of my own heritage)? I think Putin deliberately says absurd stuff because he likes showing everyone how little he cares about PR.

    • Richard Kudrna Please tell us that you are not as gullible as you seem. This situation in the Ukraine is not “complicated” at all. It is a straight out invasion by the Russians. These Russian invaders should be met at the border and either killed or turned back.

  29. The “complicated” was in reference to my friend’s ethical analysis of book burning in 1992, not the current invasion.
    My hope here for the invasion is that a good number of Russian soldiers see the wrong and refuse to fight, or, ideally, help defend the citizen soldiers. Loyalty to your state has its limits.
    On the technical side, I’m starting to suspect / hope that Ukraine obtained information on the Russian Air Forces’s IR jammers. Armored columns taken out by infantry I can’t otherwise explain – I’m starting to suspect / guess that they can’t bring the helo gunships in close because they are losing them and this is allowing Ukraine infantry to take out columns. I can believe that they lost hardware in Syria and are now learning it’s been analyzed / reverse engineered and the available manpads are getting through.

    • Excuse me, Richard Kudrna, but 1992 is some 20 yrs ago? Your buddy needs to realize that the NEW Ukrainian government was ELECTED by the people.

      If you think for a nanosecond that any number of Russian soldiers are going to refuse to fight, you are delusional. The Russian mind set of obedience to the powerful.

        • Riderless/Shootoff You and Sleepy Joe have a lot in common. Both of you are as dumb as a box of rocks.

      • You really need to up your game, Mr Prolific Commenter. It’s like sparring with dacians younger, even more retarded brother. Let me guess; Darwinian evolution is just another religion?

        • Riderless/Shootoff Ah, are you trying to keep up? Is it too difficult for you? Speaking of retarded, We have places for people like you at NYS DDSO. do you need a referral?

      • Me, trying to “keep up” with you? Is that really what you meant to say? Seriously? God, “keeping up” with you is like hitting the brakes, hard, pulling over to the curb, slowly exiting the vehicle, approaching your tricycle and writing reverse cartoon characters on your spit shield in crayon so you at least have a chance of some comprehension, if not enlightenment. But alas…

        • Riderless/ ShootOff, is English your second language? I’m far ahead of you but that is not say much for me, now is it? If you ever hit the breaks, your head would be so far up your arse, you would be unable to take a dump for a week.

          The only think you can ever “enlighten” is a candle and then only if you can find a match. Unlike you, I am not afraid to tell people who I am. I don’t hide behind a screen name. If I had your intelligence, I would not want anyone to know who I really am either.

  30. News Flash! The brave Justin Trudeau has weighed his hatred of guns against looming election optics and Canada will eventually send literally dozens of “hand pistols” and other “lethal weapons “ to Ukraine, once of course the paperwork can be completed and trigger locks fitted and they can be brought to the Polish border.

    • Ha! Well you can tell the idiot manchild for me that I’ll be keeping my property, thank you. I’ve unfortunately had to shoot a horse before and if he sends those ones with two assholes after me this April, then I guess I can do it again. I’ll just aim high this time. I’m sure you get my drift, Richard. And don’t mind Walter as he can barely mind himself. Especially if you address him as Beverly. Hope he wears his mask near the electronics.

    • I’m curious; will the magazines sent forth by the idiot manchild be limited to five rounds? You know, for Public Safety™?

      • I expect that the “hand pistols” will come with gender bias training manuals. We don’t “cock” the pistol, we “prepare it in the manner of a Rooster”.
        We don’t “rack the slide” , we “mammary glands of pregnant people” the slide.

        • Ha! No doubt. Maybe the idiot manchild will send them some of his now famous “cardboard water bottle box things” as well, because Climate Change™. My buddy sent me a link to some pink gender reveal smoke canisters and suggested we lob a few into the idiot manchilds royal cottage. Funny stuff.


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