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Yeti coolers has been trying to send our man Tyler some samples for T&E for some time now, but it looks like I beat him to seeing them in person first. Mainly because Yeti Coolers are here, and have turned one into a beer tap. A beer tap that is serving delicious Shiner Bock, the best beer in Texas. I’m actually partial to their Ruby Redbird blend, but in the off-season the Bock is just as good. Tastes like freedom.

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  1. As an Okie I agree, there is no better beer then Shiner. I love the taste of a cold glass of Bock on tap with a steak from Saltgrass. Toss in a cigar and that is heaven to me. Even my transplant wife is developing a taste for their Blonde.

    • I find it strange that IMO Shiners best beers are their seasonals (like the Ruby Red and Wild Hare) and that the Bock tastes like crap. Have you guys tried ZiegenBock? It’s so much better. And I’m a big time beer snob.

      • Ziegy is good, but I still prefer Shiner. Ziegenbock was Anheuser-Busch’s answer for Shiner. They were getting their ass’s kicked in Texas and needed something to compete. You can only get Ziegenbock in Texas.

  2. Saw a bunch of Yeti coolers at Gander Mt. the other day. They were stacked up next to a bunch of Igloo coolers which I have owned and used for years. The Yeti ‘s were nice and had great features. I liked them!
    Looking at the price tags, I will stick with Igloo.

  3. Ok I need to vent. I started paying attention to this website because of your shot show coverage last year. This year you guy have sucked big time. Beer coolers? Really? How about the awesome CW380 over at the kahr booth? Who’s introduced new rim fire revolvers? Let the damn politics alone for just a minute and get to work already! Gun blast is owning you knuckle heads on actually showing what’s new out there!

  4. After a day of reading about the Shot Show and the Clowns at the circus in dc, a beer and/or review thereof sounds nice.
    Bummer. I’m workin right now. Closing time is coming.

  5. Fracking spam filter ate my fracking comment I posted an hour ago. This is getting old, especially since there doesn’t seem to be anyone rescuing stuff from the moderation queue. Anyway…

    I fracking love my Yeti cooler. I got tired of repairing and/or replacing our main food/perishables cooler every year or two, so last year I made the ($400) jump to a Yeti. Three words: totally worth it. I will be shocked if this beast doesn’t last at least 10 years, and holy cow does it do a great job of keeping stuff cold. This is “stop wasting your life on cheap Chinese crap and buy the best” grade gear. Highly recommended.

    • Truth. Everyone in my family has one, they’re definitely worth it. I’ve had to buy considerably less ice since I’ve had mine.

  6. I wanted a Yeti until I saw the price tag. No thanks. I frequently have to transport frozen meat an hour or two but I need 3-4 coolers to hold all the rabbits/pigs (I have pet pythons) and dropping 1k+ on enough Yetis just wasn’t in the cards. They’re nice but I have a hard time picturing spending that much cash when I can get totally workable coolers for about 1/10th the cost…

    • Yeti’s shine in the medical world because of their dry ice capabilities. I would assume that you would need half the coolers you think you want.
      Also they do a 40% off sometimes for the second best.

    • You don’t buy Yetis for use 2 hours at a time unless, as noted elsewhere, you’re using them for organ/tissue transport.

      You buy a Yeti when you’re tired of going on 4-day trips with a “5-day” cooler and having no ice and a warm cooler by the end of day 3. And then the cooler breaks while you’re loading it up to go home.

  7. First off – great use for the coolers! Secondly… gotta disagree on the best beer in Texas… give me something from Rahr over Shiner any day.

    I will however say I was severely disappointed on my last trip to Vegas to find that the Gilley’s over in TI didn’t have Shiner on tap…..

  8. I love me some Shiner, but nominating the Bock for best beer in Texas? Now them’s fightin’ words.
    Have you tried anything from Saint Arnold’s? Their Weedwacker is probably the best summertime beer I’ve had, and their Endeavour is the only IPA I like.

    Rahr’s brews are too hoppy, across the board. No matter what your feelings are on the noble aromatic, a wheat beer should never taste hoppy.

    • I’m a confirmed hophead. No such thing as too much hops. Take that back: if there’s enough to put you to sleep during the first round, THAT’S probably “too hoppy”.

  9. I’m all in on the Shiner Bock, but that Ruby Redbird is kinda a girly beer, if you ask me.

    My favorite is their Black Lager. TOTALLY defiant of all your original expectations!

  10. I’ve must admit that I enjoyed Shiner as well. Years ago. Before I had good beer. To me, the best beer in my lovely state of TX comes from either Real Ale out of Blanco (amazing seasonal brews) or Southern Star out of Conroe (oh Buried Hatchet Stout, how I love thee so.) So, as I sit here sipping my Devil’s Backbone from Real Ale, I must confess that I have completely denounced Shiner as an official beer. It tastes like dishwater compared to what REAL local craft breweries are putting out here. Beer drinkers of the gun world, educate!

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