IMI Systems Quote of the Day: Mindless Anti-Gun Zero Tolerance is Dumb

“While the device created by these two students would meet the strict definition of a weapon as defined by the zero tolerance policy, and while [the] employer’s policy pertaining to weapons on any of its premises is reasonable, strict application without thought can potentially stifle or impede learning.” – Arbitration ruling in Science teacher prevails in […]

Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day – Phil

Phil says this is his weekend carry gear and lists his home as New York, NY. The city so nice, they named it twice. Nice as it may be, it’s well-nigh impossible to secure a carry permit there (without greasing all the right palms). And while that ZT 0770 may be technically legal, we’re not […]

Zero Tolerance Government Functionary Of The Day: Thomas McLemore

A Suffolk, Virginia high school student has been suspended and is facing permanent expulsion after an empty magazine from a BB gun was found in his backpack at school. In another example of zero-intelligence policies gone amok, the mere possession of harmless (air)gun related accessories on a school campus is treated as though it were actually dangerous […]

EDC For CCW: Zero Tolerance 0350

The Zero Tolerance 0350 is about the most serious EDC knife I’ve gotten my hands on. This assisted-opening flipper sports an S30V combo blade, G10 scales and the thickest frame liners I’ve ever seen. Its brick-shithouse construction is matched by rather brutish good looks; even the pommel is aggressively jimped for striking and for an […]