TASER XREP Is NOT A Shotgun Round. Per Se.

According to wbay.com, the Green Bay (WI) police are adopting the TASER XREP round. I didn’t see anything wrong with their story. But then I don’t work for TASER’s PR department. Steve Tuttle does. What’s more, he points out that the distinction between a shotgun round and a TASER XREP round is the difference between life […]

Taser Statement on Indiana Police Tasering 10-Year-Old

At our request, Steve Tuttle of Taser International sent us this statement about the Tasering of a 10-year-old by a Morgan County, Indiana police officer: While there are considerable safety margins for use of TASER electronic control devices for minors, we all certainly agree that children need to be protected to the greatest degree possible. […]

Taser to SF: We’ll Be Here When You Figure It Out

Yesterday, the San Francisco Police Commission rejected the Chief’s request to arm his force with Tasers. The Commission was worried about the lethality of the world’s most famous non-lethal weapon. While ambulance chasers lawyers have shadowed Taser International since the company began, the company has fended them off. Aside from a loss in Arizona back […]