3 Tips for Cutting Foam for a Custom Gun Case from LaRue Tactical

This month many of us received the first issue of the “LaRue Accuracy Report” in the mail. The report is LaRue Tactical’s new “digest for the discriminating rifleman,” as Mark LaRue puts it. Boiled-down, the publication is an eighty-eight page seasonal catalogue (translation: catalog) full of product images and info, along with a few short articles […]

Game Review: Contract Killer for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

[HTML1] As gun owners/writers go, I’m pretty non-violent. I’ve never shot another human being. I’ve never bagged a deer. Never shot anything larger than a dove, in fact. Even though I conceal carry, I don’t really believe, in my heart of hearts, I’ll ever have to shoot someone in self-defense. So I’m trying to figure […]

Pulling a Quigley, Down Under(-fire)

I love it when life imitates art. You know, like when you see something in some Hollywood flick, and you say to yourself, “Self, that could NEVER happen in real life.” But then you find out it can. Has. Did. As in “Afghanistan” and “British sniper” and “two kills with one bullet.” But the details […]

US Marines Hunt Sangin Sniper

The town of Sangin is best known as the southern epicenter of the Afghanistan opium trade. Today, however, the Pashtun town of 14,000 captured a headline at the Wall Street Journal (Sniper in Afghan Town Puts Marines on Edge) for another reason: an insurgent sniper that the US Marine Corps wants dead. So far, the Sangin […]

Game Review – Shadowland: The Sniper

But is it fun? Well, I’d give it a thumbs up, simply because it seems to be a great deal more realistic than most single-person shooters that I’ve played. It is a little frustrating though, simply because the bad guys don’t take long to start shooting, once you’ve gotten through the training set. And of course, you can’t beat the price. Which is a good thing, as reviewers in the iTunes store have complained that the mission is fairly short, and there’s nothing to do, once you’ve completed the mission.