The Chiappa Rhino Trigger Job Has Landed

My review of the Chiappa Rhino. 357 Magnum was great fun to write. And the research was no drag either; it’s not every day that you get to blast away with a heavy-hitting concealed carry pistol that has nearasdammit no recoil at all. And when that pistol is also remarkably accurate, weighs only a few ounces […]

Chiappa Rhino Post of the Day: Da Do Ron Ron

After my post on my inability to fire the Rhino revolver accurately (toned down paraphrasing), Chiappa Firearms Prez Ron Norton sent me not one but two instructive emails. Literally. First up, the importance of not staging a double-action revolver’s trigger, something about which Mr. Norton knows a thing or two, as he gently reminds us […]

First Look: Chiappa Arms Rhino Revolver Thingie

The guy in the Einstein getup is the lead engineer on the wheelgun. My first impression: I’m impressed. With the gun. Not the costume. The Rhino’s trigger felt really smooth, in both single and double-action. And I’m frankly fascinated (call me Frank) by the entire concept of the bottom of the cylinder barrel. The Chiappa […]

Preview of Coming Distractions: Chiappa Rhino

It’s not often that I come across a product that makes me think “Wow…these guys have broken the mold, gone back to the drawing board, and come up with something fresh, new and exciting.” Dyson did it with the vacuum cleaner. And again with his new room fan. (I wish Dyson would go into the […]