Pixar Animators’ ‘Borrowed Time’…Anti-Gun?

“Pixar animators Andrew Coats and Lou Hamou-Lhadj’s brilliant short film has been racking up accolades on the festival circuit,” dailydot.com reports. “Borrowed Time captures a lonely sheriff as he stares down the barrel of a painful memory from his past.” Stares down the barrel. Geddit? SPOILER ALERT . . . Borrowed time (click image above to […]

Heroes of the Hollywood West: Walter Brennan

Full disclosure: I do a pretty good Walter Brennan impression. I liked ol’ Walter from his days on The Real McCoys (whu…whu…whu…whur’s lil’ Luke, ye knotheads?) to the Guns of Will Sonnet (No brag . . . jes fact). But Walter Brennan was more than just some old guy character actor with a distinctive voice. […]

Coming Soon to a Theatre Near You…

As a public service to our loyal TTAG readers, here’s a couple of trailers for upcoming movies that promise to feature some serious hardware of the firearms variety. Above, you’ll see the trailer for Killers, the upcoming Ashton Kutcher/Katherine Heigel comedy, let’s call it Mr. & Mrs. Smith meets True Lies.  After the break, you’ll […]

(Un)willing Suspensions of Disbelief

Entertainment. The opium of the masses, if you wanna get realistic about it. Movies. TV. Even Al Gore’s InterWeb. They’re all filled with moving pictures that allow us to escape from our very own realities for a few precious minutes, and wallow about in someone else’s idea of a good time. Like most of the rest of humanity, I enjoy some escapist fare from time to time. And like a lot of other guys, I’m partial to action movies, thrillers, cop shows, and detective stories. But something happened a couple of years ago, and it changed the way I watch – and the way I appreciate (or don’t appreciate) what I see.
In short, I learned something about guns. And in the process, my willing suspension of disbelief became not quite so willing.

What if handguns were HAND-guns?

The imaginative folks over at H2 ask the rhetorical question, “what if handguns were hand-guns?” I’m also thinking how cool it would have been, if I could have gotten my hands to do that when I was a kid. Except for the bloodshed. Even at my blood-thirstiest, I never wanted to hurt anybody for real. […]